Energy Food Source are humans to fallen celestial luciferian astral beings,they are invoking to humans thrue illuminati cabal,their minions around the world thrue  GMO,CHEMTRAILS,mind control thrue media and man other ways so that humans realize lower vibrational energies thatlater these fallen ones feed of,they are in Harvesting Abduction Dream Infiltration,and are cloning many celebrities,yes Cloning,and 2 pac,Michael Jackson and Hitler are alive as clones and are using vril energy,so the depopulation agenda is also thrue wars,pollution and geneticly modified organisms and many Disease stuff and viruses,this depopulation agenda is to make people poisoned and sterile so that there is less people on planet,while for others they by transhumanist agenda merge with computers create robot humans like in sci fi movies and Claim Of Ownership of their souls,why clonig is done is to stop those who are whistleblowers so that they are not exposed,clone body is soulless and they have demons induced for control then by dark magic, Remote Hosting
Shock And Awe Deceptions are evryware, Sex Manipulation,as sex magic and enslavement create soul Pain and soul loss, Matrix Exiting spiritual warfare commands I will give you how to escape saturnian archontic lords of karma.Another deception is lightworker and darkworker occult witchcraft wars,they lead both sides and they trap souls of those who work for them and Demiurge(Satan/Lucifer)

For false ascension when people activate false light bodies that are from fallen angels created,they go to lower astral realms in “implant stations” which are places where souls are programmed to be trapped after the death of the body which actualy happen and they use false light bodies,a false merkaba and then trap them with that which is connected with astral boxes.
In these facilities, the operators (ETs-fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings) do a claim and ownership of soul by implant other “programs/thought forms” into the being of people they trapped and deceived to keep them enslaved before judement day(armageddon). It is that some of these “stations” are on/in the planet as well as in lower astral realms.

So-called frequency fence surrounding Earth is also part of this soul capturing machine technology.

alien-implant-removal-and-karma-clearing-matrix-clearing commands spiritual warfare:

In the name of YAHUSHUA I Connect to Earth’s Core, Galactic Core, and the Divine Source Light.

  • In  the name of YAHUSHUA I invoke  a Galactic Vacuum to be ready to remove everything into the Galactic Core. (This is a funnel cloud of galactic core energy that vacuums up everything needing to be removed and transmuted.)
  •  I Call up all agreements related to “feeling like a victim” (or anything else) on this timeline and all other timelines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities.
  •  I Call forth all reinstatement clauses, copies, back-ups, mirrors, counter-party copies, etc of the agreements.
  • In the name of YAHUSHUA I State, “From the Inner Authority of my Sovereign Self, I declare ALL of these agreements null and void.  I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named.”
  •  I Proclaim, “I reclaim ALL of my energy that has gone into these agreements.”  As your energies, essences, soul fragments, etc come back to you, reintegrate them through your heart center.
  • Command, ” In the name of YAHUSHUA I send all of these agreements and all facets previously named into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted by violet flame astral fire in the Galactic Core.”
  •  I Call forward all “counter party copies” of these agreements and send them into the galactic vacuum for transmutation.  These are copies of the agreements held by parasitic beings who drain small amounts of your energy via those agreements.  Some of those beings might claim to be “lords” of karma in order to exert authority over you.  Don’t believe any of their lies.
  • Tell those demiurge beings : “I am Sovereign.  All of you parasitic ‘counterparty’ beings are hereby notified that you are FORBIDDEN from EVER affecting my energy again.  If you do attempt to violate my sovereign energy sphere, I will FORCEFULLY send you to the Galactic core to be transmuted.  While transmuting will be the worst thing that has ever happened to you, it’s possible that you will not emerge if there is nothing left within you to salvage and transmute.  You have been warned.”
  • Next, offer those demiurgic counterparty beings an opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.  Some of them will take this opportunity so that that you can be free from the Demiurge’s control and hierarchical enslavement.
  • In the name of YAHUSHUA, “I remove ALL imprinting, implants, overlays, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes,  identities, frozen emotions, etc related to these agreements.”

The corrupt demiurge and its minions of archon-angels, fake ascended masters, ETs(aliens),demons, etc are the ultimate representation of degenerate hierarchy that consumes life-force and leaves only destruction in its spiritualy non wake people. 

Transcending metaphysical hierarchy is a process of self-liberation / clearing, gaining self-knowledge, gaining knowledge of Universal and Earthly Natural Law, and exercising our Sovereign Will.  First, we have to KNOW through and through that we are fully connected extensions of the Divine Infinite Source of all creation.  When we know that, not just think it on an intellectual level, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves but only we are to be safed and to be under authority of Creator, to be on side of Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua.