Yesterday I was very outraged about the bombings

Today I’m saddened that evil plays out its plans infront of the masses without them even realising it

So many children are dying
And I can feel it on many levels

Lastnight I dreamed they are using bombing as a means of sacrifice
Yes your leaders worship evil and when they bomb children die these children are sacrifices to what they worship which are Satan and his fallen elite troops of fallen celestial beings who are pagan gods of old who illuminati cabal worship

Satan/Lucifer and Molech and Baal to be exact,not just wars are ritual sacrafice of innocent children to fallen cherubim Molec but also is abortion ritual sacrafice to that being..

I saw the bombing was a pre-planned sacrifice and that anyone holding office must do a good amount of sacrifices to the fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings.

They prefer sacrificing children
Yes they are doing so to the adults at the same time but their deepest interest is in child sacrifice

The bombing of innocents is the same ritual as done in ancient days where they passed their children through the fire

The Bible contains the heart-breaking tale of child sacrifice practiced in the name of Molech (also spelled Moloch or Molek), a god of the Ammonites. Molech worship was practiced by the Ammonites and Canaanites, who revered Molech as a protecting father figure. Images of Molech were made of bronze, and their outstretched arms were heated red-hot. Living children were then placed into the idol’s hands and died there or were rolled into a fire pit below. Some sources indicate a child might also be “passed through the fire” prior to the actual sacrifice in order to purify or baptize the child. Molech worship occurred in the Hinnom Valley near Jerusalem. Because of this, the valley became associated with the idea of Tophet, or hell (Isaiah 30:33; Jeremiah 19:12; Mark 9:45).