Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Chapter 6: The Transdimensional Activation of DNA Enables Quantum Superimposition of Awareness Beyond The Biologically Generated Fractal-Holographic System, The Fractal-Holographic Time-Matrix, The Soul-Awareness, and Activating Extra-Dimensional Self-Awareness

Disclaimer: The situation with the energy centers is challenging because in order to know this one must have the experiences themselves. As well, there is a possibility that some activation is advantageous for discerning. And there is a still a possibility that activation could lead to a form of liberation, however the reality of the soul-trap, the interdimensional ‘custodians’ still exists and is a certainty. In the other possibility, some interdimensionals are ‘assisting’ in the liberation of humanity, however, this is about as likely as a politician washing your underarms during a morning shower simply because they suddenly felt compelled to take care of that for you.

As well, the actual process of reducing the entanglement with the false-construct may be experienced differently…

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