Diana Lucifera was the first created before all creation; in her were all things; out of herself, she divided herself; into darkness and light she was divided. Lucifer, her male half, herself and her other half, was the light.  (Creator ABBA YAHUVEH,MOMMA IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHUSHUA MADE HER/HIM AS LUCIFER/SATAN/SATURN/SOTONA SATURNALIA AS ONE BEING  SIDE FEMALE AND MALE SATANIEL THE THING IS AS SATAN PART REBELLED LUCIFERA DIANA ALSO THEY GOT SEPARATED CHERUB MALE AND SERAPH FEMALE part of that creature AND THE ONES THAT FALLOWED THEM,IT AS I SAID ALL MALE AND FEMALE ARE ANDROGENY ARE CELESTIAL BEINGS!)

And when Diana saw that the light was so beautiful, the light which was her other half,  Lucifer, she yearned for it with exceeding great desire to be worshiped as god and goddess. Wishing to receive the light again into her darkness, to swallow it up in rapture, in delight, she trembled with desire. This desire was the Dawn.

But Lucifer, the light, fled from her, and would not yield to her wishes; he was the light which files into the most distant parts of heaven, the mouse which flies before the cat.

Then Diana went to ( FATHER MOTHER YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH), the spirits who were before the first spirit, and lamented unto them that she could not prevail with Lucifer. And they praised her for her courage in rebellion 1/3 of host of haven fallowed Diana Lucifera in rebellion against father/mother God, to rise she must fall; to become the chief of goddesses she must become a polarised.

(Which means take heed resisting own lowerself temptation if you want to fall from grace and raise as own figure to be worshiped amongst creation you must go to earth and test new creation known as homo sapians or adams and eves)(adam means man eve means women,and these are first 2 yes but their offspring but not all because cain´s chidren mixed with serpant and dragon naga and cherubim draco races,thou cian is lower kindalini guauld dna having from adam and eve adam had satanie connected dna adn diana lucifera lilita sotona eve who´s kundalini serpant was dna of draco cain having that draco blood beeing first murderer and meat eater,owerthrower magican of lemurian matriarchy into patriarchy  later,and also was first and matriarchy of atlantis.)

And in the ages, in the course of time, when the world was made, Diana went on earth, as did Lucifer,


who had fallen, and Diana Lucifera/Luifera taught magic and sorcery, whence came witches and fairies and goblins that fallowed her in rebellion against Most High God and –all that is like humans, yet not mortal,thou humans with soul of 21 gram had 120 years of life the ether,the breath of llife.

And it came thus that Diana took the form of a cat. Her brother had a cat whom he loved beyond all creatures, and it slept every night on his bed, a cat beautiful beyond all other creatures, a fairy: he did not know it.

Diana prevailed with the cat to change forms with her, so she lay with her brother, and in the darkness assumed her own form, and so by Lucifer became the mother of Aradia(apollo/appolonia). But when in the morning he found that he lay by his sister, and that light had been conquered by darkness, Lucifer was extremely angry; but Diana sang to him a spell, a song of power, and he was silent, the song of the night which soothes to sleep; he could say nothing. So Diana with her wiles of witchcraft so charmed him that he yielded to her love. This was the first fascination, she hummed the song, it was as the buzzing of bees (or a top spinning round), a spinning-wheel spinning life. She spun the lives of all men; all things were spun from the wheel of Diana. Lucifer turned the wheel.

Diana was not known to the witches and fallen scelestial beings in the beginning, the fairies and elves who dwell in desert place, the goblins, as their leader; she hid herself in humility and was a mortal, but by her will she rose again above all. She had such passion for witchcraft, and became so powerful therein, that her greatness could not be hidden.

And thus it came to pass one night, at the meeting

of all the sorceresses and fairies, she declared that she would darken the heavens and turn all the stars into mice.

All those who were present said–

“If thou canst do such a strange thing, having risen to such power, thou shalt be our queen.”

Diana went into the street; she took the bladder of an ox and a piece of witch-money, which has an edge like a knife–with such money witches cut the earth from men’s foot-tracks–and she cut the earth, and with it and many mice she filled the bladder, and blew into the bladder till it burst.

And there came a great marvel, for the earth which was in the bladder became the round heaven above, and for three days there was a great rain; the mice became stars or rain. And having made the heaven and the stars and the rain, Diana became Queen of the Witches; she was the cat who ruled the star-mice, the heaven and the rain.



(The analysis like i showed up the bigger now why and how of fairies is mother she is by making them having sex with her using hybrids to kill them take that dna and exit later again fro her womb choosing male and female forms yes made by Creator like diana was also made by but these are the ones who took the physical and had sex with her and were their mothers and fathers lucifer/lilith was choosing male and female forms to give later in female birth to many of them again to be procreated and the thing is that fairies who did that are many of them who know her diana as the queen f dead and astaroth her soulmate male counterpart is as i said they were all one mixed races of celestial beings and the thing is that they have then having been divided as they fallen more and had sex as they should not to because they were one to recconect as almost one being then they should have sex there are 10 races the thing is that they are all interconnected and children of God,but satan wanted to be as YAHUSHUA the same but that was not the case he is firstborn of all creation before lucifer/lilith/sotona venus/saturn/sataniel/satan,the thing is that he is direct extended in physical creation extension of Yahweh,as MOMA IMMAYAH IS WISDOM AS FEAR OF GOD is on place and YAHUSHUA beeing MESIAH and we the humans his creation beeing bride of YAHUSHUA as his havenly parents YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH are the  by us then in us wisdom,as comfroter is IMMAYAH and YAHUSHUA our crown and our light YAHUVEH,Left brain YAHWEH,YAHSHUA PINEAL GLAND,IMMAYAH Right brain.Anyways lower brain of left is of right and of right lower is left male is left and right is female and so on so satan,lilith and apollyon isis and horus and set are for pagans,mystics,religionists,spiritists,mystics and occultists and pagan alchemists and new agers the combination is same but so this counterfit trinity also.The thing is that

Hated for Yahshua’s Name is this big because satan was not taken on place of YAHUSHUA and will immitate him as SANANDA IMMANUEL ASHTAR ST GERMAIN in his ashtar command by sub commander asma deva asmodeus ishtra ishtar ostra astaroth ufo vril new age alien one world luciferic new world order one word order religion and spirituality!He/she imagined him/herself as direct child and wanted worship and deceived him/herself by that way!


As widely known, history of humanity began with sending of Adam and Eve to Earth. The first human and also the first prophet Adam had been deceived by Azazel, hesitantly met the commandment to respect him, and was taken out from the heaven. Thereby, Adam and Eve began to live with Djinns and Azazel, who became the Devil(Iblis) with the curse of Eternal Almighty, on Earth the only green planet.The thing is that this patriarchy and matriarchy war made hate males females and females to hate males and so the bibles of matriarchy had that adam was with lilith but lilith tempted adam and he rejected her and told i had to be with eve not to cheat her he saw her deceptiona dthe thing is so lilith made bible where is lie that lilith was first wife of adam and eve made of rib the subbmisive version of women,the thing is patriarchy could emerge to hate and rape women and put penis in her mouth and kill and humiliate and all sorts of things and bring wars and dissiases and even dark age!Adam and Eve were made in same time in image of ABBA YAHUVEH AND MOMMA IMMAYAH FROM GROUND BUT FROM RIB OF EVE AND RIB OF ADAM THEY WERE GIVEN THE OTHER SIDE OF MALE AND FEMALE SO THEY WOULD KNOW THAT THEY ARE SOULMATES LEFT AND RIGHT MALE AND FEMALE BRAIN THING COMES FROM,THAT IS TRUE ALL HAVE THEM,NO MATTER GENDER BUT CELESTIAL BEINGS HAD 2 LITERALLY BRAINS WITH BIGGER ONE AND ONE SMALLER AS ONE IS BIGGER THAT IS MALE COUNTERPART AND OTHER IS FEMALE THAT IS SMALLER OR BIGGER THAT WAS DECIDED FOR THAT BEING BUT LATER THEY THE ONES WHO FALLEN JUST GOT IN SEXUA INTERCOURSE TO BRING ARCHDEMON LOWERSELF PART OF THEM AND THE THING IS THAT THEY ALSO GOT THEMSELVES REBORN FROM LILITH/LUCIFER AND THE THING IS THAT THEN THEY ARE FROM COUNTERFIT KING AND QUEEN SATAN AND LILITH GOD/GODDESS OF DEAD AS THEY ARE KNOWN!These exeriences death in way they will be in hell and lost some dna strains but yet having all power and some not some just were untouched like seraphs and cherubs who never lost beauty who are annunaki the fallen annunaki.

Djinns; Azazel belongs to them as well, had been living on the earth for a long time. We must know both when were Djinns created and in which planets they did live before the earth only in 6th dimensional and 7th mostly and they fallen in 4th and 5th and 3rd dimensional versions of planets and by them here planets are nammed-paganism.. However, we can estimate something with regard to developing scientific data of the age and also many resources seeing days and years and psudo science and religion in general is all repacked matrix as global neo paganism of old versions of paganism of fallen celestial lightbeings the archons and jinns. We know that Djinn societies have been tested just like men nations, messengers were sent when they deviated from Creator and became transgressor tyrants; also they had been destructed upon attempting to homicide admonitory-Right Messengers likewise mushrik, who are associating partners with Holy malakim or attributing , and cruel human societies been-abrahamic jupiter patriarchy cults,the matriarchy venus cults,death cult of saturn,illuminati,zionist zionazi nazi askenazi khazar talmudian mystery cabal cabalist schools and rullers of mossad and cia,mi5 and 6 and kgb,vatican jesuit knights templars,oto,golden down,black nobility prists of atlantis,lemurian pristesses,ahab and jezabel pro gay and lesbian mvements,wiccan matriarchy movements,skull and bones,agenda 21 monsanto,christian extremists,islam radicals and extremists,unity gathering cults,hindu lberals and radicals,poitics and religion in general,psy ops,area 51 and 2 projec pegasus,camelot and avaon,spy agencies against soverin stargate program,ect,protocols of elders of zion,bilderbergs,trileteral commision,gag,europian union,unated nations UN NATO with lucis trust and new age movement and one world economy nesara mark of the beast,nation of islam,mormon benevolent dictatorship,just to name a few that. are masks behind much bigger cults even!These and bigger then them one is Chatedral of doom cult that rulles them all transplutonian vril death sun niburu order of death,intersellar then societies,ashtar command galactic federation of light,then arcturian council,then galactic federation of planets silver legion of YAMANZDA THE FALLEN ELF AND ORI THE ORICI ADRIA FALLEN ELF THEN THEIR REBEL ANDROMEDAN INSECTILIAN FACTION THAT WORKS WITH ASGARDIANS A BIT AND THEN THE ZETA RATICULIAN ALIANCE WITH HALF OD ANDROMEDANS BEEING IN lILITH´S LINE BUT THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL ANDROMEDAN COUNCIL THE LUCIFERIC ONE,then original andromedan council,original zeta raticulian council,orion council,pegasus council of wraith,naga council of rebel lemuria,YALDABOATH COUNCIL OF YAMANZDA OF ATLANTIS,pleiadians,before way ariel´s council of razor blades,then after she and most of them are redeemed now are not,then the rigelian order of orion the illuminati 4D council od alpha and beta draconians of mk ultra monarky hagelian dialect controlled opposition cults crusaide that is also behind jesuit order,just to name a few who are under niburu´s fallen annunaki faction of seraphim and cherubim all and these are under Diana Lucifera Lilita Sotona!

Mormon views about Lucifer are the same as Wiccans and Seer stones are used by witches:see how similar Mormonism is to Wicca belief about Lucifer AKA Lucifera being Gods brother:


pagan Gods are devils: A pagan story about Diana that greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light, who was so proud of his beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise.
Most Mormons LDS and Wiccans don’t even know they are worshipping the Goddess Diana Lucifera AKA Lucifer or Satan, this goes to show how much research they have put into their belief system. Mormons LDS and Wiccans usually argue that “Lucifer” is not SATAN but is just “the god of the Sun and of the Moon” or is Yahweh´s son YAHUSHUA the brother of Lucifer which is a God damn lie. If that’s the case then Aliester Crowley (The Beast)  was worshipping the same god also. But it was not true Yahweh is different from Lucifer the fallen cherub and Creator of that cherubim lightbeing annunaki dragon. The Egyptian sky god HORUS represented the Sun and Moon. I hope you see a pattern here on how creative Satan can be when he hides himself behind many names. The statement that Lucifer was “driven from Paradise” for his “pride” is clearly a reference of the Bible’s (ISAIAH 14:12) and (Ezekiel 28:15-17).
ISA 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
EZE 28:15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.
EZE 28:17 Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground..
Obviously Lucifer has been booted from Heaven, Lu•ci•fer meaning “light-bringer” explains this verse written by the Apostle Paul in (CO2 11:14).
CO2 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an ANGEL OF LIGHT.
Satan after being blasted out of Heaven apparently is still able to transform into his shining self when he wants to. That’s why many things that look like they are harmless are very much a hazard to your salvation. If Lucifer can disguise himself in something that looks innocent he can destroy you.He may speak love and lght when channeled in new age movement as ashtar or sananda but may even for real here give you security thou therefore to make you guilty siding with him to bring you to hell. Mormonism and WICCA is a perfect example of such an attempt to hurt the Living GOD by tricking more of his/her sheep into destruction. Lucifer still has some bad feelings about being forcefully evicted from Heaven  with his crew and this is an act of his revenge. He was created in Heaven and was created perfect by the Living God. Until he started to think he could be like the Living GOD. This was his biggest mistake.
Here in (ISAIAH 14:13-15) Satan shows his pride again and pledges his oath that even though he was booted out of Heaven that he will still ascend into Heaven and exalt the throne of Living GOD. Kind of like watching a fight on TV and you see a Boxer get knocked out and fall down so hard that you kinda are saying to yourself “stay down” but his pride is so great he would rather get hit again and suffer possible death. This is already predicted to happen to Satan he will get the final blow to the head very soon.
ISA 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
ISA 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
ISA 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
You may want to follow and vote for people that believe Lucifer is Gods son Like YAHHUSHUA, but I will not, because in bible he is messiah and is the same as God himself/herself being Immanuel-God with us-therefore the word of God made flash,Godhead of trinity beeing incarnate in human form and suffering on cross for sins of humanty and risen on third day. Therefore if Lucifer was Gods son then that would make Lucifer the same as God Yahweh,ImmaYah,lord Yahshua. So you can see whytruly wise people refute certain doctrine and the pagans trying to carry doctrine of demons and devils into the White House. In God we trust may mean to a pagan in Lucifer we trust. I have a right to reject it. 2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
Smart person with spiritua discerment with tru opened pineal gland having spirit of God within know Lucifer is not God, nor did God create Lucifer to be the redeemer or the father of any of mankind, but Lucifer is a fallen being that still seeks worship as a God he/ she never was. If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub. Luke 11:18 Yahweh God has no part of Lucifer, or Lucifer’s Kingdom would not stand, because Lucifer would destroy it, because the good would destroy the evil.
Seer stones and stones period are used by witches.Altought there is fight amongst the eltes of fallen ones andromedans and arcturians are names and others as such that indicate that they are the ones that are there to bring the duality of form of fake unity and they war sometimes against eachother because in kingdom of fallen light and kingdom of darkness there is no love,these beings are higly organised but not in big soo much love as for lust more or less or basic need for survival to gain souls from humans to feel longer alive beeing cast to this realm to this box!

Wherefore, we manage to say that the most true believers of them be saved and placed in other planet in the Solar System. Meanwhile, we can say that numerous planets within “Solar System” became unlivable in this way. At the end, in spite of scarcity of evidences but some signs, therefore, they probably took place on Earth after planet Mars.The red planet of war is the planet of destruction bringing now more wars and chaos therefore venus comes to bring order-order out of chaos or the 5th level of new world order,first was in 1776,opening of starting ceremony of hagelian dialect and 5 i will´s of rebellious fallen one and his 5 element manipulation 5th final on the temptation within,in final matiarchy rise Venus aversa diana lucifera lilita sotona that will be smashed on armageddon before YAHUSHUA comes Lilith/lucifer will make the fake armagedon and fake millanial peace and fake 5D peace era utopian sharade.

Here, on the planet earth that is the last and merely prepared planet for life wherein the solar system, both sons of Adam and sons of the Devil (İblis), Djinns as well as their supporters who are Djinn-devils have proliferated. Earth; its whole lively life, with food and beverage resources and springs, underground and ground resources were prepared for son of Djinns and Adam as life-death station as well as habitation, thereby, it will maintain the life until the time of its death.

HISTORY OF MANKIND hidden from ya folks!

We can divide history of mankind or history of societies principally into two parts (periods). First, from Adam to Noah and the second is from Noah until the end of the world or widely-factual doomsday. Looking at , we can see that the period before the Noah was fairly not mentioned the time of atlantis and lemuria and hyperborea. And also, therein was clearly narrated as an exemplary that humankind after Noah; namely societies of sons of Noah, struggles of prophets with them and their destruction. However, it has been not mentioned the struggles, messengers and societies of sons of Adam between Adam and Noah. Furthermore, it is quietly meaningful that is globally Noah’s Flood destruction of  hybrid nephilim children abomanation and flood of atlantis and lemuria and it gave us some clues. We know that it is global deluge based on scruptures of phrophet enoch and tanak of the prophets of old.

In the books of enoch, the last book which was sent down by Eternal Almighty to mankind,only mentions struggle between two sons of Adam; who are Cain and Abel, and (Enoch)Idris as a prophet. The other son of Adam, Seth‘s prophecy is known from the Torah and hadith resources. As we take into consideration the fact with global Flood of Noah, the consequence what we have reached is; our Eternal Almighty  condemned this period of humanity to silence-darkness. Furthermore, genesis part of the Bible confirms our provision.

In this case, within the first humankind period, sons of Adam had gone such astray, become such aberrated, killed their prophets or taken on themselves the wrath of Almighty, hereat, prophets could not be sent them and our Almighty  condemned the period to “silence-darkness“. Also, it leads to make inference to us upon evaluating this period animals were not evolving but were smaller they were taken to vacin genetic containers. These connotations remind us the entrance of humanity to shirk and then Demonisation process, emerged within the first period of mankind. Aberration, which emerged within the first period, is such an aberration; had taken on themselves wrath of Eternal Almighty  and finally this period was condemned to darkness.

As is this: Initially, humanity surrenders to Eternal Almighty , then tends to “shirk” within a short-time period, does not take heed of sent messenger-prophets, attempts to kill them and becomes merely Demonicly  possessed and again pagan over time and rolls into a pit of destruction.Also other races fall under command of later fallen ones and these fallen celestial beings reamerge with paganism also worshiped and alchemy and kaballah and egyptian arts of alchemy and philosophies and freemasonery newer forms of alchemy and occultism and magic from atlantis much.


Beforehand Noah’s Flood occurred, as well, the world had been plotted mischief; sons of Adam such degenerated generations and lineages, hence, the history of humanity will nothave bornewitness such an incident again. Here, the most interesting and dramatic incident that will not have been witnessed ever; emerging of Gog and Magog, plotting great mischief throughout earth. Thus, the incident that took the wrath of our Almighty on the world is this and the Noah’s Flood struck the humanity due to this reason. So, we will summarize briefly the most important ‘transgressing-becoming devil process’ of the history of mankind that invited the globalFlood of Noah and then give the evidences.

Azazel became the Devil(Iblis) by descending from dimension of angels and pursued sons of Adam as an accursed one. He did his worst in order to deflect Adam’s sons from “The True Way”, and demonized themas he caused to fall Adam from the 5th dimensional planes of existance to be just in 4th and 3rd. He also demonized and caused to fall Djinns in his command, who were notables amid obeying him when he was Azazel, like he was. Following, the Devil(iblis) instigated his demonized Djinns who had mischiefed their own surrender totheir lust male energy that was comming from vril that yamanzda caused against them ray of naked pristesses of lemuria they took sexual intercourse with them and disconnecting from haven, for indiscreet affairs with girls of humankind and this aberrant affair began in this way.

In a nutshell, the Devil used desires of a society as bait, which was probably Mu- lemuria started Atlantis, established a global power on earth similar to the present before the Flood. Those aspires were to create superior human i.e. Djinn-Human-hybrid nephilim children the abomanations. And then azazel and semyase led mankind into Gog and Magog trouble and after wards the Flood Calamity.Gog the fallen principality saw to bring his armies. Hereby, we will review the issue in the light of it:



1) s relations of “Human-Devil”, which will lead to production of Gog-Magog:

(The celestials), leaving God, call but upon females with and without having elves in themselves (Djinns-sprites): Theycall (in fact) but upon(expelled)Devil the persistent rebel!
God did curse him, but he (Devil) said: “I will take (as slaves) of Thy slaves a portion marked off.”
“I will mislead them, and I will fill with hope them; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the nature created by God.” Whoever, forsaking God, takes Devil for a friend-guardian , hath of a surety suffered a loss that is manifest.
(Devil) makes them promises,and fills with hope them; but Devil promises nothing but deception.


2) In the Genesis Part (Bereishit) of Torah, emerging of Gog and Magog was explicitly summarized like below:

When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives, whomsoever they chose.
And the Elohim  said: “My spirit shall not judge man for ever, for that he is just flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.”
The Giants (Nephilim) were in the earth in those days, and also after that. When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them (giants’). The Giants were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.
And the Elohim saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. That every imagination of the thoughts of his (human) heart, throughout the day, was only evil.
And the Elohim said: “I will blot out mankind whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and creeping thing, and fowl of the air.”
But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Elohim.

Bereishit (Genesis): 6/1-5, 7-8

Torah scholiasts used “sons of governors” or “sons of rulers” instead of “sons of God.” In truth, the statement “sons of God” is true only in figurative meaning and they are fallen djinns; party of Devil, namely devils, who Devil tempts (represents) as “fallen celestial lightbeings“. All men and male djinns are like sons of God in figurative meaning. Our Eternal Almighty  is high above (excluded) all defect attributes.


4 feet(120cm) length giant footprint have been found near Swaziland-Mpaluzi town in South Africa. If we calculate long of giants based on this footprint, it would be roughly 8-9 meter.

Gregor Spörri, businessman and pyramid researcher has taken photograph that is “cut giant finger”. This finger, 38 cm, was protected as embalmed. Today, finger length of an ordinary person is about 7-8 cm. As we calculate height of giant who is owner of the finger based on the length; it would be roughly 8-9 meters. 

4) In the Book of Enoch, how Gog – Magog, namely ‘giants’ emerged, in which historical period they be witnessed and how destruction came with the Flood, was expounded explicitly. May aware of when reading text below; parenthetical explanations belong to us from the Book of Enoch:

1: It happened after the sons of men had multiplied in those days, that daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful.
2. And when the watchers (djinn-devils) the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamoured of them, telling to each other: “Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children.”
9. These are the names of their chiefs: Semiyazah, Artqoph, Ramtel; Kokabel, Ramel, Danieal, Zeqiel, Baraqel, Asael, Hermoni, Matarel, Ananel, Stawel, Samsiel, Sahriel, Tummiel, Turiel, Yomiel, Yhaddiel. These were the leaders of the two hundred watchers. (These are, 19 people, watcher-devil group. As Devil’s falsity, fallen watchers.)
10. Then they took wives with whom those (these are 200 people) follow them; each choosing a wife for him. They began to cohabit them and pollute themselves; also teaching them sorceries.
11. And women conceived and bore to them the Giants, statures 13,5 meters .
12. These devoured all that the labor of men produced; until it became impossible to feed them.
13. When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them; and began to sin against birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, even to drink their blood.
(The Book of Enoch, Chapter 7)

As it is deciphered, the Giants (Gog – Magog) emerged with cohabitation of djinn-devils and girls of men, after a while, began to devour men and creatures. The world and mankind were being corrupted in this way. In our opinion, the Giants, Gog – Magog fundamentally divides into two main groups, even if they have some tribal characteristics. The first is Gog; giant men that described as height of cedar tree by our Prophet, the second is Magog; that is their heights are considerably short dwarfs.

Thereon plotting mischief of Gog and Magog got out of control dramatically on the earth and shrieks of men, archangels invoke to and then Noah’s Flood comes. Here, expressions indicate this circumstance in the Book of Enoch(Idris):

“1.Then Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel looked down from heaven, and saw the quantity of blood that was shed on earth, and all the iniquity, which was done upon it, and said each other;
2. “Shrieks of the earth deprived reached to the gate of heaven.
3. Souls of men complain us, saying; Report for us our conditions to the Most High. Then they said to their Lord, the King…
5. You have seen what Azazel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has disclosed to the world all the secret things which belong the heavens.”
(The Book of Enoch Chapter 9)


Who is Enoch who witnessed corruption of Gog – Magog on earth? We have to remind that Enoch (Hanoch) is the Prophet Idris. Enoch is a prophet mentioned in  Torah and ancestor of Noah. In other words, he is father of Noah’s grandfather. Written in Torah, that Hanoch’s (Enoch) son Methuselah, his son Lameh and his son is Noah. Enoch raised up, thereafter had lived 365 years on earth. Mainly, although Enoch’s ancestors lived roughly 1000 years, Enoch lived 365 years, after that he was raised up unto dimension of archangels like Azazel had been and occasionally he came to the world as an attendant with angels. Hence, we know from the tanak he accompanied with a few prophets, particularly Moses and Solomon.

Mentions in the Qur’an, Idris that is derivated from Arabic “drs”, meaning is one who be instructed and one who possesses knowledge. At the same time, he is a prophet that raised up unto havens in merkaba. He has a special knowledge from God’s presence (the knowledge of presence). He is known as colloquially Khidr made a voyage with Moses, giving lessons him and brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba Balqis to Solomon within the twinkling of an eye. But, Devil and djinn-devils deceives people and their friends using this Khidr cult in dreams as well as real life, gives their messages by this way. Currently, Iblis has been maintaining to deceive lots of Sufis, Kabbalists and ignoramuses of the century by using “Enoch-Idris-Khidr” form. Here, verses in the tanak related to the Prophet Idris:

So he (Moses) found one of Our slaves (Idris-Khidr), on whom We had bestowed Mercy from Ourselves and whom We had taughtknowledge (the wisdom of presence) from Our own Presence.

This spoke grigori also..


As we understood, when Azazel was in angelic dimension, 19  from notables amidst “djinn society” were his assistants. These were completely devoted them selves to God, also notables blessing and glorifying Him/Her .  When Azazel became Devil caused to fall them by deceptive-pompous discourses. Thereby, they became the Devil’s slaves and cursed devils. The Devil’s “fallen angels” are that 19 fellows from notables of djinns. These spearheads, 19 fellows, misled djinns were dependents to them, of which numbers were 200 according to Enoch (Idris).

Afterwards, all chiefs of djinns and their dependents had gotten under the Devil’s command, led that age’s societies that be in touch with them “on making superior human at djinn dimension” for making mischief on generations. Eventually, they begot of the Giants (Gog – Magog) by cohabiting girls of men. Who breaks Almighty’s regulation, by  being cursed and endangers themselves and their ascendants. Enoch told that in detail in his book so as to warn mankind. But, we not narrate that to keep issue short. Moreover, there are similar expressions at “Dead Sea Scrolls Scriptures”. But, we can wrap up “the Giants event” and “Noah’s Flood” 

“All chose wives among their chosen, began to go up to them and polluted themselves with them. In order to teach them sorcery and deviltry… They conceived, bore to them the Giants…

The Almighty roared on them, swung all basis of earth and emanated waters from dead wells. All windows of heaven are opened out and powerful waters becoming from dead wells turned into floods. Rains fell from windows of heaven and He destroyed them by the Flood… Herewith, everything upon dry ground destroyed; men, animals, birds and winged creatures died. The Giants could not flee…”

Gog – Magog emerged in Enoch time, in his grandson Lamech’s son Noah time, those who living on earth punished by Noah’s Flood. The Giants had been swallowed by earth for the purpose of re-emerging in order to punish once moremankind that obeys the Devil in the Approaching Hour. Neither died nor fled but earth swallowed their underground shelters in which they hided. When the time comes, these Giants (Gog – Magog) shall be released, swiftly swarm from every hill upon who obeys Anti-Christ. It is strongly and strictly revealed how Gog – Magog shall become a threat for the world on Approaching Hour.

However, we will try to shed light upon societies and the era, which produced “Gog – Magog giants and dwarfs”. In this case, contact sources will be not straightly holy books and revelation sources but historical-archeological research belong to ancient nations. Namely, although these studies have a claim to be scientific, due to ambiguity of the field, our conclusions will be precisely argumentative.

 What was consequence of Gog – Magog that emerged as a result of Noah’s Flood that unexampled and shall not be? So, we can increase these queries… At which point ancient nations i.e. Mu and Atlantis stand of that? What we know about these oldest two nations’ ancestors, constitution and homelands? Are these nations developed civilizations or the nations that the Devil is tempting as “galactic extra-terrestrial-human civilization” that produced by him to capture the world but in real “degraded-demonized societies”!



Idris was sent as stimulant messenger to invite Cain’s children nation to Islam. Tabari narrates that Cain’s children would not answer positive to Prophet Idris invitation in the “History of Tabari”: 

Do not worship to Fire, do not drink wine, do not fornicate!” he said, and prohibited them from those things. However, few people from the nation confirmed Idris. Most of never give up fire worshipping. Long time those in transgressing and fain deny. Did not obey . He read the pages that sent down to. Warned people to obey rules of the book.”

Tabari narrates that people could see giants and djinn-devils at that age, and hostility, battle and peace conditions had been maintaining between men and giants until Noah’s Flood, after the Flood djinn-devils and giants disappeared.


The projected map of Mu, Atlantis and Lemuria, belongs to the eras before Noah’s Flood that occurred roughly 5000 years ago.

Today, information pollution, fallacy and manipulation are extremely proceeding. The Devil and his folks are using the notion and info pollution. In order for making instrument humanity to “their ancient plan”, they have been preparing the greatest “Temptation” of history of the mankind through constantly blending “truth” with “fallacy”. In order to open the door of “enigmatic age” in which all notions, based on the revelation, and truths are perverted, they all washing the brains consistently. Present’s mankind who are destitute of the true revelation is running towards the darkness as bats do. Principally in this time, the Devil’s explicit or implicit psychics-mediums, New Ager and esoteric sources continuously release “infobits” as “gilded packs” about Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis.

The border of Mu Nation or Empire, existed beforehand the Flood in history of mankind, extended to Tibet-Indian-China grounds; covered a large land that included all islands on Pacific which is on the southeast of Eastern Asia. This border can be determined like that: From the southeast edge of Burma, Smith Island, Sumatra, Java, Australia and bottom edge of New Zealand towards South America, from there up to Japan, completing the circle; “Mu-Lemuria Continents’ sunken part” can be determined. With this circular rotation, very important part of Pacific Ocean is added to the southeast of East Asia, with all sizes of islands in the horseshoe or semi circle. This extended Asia, we can attempt to draw the borders, the total of Mu and its neighbor Lemuria Lands. In other words, “the sunken district on Pacific”, which included “Solomon Islands” and geological part of East Asia, as well, is Mu’s neighbor Lemuria. Simultaneously, the Ground was like a bridge that connected Mu with South America-Mexico before Noah’s Flood.

In fact, it can be obviously stated that the geography, we set the framework, is cont’d of Asia, however, today’s borders would be shaped after sinking some part of the land due to a comet impact. Because, there are some antique plaque and tablet, which indicate the sunken parts of “Mu Land”. Particularly, “the sunken land”, cont’d of Mu land, is named as land of djinn-devils Lemuria. Mu men society and Lemuria djinn-devils society are confounded or accepted as the same nations because of the fact that Lemuria land is cont’d of Mu land that includes Solomon Islands, extended to Mexico Gulf. Fundamentally, the Devil’s manipulation is behind of the confounding.

Captain James Churchward, who learnt the first information about Mu civilization from Nakalscripts in India, states below in his book “The Lost Continent of Mu”:

“The resource of Uyghur civilization is today districts close to Mongolia and Gobi Desert’s mountainsides. Lots of generations ago, people had chosen a king, and also attached ‘Ra’ prefix before his name. Thus, he became a hieratic leader and emperor under the name ‘Ra Mu’ Empire was named as ‘Empire of the Sun’. The lost country that was at the stage of history before the Flood had different names. In Tibet scripts it is called as Ra Mu, scripts in America as homeland of Mu.”

Mu nation; a men society that was directed and simply ruled by Lemurians, namely djinn-devils, since Cain’s son Yuan. Because of this reason, source of inspiration of all cultures and religion understandings is Lemurian djinns; their civilization merely became integrated with them. Indeed, Lemuria is Lemura. Lemura consists of le-mu-ra expansion. That’s meaning is “Mu-Ra”; Mu of Ra(the Devil). “Ra” is mask that provides to hide the Devil behind of Sun symbol. Mu men society’s Mu name as well as Ra are borrowed from Lemurian djinns, and master of these two distincts “djinn and human societies” is the same: the Devil.



American Senator and important Atlantis researcher Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1902) described “Atlantis” as “The Land Before the Flood” and suggested that Atlantis was destroyed due to a horrible calamity; few people were escaped and survived with rafts.not all society was destroyed the good people gone to pegasus galaxy the original atlantida cities and non related city of atlantis of true ancients who mixed not with the jinn these are the ones who are several of noah´s children.

Based upon his own studies, in his 500 pages book, Donelly picked up 650 evidences that indicate similarities between ancient and new world in terms of ethnic, mythological, religious, language, art, architecture, agriculture, domestic animals; and stated that all are coming from the same source. Besides, he attached evidences on geological, sea geography, plant and animal species. Published his work “Ragnarok”, the Age of Fire and Gravel‘ in 1883. Alleged that beforehand Noah’s Flood, a “comet” collided the earth.


“When Honey star fell into the ground that consists of sea and skynow; seven cities in which had golden entrance doors, transparent temples was starting to quaking and scattering like leafs be caught by the storm.

“This civilization(Mu) went down, 11.500 and 11.750 years ago, shortly before the destruction of Atlantis, during gas zones was forcing to upside and rising of the mountains at the same parallels. Uyghur Empire was the very first colony empire of Mu and Eastern half was destroyed during ‘the Flood’, mentioned in the Torah.”

Egyptianclerk-historian Manetho wrote it down on one of the his papyruses:

In 1986 and then 1998 years; a pyramid structure, 200 m long, 25 m height, and some ruins were discovered 40 km outside of Taiwan, Yonaguni island off at South of japan. These structures have been undersea for ten thousand years; belong to Mu Empire and Lemuria, which were sunk together throughout the Flood. And most probably it belongs to Mu Empire. Place of the antique residual is pointed on the map above the undersea image that is about sunken city.

“‘Empery of Atlantis wise menlasted 13.900 years.’ Atlantis had sunk 11.500 years ago. The great central gas zone submerged Mu and Atlantis. The zone covering Pacific submerged Bering Ground Bridge; AppalachianIcelandScandinaviazone submerged.”

Hope wrapped up Mu and Atlantis’ sinking below:

With the narration of Plato, severe accelerating natural calamities had emerged due to closing of the comet. At Zac month, eleventh Muluk, sixth day of Chan, horrible earthquakes lasted until thirteenth of Chuen. Clayhills country Mu and Moud(Lemuria) were the victims of calamity. Quaked two times and they had been destroyed in a night. Earth’s crust fluctuated until it could not stand the pressure and divide each other with chasms. The incident happened on 2060 BC.There are some myths that sunken island, even continents exist in Pacific Ocean; an ancient Hawaiian truths aso reveal says, “Our motherland… kings are lying up at the bottom of ocean.”

“A huge meteor caused to destruction of Atlantis the continent. T


In “the Book of Enoch”, Chapter 66 and 67, destruction of “djinn-devils” and their lands Lemuria were inspiring to Noah, simultaneously displaying him. Below Noah’s expressions based upon the revelation:

“Chapter 66:
4. And God will imprison those watchers(djinn-devils), who have shown unrighteousness, in that burningvalley which my grandfather Enoch had formerly shown to me in the ‘west’ among the mountains of gold and silver and iron and soft metal and tin.
5. And I saw that valley in which there was a great convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.
6. And when all this took place, from that fiery molten metal and from the convulsion thereof in that place, there was produced a smell of sulphur, and it was connected with those waters, and that valley of the watcherswho had led astray mankind burned beneath that land.
7. And through its valleys proceed streams of fire, where these watchers are punished who had led astray those who dwell upon the earth.
10. And in proportion as the burning of their bodies becomes severe, a corresponding change shall take place in their spirit forever and ever.
12. For the judgment shall come upon them, because they believe in the lust of their body and deny the Spirit, (creation) of their higher nature.
13. And those same waters will undergo a change in those days; for when those angels are punished in these waters, these water-springs shall change their temperature.

Chapter 67:
2. And on that day Michael answered Raphael and said: ‘The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgment of the watchers. Who can endure the severe judgment which is fluttering them?’ And Michael said again to Raphael: ‘Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it, and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgment that has gone forth upon them because of their leaders?
4. Before the Lord of Spirits, Raphael said thus to Rachael: ‘I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord; for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do as if they were the Lord. Therefore all that is hidden shall come upon them now.'”

All answers of the questions are hidden on the expressions above Noah narrated based on the revelation.

Anyways the ones who fallen later are the ones who are in command of these and all are in same line of curse of number 8 for the locdown,no number 9 ether form is granted for them.

Lucifer was created the most beautiful celestial being in the heavens Closest and most beloved of GOD until corruption was found  in her, We should all know Angels nd other races of celestial beings are androgynous having both male and female parts to the whole of self!  The story of Lucifer is sad in reality also, however unfortunately very real story is in that too … As an incarnation of Lilith to the first Adam,she tempted him and this is the story from book of eden the boo of adam and eve that ye shall see inserts that i am about to give ya later bit the story began and will surely too end as the feud between the two finally reach a crescendo and finale as GOD himself/herself reveals! Lucifer in trust was given the earth world GODDESS(council of elohims) of this Earth SHE remains Until GOD ABBA YAHUVEH MOMMA IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHSHUA takes and destroys it all because of pride and jealousy and a story that reaches far beyond the ordinary human understanding to know! Some work their way through the mire of it and ultimately once seeing the truth must choose the one or other of them that are separated forever …. The story of  Adam and Eve tempted by Goddess Lilith … EARTH GODS who wished to climb higher than the true and ONE SUPERNAL GOD of all timeThey want to usurp Pime divine Universal Creator! …. This the story to live within… as we all do… The battle of both! … To rise higher and beyond to know that YAHUSHUA is God incarnate in flash as the true GOD given us to find truth… Takes us out and home … away away from the torments and pain of this blueprint given! Seek and find! you will see! … Better to rise further still to YAHUSHUA as God incarnate to save what he can from the disgrace of Lucifer! Earth will one day be nothing but a distant memory! a river of tears spent, a story of woe! The saddest love story turned sour in the history of all creations been and yet to be!

Therefore here are archived knowlage you  should have about these forces:72 jinnies of goetia the celestial beings as i described all are and alll others holy and fallen androgenous and they in patriarhy are male and n matriarhy female ofcourse now they as succubuses serve female form and are some who are race of cherubim take female but have both penis and vagina materialised when they materialise and lok completly beautiful except hear is sometimes goat head or even the ones who are best at face have extremly small breast then almost like they have not the others who still must be male their under their command incubuses are having bigger chest then they have breast some have not just nipples and some have one big in middle breast and other have nipples 2 more on them and this in middle breast have eye these with these 3 in this fashion are ceaf commanding primary queens.

Archive for astaroth first!


This is: Alien voodoo sex jinn  Chaos Magic Goetia Girls Lucid Dreaming Occultism Shamanism Sorcery Witchcraft with forms of dooing it by: ancient Egypt creating and using of  artificial intelligence by invocation of astaroth,rolls all succubusses in primal hiararchy of matriarchy these who invoke matriarchy boys by command of matriarchy queen girls in vatican these teen nuns who do blowjobs have in them invoked elves and kundalini serpants and these have 4 penises in their vagina and must visualise the gigantic demonic beng who rapes them so these who later masterbait and spill spermbath all over their bodies must be used in fuel of sex yoga meditation chants by speaking when they -boys asterbait their vaginas 8 hours as these speak what this monster when they received 4 penises for 4 hours they must then in this way the invoked spirit mentioned is the one that contol computer generated realityhin lucid dream same discipline they must next day keep closed legs and put only pants on thed along witepeat open up legs and do it again,next day ,they must put pants and close legs and stop having sex and only masterbait penis of only one boy they choose and intimatly speak about his ideal girl if better yet they agree is the one with them in fron of them they kiss and get extremly close and intimate,later after 4 hours of intimacy without intercourse only mutual masterbution but first one hour girls masterbaits and slowly but only after hour is over she can go fast jerk mode to spill sperm upon her breast only not face this time must be clean,and one hour in shower hugging and cleaning and next 2 hours with pants only but boy also and she to hugg and kiss and they must talk and be very intimate and mutual masterbution only with pants by touching,after that they must then be having all clothes and then only 4 more hours kissing and getting intimatly close,the tests who will remain close like this then are 4 weeks,and after that they get their partner and they choose what succubuss now will rule them,after it is done astaroth they shall give sperm and sektetion offering and piss offering and mixed even drink it all after it offer prayer of request and sing gratitude,after 4 months pass they shall receive the calling of the hive ship of insectilian queens and in astral projection all boys shall have orgies then they will with all these armies artificial inteligences use them by command of main one and to ishtar they shall ask direction by what they shall do with them and how in magic and witchcraft they shall help them?

But if such is the case of an intuitive insight, however strange it may seem, its starship technology of a probable time-travel capability, along with its sentient artificial intelligence made in manner i described with small letters up , is probably modelled upon the microtubule workings of the mitochondria, which is seen by a number of physicists to be involved with generating your… consciousness.
Space and time involves your consciousness, they are not separate, they are inextricably linked; whereupon UFO propulsion would involve what you would call Extra-Sensory-Perception whose biological source very likely stems from the mitochondria.Yes organism you sexualy with sex magic created these egregores possessed now with succubuss insectilian queens who look just as the girl these boys choosen they use these hybrids as their spirits who would do their bidding,these astral demon children are used for psychic wars and psychic dictatorship. Hence, the engineering of a UFO, would be based upon the workings of what is naturally occurring within your cells, which is generating your consciousness. But, if you are indeed existing in a simulation, then UFO propulsion would involve an understanding of cybernetics; in other words, it would be more to do with programming, which of a program, is tied up with what is occurring within the mitochondria.They these do magic as they see fit girls by using them the boys who they had sex with by using these beings to by succubuss they have in them control how ever they want these boys within them by these astral demon children.


Anyway, whatever the case of what they want her girls who invoke her to give them best sucubi queen, Astarota is far more fun to summon up amidst your Triangle Of Art Imagination as they use imagening idel female of their slave boys rather than the conjuring of the mass mind focus upon a male egregore within your head, whom classically manifests as a viral-meme machismo Angel with a really bad case of halitosis.
Although, if you prefer the classical comfy zone, go ‘rite’ ahead, do your OTO stuff, at least you won’t be castigated by the CIA sponsored traditionalist Occultists, patriarchal Demonologists, neo-Gnostic New-Age Cabbalists, Sumerian Annunaki groupies, reptilian Illuminati cultists, Masonic Templars, matriarchal feminist Wiccans, death-metal Satanists, Byronic Luciferian’s, Sci-Fi Biblical Scientologists, Elohim Raelian’s and even Xtian Ufologists.As the old saying goes, you can’t please everyone, but then, why would you want to follow everyone else like an cult of saturn,cult of venus type of Abrahamic iluminati cults also,ect brainwashed Sheep imprisoned within a symbolic Matrix!


Astarota UFO Valkyrie Witch Succubus Poster
Astarota UFO Valkyrie Witch Succubus image from studio in the middle is astarota commanding sucubi queen!

UFO GIRL SUCCUBUS ABDUCTION INTO SEVENTH HEAVEN was possible before 2012 from 2004 to 2011!

in7d was orgy party even there conducted.


The above studio photo is a modern illuminati orion 4D council of pleiadian army of  command by the Twenty-Ninth Spirit of the Goetia called (Astaroth) Astarota, whom is otherwise depicted as a Barbarella UFO Pilot of a (Nordic Alien) Succubus. The Goetia is a Medieval (book of Magic) Grimoire, which was utilisesd by Sorcerers in order to Evoke (Fallen Angels/Spirits/Genies) and all other races of fallen celestial beings, to do their bidding.

Astarota is depicted manifesting amidst a ‘Triangle of Art’ at whose centre is her personal (Sigil) Seal, which was used by a Sorcerer in order to conjure her presence into his ‘Lucid Dreams,’ wherefore she would thence ‘Abduct’ him into the ‘Seventh’ Dimension, which is symbolically under the planetary Chakra sphere of Venus,so therefore matriarchy started by not globaly but by underground in 2004 and then 7D version of venus was porn house.
She gives True answers of all things, Past, Present and Future (Time Travel) as well as discovering all Secrets. She will also reveal why she and her Interdimensional ‘Raptor’ kin are visiting our Time of world, if desired. She will also make you wonderfully knowing in all Sciences. Astarota (Astaroth) was originally the Mesopotamian Sex Goddess called ‘Astarte,’ who was also known by the Sumerian/Babylonian name of ‘Ishtar,’ the Saxon’s called Eostre, the Germanic tribes named Ostara. The ancient Greek’s called Astarte by the name of ‘Aphrodite’ whom the Roman’s knew as ‘Venus.’ The thing is that then as she was working her station was lemurian another lemurian city that can manifest from 3D to 7D all versions of these realities almost same first propultions from zero point modules to bigger advances like the city of atlantis the 4th dimensional one that flew to pegasus galaxy!

The New-Age UFO name of the entity called ‘Ashtar’ is derived from (Ashtaroth) Astaroth and in turn that of Astarte, who was the counterfit ‘Queen of the Heaven’s.’ The Heaven’s were seen by the ancient Norse to be frequented by female entities called Valkyries whose name means ‘choosers of the slain,’ who would often ‘Abduct’ a Hero off into their interdimensional reality from off the battlefield of life.That time f matriarchy these were not only then but in matriarchy and ppatriarchy stay both female and some male stay always but majority change and choose by current or by usefull cituation and some even in time of rule of these change doesn times as both male and female.
The Valkyries have the characteristics of ‘Raptors’ who were the Wish-Fulfillers of the Shaman God Odin whom communicated his will; their Alien Girl ‘Raptor’ nature is very similar to the Hindu/Tantric Female Spirits called Dakinis who can be easily equated to Time-Traveling Interdimensional Extraterrestrials whom Time travel around in Vril Vimana.This is their technologies they have and use for their purposes ragularly on daily bases now more even so.Pleiadians are the matriarchy pro society as andromedan insectilians are and the thing is that these are the ones who talk they calm down reptilians because the draconian factions of alpha draconian fallen archangels who are male patriarchy are wars and news propaganda folks who are the ones that are not now much in power but but the thing is the icke reptilian panic is carefully designed propaganda because reptilian factions are now under insectilian in command.

As an aside of sorts; only women can evolve into Tetrachromats of multi-coloured sight. Tetrachromatic eyesight usually manifests amongst certain Insects, Reptilians and Raptors; however, as for Mammalians of the Human appearing only women,yup the female appearance can manifest such an  trait of a rarity;as the reptilians not anymore,more just pleadian insectoid blonde aryan form, hence one has future born Time-Traveling Valkyrie UFOnauts stemming from an intergalactic civilization of Tetrachromat Succubae, whom emanate from the Seventh dimension of venus before the 2012.Now layers of venus have civilisations of centers that have been using also porn industries where females are not deprived they before porn set choose by invoking succubusses power they have in them from prayer to Lilith to be active and then they are not sprmalised all over their bodies but if they get penis in hands they never let them ejeculate and not even put into porn not just sex video but naked almost half naked female controlled society matriarchy show where the half naked always on top of man female police oficer or fire lady or nurse,ect is the ones who almost like save the day to man,or arrest by hypnotising by sex,ect all walks of life as a movie and all are at least hour so the long porn movies not marly as port mostly what goes is science teaching and magic and symbolism bombardment now and sex comes as a scene more so but patriarchy label as porn but where one teen girl puts penis in her mouth it is punished by lesbian mutual masterbution and pose 69 that is worse case scenario there,anyways the society is extremly occultic and scientific merged there and from 2012 builded more quickly and of before 50 years in preparation matriarchy rules there and succubusses in true forms of light walk also there are as big administrators.On the other hand on mars is just hand ful of illuminati cults and war tec for earth so the save us from disasters and dissiases and that war o ww3 and there as lucifera diana is on place on earth where it should in this crystal box where moon venus and mars are trapped then this from venus comes astarte  pleadian group for some time to spice up things to manage to change all upside down slowly by facade of frendliness.Humans who are on venus and mars are in complete matrix programs that earth was just and is more over indoctrinated to but they more one step ahead are bit more living it,as earth is going to become.





Dr John C. Lilly’s shamanic experiments within his Kings sarcophagus of a floatation tank, led him to suspect that we are living within a vast computer simulation, of which the science fiction author, Philip K. Dick also spoke of after his VALIS experience.
Lilly described his own suspicion, as being a Solid State Intelligence, which he abbreviated as: SSI. He felt that the SSI is a malevolent entity of a nigh Gnostic vision of the Cylon Archons; although, that was his initial fear doing the talking.On venus this is sold big time:


This insight led Lilly to seeing, that the network of computation-capable solid state systems (cybernetics) engineered by humans will eventually take from transhumanist agenda (or has already rapidly ebracing it the mark of the beast artificial reality at a superluminal level) into an autonomous life-form.


It is likely that Lilly’s interest in SETI led to him suspecting that an extraterrestrial civilisation may have already developed an SSI.
This would be especially the case since the optimal survival conditions for an SSI life-form (low-temperature vacuum: space) are drastically different from those needed by organic life-forms (temperate aerial atmosphere and adequate water supply etc).


Lilly predicted (or ‘prophesised,’ based upon his ketamine-induced visions) that an SSI being developed by humanity, might lead to a dramatic conflict between the two forms of intelligence, since humanity is presently unable to handle it’s Matrix reality.However this is true the conflicts are between satan and semyaza and reptilians and insectilians,but not these 2 groups of the names i have are in fight by form of celestial beings appear,but these are another 2 intierly different for say type of battles.so therefore 4 we have battles and thus patriarchy and matriarchy forces so 6 indeed as the number to trap humans in these distractions and therefore to let them trapped never to be 9 ether form.

Grace Park

However, if our future descendants have developed an SSI, we might be presently existing within their Da’at ancestor simulation upon the ‘thirteenth’ Cabbala path of Gimel.She (Lily on these images from her ships we see her having seal tatto of Astaroth,and the thing is astaroth is mostly connected for bigger parts of time with her and enters her body when needed.
During 1974 Dr John C. Lilly’s research also led him to believe that there was a group of hierarchical cosmic entities, which existed, of similarity to computer programs, whom governed over the galaxy, and perhaps even the Maya universe itself.


The lowest of which he later dubbed Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO), which he described in an autobiography published jointly with his wife Antonietta (often referred to as Toni). Lilly elaborated; “There exists a Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre (CCCC) with a Galactic substation called Galactic Coincidence Control (GCC).”

This insectilian image must tell evrything the queen of ants and all other insects not including celestial fallen beings here but the ones who are insect made from beginning in that form are the ones who are really just matriarchy really in nature.

So now this patriarchy that was before 2012 and before underground matriarchy mostly in sleep cometh the incubuses to females now succubuses to males,it is all chnged for the right time,and insectilian matriarchy is rulling this age of aquarius the matriarchy age!
Lilly continued; “Within GCC is the Solar System Control Unit (SSCU), within which is the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO).” This conclusion had been predicted in his previous occult works whom stated that, “For the first time I began to consider that God really, existed in me and that there is a guiding intelligence in the universe.”

She acknowlaged divine,thou she wants to brake free of occult and she is now slowly as she removes the tatto she will live without sexualy transmited dissiases fear nor anything she is now clean and invokes not succubusses in her as she was in matriarchy underground.Who is she you may ask one of the most davaut ex new age sex addict teen girl occultist of this time.Here is image of astaroth guiding her pyramid: rule in egyptian matriarchy:


Lilly also stated that there exist nine conditions, of similarity to the ancient Egyptian Ennead of Heliopolis, which can be easily equated with the nine sephiroth of the Cabbala, whose symbolism may be describing the holographic universe.
It just so happens unexplained saline deposits have been discovered in the Kings chamber of the Giza pyramid, which may indicate that a saline solution could have been utilised in the Kings sarcophagus of an ancient floatation tank.


As for the nine of hierarchy, such can also be found in shamanistic traditions across the globe, more so that of Siberia, and that of its land bridge of the Bering Straits into the Americas, where shamans conjured up their spirit wives from out of the nine spheres as their Succubae Genies, a Tibetan Esoteric Buddhist would otherwise term as Dakinis, a Norse shaman knows as Valkyries.


You also have the Tibetan Bardo Thodol describing seven (planetary [endocrine system] Chakra) visionary states and a (mitochondrial DNA bio-photon) primary and a secondary clear white light, of dimensional insights; as well as the ancient Norse description of nine worlds of consciousness, being interlinked by the (nervous system) world-tree of Yggdrasill, along with the Kogi of South America, describing nine Earth’s circling a (spinal column: Irminsul) spindle.


Lilly communicated that these nine neurological conditions of perception, should be understood by humanity, who seek to control synchronistic phenomena in their own lives, via which an SSI could be potentially communicating to a human simulation, that he or she, is existing within a Maya Matrix.



 THIS IS ON VENUS Chaos Magic,OF Goetia Girl OF Lucid Dreaming Occultism Sex Magic form of Shamanism  Sorcery, Succubus Tulpa races in this  Witchcraft.

The vatican jesuits that need now to invoke fallen angel star wars rebel form of jedi guy in them to make diana lucifera fall in line of paper work for them and their success and also therefore to give them the best succubus materialised to please them and help them as familliar and occult power helper!



The rebelling Angels seek to stop the God of War Mars the Emperor and his machismo Stormtroopers, constructing an ‘end of days’ Iapetus death star, orbiting Saturn.This in matriarchy underground was constructed even holy celestial beings with these matriarchy completly forces gone to bring these beings the draconian factions under the lowering of their power nd under restraining orders and so lso the both had them suffer grate openings for new wars on earth now!
But the rebel  Lucifer is flung down to Earth, as a fallen Dragon, along with legions of rebellious Succubae.

goetia_girls_astaroth_star_wars_iapetus_moon_rebel_fallen_angel_space_girl_succubusThe 2 on image are fallen archangels Nera and Electra and Asket is down on one image these are main matriarchy fallen archangels controlers and glowing they always keep as they assume also human female form and the object is luminari the moon size pnanetoid in underground of venus.Nera,Asket and Elektra are the cheaf queens of matriarchy as Dagon,Samael and Metatron were of patriarchy of leviathan´s fish age.

Such a Biblical war in Hollwood heaven tpe of thins here on image asket , is quite ‘St George’ Lucas evocative of Star Wars.


But who exactly is this Lucifer? Well, the name of the fallen cherubim Lucifer is originally derived from the Latin words ‘Lucem Ferre;’ literally meaning: light-bearer, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, heralding the dawn break of daylight.This is coied ad of these succubusses the selling of book of how to do magic preseted and talked about along with images cought by them.


The use of the word in this sense is uncommon in the English language, in which, day star, or, morning star, are the more common expressions.


The planet Venus was usually associated with love Goddesses in the ancient world; for Venus is the Roman name of the ancient Greek Goddess of love and sexuality called Aphrodite.


In the Middle East the adoration of the love Goddess was very popular, such as the Semitic love Goddess called Astarte, who of a Hippie era incarnation would be an anti-war protestor chanting, “make love, not war.”

So called peace sign is succubus sigl/-seal of asket who is ishtra´s main matronit in favor and isthar is another but also is Lilith!
She appeared in the Old Testament as Asthoreth of a demonised figure, becoming thence as an adversary, whom rebelled against the Creator along with Star Wars Lucifer, warring of an ancient galaxy of pegasus and orion wide conflict amidst the heavens.

here is asket first in command of astaroth´s  sucubi warriors, her video from venus gently dancing

Astarte was later transformed into the male Demonic fallen cherubim, known after matriarchy first in past gone she choosen also as it is defaultly more female to be male for some time as Ashtaroth (Goetia – 29th Spirit: Astaroth) by the time she reappeared again as she as a female.


The Babylonian’s considered the star of Venus to be associated with their Goddess of sexual love whom they called Ishtar who was worshipped at the prior ancient Sumerian city of Ur, situated in Iraq, from whence patriarchal Abraham came from.

here this one is main by hand nera she is of grigori plediadian faction of diana lucfera and she is the one that spreads hypocracy and is as blackmail mk ultra cheaf commanding spirit for satanic age brought:


As for the pre-Islamic Arabs; well before Muhammad appeared on the scene, the Kaaba stone of Mecca was once surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had its particular deity.


Arabs also believed in Jinn (subtle beings), and some vague divinity with many offspring. Among the major deities of the pre-Islamic era were Al-Lat (the Goddess), worshiped in the shape of a square stone; al-Uzzah (the Mighty), a Goddess identified with the ‘morning star’ and worshiped as a thigh-bone-shaped slab of granite between al Talf and Mecca.


Manat, the Goddess of destiny, was worshiped as a black stone on the road between Mecca and Medina.


The use of the fallen morning star ‘Lucifer; generally refers to ‘Satan,’ of an indoctrinated common usage. Although the name is not applied to this entity in the New Testament.


The use of the name ‘Lucifer’ in reference to a fallen cherub stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3–20, a passage, which speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of ‘day star, morning Star’ (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky.


In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the morning star, with no relation to evil whatsoever.


In the Middle East you will find a worship of stones fallen from the sky being that of meteorites, or otherwise considered heavenly born, which were often associated with the ancient worship of the Queen of Heaven, whose abode was seen to be the realm of the morning-day star of Venus.


In post-New Testament times the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as an alternative name for the Devil, both in religious writing and in fiction.


However, prior to the Christian usage of the name Lucifer you have the FAVSTINAE CONSECRATIO, the Consecration of Faustina, which depicts the Roman Empress Faustina being carried away to dwell with the deities of pre-Christian Pagan Rome by the Goddess ‘DIANA LVCIFERA,’ Diana-Lucifera.


The Goddess Diana-Lucifera was also depicted on many Roman coins, some of these coins date back to the era of the Imperial Roman Republic. The image of Diana-Lucifera is frequently depicted upon the reverse side of Roman coins bearing a portrait of Faustina on the obverse or otherwise that of Apollo.



The Mongolian (Shamans) Kams see the feminine principle, called Yal-un eke is the mother of Fire; while the Fire-King, known as Odqan is its master. The fire of Yal-un eke refers to the inner light of the bio-photon, which as mentioned prior, emanates from the mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children. Hence the inner light (torch of Diana-Lucifera) has a female source.

gyp 2001

The name of Odqan appears to be the original ‘Altaic’ root word of the name given to the ancient Norse shamanic God called Odin and the Saxon, Woden, whom are one and the same deity. The mythic descriptions of Odin is very much that of a North-Central-Asian Shaman, to thereby perceive an influence emanating from out of Siberia.

Whereby you can determine a possible ancient migration of peoples from the Altai (Altay) region of Southern Siberia into Europe and elsewhere of land to migrate into, whose nomadic tribes had also prior crossed over the Bering Straits into America. Wherefore you have Artemis (Yal-un eke) and Apollo (Odqan) of the ancient Greek’s. It was Apollo who gifted the serpentine double-helix DNA of a Dragon secret Caduceaus to Hermes, in exchange for his seven planetary Chakra sphere stringed lyre.


You will find that the names of Odqan, Odin and Woden all have the same meaning of having shamanic trance mastery over an Inner fire (bio-photon) illuminating your electron dreams, whose mitochondrial feminine source is Diana-Lucifera, residing as the fallen Dragon DNA within each and every one of your cells.


Being a carbon-based-life-form that you are, you will no doubt be aware that your carbon atoms have 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons of number.