Some people in the western world and many Occultists have been tricked into the Belief System that Lucifer is the creator god of this universe. Well, that’s their problem. Do they have enough brain cells to figure out that this is nonsense??? What’s funny and sad simultaneously about all this is that these Luciferians always say with stupid smiles on their faces “Lucifer is not the Devil”, but little do they know about the multiverse – most of them are just stupid idiots. – but – o.k. – some of them “worship” Lucifer with Black Magic Arts rituals on purpose, because they want to attract
 physical Demonic-E.T.-Races and
 physical FallenAngelic E.T.-Races and
 physical Archontic E.T.-Races on purpose to get some technological toys from them for example – yes – that’s hard to believe for many people, but it’s true and happened in the past  – o.k. – sometimes these E.T.-Races just tricked them with their advanced holographic technologies and then it 

looked like “Magic” to them

– many of them would like to continue with that and that’s why they want to stay loyal to Lucifer. Thereby they do not only enslave themselves, but the entire Higher Self collective of humantiy on Planet Earth – thereby they become slaves too!!! And they do not even realize it. They think they are our gods and that the rest of humanity is their slave race, but their Demons and their Fallen Angelics and their Archons(high level races of fallen celestial beings) just trick them to believe that  – they also trick them to believe that they will be given the knowledge to create their own universes in the far distant future if they stay loyal to them and loyal to Lucifer. They just use them like puppets and trick them, because they know how to inflate their little ego-bubbles and that’s how they make them feel superior to the rest of humanity – when in fact they are not superior to any human being. These guys and girls who want to stay loyal to Lucifer like it to call themselves

“Illuminati” –

which is Latin for: “The Enlightened Ones” –
but the vast majority of them has never broken

the 7 Seals respectively 

purified the 7th Chakra

and that’s why they do not remember 

their past lifes and thereby never had an

 Illumination Experience in a true spiritual sense.

They are kept in the dark by their personal Demons and by the Lucifero-Satanic Archons. They were always only manipulated into

positions of power, because of their Luciferian
Human-Anunnaki-Hybrid Bloodlines.
The Anunnaki have partly

  Reptilian+Draconian genetics.  
Some more – some less –   
depends on which Star System or Galaxy or  Universe they come from,there are still Human-Pleiadian-Hybrid Bloodlines left, even if the Luciferian Anunnaki-Human-Hybrid Bloodlines and their E.T.-allies wanted to get rid of them in the past, because they have better telepathic skills and are more psychic/intuitive than the Luciferian Anunnaki. This made these Sion-Bloodlines very dangerous for their Luciferian agenda. The majority of humans on Planet Earth is much easier to manipulate for them, but the Pleiadian-Human-Hybrid Bloodlines are very dangerous for their agenda, because they can not be controlled with their


These technologies where given to the Luciferians on Planet Earth by their  E.T.-allies who have a very dark agenda.  They want to keep humanity and Planet Earth disconnected from the 

Creator  Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahushua Messiah.

The Masonic P2 Lodge (Masonic Propaganda Due Lodge) and some Luciferian Jesuits think they can keep their Babylonian and Unholy Roman Lucifero-Satantic and Archon controlled
Vatican-Rothschild-Banking-Empire going on forever and want to make  Pope Francis the new M1  (Monetary Controller). They always try to present their agenda to uninformed people as if this was some kind of


  “New World Order (N.W.O.) ~///+///~ SIRIUS experiment”,

when in fact this is the Babylonian tower new world  order of NIMROD ALMOST SAME TYPE OF REBELLION!