Yahshua messiah said if you cast not splinter first out of your eye you are hypocrate who speaks about own self when speaks against others,you got to be ass kisser of Larson,payed 100 € or $ whatever to get online to speak crap or you have been put into alpha state of mind hypnosis and brought demons into you and cast out by larson to think he is legitimate,yes bible is sword as it is said in hebbrews as larson said,but the thing is he abuses power of God he as it is said i knwo this is true is acused of satanism,i know he is in enochian angelic grimoare magic this means he in one episode i see commanded commanded angel to smite demons satan has good cop bad cop mind game in disclousure project also dracos and greys and shadows as bad and nordics and arcturians and andromedans as good,the same is with religious magic it is all occult game satan plays protestantism is very well rooted in enochian angelic magic,and chatolicism and orthodoxy are rooted in babylonian magic and matriarchical paganism repacked into partiarchical the babylonian paganism which is neo cabalistic magic high level advanced i am not talking about the small level of things known as calling goetian 72 jinn lesser key of solomon i talk about far worse things like necronomicon races and calling them saints and praying to saints for deliverance the same spirits under command of cheaf spirits who have the legions under them another legion is taken by same prist and they cast to the person and remotly influence to take to same curch they work and in front of them they have clown known as exorcist and the thing is that he is dooing by the command of the ones who control him,and then takes money which is moon energy the currency moon ey as energy the thing is that this is soul taking these are soul harvesters in curches maguses and ipsimuses are occultists to level they can create religion these are the ones who even control maguses who are exorcists who you might be one of them who is payed to troll on internet to defend larson here for example you know nothing about this game here and duality games played of good and evil archytipical figures and images and such or you may well very good know this stuff but claim this to defend you jesuit order of fraudalence and hypocracy the military order who you knights templar or rosicrutian may be or johny come latley golden down or oto goyim..