False prophets
Users of those awakening i want nothing to do with
I dont care what anyone thinks

Alex Jones
Teal Swan
Mark Dice
Jay Essex
Swerdlow and his crew
Erin Rothschild

Most quote awakened leaders
I find most vomit worthy

I have valid questions
I dont care if any of you dislike me for it
Im going to be very blunt

Swerdlow claims to have sodomized hundreds of kids to death..but now can heal you..bs
He is a very wealthy crook

Erin Rothschild
Aka a Rothschild speaks out
More bs her real name is Erin Hicks
This woman is a nightmare i met her in person
There is no evidence she is a rothschild
She once changed her name to sarah
She scammed thousands from people online

Teal swan who is okay with telling others suicide is a good escape and claims she has done sacrifices
Ps anyone who knows the occult knows that only the satanic high priestess does sacrifices
She wants fame and money
Encouraging people to kill themselves in a way is sacrifice..
Teal makes alot of money
Why hasnt she opened up a healing center for mk victims and T.I.s..along with children who need it
She has the resources
Oh wait she doesnt give a sht about really helping people
Also encoded in her drawing she now has had printed on a clothing line
Yes because spiritual teachers do clothing lines to make more money
The print is encoded with none other than baphomet

Jay essex
Posted on my wall im so enlightened
Maybe he can offer healings for free to those in need
Would grant some good energy his way

Alex jones
He claims he is a christian
Yet was married to a wiccan he did ceremonies with
He should come clean about his occult ties
He needs a major detox
Maybe do some chariry work and give some of his money to help children or something

Mark dice
Hates women
Acts possesed..he is harvesting energy for his dark handlers and is cashing in again
How is he really helping others
The guy is also swimming in money

You need to do some soul searching
Nobody can save you or enlighten you
Only God can
Your powerful,and reclaim sovereignty

Most of these quote leaders are lost or have deals with the devil for money or fame or both

population worships and votes for their slave masters

Its a real life version of idiocracy..the film

Humanity has devolved

Yes the saints are those awakening
And they are the targets
Of wolves in sheep clothing

To a society of people who are slaves with tech that keeps their very energy fields in lower frequencies making them prisoners also on a soul level