Order of the black sun

Aww yes this all ties in
The snake was not in the garden of eden,it was not a snake yet Satan/Lucifer
The garden was the body
Just as Cern is a parasite burrowed into the earth leaching its energy
The same happens with people
Astral Parasites(fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings) feed off of the lifeforce of the host
Its said no child is born without sin
The same being that drained mankind of energy thus pulling them down in vibration
Is passed down through dna to each newborn
Until its cleared from the very cells and bodies of humanity
By constantly draining the host it keeps its energy charge down
The very charge you need to light up your dna to access multidimensionality
Now cern drains the earth keeping its frequency pulled down

A drained host is pulled into the abyss both energetically and emotionally
The black sun is symbolic of the abyss

A rather traumatic movie
Lair of the white worm
Explains a good part of this