Infiltration of evil

The awake leaders
Are involved



Police hospitals

Nursing homes and nurseries
Used both for trauma
Soul energy collecting through trauma
Holding entities in bodies
Body+soul trade

Large supermarkets are used to push out hexed black magic food+personal items that than infiltrate the aura allowing for soul energy to be taken

Recently i noticed the name sainsburys
Such evil hidden back words in alot of logos or company names

Most candy is hexed
Candy=cain die
The colors and sugar used is as a drug
The synthetic colors confuse the aura that needs the 42 rainbow light prism colors contained in fruits and vegetables that are charged by the sun which than instill that into the cells charging them that also charges the aura and builds up shields against entities

Everything is based on draining the 42 prism soul light colors aka soul energy and breaking down the aura shields

Slave labor is used as black magic the pain from the slave labor is used to charge the items with negative evil energy than its used to hex anyone who eats or wears it