another spiritual warfare for age of aquarius:

In the name of Lord Yahushua the Messiah I am:

Dissolving Disappointment

Dissolving Greed

Dissolving Revenge

Dissolving Labels

Dissolving Blame

Dissolving Devils And Demons

Dissolving Hell

Dissolving Illusions

Dissolving Racism

Dissolving Anxiety

Dissolving Stress

Dissolving Worry

Dissolving Limitation

Dissolving Sadness

Dissolving Resentment

Dissolving Dis Respect

Dissolving Sickness

Dissolving Evil

Dissolving Torment

Dissolving Chaos

Dissolving Anger

Dissolving Strife

Dissolving Conflict

Dissolving War

Dissolving Pain

Dissolving Suffering

Dissolving Hate

Dissolving Hurt

Dissolving Guilt

Dissolving Fear

Dissolving Lack

Dissolving Un Worthiness

Dissolving Ill Will

Dissolving Un Forgiveness

Dissolving Depression

Dissolving Poverty

Dissolving Dis Ease

Dissolving Dark Sleeper Cell

more info on fallen celestial astral etherical ightbeings the archons:



Lucifer/Satan is Prime Creator of The Galactic Federation Of Light and all The Biological Beings Therein.Lucifer Manipulates Human and Animal DNA from the True Creations of Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah during Abductions performed all over the world,to Create His Third Dimensional Species of the Universe that You will get to See on First Contact.Lucifers Hybrid Humanoid Creations do not have Souls all of them.Only the Humans Created by God.Lucifer and His Angels Roam the infinite Realms of the Fourth Dimension.His Main Purpose is to discredit YAHUSHUA as our God and Creator.Lucifer teaches mankind the distorted knowledge of the Heavens and the awareness of Self Exaltation.He will set up His Kingdom on this Earth and Help the Governments of this World bring Humanity Together into a New World Order.

There are connections found between the fallen angels,the pagan gods,because they are one and the same,New Age Luciferian Alien agenda Satanic New World Order they bare.We can safely determined that the origins of the New World Order are Satanic to the core,given down to us in a pyramid like manner by these fallen angels;in order to create an evil empire that will be ran by them upon their return on earth.The head of the movement,No other than Satan himself.He will appear first peacfully to decive,yes Marduk and Lucifer with their Reptilian Draco Nordic Blonde fallen angels from Orion Galactic Federation will arrive and Satan will pose as ascended master. “They Shall Mingle Themselve’s With The Seed Of Men.Daniel 2:43”

Seraphim,Cherubim & Ezekiel’s Wheels

Alien hybrids,Nephilim & the Days of Noah

Do not rejoice O Philistia,all of you,for the rod of your striking is broken, because a viper comes forth from the root of the snake (Satan) and his fruit is the fiery flying seraph.Isaiah 1429

fallen watcher angels’TYPE 2′ aliensgrays,

from the days of Jared,led by Semyaza,199in number,their 70 generations long punishment told of in 2 Peter 24;Jude 6;1Enoch is now over]Genesis 61Enoch

[not all watchers are fallen.There are multitudes of Heavenly Watchers still]

original fallen archons & other angels

‘TYPE 3’aliens-lucifer,lightbeings,pleiadians,galactic federation of light [gfol][commander ashtar is the Biblical IshtarAshtarothAstarte-all of them have names of pagan gods Thor,Dagon,Athena etc]


Nephilim giants titans,ruled before the flood,offspring of the fallen watchers and human women New broodof nephilim,created during alien abduction=Nordics giant hybrids,part of the 4th reich ubermensch,they will work with gfol Genesis 6,Daniel 243

Zeta raticuli grey aiens another ‘type 2’ alien[along with the grays]-armies of satan[dracos,reptilians,illuminati bloodlines,blue-skinned agarthans]1 John 312Genesis 315

Orbs-interdimensional demonsdisembodied nephilim spirits [hence,can manifest and vanish instantaneously]these balls of light pretend to becraftsin formation doing the physically impossible

Project Bluebeam holographic system[part of HAARP]will be used to help create the strong delusion and cause much chaos and confusion. ‘The big space-show in the sky’

Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah and Lord Yahshuas’s Army of Holy Angelic Warriorswill be described as ‘TYPE 4’ ‘aliens’ by the others,Types 2 & 3 along with the kings of the Earth (illuminati)will unite to fight type 4 – the KING OF KINGS YAHUSHUA&His Supernatural Troops of Holy Angelic Warriors!

Objects described as ‘Alien Craft’ are

Merkabahs-Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah´s Interdimensional vehicles of light [Ezekiel 1 Psalm 6817 2 kings 211]

Lightships-interdimensional vehicles of the watchers and gfol [Revelation 127]

Vimanas-antigravity vehicles under human,nephilim,naga control [commonly referred to as UFOs andor Flying Saucers][Zechariah 56]

Vailixi-super-fast advanced cylinder shaped vimanas [commonly called cigar-shaped UFOs] [Zechariah 52]

Luminaries – what you have been told are stars & planets[1 Enoch] [The coming war]Then war broke out in heaven.Michael and his angels fought against the dragon,and the dragon and his angels fought back.But he was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven.The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil,the Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth,and his angels with himRevelation 127-9(world war3&cosmic war3)(in the time of esoteric agenda known as new world order or age of aquarius!”For I am persuaded that neither death,nor life,nor angels,nor principalities,nor powers,nor things present,nor things to come,Nor height,nor depth,nor any other creature,shall be able to separate us from the love of God,which is in messiah Yahshua our Lord Romans 838-39”