Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah, I come before you in Yahushua’s name, and I thank you for giving me all power and all authority over all demons and devils and archons. I cover myself in the blood of YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH. I cover all my family members in the blood of YAHUSHUA. I pray Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah, Lord Yahushua,in the name of Lord Yahushua the Messiah that you send giant warring angels to surround us,to protect us from all harm of the enemy. I take my authority and I attack from the third Heaven, and I bind the strongman over my mind, will, emotions,and astral,and light body and over my home, in Yahshua’s name. I command you to leave this area now archons and jinn in Yahshua’s name. I bind up every demon and devil that was sent to me, transferred to me, or followed me,or that was assigned against me and I command you to come out of my conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind,superconscious mind,and  all parts of my body, will, emotions, and personality,spirit and aura in Yahshua’s name.


So the sixteen strongman(archdemons) of Satan´s army are:

i Bind and Rebuke the spirits of:

  1. Spirit of Divination
  2. Familiar Spirit
  3. Spirit of Jealousy
  4. Lying Spirit
  5. Perverse Spirit
  6. Spirit of Haughtiness & Pride
  7. Spirit of Heaviness
  8. Spirit of Whoredoms
  9. Spirit of Infirmity
  10. Deaf & Dumb Spirit
  11. Spirit of Bondage
  12. Spirit of Fear
  13. Seducing Spirit
  14. Spirit of Anti-Christ
  15. Spirit of Error
  16. Spirit of Death

in Yahshua´s mighty name and destroy their works against me and my family and our household!