There were five ages: The first of these was the Golden Age, where fallen celestial beings the one third that is first group of fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings ruled as gods,they were rullling archons of that age, and dwelled on Olympus,and Atlantis,and Lemuria. They were using gold. When this age ended, the fallen anunnaki put a quarantine spell to protect planet this was by God´s will done,to keep Semyaza´s group of fallen wathers and lesser other groups of fallen elestial beings.The next age was the Silver Age, where humans mixed again like in first golden age in atlantis and lemuria ,they worshiped again the hybrid giants as gods who had armours and clothes that were made of silver, and still dwelled on Olympus again. They were, however, no longer too much there these did not stay,these left to return later when God allows,and the thing is that first golden age was ended by the flood that was to reduce atomic radiation of atomic wars and to kill the giant hybrid abomanations of fallen wathers that were under the command of Semyaza.. The following two ages were the Bronze Age and Heroic Age. In the former, same hybrids that left had clothes that were made of bronze, whilst in the latter, the Earth was populated by the heroes of Greek phanteon of gods,these  pagan gods are the first group of one third of the fallen celestial beings who are anunnaki who were greek gods and these archons as that age ended their new bloodline of hybrids gone in hallow earth. Both ages were brought to an end by constant wars also again. The last age, which is the present one, is the Iron Age, where men toil and suffer all their lives. This can be explained as iron is the most dense and slow spinning holds the most charge and highest spinning should be the main supplement in the world not iron..