Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you. – Frederich Nietzsche.

“People who are possessed tend to look at a fixed point and have a coldness around them–their eyes don’t blink.  The persons themselves are absent.”

“People who are possessed tend to look at a fixed point and have a coldness around them–their eyes don’t blink.  The persons themselves are absent.”

milabs and super soldiers i.e. and mind control victims, about the black meta technology, horrid humiliating torture, downloading of “programs” done via high speed subliminals, or other advanced alien luciferian technology where the person is literally downloaded with information carried by fallen angelic archons. It comes in compacted forms like a zip file, and then unwinds later when needed. The demon layering tends to be done via rituals from what I’m able to gather from SRA MPD/DID mind control victims. But other milabs who are not in cult families have described having demons, and have expelled them via deliverance and exorcism. In other words, some milabs (Zed, Relfe, and others) were not in cult families or aware of any “rituals” where demons or alien entities for that matter—were somehow attached to their energy bodies.

Well, sad to say, there are sexual rituals involving demonic beings known as sucubus and incubus. These  luciferian draconian reptilian beings densify during the slaughter of a young virgin girl, no older than 12, but menstruating.

In the ritual, which the girl watches, a naked woman, usually one of the witches in the covens, herself a hybrid, usually, is brought out on the alter. The girl is slaughtered. her blood is drank by all, then poured upon the naked woman, her breasts, and finally, the heart of the child is placed inside her vagina. THen, the ritual proceeds, and a green ectoplasm starts exuding from her vagina, forming into an Incubus.


 programming starts from the gate, the second you are born. Everything in this “culture” feeds the control structure mentality–and very few people recognize that “good” is when you are able to be outside of it. It is impossible to see, if you do not even though control structure exists.

It exists because of lies (diliberately created FALSE reality,the saturnian matrix). There is an instinctual tendancy toward emotional attachments on what we think is “right”. When we are born, parents or anyone bigger/smarter than us (authority) is by default the definers of “right”.

That everyone is as attached to their own person “rightness” as you are, and that it is not healthy to relationship to be offended/defensive by differences. To recognize that we make gods GODS…whether we recognize it or not. To know what a truly open mind is….

The idea of multidimensional loosh collecting archons (reptiles and greys) aka fallen angelic collective and other fallen celestial beings, they when possess person smetimes record their life and then play this as movie in dreams and visions of another erson to lie them that they had past life in order to support lie of reincarnation,they control these false visions,they control that to support reincarnation lie.

The dark archon alliance and Egyptian so called gods who are fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings..especially where the Ra soul group is concerned..

This is not meant in any way derogatory as there is much good work here, but there is much disinfo amongst trying to lay down solid facts with respect to the dark cabalists and their (i think) ex off world overlords…

This subject is far more fluidic than ordinarily meets the EYE..