The dragon of alchemy “devours, fertilizes, begets, slays, and brings itself to life again.”


An ancient lineage of Hungarian Shamans evolved out of Egypt. The Dragon cult of Egypt emigrated to Hungary and formed the Royal Court of Dragons. It was from this lineage that the Pendragon family came to England.

The Dragon Court can first be identified in Egypt under the patronage of the priest-prince Ankhfn Khonsu at about 2170 BC. It was subsequently established more formally as a pharaonic institution by the twelfth dynasty Queen Sobekh Nefru in 1785 BC. The Court was re-formed in 1408 by Emperor Sigismund von Luxemburg, King of Hungary, later to become Holy Roman Emperor in 1433. The Dragon kings whom the court has supported have rightfully ruled many nations and empires throughout history. In the case of England, the last legitimate Dragon monarch was Richard III.