So called sons of God are fallen angels their children alien hybrids between fallen angels and pristesses of Lemuria are in union resulting these alien hybrids who when die are spirits of demons who can not again materialise so they possess humans,anyways the mixture of fallen angels and daughters of man have these hybrids and they are giants and fallen and holy angels can materialise but in order angels to fall they need to drink human blood or animal in order to have reproductive function,so they did that and result is these hybrid giants..

incubus are male fallen angels that have sex female humans and female fallen angels are succubus who have sex with male humans and union of these mixtures are alien hybrids when die are as i said spirits of demons,many of hybrids rule goverements of this world and as in bible is said satan/lucifer is temporary prince of this world and he is masked as sanat cumara of ashtar command and he is head of galactic federation of light also and ruller of illuminati on top of pyramid structure of illuminati…. lluminati pyramid rule:
1. Base are children of darkness and the left hand path
2.Black magic Brothers and sisters of the right hand path
3.Ancient magi of Solomon
5.Rosy cross order
6.Adeptai Satane
7.Satanic brotherhood gnostic satanic and luciferian chatolic
8.Brotherhood of darkness and shadows
9.Order of Dragon draconian druid order-Royal Order of the craft-serpentis illuminatis
11.Sisters of illuminati
12.mothers of darkness
13.Monarc Covent-Moriah