to all islams… jews & christians… do you want to become enlightened?… do you want to rise above the lower carnal mind and finally be free,and be truly spiritual?.. do you want to understand all the mysteries of the universe and truly become one with the divine consciousness?…. then you must first do one thing…. LEAVE YOU’RE RELIGIONS… !!

FORGET ABOUT WHAT YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS HAVE TAUGHT YOU… JUMP THE SHEEP PEN AND LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES by God´s help of siritual discerment,pray for it!…. QUESTION EVERYTHING YOU WERE TOLD AND LEARN TO BECOME FREE THINKERS….ask Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah and Lord Yahshua for discerment! THAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU MUST DO … AND THEN EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW….. TRUST IN  WORDS of Torah.. it took s  a long time to leaveyour old religious programing……. if i can do it… then you evangelicals, jews and muslims can do it to….. their is so much that your religions have hidden from you…. isnt it time to take back your power?~~

“why do you transgress the word of god by your traditions?” ~~~ Matthew 15:3