Rise above Illuminati with your own pyramids! Omegans of Ashtar luciferian command fallen angels can not shut evryone down!fight the power.. fight against goverement archons of this demiurgic babylonian eon!200 from a class of angels called the watchers led by Semyaza came to earth in their merkabahs during the days of Jared, but defiled themselves with human women,the Lemurian pristesses. Their children were giant hybrid abominations that took over the world. The fallen watchers taught their nephilim alien hybrid giant children many secrets of heaven and earth that we still can barely fathom. One of the amazing technologies they taught them were vimanas- a physical version of their father’s spiritual merkabahs. In less than 21 years they shall duplicate new brood of hybrids that will once again invade the earth!


Know ALL of your “alien” deceivers:
“GFOL”= fallen archons (original fallen angels led by Lucifer the former covering cherubim/ Isaiah 24:21/ Ephesians 6:12)
“Nordics”/giant “hybrids”= 4th Reich Nazi ubermensch/new brood of nephilim made via the guise of “alien abduction”(Daniel 2:43)
“greys”= fallen watchers (class of fallen angels that fell in days of Jared led by Semyaza-Genesis 6:2,4/ 1 Enoch 6-10)
Luciferian draconians