Jim Marrs: Aliens Use Mitochondrial DNA to Rule the World through Rothschild Banking Family

According to an article in the Roswell Record (behind login wall), next month Ancient Aliens is going to feature the so-called Roswell Rock, a small stone engraved with two small circles within a larger circle, each containing a crescent-moon shape beside another small circle. Discovered in 2004 about seventeen miles from the alleged Roswell UFO crash site, the rock became the subject of online speculation in 2008. I’m not sure why the fresh-looking carving should be associated with aliens except that the carving resembles 1990s-era crop circle patterns. Aliens are confusing.

That’s probably why we need Jim Marrs to explain their doings to us. Marrs has a chapter in the new anthology Lost Secrets of the Gods: The Latest Evidence and Revelations on Ancient Astronauts, Precursor Cultures, and Secret Societies edited by Michael Pye and Kristen Dalley (New Page, 2014), which was released on Monday. The subject? What else: Why ancient aliens and the Jews are in league to control global finance.
Marrs asserts that religion and finance are the two “most important” methods for “controlling the human population” and therefore might well be alien inventions. He starts on an odd note, wondering why it is that science has failed to wipe out religion, which he sees as an inductive system created from an inference of divine control behind natural beauty. Science, understanding the real workings of nature, should have destroyed this naïve belief. The only way Marrs can conceive of religion surviving the onslaught of science is for religion to be the literally true account of space aliens rather than some touchy-feely spiritualism. He has a very restrictive view of faith, seeing it as a combination of proto-science, social hierarchy, and attempted business relationships with higher powers. He sees little spirituality or even imagination. Instead, it is a very concrete set of observations from which restrictive rules emerged. The reason for these rules? Oh, the aliens of course:
Rather than deal directly with the burgeoning human population, the ancient alien-gods ordained an administrative body or priesthood to pass along edicts and instruction as well as interpret policy. Once such clerics got a taste of wealth and power, they were loath to relinquish them. Religion soon evolved into a rigid structure of dogmas, catechisms, tithing, and obedience. Only after the Anunnaki appointed rulers over humanity did the concept of religion come into play.
That’s a rather declarative set of statements considering there is no textual or archaeological support for it. Where do shamans fit into this? What of cultures for which there is no evidence of a priesthood independent of kingship? What of the Jews, for whom the “Watchers” Marrs identifies with the Anunnaki were not gods but evil fallen angels? Marrs attributes the establishment of priestly religion to the time before Sumer—precisely when we don’t have evidence for a caste of priests ruling over anyone.

As for the Jews, well Marrs has an explanation for that, too:
Either through natural cataclysms or some prehistoric war, the planet, or at least the Near East, was devastated, and the ET gods withdrew from overt human contact. As the gods—the alien visitors—dropped from sight, the religions they created turned metaphysical. The concept of God evolved from a physical being to an omnipresent yet anthropomorphic supernatural entity. The elder conflicts between the ancient astronauts commandeering armies of human subjects were faithfully recorded in the Old Testament. These ancient wars became the metaphorical basis for the struggle between the new monotheistic God and his evil counterpart, Satan.
Try parsing that. What evidence is there for the devastation of the planet? How can Marrs be sure these aliens ever had a physical presence if he admits that the “faithful” recordings of their deeds occurred only after religion “turned metaphysical”? The only way to move backward from the metaphysical to the real is to assume the physical reality and then use that assumption to develop a theory of the development of religion based on the assumption—in other words, circular logic. If anything, anthropological evidence suggests that abstract nature worship preceded anthropomorphic forms of deity. The oldest image of the goddess Hera, the Greeks famously noted, was a plank of wood.

Marrs cites Paul Von Ward, a minister and reincarnation believer, to assert that the church councils of the early Christian era specifically and systematically (well, “largely”) eliminated references to “Advanced Beings” from the Bible. Yes, there’s nothing about gods, angels, or demons in the Bible—nothing about Dagon or Baal or Tammuz, or messengers of God, or God’s Sons. Heck, even the Enochian Watchers make an appearance (as fallen angels) in 2 Peter 2:4.Yahshua messiah overturned the tables of the money changers and thus struck the first blow against the alien-Jewish-banking conspiracy of askenazi khazars and their fallen angelic overloards.

But this is prelude to Marrs’s complaint that “beginning with the Enlightenment and the advent of the printing press” religion declined markedly, prompting the aliens to turn to finance. The printing press was invented in 1450, and the Enlightenment began in the late 1600s. The so-called decline of religion did not occur until the nineteenth century, and even then was not as full or as complete as often depicted—and it was countered by several fiery revival movements.

Marrs prefers to rely on the work of Giza Death Star fringe author Joseph P. Farrell to argue that rulers ally themselves with religion in order to get religious blessing for what is essentially fiat currency, which he sees as imaginary money since it is not backed by precious metals—though these metals themselves were valuable in historic times only because of cultural desire for them. Farrell’s argument is a little more subtle in that he sees an early modern (maybe; the timeline is not clear) gold standard, but one that was manipulated with promissory notes whose total value exceeded that of the bullion, much like the way the total number of Gold Certificate or Silver Certificate U.S. notes exceeded the actual reserves of gold or silver. Why this is an extraterrestrial concern, or why space alien religion was necessary to generate full faith and credit in the royal notes, I cannot imagine. Aliens, as I said, are confusing. According to Farrell, the nefarious purpose was to give gold-hungry bankers control over European money supplies by allowing them to crash economies at will by contracting the money supply whenever rulers fell out of line. We shade here into the old Rothschild-Jewish-banking conspiracy. In fact, Marrs specifically identifies the Rothschilds as the prime movers in the banking conspiracy and later claims them as the direct DNA heirs of the space aliens. And did the alien-Jewish bankers simply not care about whole continents that lacked European-style finances, such as the Americas, Africa, and much of Asia, before European colonization?

Marrs never explains why the Jewish bankers are in league with aliens, or how the aliens are involved in what seems to be an entirely human economic system. Instead, he goes off on a rant about how the P.C. police are trying to make the Civil War all about black people instead of the real cause of the war: Jewish bankers. “The War Between the States was fought more over economics than slavery, despite how modern political correctness aims to convince otherwise,” he said, noting that the heroic Confederate Knights of the Golden Circle were in league with “Nathan Rothschild, who controlled the Bank of England.” He supports this with a spurious quotation from Otto von Bismarck drawn from anti-Semitic literature, specifically the 1926 book Secret World Government by Count Cherep-Spiridovich, who believed that the Jews assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

Jim Marrs, if not actually anti-Semitic and racist himself, is happy to use anti-Semitic and racist works to support his own. He does not actually use the phrase Jewish bankers, but the only bankers he ever discusses are Jews, ancient or modern, going back to the moneychangers at the Temple and running through the Rothschilds.

From here, Marrs enters into paranoid rants about the evils of fiat currency, how Jewish bankers fomented the Russian Revolution, and how the grand plan of the bankers was to create socialist East and a capitalist West. (Again, Africa, Asia, and South America are not important or relevant to the alien-Jewish conspiracy, containing only half the world’s population.) Marrs also credits the same Jewish banking conspiracy with installing Hitler in power to check the spread of communism—the same communism he just asserted that they plotted to install in Russia!

Marrs mistakenly reports that Hitler was “elected” chancellor of Germany in 1933. He was actually appointed chancellor as part of a political compromise. Marrs then claims that Hitler’s “fatal error” was in opposing banking interests by issuing new reichsmarks that weren’t backed by international financial controls. He supports this with another possibly apocryphal quotation, this time from Winston Churchill, who allegedly said “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all…” Not only is the quotation a secondhand memory published in 1950 of something Churchill supposedly said a decade earlier, Marrs goes farther and inserts in brackets the word “economic” before strength, something not in any way implied by Churchill’s supposed comments. Even if this quotation is genuine, on the face of it the line refers to Germany’s historic role as the aggressor upsetting the balance of power on the Continent.

Marrs claims that the banking elite used the Nazis to develop mind control, nuclear weapons, and other control mechanisms for their global power games. He follows standard right wing conspiracy theories in seeing many different forms of evil among the agencies of the American government that supposedly took over Nazi discoveries for nefarious purposes. At no time does he mention anything about aliens; they were here only to lure the innocent into a paranoid web of anti-Semitic fantasies about a global banking elite that secretly controls America.

Citing David Icke (!), Marrs believes that U.S. presidential elections are decided by which candidate has the greatest European royal lineage, and that the Bush family (of course) are the most royal of all. Marrs notes that Barack Obama (whom he cites, as most right wing commentators do, by his full three-part name) must be part of the conspiracy as well because he is the eighth cousin of Dick Cheney and therefore a distant member of the secret alien bloodline of Jewish bankers! And lest you think I am imposing a Jewish reading on what is not Jewish, Marrs explicitly states that all of the royal families are tied together through the special genes of the Jewish Rothschild family, who descend, he says, from the Trojan hero Aeneas and thus from the goddess Venus, a space alien. He cites “sources” (by which he means anti-Semitic literature) which claim that the Rothschilds are descendants of King Nimrod, of Noachian lineage.

As for how this bloodline is perpetuated, you have to hear it in his own words:
While conventional history has concentrated on the male descendants of these bloodlines, through the centuries the bloodline actually has been passed through the mitochondrial DNA of the females. While the passing of the true bloodline has primarily been done through incest and intermarrying, as practiced by most of history’s rulers, an extended network of relations also has been created through concubines, mistresses, slaves, hired help, and even rape.
You know what else is conventionally passed through the female line? Judaism. Coincidence? I bet Jim Marrs doesn’t think so. And by what method does alien-Jewish banking conspiracy activate through mitochondrial DNA? What mechanism does he see that lets mitochondria take over cells and activate gold lust? But seriously: incest and rape to purposely spread mitochondrial DNA? Apparently Marrs has been watching too much Game of Thrones and thinks that the Lannisters are really Jewish space alien. Hmm… They are ultra-wealthy bankers who control the Seven Kingdoms’ finances and secretly placed their incestuous heirs on the Iron Throne… My God, it’s really Rothschild propaganda! Is George R. R. Martin part of the Rothschild-Habsburg-Romanov-Bush-Cheney-Obama family?

Marrs concludes by asserting that the nefarious actions of the bankers are so horrifying that they could not be the result of human action. Instead, he believes that banking and religion—which, I remind you, he believes is a form of social and mind control—both originated from outer space. Bad things happen not because of bad people but because of people in positions of power like illuminati who are possessed by aliens- aka fallen angels and other fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings!

Solution-  spiritual warfare against archons: