God wants you to know that …

yesterday is a thing of the past.

Do not be hard on yourself about things you cannot change. The past is past and it’s time to move on.



Do not be unhappy by what you have not but be happy for what you have and do not be sad about what you have or could been,be happy with now!

Yesterday was a history,Tomorrow is a mistery and today is a gift!









God wants you to know that …

the greatest poverty of all is the absence of love.

Why choose to be poor when love is abundant?











Real and False Dichotomies

In reality,  Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah and Yahshua Messiah  let Luicfer/Satan test humans to stand in dualistic opposition, for they are opposite extrusions of the soul test will they (humans) serve  Satan/Lucifer- Demiurge, one worldly corrupting frendchip with world-enemy of God or the other divine way-fallowing Yahshua messiah as Lord and have life in haven or fallowing Satan in hell,what this day you will choose?!. External duality between lower and higher ego. When one equates these opposites and fails to see their differences, lower can imitate and displace the higher. The lower ego dressing itself in saintly clothing mirrors the Church portraying itself as divine appointees,the thing is that our body is tample and churches are corrupt not teaching Saturday to be the day of rest the sabat day the day or rest which is true one,and  which mirrors the Corrupt Demiurge(Satan) masquerading as the Infinite Creator this is not hard to be done when names of trinity re removed no sin perishing to hell preaching is done repent or perish true gospel tought,and churches are more in rebellion then ever,homosexual marriages are being made,rfid chips implanted,sin tolerated,no hell for dissobediance tought no reent or perish tought no divine names of God revealed,satanic churches get more and more ispecialy with dispensationalist crap that mocks spirit of Gd which makes army or repobrates and this devil´s toy is patriarch religions to do the rebellion are Christianity,Islam,Judaism. It’s elegant because the impostor usurps the throne and thereby prevents return of the rightful king; when the lower has been mistaken for the higher, the return of the higher is rejected for being some kind of foreign intrusion. This is how the true Christ is kept out of Christianity, how intellectual arrogance leads to self-imprisonment through rejection of better ideas, and why the majority of humanity sees Saturnian Matrix values as strength and Spiritual values as weakness,in one eazy exlanation is grace as excuse for sin-which is perversion,because Yahshua did not die on the cross for humanity can sin more,but to be delivered of any bondage of any sin by his Holy Blood sheed at calvary. There has been an inversion between reality and illusion, truth and lies.Truth is that Satan operates all religions and is masking himsepf as man gods in man religions and uses little bit of truth mixed with lies to trap huan souls with shiny religious teachings,any of the religions have good examples from bible teachings given a bit little of any religious teachings with that makes easier to deceive with half truths and truth is that Creator have no religion,it is spirituality the obedience of commandments that Creator wants and then we are when repented,cleansed souritualy awakened reborn again spiritualy then with connection to divine we are with discernment not to be deceived no more,spiritual discernment is one of the spiritual gifts from Most High.

For those who object to dualism, understand that there are real and false dichotomies. Even though a real one exists between the Logos and the Corrupted Demiurge, the latter employs its own set of false dichotomies. Obvious examples of false dichotomies can frustrate people into throwing away dualism altogether, but that blinds them to the real dualities. This mistake is common in the New Age ecumental one world religion luiferian one world order field.

Both real and false dualities exist. Thus at the most basic level we have a true trinity instead of a duality: two false choices and a third transcending them. The transcendent choice is symbolized by Christ, the false ones by the the Adversary-Satan. The latter uses false dichotomies because that is all it can create, and because it works so well on the human psyche.

Through false dichotomies, the Adversary offers seemingly “good” and “bad” choices that end up producing the same outcome. Hence these opposites are not freewill choices themselves. They are illusory traps that, together as one, represent the choice for illusion made as soon as one believes they are valid options-this is why the rchons have so much power is because they use all what they can take the powr of religious rituals of the religions they created and what drives the humanity to be deceived by these religions is that energy that heps them to sustain themselves beause they are cut from the Divine-Most High!

Due to intellect being the seat of lower ego, intellect has a strong affinity and vulnerability to the Corrupt Demiurge. The first is just a microcosmic version of the latter; both are of the same essence and speak the same language. The human intellect has a terrible tendency for binary thinking that allows these false dichotomies to work so successfully. Binary thinking means reacting blindly and mechanically, instead of thinking intelligently and creatively toward paradigm shifting conclusions. It means taking one of two false choices instead of the third transcendent one. It keeps people in opposite corners of the same box. Pretty much all human stupidity traces back to binary thinking. Even the sharpest intellectuals can suffer this flaw, because like the Corrupted Demiurge, the intellect is ungrounded in the greater Reality. It merely builds upon what it blindly accepts as given, like a wind-up robot marching methodically in whatever direction it’s been placed.

It takes some connection to the greater Reality to transcend false opposites. One needs a connection to Spirit of God,that wil then give you intuition and the higher intellect. But humans generally default to binary thinking, a flaw that may have been engineered into the human neural physiology by the Archonic alien progenitors-the fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings who serve the Corrupt Demiurge-Satan. Through binary thinking, blind reactions to one deception become further deceptions, and reactions to those become yet more. To get out of this mess, genuine dualities must be seen as separate and distinct, false dualities as one and the same trap. The inverse is what allows the Adversary’s agenda to propagate.

The Unholy Trinity

Given the obvious problems with organized religion, some turn to satanism, science, or mysticism because these seem like better alternatives. But each can serve the Adversary all the same. Satanism puts the lower ego on a throne, same as organized religion; science is preoccupied with matter to the exclusion of Spirit. And mysticism can inspire false illumination and spiritual imbalance.

These three false alternatives are not random errors, but reflections of the physical, etheric, and astral components of the debased Demiurgic system:

  • The physical component is expressed through materialism, anarchism, hedonism, transhumanism, socialism, and nihilism. This matter-centric force is at the root of the Demiurge’s corruption. It ultimately leads to disintegration, entropy, and spiritual death because those are the properties of matter. The demonic agents the Asuras…. their momentum is to extinguish consciousness, freewill, and spirit, and replace it with pure machine-like materialism. The impending alien deception, with its goal of genetic and cybernetic assimilation of the human race, represents this impulse.
  • The etheric component is expressed through organized religion, ritualism, intellectualism, satanism, conservatism, bureaucracy, corporatism, racism, ecclesiasticism, and theocracy. This follows from etheric energy’s affinity for patterning and repetition. This component is associated with intellectual abstractions, formulas, preoccupation with laws, blind obedience within hierarchies, self-preservation, preservation of the past, plant-like expansionism, maintaining the status quo to the point of atrophy, and exploitation and discrimination against foreign patterns.
  • The astral component is expressed in New Age Mysticism, Nazi occultism, black magic and voodoo,Satanic sexual perversion orgy anarchism, Luciferianism, Christian Revivalism, and entheogenic escapism. This follows from the astral flitting about in delusional reveries when not held in check by Spirit. What these expressions have in common is that they seek to rebel against current conditions and escape enthusiastically into another, being lead astray in the process. It is the force of transcendence without restraint, like a rocket without a guidance system, bound for false destinations in the land of fools. For instance, this may entail escaping the dead world of matter or the restrictive world of ether, and getting lost in some metaphysical rapture. Or it may entail the opposite, falling from the divine realms into the world of matter out of misguided desires for physical existence. These are the heads of the hydra, the triple aspects of the Matrix Control System, that bubble of illusion isolated from greater Creation. One devolves, one atrophies, and one leads astray. False dichotomies that afflict humanity are various permutations of this unholy trinity set in opposition against each other.

The Holy Trinity

Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahshua..

When one is filled with the genuine Holy Spirit- Mother Goddess Shekinah, and not Luciferic counterfeit that only induces hysteria, one is filled with the impulse of the Logos. This means one becomes Christ-like, in the sense of being repurposed toward the correction of the timeline. This infusion of Logoic energy activates the higher intellect and reorients the astral body to the divine impulse of spiritual love and the best of all possible futures. Throughthis spiritual awakenings which is also called you become born again-not reincarnation which is a lie,but born again is meaning of spiritual awakening that happened you then also receive divine revelation, wisdom, and love, one becomes a willing agent of the Universal self-correction mechanism. That is the true meaning of baptism, not the Ahrimanic ritual done in Churches, but the pouring of Logoic energy from above. In Parzival, the Grail could not be perceived without baptism.

The two trinities are represented by upright and inverted triangles. The central emblem of Israel, the Seal of Solomon / Star of David, depicts these forces locked in struggle.


Demiurgic technology acted as a powerful fulcrum throughout history, shifting the balance according to its use and misuse. Misuse drew negative forces deeper into our world, affording them stronger deviations of the timeline. In turn, this error called for equal and opposite intervention by positive forces. The conflict between positive and negative manifests at all levels. It is part of a cosmic battle being waged within us, outside us, across space, across dimensions, and across time.

Lucifer/Satan is Prime Creator of The Galactic Federation Of Light and all The Biological Beings Therein.Lucifer Manipulates Human and Animal DNA from the True Creations of   Father God Yahweh  and Mother Goddess Shekinah during Abductions performed all over the world,to Create His Third Dimensional Species of the Universe that You will get to See on First Contact.Lucifers Hybrid Humanoid Creations do not have Souls all of them.Only the Humans Created by God.Lucifer and His Angels Roam the infinite Realms of the Fourth Dimension.His Main Purpose is to discredit YAHUSHUA as our God and Creator.Lucifer teaches mankind the distorted knowledge of the Heavens and the awareness of Self Exaltation.He will set up His Kingdom on this Earth and Help the Governments of this World bring Humanity Together into a New World Order.


There are connections found between the fallen angels,the pagan gods,because they are one and the same,New Age Luciferian Alien agenda Satanic New World Order they bare.We can safely determined that the origins of the New World Order are Satanic to the core,given down to us in a pyramid like manner by these fallen angels;in order to create an evil empire that will be ran by them upon their return on earth.The head of the movement,No other than Satan himself.He will appear first peacfully to decive,yes Marduk and Lucifer with their Reptilian Draco Nordic Blonde fallen angels from Orion Galactic Federation will arrive and Satan will pose as ascended master. “They Shall Mingle Themselve’s With The Seed Of Men.Daniel 2:43”


Seraphim,Cherubim & Ezekiel’s Wheels


Alien hybrids,Nephilim & the Days of Noah


Do not rejoice O Philistia,all of you,for the rod of your striking is broken, because a viper comes forth from the root of the snake (Satan) and his fruit is the fiery flying seraph.Isaiah 1429


fallen watcher angels’TYPE 2′ aliensgrays,


from the days of Jared,led by Semyaza,199in number,their 70 generations long punishment told of in 2 Peter 24;Jude 6;1Enoch is now over]Genesis 61Enoch


[not all watchers are fallen.There are multitudes of Heavenly Watchers still]


original fallen archons & other angels


‘TYPE 3’aliens-lucifer,lightbeings,pleiadians,Andromedans,Arcturians,Ashtar command galactic federation of light [gfol][commander ashtar is the Biblical Ishtar-Ashtaroth-Astarte-all of them have names of pagan gods Thor,Dagon,Athena etc]


Isaiah24:21 Ephesians6:12


Nephilim giants titans,ruled before the flood,offspring of the fallen watchers and human women New broodof nephilim,created during alien abduction=Nordics giant hybrids,part of the 4th reich ubermensch,they will work with gfol Genesis 6,Daniel 2:43


Zeta raticuli grey aiens another ‘type 2’ alien[along with the grays]-armies of satan[ luciferic draconian reptilians,illuminati bloodlines,blue-skinned agarthans]1 John 312Genesis 315


Orbs-interdimensional demonsdisembodied nephilim spirits [hence,can manifest and vanish instantaneously]these balls of light pretend to becraftsin formation doing the physically impossible


Project Bluebeam holographic system[part of HAARP]will be used to help create the strong delusion and cause much chaos and confusion. ‘The big space-show in the sky’


Father God Yahweh  and Mother Goddess Shekinah  and  Lord Yahshuas’s Army of Holy Angelic Warriors will be described as ‘TYPE 4’ ‘aliens’ by the others,Types 2 & 3 along with the kings of the Earth (illuminati)will unite to fight type 4 – the KING OF KINGS YAHUSHUA & His Supernatural Troops of Holy Angelic Warriors!


Objects described as ‘Alien Craft’ are


Merkabahs-Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah´s Interdimensional vehicles of light [Ezekiel 1 Psalm 6817  2 kings 211]


Lightships-interdimensional vehicles of the watchers and gfol [Revelation 127]


Vimanas-antigravity vehicles under human,nephilim,naga control [commonly referred to as UFOs andor Flying Saucers][Zechariah 56]


Vailixi-super-fast advanced cylinder shaped vimanas [commonly called cigar-shaped UFOs] [Zechariah 52]


Luminaries – what you have been told are stars & planets[1 Enoch] [The coming war]Then war broke out in heaven.Michael and his angels fought against the dragon,and the dragon and his angels fought back.But he was not strong enough and they lost their place in heaven.The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil,the Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth,and his angels with himRevelation 127-9(world war3&cosmic war3)(in the time of esoteric agenda known as new world order or age of aquarius!”For I am persuaded that neither death,nor life,nor angels,nor principalities,nor powers,nor things present,nor things to come,Nor height,nor depth,nor any other creature,shall be able to separate us from the love of God,which is in messiah Yahshua our Lord Romans 838-39”