These ‘fallen angels’ who re called pleiadians are actually ancient Aryans and were not kicked out of heaven/Asgard because they rebelled against   Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah on earth,there Satan/Lucifer to the group of these aryan angelic race tempted them to get mixed with lemurian pristhood group of girls who bare giant nephilim hybrids,their leader Semyaza was aware if they reveal clasified information and have sex with them that they will be under a judement of Almighty Creator. These angels were a group of Aryans (brothers/family-group of 200 incubuses,later in sodom and gomora came both male(incubus) and female(succubus)-(these for the first time tought cabalistic mysticism for the first time))this third merged with the second group of the rebels who were lead by Semyaza and Azazel.Archangel Michael told Elohim(God) about Swmyaza and Azazel who were sent with Semyaza and his group who left heaven to settle the earth and at the time were giving classified info to people and mixed with them and made a lot of chaos,but they supposed to watch over and guard people,but they formed their own plans and  rebelled and made hybrid mixed life forms,as these hybrid giants became monstrously mad. They settled the earth and created the different hybrid races and and chimera type animals,these animals from different materials of earth also, which were NOT all created the same or created equal,or by true Creator,but by rebel angels.
To make a long story short, the rebellion happened here on earth and events such as mentioned in the Book of Enoch are true(book before old testament of the holy bible)apocryphal book.They are called “fallen” because they became corrupt and rebelled against the Father God  Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,and were forbidden to return to highest heaven,they were beeing locked for some time in 5th dimension.God almighty is eternal Spirit, consciousness which is  SOURCE of all life,and who destroyed all hybrid abomanations from earth like giant hybrids and chimeras which all ancient Aryans(fallen angels under command of fallen archangel Semyaza) have created and was furthermore blown into and only first in atlantis and lemuria.
This event of The hybridisation started the cosmic or Spiritual war between these angels or ancient Aryans of Semyaza and the first one third of Satan´s fallen angels,yup they were enemies the 2 groups of fallen ones were enemies fallen angels and other fallen ceestial beings. A group of these Aryans hated that newly created hybrids who satan´s elite made more perfected then the fallen watchers themselves to pollute once again blood of humans to prevent birth of Yahshua messiah,this is why Joshua killed palestinians who were hybrid race at that time again alive,because satan once again tried to destroy original blood of humans to stop messiah´s birth.

So, now there are two in-fighting groups of fallen angels and other celestial beings and   and they began to war against one another over the event in which they no longer fought soon they moved to different directions. The war is still going on but on smaller scale and it seems the corrupt Aryans who are still here by the way (The Kehiilah) are winning for the time being more for their judement also.
These corrupt Kehillah Aryans have done countless things to destroy humanity also, such as give us false gods(themselves) and religions, destroy or with hold knowledge and truth, destroy nature, poison air, water, food etc etc with chem-trails, vaccines, GMO, chemicals etc etc. to destroy the genetics/DNA of us remaining few humans with propaganda and wars.This is insectilian andromedan group third group that later after global flood fallen in Sodom and Gomora.This first group is working with andromeda council with Ashtar command so first and third group are working together,and second group is separate,they will fight against vatican which is Satan´s playground and will not fight third group,for short time as babylon falls as it is said in the bible in book of revelations that means that they will then shortly awaiting judement in same time as Satan/Lucifer and his group.
This is why they are encouraged though propagandized multi-cultural Marxism to race mix with other races and mixed race false jews who are askenazi khazar zionists,they are called Vril supremacists and nazi’s, haters, bigots etc etc