The only sin is lack of love like where the bible says Creator cannot exist where there is sin,this only translates love cannot exist where there is fear. Sin is actually just the opposite of love which is truth. Father Yahweh Mother Shekinah´s  son had defeated Lucifer the duality master in world full of discrimination like race wars and other nonsance like that. Lucifer put illusionof what is creation in his spell when adam and eve sined as he gain right he cast a spell that will give power to illusion that is called  life and death and rebirth being inherent in all beings regardless of perfect Creation Creator created,Lucifer/Satan, he couldn’t see and thought this and was lieing to keep control of the planet. So lucifer convinced a third of heaven to come with him, so the son had no choice but to shut our universe off from the rest of heaven like a spiritual breaker box for our own protection because on higher 4th and lower 5th dimension fallen ones were,then this was perfect that they cast sleep spell to feed of us,the fallen celestial beings,so then because even lucifer had free will he wasn’t aloud to stop it. That is why we suffer here not because of God´s punishment,God gave arning what is charm of Lucifer,as humans sined, it is our own creation of illusion that we gave right to be created by Lucifer, and Father Yahweh Mother Shekinah´s  son is taking his time in hopes thatas much as posible that many humans will ask to be forgiven,and start to see at least a little illusion as muh as they can!!