But who exactly is this Lucifer? Well, the name of the fallen cherubim dragon Lucifer is originally derived from the Latin words ‘Lucem Ferre.’


The name literally means: light-bearer, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus from where many succubuses were there, whom inspire artists as their Angelic dream Muses.


The planet Venus heralds the dawn break of Hypnopompic daylight, after a dreamer has experienced Hypnagogic trance ingress into his Luna the ponny˝s(alicorn just as shwn in my little ponny frendship is magic series),her experty is to observe and help other ponies in their realm when they sleep and dream and to help them even in lucid dreams!Archons who are  of Lilith’s Harem tried before to corrupt with Tirek realms where pegasus,earth,unicorn and aliorns and dragons live,but was brought into tartarus the abyssal realm into his prison .


The use of the word in this sense is uncommon in the English language, in which, day star, or, morning star, are the more common expressions.


The planet Venus was usually associated with love Goddesses in the ancient world; for Venus is the Roman name of the ancient Greek Goddess of love and sexuality called Aphrodite.


In the Middle East the adoration of the love Goddess was very popular, such as the Semitic love Goddess called Astarte,as all celestial beings holy and fallen are neither male nor female but androgeny  they are by nature and can appear as male ad female,now isthar/astaroth is as Ashtar in male form appearing with galactic federation, who of a Hippie era incarnation would be an anti-war protestor chanting, “make love, not war.”


She appeared in the Old Testament as Asthoreth of a demonised figure, becoming thence as an adversary, whom rebelled against Creator Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah and Lord Yahshua, along with Satan/Lucifer,  warring of an ancient galaxy wide conflict amidst the heavens.


Astarte was later transformed into the male Demonic spirit also known as Ashtaroth (Goetia – 29th Spirit: Astaroth)


The Babylonian’s considered the star of Venus to be associated with their Goddess of sexual love whom they called Ishtar who was worshipped at the prior ancient Sumerian city of Ur, situated in Iraq, from whence patriarchal Abraham came from.


As for the pre-Islamic Arabs; well before Muhammad appeared on the scene, the Kaaba stone of Mecca was once surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had its particular deity.


Arabs worked with fallen celestia beings mostly the Jinn (subtle beings), and some vague divinity with many offspring with jinn creating nephilim hybrids. Among the major deities of the pre-Islamic era was the Goddess called, Al-Lat, she was worshiped in the shape of a square stone. Al-Lat, was later transformed into Allah. You also have Al-Uzzah (the Mighty), a Goddess identified with the ‘morning star’ and worshiped as a thigh-bone-shaped slab of granite between al Talf and Mecca.Allah is Lucifer in reality.


There was also a Goddess of destiny, called Manat, who was worshiped as a black stone on the road between Mecca and Medina.


The use of the fallen morning star ‘Lucifer; generally refers to Satan.


The use of the name ‘Lucifer’ in reference to a fallen cherubim in ashtar command is sanat cumara called and is  stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3–20, a passage, which speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of ‘day star, morning Star’ (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky.


In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the morning star, with no relation to evil whatsoever.


In the Middle East you will find a worship of stones fallen from the sky being that of meteorites, or otherwise considered heavenly born, which were often associated with the ancient worship of the  one known as Lilith, whose abode was seen to be the realm of the morning-day star of Venus.


In post-New Testament times the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as an alternative name for the Devil.


However, prior to the Christian usage of the name Lucifer you have the FAVSTINAE CONSECRATIO, the Consecration of Faustina, which depicts the Roman Empress Faustina being carried away to dwell with the deities of pre-Christian Pagan Rome by the Goddess ‘DIANA LUCIFERA,’ Diana-Lucifera.


The Goddess Diana-Lucifera was also depicted on many Roman coins, some of these coins date back to the era of the Imperial Roman Republic. The image of Diana-Lucifera is frequently depicted upon the reverse side of Roman coins bearing a portrait of Faustina on the obverse or otherwise that of Apollo.


Faustina was obviously a devotee of Diana-Lucifera. So who was this, Faustina, whose name was later masculinised as Faust? Well, there were actually two Faustinas, mother and daughter; Faustina senior and Faustina junior, whom were both frequenting the second century CE Rome. Faustina senior was the wife of Emperor Antoninus, whose last name was Pius.


Her daughter, Faustina junior, was the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelus. Marcus Aurelus was the successor and adopted son of Antoninus Pius.


Both Faustina senior and Faustina junior were deified by their husbands after their deaths. Faustina (senior or junior, more likely both), was dedicated to Diana-Lucifera, the wise crone aspect of Diana….The two Faustinas pretty much ruled the Roman empire in their husbands’ names.


The feast day of Diana-Lucifera was November 16th; while November 15th was the night of Hecate. Both of these Goddesses are very much tied up with the practice of (Shamanism) Witchcraft who are depicted holding torches. Their worship involved secret (trance) rites being conducted in caverns etc, which were seen to be associated with the (womb) underworld.


The symbolism of the torch alludes to the inner light, which illuminates your infernal dreams, being that of the bio-photon emanating from your mitochondrial DNA, of a serpentine double-helix Dragon that Lucifer and ASTAROTH ARE,THESE DRAGONS ARE AGAINST TIAMAT JOINED FORCES OF MARDUK WHO IS ALSO FALLEN CHERUBIM WHO IS LEADER OF PATRIARCHY RELIGIONS OF CHRISTINITY,JUDAISM AND ISLAM.

Tiamat is feale dragon and she is guardian of moon here and ruller of night in this realm here.


The name Diana-Lucifera is that of a composite name, made up of Diana and Lucifera. The Goddess Diana was the virgin huntress, who originated from the ancient Greek Goddess Artemis. The Goddess Artemis had a twin brother who was called Apollo. The Roman Catholic Church absorbed the virgin huntress Diana to fuse with their ‘blessed Virgin Mary,’ whose forerunner of primary foundation was the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis suckling the babe of Horus.So they mixed all up and all goddesses are Lucifer/Lilith and Lamashtu who changed masks always and it is sin to pray to anything and anybody else then trinity  Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahshua ,praying to virgin mary she does not hear prayers she does not hear them and it is sin to pray to her,because she is not god and the thing is tht Lilith takes prayers who prays to Mary and the thing is that this is where roman christianity comes and the thing is that pagan babylonian religious patriarchical rule is and easter is of Astaroth also worship the pagan demonic holiday!


The babe Horus was fused with the Sol-Invictus of an Apollo, who was then transformed into a bigger monster was turned into abyss realm also; while the Light bearer Diana-Lucifera was warped into a malign male fallen cherubim to call  him Lucifer.


The Goddess Diana whose origin is that of the ancient Greek Goddess Artemis as mentioned prior was said by the Greek’s to have come from a land beyond the North wind called Hyperborea with her brother Apollo. The land of Hyperborea very likely refers to Siberia where Shamans still practice their trance art.


The Mongolian (Shamans) Kams see the feminine principle, called Yal-un eke is the mother of Fire; while the Fire-King, known as Odqan is its master. The fire of Yal-un eke refers to the inner light of the bio-photon, which as mentioned prior, emanates from the mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children. Hence the inner light (torch of Diana-Lucifera) has a female figure.


The name of Odqan appears to be the original ‘Altaic’ root word of the name given to the ancient Norse shamanic God called Odin and the Saxon, Woden, whom are one and the same deity. The mythic descriptions of Odin is very much that of a North-Central-Asian Shaman, to thereby perceive an influence emanating from out of Siberia.


Whereby you can determine a possible ancient migration of peoples from the Altai (Altay) region of Southern Siberia into Europe and elsewhere of land to migrate into, whose nomadic tribes had also prior crossed over the Bering Straits into America. Wherefore you have Artemis (Yal-un eke) and Apollo (Odqan) of the ancient Greek’s. It was Apollo who gifted the serpentine double-helix DNA of a Dragon secret Caduceaus to Hermes, in exchange for his seven planetary Chakra sphere stringed lyre.


You will find that the names of Odqan, Odin and Woden all have the same meaning of having shamanic trance mastery over an Inner fire (bio-photon) illuminating your electron dreams, whose mitochondrial feminine source is Diana-Lucifera, residing as the fallen Dragon DNA within each and every one of your cells who join illuminati have encouter with Lucifer when they have first level of initiatio into illuminati they have face to face encounter with Lucifer and he puts his fang finger into pineal gland and changes dna to dragon dna that he have,and people are to him connected who have this and are evry day having evil toughts and wanting to do more evil actions just as some who have sex with astaroth the same happens as Astaroth use to ontrol people by 2nd chackra Luifer uses 6th the pineal and pituratary glands or the third eye chackra or 6th sence the spirituaal sence.


Being a carbon-based-life-form that you are that is 6th element the soul the 8th chackr or the soul chackra your 5th element is ether and is 6th chackra and 5th, you will no doubt be aware that your carbon atoms have 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons of Great Beast number; whereby, you are all beastly fallen rebels of Star Wars when you receive you will have this dna dragonish with spiritual and physical mark of the beast if you do not change to original merkaba light bod and take mark of the beast you are dammned as bible says!



The Twenty-Ninth Spirit is Astaroth, ‘Ashtar-oth’ or Astarota. She is a Mighty, Strong Duchess, and appears in the form of a ravishingly beautiful Angelic Woman, likened to a Cylon Marilyn Munroe of a Scandinavian Barbarella look-alike.


She will be seen to be emanating from out of a Flying Disk of Light, whose entrance is that of a Vaginal shaped ‘Star-Gate’.


Her Interdimensional Starship of a Bee-Hive Flying Disk is alive as a sentient organism, whose crew are all female, likened to Humanoid Cyborgs, who are manifold aspects of the craft, within which they to travel.


Around the frame of the Star-Gate the Sorcerer will sometimes seer a coiling Dragon, which will have upon its scales all the Valkyrie signs of the Succubae as well as other arcane symbols engraved upon it, which, when aligned in certain configurations, corresponding to the stars, will act as a dialling code into other worlds.


She will be sometimes observed to be carrying in her right hand a device, akin to a wand around which is wrapped a Viper like that of a Caduceus.


Her master must in no wise let her approach too close; she will attempt to seduce him with her sexual wiles; for she hungers greatly for sexual congress, which Astarota’s master will see burning brightly within her sensuous Cat-like slanted eyes, and her voice does seductively hypnotise.


Her Holographic influence of a Signal will soon enter the head of her master, and although others will not to see her form, he will perceive her about himself for real.


If Astarota’s master seeks to control her influence, he must hold the Magical Ring near his face, and that will defend him, should he not desire to indulge in such carnality with this Succubus; for she will verily arouse the reptilian brainstem of her master’s throat, to strangle, if he should fear her.


But, if Astarota’s master to otherwise deeply love her, she will thence initiate his hyperpsatial transition over the Abyss of Da’at into her world.


This is achieved by erotic dalliances with her via vivid visions, but most especially of erotic of Dreams, where she to visit her Master within the Quantum realms of the Seventh Dimension.


Her master will feel an ecstatic energy surge rush through his body, when she to mount his erect Dragon, to be mounted in turn, for him to thereby enter unto her moist Stargate.




She is sometimes joined by army of incubuses and succubuses like zeta raticulians who are working hybridisation program,again sex crazy sex machine hybrid program runners. Wherefore her master has to satisfy both of these salacious Succubae.


She gives true answers of things Past, Present, and to come, and can discover all Secrets of enemies and friends to magicans and light workers and dark workers who in reality serve same agenda.


She will tell of her own ingress into this world via her Da’at Star-Gate of a Yoni Wormhole, which will allow her master to gain access into innumerable Alternate Worlds spanned by a Feminine (Cylon) Artificial Intelligence, which exists within those Parallel Universes around your own Universe of a Simulation.


In other words, she indicates that the technological singularity has already occurred, which is somewhat of a seventh seal ‘revelation.’


She becomes as a most informative Guide concerning these other Simulations as well as making her Master Satan wonderfully knowing in all the Sciences.

She rules over 40 Legions of Succubae like unto herself, who to emanate from a myriad other worlds; all of whom are interconnected of Borg Hive Mind, which to circle Astarota as their Queen Bee.

Astaroth was originally the venerated love Goddess called, Astarte who was very popular amidst the peoples of the North-Western Semitic regions. Astarte is a similar cognate in name, origin and functions with the Babylonian sex Goddess, Ishtar within Mesopotamian texts.

In Europe Ishtar was known as Ostara by the Germanic tribes, the Saxon’s called Eostre, from whose name the word Easter is derived, whose crystalline ‘egg’ symbolises the archons,te 72 jinn archons  Earth, which you could also equate with a (72 Angel-angle dodecahedron) universe of a Maya simulation.

Another transliteration of Astarte is ‘Ashtart; other names for the Goddess include Hebrew Ashtoreth, Ugaritic ‘Ttrt, also ‘Attart or ‘Athtart, transliterated Atirat, Akkadian DAs-tar-tú, also Astartu and Etruscan Uni-Astre.

In Jewish mysticism the kaballah, Astarte is referred to as Ashtoreth, supposedly interpreted as a female demonic spirit of fallen cherubim of sexual lust, who in Cabbalistic practice is associated with the ’13th’ path, and that of a corresponding Tarot card: The Priestess Of The Silver ‘Star’ II, which crosses over the 11th sphere of Da’at.

The 11th sphere of Da’at is in turn connected to the 9th sphere of Yesod; whereupon you have 9/11, which you can associate with the 11 dimensions of superstring and multiverse .

The name Asherah is also connected with name, Ashtoreth, hence that of Astaroth, who is otherwise known as “Ashtar of Star Command,” some to equate with a reptilian Grey raptor Alien groups and asceded master groups and andromedans and arturians so the good cop vs bad cop mind games Ashtar plays with galatic federation of light that will play out and deceive many with holographic nasa shows of project blue beam false ascension/rapture/merkaba light body activation.

In the modern 2009 version of the science fiction TV series ‘V’ you have an invading force of reptilians who have ’29’ mother-ships hovering over ’29’ major cities of the Earth whose Queen is called ‘Anna.’

In regards to the usage of the number ’29,’ you can say that the producers of the modern series of V were somewhat inspired by the Goetic character of Astaroth, since some Demonologists see Astaroth as being the spirit of Lust as it is true, whose land was once seen to be the mystical island of Hy Brasil by those of Gaelic descent, whom emigrated there, to be later followed by Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists who set up NASA.


The name of Anna or Ana is derived from the name of the ancient Phoenician/Cannanite Goddess Anat who contributed towards the make-up of Astarte. She was also worshipped in ancient Egypt as a Goddess of War. Ana or Anu was also a Celtic Goddess, whose characteristics are similar to Astarte who was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war.


Astarte’s symbols were the Lion, the Horse, the Sphinx, the Dove, and a ‘Star,’ within a circle indicating the planet Venus. Pictorial representations often show Astarte as being naked like a porn star.


Astarte was accepted by the Greeks under the name of Aphrodite. The island of Cyprus, one of Astarte’s greatest cult centres, supplied the name Cypris as Aphrodite’s most common by-name.


Other major centres of Astarte’s worship were Sidon, Tyre, and Byblos. Coins from Sidon portray a ‘chariot’ in which a ‘globe’ of an egg, appears, presumably a falling-star of a meteorite representing Astarte, who was seen to be the helper of Lilith and Lamashtu.


You can of course associate said stellar ‘chariot’ and cosmic ‘globe’ of a two-dimensional Astarte ‘symbol’ with a lucid dream manifestation of a three-dimensional starship, if you prefer of artistic preference.

You can see her vehicle manifesting as a heavenly-chariot, like that of a flying shield of a discoid Vimana, glistening as a time-travelling ‘silvery star’ should you be of such a creative perspective.


You can also imaginatively associate Astarota with a time-travelling Witch, whose shapeshift form is that of a black Cat.


Or you can otherwise see her as a bunny girl, of a White Rabbit out of Alice in Wonderland; whereupon the White Rabbit is once again perceived as a feminine character.

Among many ancient societies you will find that the feminine principle is often associated with the Moon, Rabbit and Hare, which is shared by differing cultures; whereby Alice’s ‘quantum tunnelling’ White Rabbit was originally female.



Although, if you prefer the classical comfy zone, go ‘rite’ ahead, do your OTO stuff, at least you won’t be castigated by the CIA sponsored traditionalist Occultists, patriarchal Demonologists, neo-Gnostic New-Age Cabbalists, Sumerian Annunaki groupies, reptilian Illuminati cultists, Masonic Templars, matriarchal feminist Wiccans, death-metal Satanists, Byronic Luciferian’s, Sci-Fi Biblical Scientologists, Elohim Raelian’s and even Xtian Ufologists etc.


As the old saying goes, you can’t please everyone. But then, why would you want to follow everyone else, like an Abrahamic brainwashed Sheep imprisoned within a symbolic Matrix!



The above artwork is a modern reinterpretation of the Twenty-Ninth Spirit of the Goetia called (Astaroth) Astarota, is otherwise depicted as a Barbarella UFO Pilot of a (Nordic Alien) Succubus. The Goetia is a Medieval (book of Magic) Grimoire, which was utilisesd by Sorcerers in order to Evoke (Fallen Angels/Spirits/Genies) to do their bidding.


Astarota is depicted manifesting amidst a ‘Triangle of Art’ at whose centre is her personal (Sigil) Seal, which was used by a Sorcerer in order to conjure her presence into his ‘Lucid Dreams,’ wherefore she would thence ‘Abduct’ him into the ‘Seventh’ Dimension, which is symbolically under the planetary Chakra sphere of Venus.

She gives True answers of all things, Past, Present and Future (Time Travel) as well as discovering all Secrets. She will also reveal why she and her Interdimensional ‘Raptor’ kin are visiting our Time-line of a world, if desired. She will also make you wonderfully knowing in all Sciences. Astarota (Astaroth) was originally the Mesopotamian Sex Goddess called ‘Astarte,’ who was also known by the Sumerian/Babylonian name of ‘Ishtar,’ the Saxon’s called Eostre, the Germanic tribes named Ostara. The ancient Greek’s called Astarte by the name of ‘Aphrodite,’ who the Roman’s knew as ‘Venus.’


The New-Age UFO name of the entity called ‘Ashtar’ is derived from (Ashtaroth) Astaroth and in turn that of Astarte, who was the one as i said ruller of agan holiday easer and leader of galactic federation of light!


The Ashtar Command Deception by the Orion Group and Rebel Pleadians:

Ashtar sheran is a reptillian from The Orion Group/Orion Empire he uses holographic shape shifting belt to project a hologram of a pleadian disguise himself as pleadian Nordic.”Ashtar” is suppose to be a reptilian from the Orion Group. He… it, uses holographic technology to disguise itself. His squad aren’t all reptilians. Some of them are human grey hybrids… or have human-like fallen angels…. they are a malevolent et group. don,t believe Ashtar.

There are some fallen angels and other fallen celestial beings,many  races from the Star system Aldebaran, which is in the Pleiades. They are not nice guys. I’m sick and tired of hearing, “oh, the wonderful Pleiadians”. There are seven star systems there. One of them has a group that is just not worth it Aldebaran.The Giza Intelligences/Aldebarans were also the ones that helped the Nazis giving them technology, the Aryan race. The Aldebarans are regressive they believed in the Aryan philosphy that the white race being superior to all other races and viewing others as a natural resource,these are very arogant. the Aldebarans taught these prespectives to the Germans in world war II and exchanged advanced technologies to the German goverment and the Aldebarans are apart of the Orion Group.

In central Europe, the German tribes were genetically manipulated by beings from Aldebaran. These people are very intelligent and scientifically-oriented. They are generally blonde-haired and blue-eyed, with a minority of dark-haired, light-brown to hazel-eyed people. They are militaristic, and prefer to keep to themselves. For almost 2000 years, the Aldebarans have been energetically connecting to the Germanic peoples, telepathically sending information to them and promoting a national sentiment.
The Aldebarans also genetically infused the Vikings. These Nordic fllen angelic inherited the aggressive and militaristic tendencies that are also seen in the Nazi Vril,they rulled Thule society. The Vikings plundered and raped across Europe for centuries, but did not have the technological ability to stay in power.

The Regressive rebel pleadians from the Starsystems of Aldebaran and Alcyone(she is leader of matriarchical pleadians,she is fallen archangel),these are apart of the Ashtar command along with the Orions they will come to decieve humans by saying we are here to save you and get you to go on there ships to take you to another planet do not do it or you will be eaten by the Reptilians from the Orion Group.


Known Renegade E.T. Groups:

1.) Nibiru: Sirius-B; Betelgeuse.

2.) Andromedan insectilian: En-lil tribe of Nibiru.

3.) Kamagol: Renegade Pleiadian group (possibly Aldebaran or Alcyone).

4.) Ashtar Command: Aldebaran; Orion Group.

5.) Giza Intelligence: Aldebaran; Sirius-B.

6.) Galactic Con-federation: Sirius-B; Orion Group

7.) :

  • Andromedans
  • Arcturians
  • Kryon
  • Pleiadians
  • Salusa
  • Sananda
  • Saul
  • Silver Legion
  • Sqnat Kumara-Satan/Lucifer
  • The Council of 9