The contemporary abduction happens with grey alien race of fallen angels for hybridisation progress s these hybrids are the part of the elite that satan prepares for his good cop vs bad cop alien mind game to  deceive new age lightworkers and dark workers with duality game wars that feed the fallen celestial beings of all types and races who are parasitic in nature who farm humans in many ways, which has been neatly circumscribed to the abductee medical exams, Grey aliens and the hybrid breeding program.Now as there is the quarantine for thse who are karmicly beyond redemption repobrate damned humans and fallen angelic and other fallen celestial beings they can not get up to uper dimensions spheres,realms and havens and higher vibrtional planets,they use and control humans with suffering and fear and deception thrue things like:

alien control system

they possess people who are leading organisations who run the world they are illuinati,zionizm,nazi vril,luciferiaism,Nesara,Cult of Saturn!these are the very core of the demiurgic system run  how these apparitions/holograms may be alien in nature.As i said in my blog before Lucifer/Satan and Marduk they are not the demiurges as i said completly but use this artificial organism who they made fall as humans fallen making duality of good and evil by eatig from the tree of knowlage of good and evil therefore falling under quarantine and spell of the archon Lord Lucifer who gained control of demiurge organism who is like a parasite now and this is how this limits 6th sence the spirituality of humans and brings enslavement thrue suffering and ignorace and guity pleasure with sinning and all this allowing the dark forces to rule till the end of linear time that demiurgic machine organism who is designed for divine will to fasnion cphsyical realm,the thing is as it fallen there is Lilith,Astaroth,Lucifer,Marduk and Leviathan who rulled demiurgic platform therefore having title of the parsitic organism that demiurge became,they are the most of the fallen celestial beings who used the artificial parasitic automatonic organism known as demiurge!

Although his research includes those aspects of the abduction scenario,  emphasis on the aliensʼ entrapment and hijacking of the human soul as a “battery”, is what is the most important reason for the aliens interference with humanity. It is all about our souls.

(ELOHIM Father God Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah,Lord Yahshua revealed to me is: Note: The alien agenda is karmic planetary warfare they warn threue movies and series on scifi channel and many more about their plans for therefore scifi and horror movies of alien and zombie invasion is what realy show to be what is going to hapen and the thing is that in the bible there is warning about that:”Luke 21:26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”


“Isaiah 5:30
In that day they will roar over it like the roaring of the sea. And if one looks at the land, there is only darkness and distress; even the sun will be darkened by clouds.”

“Luke 21:25
“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.”

The weather mentioned is terraforming earth with chetrails to create grey hybrid clouds whch are polluting earth-GIA from ascension,but she will evolve and ascend and the thing is then will those who are ready have their light body merkabas activated the glorified bodies and the thing is then will come judement of the Most High Elohim!

The thing is that these aliens all that will be terraforming will face judement on this planet and they give thrue hollywood and other studios warnings as i said planetary karmic warfare the humans who take seriously the warnig will make archns pay with more judement,those who take not seriously and view as entertainment will be judged and they will have archons and other dark forces pay less and these humans wil be even judged by these aliens will be abducted and that will be also part of Creators judement!

The aliens methods, their motives for interfering with us, and how they parasite themselves within the human mind-spirit. This is similar to what many shamans and spirit release practitioners  call “attached entities”. In yet other terms this spirit attachment is also known as demonic oppression, partial possession or total possession, depending on the severity of the case. I concur that the demonic possession theory is a bit simplistic when viewing alien activities, although its study is quite useful and should be reviewed by more sincere researchers in the UFO/ET field.

In a nutshell, the problem of alien interferences, which races are responsible for these interferences, and analyzes the many levels of alien interference. Some levels are obviously physical and others are more internal, such as affecting the energy body of the person.Now between different aliens and between aliens and groups who work for the New World Order agenda. Most importantly, the techniques used to subjugate the abductee, used by both aliens and the military humans who are colluding with them to achieve their own goals.  interference:

Level 1: Physical surgical operations on the abductee, such as invasive medical procedures, implants.

Level 2: Alien memories implanted into the brain of the abductee.

This aspect concerns the aliens desire for immortality, by living within and through us.Here, many symptoms of the alien abductees were such that they felt, “not of this world” or recalled other lives as an alien.This eads into more deception craps like what is biggest lie eer like reincarnation,which is a big fat lie for humans are never reincarnated and never will!!This of course calls into question a new or abridged definition of reincarnation.

Level 3: Copying of the Abductee

Two basic types of aliens predominated in the control system and work with cloning like Tia Teqila is coned and from her original body the clone is using her energy and clone as the original one have fallen angelic entities that rule them,these of cloning are mostly the locust/mantis or serpent/reptilian forms type of aliens-fallen celestial beings. The reason according to them is that the human DNA is  to make compatible to the reptilian DNA and our brain to be larger, and able to carry more information. They designed hybrids with their sexual machine sexual addicts fallen celestial beings who are soilders for reproduction and making hybrid armies these are the incubus and succubus ones,incubus male fallen celestial being who with female human reproduces and succubus is female that with human male reproduce, this way to use us for their deception sharade agendas further more. To preserve thehumans with implanted memories to lie them that they have not finished job in last incarnation with this false reincarnation doctrine is to make the humans interested to do more work for aliens so they do job faster for their agenda reach this further more  the aliens cloned each abductee in case of bodily death of the original. ,the alien group of luiferian draconians from the beggining of time tempting Adam and Eve have casting upon this planet spiritual sleep spell and illuminati is their direct organisatio the abal and is old 6890 years,and no earth is not 6000 old that is their lie in the religion,as God said 1000 years in physical realm in haven is one day,and humans are on 6th day made,so there are 5,plus Yahshua in book of Eden told in 5000 years will come and be on cross for humanity´s sins,this is showing that earth is old 14000 old with life of plants and animals and on 6th day before 7th which is rest day that makes humans 7000 years old because as 5000 from adam and eve have gone there is now 2000 years as Messiah was crucified and ressurected,this makes 5+2=7,so planet is older with life then you think and more older without life because it was written that it was void,and anyways this describes the cloning apparatus (described by abductees Soul components) as both horizontal and vertical cylinders, arranged in 4 different rooms, within a possibly subterranean-military/medical environment. It was discovered later that on rare occasions the “copy” or clone of the abductee was sometimes returned from an abduction temporarily, but usually the original is returned. This caused odd memory lapses where the clone had a slightly different back up memory than the original or vice-versa.

Anyways 1776 is not illuminati creation but the cult of these people just connected their jesuit base with freemasonery and astrted new world order the jungle chaos that was having first level of new world order second was level of new world order 2012 and third will be in 2018 and 4th will be in 2020 and 5th in 2027!it is the new world order year and more connecting with freemasonery 1776 then creation of already existing organisation of Cian who founded who was himself possessed by Satan/Lucifer!

According to numerous abductee hypnosis testimonies, they (or more accurately their Soul Component) reported that the Soul consciousness cannot be copied. The aliens know this and this is why they are using our Souls. Ultimately they want to create some genetic bridge which will alter their own alien DNA to be compatible with our Souls.(via various human-alien hybrids) Once they have created a genetic hybrid with DNA that is compatible with our human Soul frequency, is when the human souls will be hijacked into complete alien enslavement. (ELOHIM REVEALED THIS TO ME–In other words, the aliens, who only have a mind and spirit component to their being must use our Souls to incarnate into hybrid bodies, where the will of the Soul is completely repressed or taken over by the aliens will. This is not good) This, is the bottom line of the alien agenda. The secret of the Tree of Life is that the humans or human DNA, contains a compatibility with the frequency of the Soul. Apparently not all humans possess this DNA compatibility with the Soul. Or to put it another way via the abductee Soul component testimonies, that only 20-25 % of humans are souled, or had this DNA soul compatibility issue.(This means that fast and processed and GMO franken foods killed soul component via unhealthy junk pack of parasites who block humans to establish conection with soul and 6th spiritual sence that connects you with nature and Creator the Most High),and the thing is that these aliens in another way to perceive this, which the the Soul of these people with apparently incompatible genetics stays behind in another dimensional reality who are healthy who have not eating the franken food then aies try to force counterfit spirituality to their victims with wepon known as decetion hen they possess them with hybrid, so that the “connect” aspect will not function within that life-genetic container and not to connect them with God but with themselves (aliens-fallen celestial beings).. These soul entities still remaining on the less dense energetic planes of existence–the so called “Higher Realms” of Religion and New Age–are afraid to “come down” and have the experience on the Earth plane”. Therefore what these beings are really doing is inviting us to come up to where they are–to ascend,but the ways they give ascension chabers is to box humans to ascend possessed with these humas so they with souled humans go once more uo to experience first layer of haven the 5th dimension once more before their final judement,because they miss the higher vibrational places,and they because of bad karma are really for themselves not for humans advertising in new age movemet ascension.Also the 6 Realms of Existence- The beings from this other higher planes of existence are offering us an eternal golden jail.

These persons with disconnected souls may not express heightened spiritual understanding and will function within the lower realms of consciousness. Perhaps psychopaths fit into this category also and scam artists who are puppets for alien agenda ascended master sharde also and fake fallen archangels who immitate holy ones and play role of ascended masters…..

In a nutshell, most of the aliens conducting the abduction-related genetic experiments do not have a Soul component in their being, and their genetics are incompatible with the human Soul frequency. Within the triad of components, human abductees have mind, spirit and soul. Aliens had mind and spirit or only mind in SOME races. The various types of aliens, bodiless aliens and other beings from higher levels of creation will be elaborated on more later.

Level 5: Different kinds of incorporeal aliens made up of light-aka- the LUX light being or those coming from another dimension-aka—the bi-dimensional parasites such as the Horus-Ra figure, Six Fingered ones or Growl.

These are the ones who seem to have more control that the other aliens. Two basic types here, the LUX being from our own 3D universe, and the black shadow beings who come from a 2D “dark universe”–  which is archetypically located behind our universe.These incorporeal beings take on various body forms (not necessarily physical, however) in order to interact with us here.

These spirit kinds of parasitic beings also had a kind of “AAM”. They appear to live a long time, but are actually mortal. These beings may have been believed to be SOME of the immortal gods in many cultures. According to these incorporeal beings under the direction of the “Pleiadians” figures, control the aliens which organize the abductions. Those aliens in turn control the cyborg Greys who are fallen angels who possess grey alien robotic bodies.

The incorporeal aliens have something similar to spirit but different than a soul. And there are three kinds of human beings:

1. The Body and Mind

2. The Body, Mind and Spirit

3. The Body, Mind and Soul

4. The Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

It is postulated that the incorporeal aliens, (light beings and dark shadows) want to host or possess humans who have Souls, in order to feed off the energy so they can live forever and to manifest their control over the One Consciousness” they want to turn awa people away from one true “God”.

They send false dammned reprobrate without chance of redemption basterds who will mock Goddess Shekinah-spirit of wisdom,which mocking her there is no chance of redemption with Yahshua´s blood!!

“Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.”

“Leviticus 24:16
anyone who blasphemes the name of the ELOHIM is to be put to death. The entire assembly must stone them. Whether foreigner or native-born, when they blaspheme the Name they are to be put to death.”

Goddess of Angels

Shekhina though known by many names, is also the Goddess of the Angels.

She is in Oneness with Yahweh and Yahshua:the trinity-therefre true Creator!

“Holy Spirit” in Hebrew feminine form, from the biblical verb shakhan meaning “the act of dwelling.” Shekhina meant the aspect of God that dwelt among people.

Jewish Kabbalistic version of Shakti meaning the “female soul of God.”

Gnostic Christians using the term Sh’kina as a “spirit of glory whom beings of light lived.”


. Representing compassion in its purest form, despite being, officially the female side of God. Shekhina is visible and audible as a feminine  in her own right. The light whose most important function is to intercede with God on behalf of her children. Believed to stand by our sides when we arrive in the heavens to be “debriefed” on our lives and experiences. Defending us in our wrongs, and always finding good in the hearts of humans. Another of her roles is to comfort the sick, the poor, the suffering and has a special place in her concerning the repentant of sinners.

There is only one God and it is a HE and SHE both. Secretly knowing in my own mind that if God created us in his and her own image, then there had to be a female aspect to him somehow! [Note: Gen 1:26–Then God said “Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness; let THEM have dominion…”]this us is meaning male and female-aka Trnity!

Her  always been one of harmony. Mocking the spirit of God, and wandering aimlessly looking to be reunited with him once again is not possible, humans being exiled and told to go forth and suffer with the mokery of Shekhina there is no forgivness,you mock Creator,you are doomed,there are basicly 2 verses that show that blasphemy is unforgivable sin,the thing is there are 3,one is just as i said blasphemy,other is suicide and third is selling soul to devil. She still above all this matrix but is only in those who repent and strive to live holy and she helps them to keep torah and commandments, opens her arms and accepts that which make us who we are, our free will and our human nature as we are made,the wrong choices we made,she correct us by conviction and fear of God which is beginning of wisdom. Teaching us that pure love is the way to unite ourselves in ONENESS. Guiding us to remember who we are as spiritual beings.

She truly is the Goddess of the Angels.

The Holy Spirit is female.  The earliest gospel, Mark, states that the Holy Spirit descended like a dove.  The word for ‘dove’ in Greek is peristera, and it carries the feminine gender.  The Hebrew word ruach meaning ‘Spirit’ is also feminine.  The Hebrew phrase Ruach Elohim is used throughout the Old Testament for ‘Spirit of God.’



The LUXOFERUS SATURNALIS-LUCOFRAGE ROFACALE SATANIEL/-DIANA LUCIFERA IS being  unique in that it is from our 3D universe, but somehownever lost its “body form” that enabled it a Soul aspect lost only.  Lucifer being is an emanation of the first rebel who rebelled against his creator, the white, bright Primordial creature (The good Father Figure he plays in Christianity and Islam and Judaism,the patriarchy religions in Matriarchy as Diana Luifera is in Wicca,new age ecumental movement and neo gnosticism.

The black shadows who take on the Horus-Ra figure or Growl (six fingered types who are tall, blonde, with slit eye pupils) originate from the “dark universe” where the Soul component cannot experience its bi dimensional form.

Level 6: This concerns the Primordial Lucifer and the hierarchies of beings above the just soilder type or light and dark worker possessed by grey alien fallen angels,the fake starseed possessed children who are fake indigo,crystal and rainbow and aqua children and adults,these fallow annonymus controlled opposition and are attending soul farming controlled possition of alex jones and david icke going out and feeding matrix battery archons also who are fallen ones who are behind all sides the ones of cult of saturn and bilderbergs,these are deiurgic energy harvesters of protesters who run with the flow who take little of those who are stronger and awake more,there are 3 levels,one is there are the ones who are in charge to make dark world and there are their superiors who act as messiah figures to deceive masses,just as i said in this blog before good cop and bad cop mind deception games!

This level concerns how they interact with the abductee who is working on freeing him/herself, or after they became free of alien abductions, but still not free from other types of intrusion occurring from higher levels of creation.


 What are the alien hierarchies as you understand them:

There are greys,luciferic dracos,andromedan insectilians,OrangeSauriod Creatures,Nordic 6 Fingered Ones who are archons as who are above the rest of all of the others you may see in list of disclousure programs,these are the rullers of this saturnian demiurgic matrix control system and holographic quarantine!

All of them they  invented churches and religions in order to control people and feed on their energy, keep them dummied down.