Power of Deception

So I was watching Cartoon Network the other day (a key perpetrator in the realm of symbolism and subliminals), and I saw a commercial for something called “Movie Star Planet”. In watching this commercial, I must have seen at least a dozen different symbolic things, and I was so frustrated and angry that I kept re-watching it, just to see if I could find more. And I did every time. This is an online gathering place, geared specifically toward children. They create a character, choose their outfits, chat with strangers, and play games and such. I decided to create one for myself, to see just how bad it was. And man, lemme tell ya. This shit’s cray.




It seemed everywhere I looked in this game, I was seeing upside-down stars. There were also a lot of references to Christianity, like the blue boy’s cross necklace. Not to mention…

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