Not that of lies, deceit, and  luiferian draconic entities and illuminati that must have victims to survive. I can blow huge amounts of light energy goodness through the shadows that sometimes try to overpower my abilities to cast on extreamely high levels of strength, they spilled babbling into the public eyes all over the world eventually, not realizing they were birdogged. I have been taught much,and these with non trauma based mind control and almost imeadiate healing from attacks which are weak attempts to make me turn on the people,the drones started running spam on my blogs I write. The kabbahlaists wanted my power so bad they wanted me to join them in using ancient psyops techniques in dreams they asked me and I rejected them,illuminati also try to creat fake criminals for prison , insane people for the instutions and fake sick people for the hospitals as a booming bussiness?IThe ones who get my blogs exist in the highest form of christ conscienceness frequency and are connected to  Father God  Yahweh and Mother Goddess Shekinah and  Lord Yahshua Messiah . I have the ability to match brainwave sencrecies with the ways of light and truth within a 10 to sometines even 20 foot radious around my body and mind. All must have to be grounded and imerssed in sacred geometrey. They who read my blogs can learn sometimes and pass it on to others. I found all this from seriously grounding in sacred geometery and the circle and flower of life. Everything in life and universe is mathmatics , our brain, our attraction to beauty are even stronger so when we are right with Creator. The very atomic vibration and molecular harmonies we define as soul and spirit within ourselves that just simply feels good, also known as thr glow of health or light. The very electric charge of our atoms, the electron, can shift between two atoms simaltaniously through 2 dimensions right infrontbof your face. Or this is what “soul catchers steel or can be malranged or broken by attacks by different embodyments and ot beings or various technologies, also known as illness,unhealthy or darkness. Ive always walked through the greatest and highest of places and the most wrecked and deranged wastelands and always kept my construct. Even after 7 and a half years, 4 and a half years straight   I was by fallen angels being psyopsed by embodyments and humans trying to make me deviate…. i have no respect for tyrany or people that choose to inflict harm on anybody or another period or violence or want for power that doesnt come from abdolute unconditional love and understanding of all. Baphomet is the 1st makeup of satan, there was no devil.baphomet was simply another showng of who satan/Lucifer,Lucifer with his servant Constantine made christianity and the Judaism and islam and that is of patriarchy and of matriarch neo Gnosticism and new age ecumental movement and wicca,hence sacred geometery and the true lesson, lessons thereof were stolen. Trauma based mind slaves are the attempt at tee new world order.. everyone must be one. In their mind like mesopetamia and egyptian days, whips chains, tourtre and sadomasicistic rituals for everyone, period and for real. Every town in america and other nations all arroud the world have all become “mk ultra” towns with books on mindslaves for every inhabitant. In spiritual warfre opposing darkness by shedding light (yet entirely anble to enter the dimension of shadows, which many illuminatti members exist permanately in), anti christ defeating (and yes we know whom that is), boheimian grove GROUNDING masonic( with some kind of awareness from them, even though i generally commit actions to be considerd against their “programs” yet invited in as a serious problem solverAnd though genetic patterned trauma from the nazis will become entirely demonic devil worshipers and attempt to start world war 3 by systematicly isolating and tourturing prominante members of powerfull families from other countries to make them threaten us, shedding light is satanic?, people will believe the opposite, whats wrong is right and whats right is wrong, dark is light and light is dark, truth is a lie and lies are the only truth.. etc. Many blessiglngs, be a real good one and brake spell and never try t hide truth speak it even if others do not like it!