Why is being promiscuous pushed so much in films in the media and in general the hookup culture is now seen as normal..I will do my best to explain this and also attempt to show how this is a literal attack on the divine unity of male and female it’s one of this centuries greatest tools for yes energy vampirism and entities along with pulling souls down to lower frequencies through mass amounts if energy links..firstly the body is sacred and the seat of the soul..the soul is light energy btw and a commodity for entities that ate not connected to God Source so they must feed off of soul’s to survive yes soul energy is their food btw..the reason hollywood has pushed the hook up culture is simple the elite of Hollywood are possesed yes that’s drastic but it’s true they have sold their souls when they decided to hive energy for lower beings that feed on the souls of humanity..look at any celebrity gossip ypu will see in hollywood everyone hookups with everyone they are extremely promiscuous for the most part they push this like it’s cool and normal..have you seen the movie the devils advocate where In oke part I believe the woman says they all sleep together and cheat have you seen in eyes wide shut the elite were attending parties with orgies and everyone traded up partners..I will explain why these people are full of entities infact some have legions not to get to biblical but the bible stated that legions cam be held In a body also let me remind you these beings need to feed and they will give those who aid them fame money and power In exchange..so to keep the entities who give them status fame or wealth happy they gather energy for the hive…so to comeback to the point I’m trying to make the soul is energy and the body can become fill of entities these entities patrol the persons thoughts and emotions yes the police those who have let them in for gain if a person is waking up or decided to get out the entities in all the people they have been with because they are connected to them through hooking up will start attacking the one trying to break free so they can keep thay soul imprisoned..this is why the elite are often very promiscuous all connected through entities that police their souls..so this garantees the souls stay in place and follow what these entities want..it goes further they want people who have alpt of entities to infect those who don’t so they can monitor everyone drain them and use them..and have bodies to be in..they want to grow the hive until it’s everywhere they have found that earth is a great food source after all each soul is connected to the planet by draining soul energy they also are draining the planet ..so next time you decide to hookup think about it remember the world is a very beautiful place but we must look beyond what the eye sees and into the spiritual..your energy is precious guard it after a that energy it awakens you more it keeps you from getting sick it keeps your heart well it keeps you in higher emotions..drained people are often angry broken and have entities that can enter because they are drained..maybe a huge lesson on earth is learning how to protect your light your soul to stop being addicted to being drained by these entities yes many are addicted to that also to realise how divine you are to wake up take your power back and become an enlightened human being