Dna is condensed light energy which projects the hologram called your body..loss of light energy causes aging disease and many more health issues..many entities steal that light energy as they cannot produce their own because they are cut off from God source energy..to do anything whether it’s healing or finding love to connecting to other dimensions yes things like astral travel demand charge..even running a business or manifesting all need energy and yes if you are low on light energy you will have issues in many areas of your life including your mood..so now you know we are made of condensed light you need to learn how to recharge that loght energy so you can live life much better on every level and of course the more charge the more you will be awakened spiritually..now this is how you charge basics are nature ocean air grounding all charge you also ionised water fresh fruits vegetable organic food alkalizing your body superfoods meditation sungazing super things like magnesium and collidial minerals monotomic gold gojji juice noni juice and the list goes on..point is get informed..so this all turns into light energy reinforcing your dna and charging it..now if your doing these things and still having issues you need to look what’s stealing your precious energy..it could be partners wives husbands even family or friends..learn to move away from those who give you a sinking feeling most likely they are using your energy for themselves because they refuse to step up and charge themselves..there are many things in society that make people lose their charge from bad food too much tv too much time indoors toxic chemicals overload of negative emotions being promiscuous.start removing all of these and watch your life and your projects go up and watch how you will start feeling better looking better and achieving more..yes I wanted to be a geneticist for a long time I am convinced we could heal and charge anyone with energy by using advanced light therapy