Evil it’s a word thrown around in many religions it’s used for those who do horrendous acts…breaking down the word evil is key to understanding what evil is..my last post was about pathogens parasites and how I believe the word pathogen has an underlying meaning like many words..gen/jinn or demonic entities that attach to the soul body creating pathogens in the body..now let’s look at the word evil switched around it says vile yes our bodies can and do become internally vile when we do not clear them of energy attachments that become literal pathogens in our bodies which tha allows for negative energies beings to access us..creating a vile body capable of doing evil acts..disease DIS EASE of the mind body and soul..I have noticed many murders child abusers animals abusers look sick they look and unwell on different levels. I am sure that as the medicine of frequency as i call it advances it will show on a cellular level these people have toxic blood their body is a toxic environment for their soul allowing negative things to affect them and blocking out soul energy..