Using an anagram generator can provide alot of information about a word and words are spells..take for instance the word religion..reli/rely on gin/jinn lie of the also has legion so legions of jinn/devils/fallen celestial’s very evident that great prophets went against the religions of their times and it’s foolish to think that to go to heaven you need a religion..your being tricked yes by legions of jinn, your relying on in hopes of getting to heaven..anyone even Yahshua himself would be angered at the religious of today I’m sure he would create havoc like it stated he did in the temple another religious organisation back than..think about this the next time you flaunt your religion..does it not say in the beginning was the word so words must be very important after all in the word world you have word again and lord hmm some thoughts for those of you who claim religion relying on the jinn is the way to heaven..very clearly Yahshua stated himself the way to heaven is within and he stated the body was the temple..he disliked religious stuck ups he disliked their gathering places which nowdays would be churches and religious buildings he wandered and was connected to nature he never had a meeting place he traveled and spent time with the outcast of society yes the outcast of religious organisations back can be said than that religion is a tool of the jinn and a lie from from them to fool humanity..I watched the book of Eli years ago and the message in there was somewhat similar all sacred writings had been twisted and used I do believe this has happened with many quote religious books they were never intended for any religious purposes but were experiences direct from God´s  source.