Hello World. You have the POWER to CHANGE not only yourself but how things are done on this PLANET. Unfortunately, CAPITALISM is WAR. Meaning there’s no place for either in your COMING FUTURE. Humanity needs to knock off the bullshit pertaining to GOVERNMENTS and RELIGION knowing they SERVE EVIL and not UNIVERSAL TRUTH which is about INCREASING LEVELS of INTELLIGENCE necessary for GROWTH and PEACE on this PLANET. How many people have been murdered in the NAME of a Moon GOD,who is in fact satan,who have been by terroristic ways innocent died,how?! The TORAH, BIBLE and wisdom of solomon book and books of prophet enoch,should be read. Learn to REGAIN your SPIRITUAL IDENTITY and STOP giving it away. You were BORN with a SOUL. Which is ETERNAL. WAR is EVIL and a HUGE BUSINESS on this PLANET. It has nothing to do with RIGHTS and FREEDOMS. The SUPREME INTELLIGENCE is about LOVE, LIGHT and LAUGHTER. Why would any parent to harm to their children? Any religious teachings that demands BLOOD and TOTAL SUBMISSION or you will be killed is EVIL.. I view RACISM, MURDER, LIES, all to be EVIL, as well, as the WESTERN RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS that came out of the Middle East. As long as the little Hobbits continue to INVEST in WAR then DEATH will be knocking on your door. The NEW WORLD will be based of rebellion against Most High Creator! The PENTAGON has spent over 10 TRILLION DOLLARS on that  war in the Middle East. And how many innocent civilians murdered for the GLOBAL ARMS CABALS? The UNITED STATES is the largest WEAPONS DEALER on the PLANET. They’ve made TRILLIONS of DOLLARS from their WAR MACHINE. And now MEDIA is POUNDING GLOBAL TERRORISM into the HIVE MIND of this PLANET. Please protect me from the BIG BAD WOLF screams the Hobbits! They are quick to GIVE AWAY their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS in the NAME of SECURITY. There’s a very BAD STORM COMING and I hope you people been doing your homework? It’s still not too late to CHANGE the PATH your on. STAND on your own two feet DECLARING to the UNIVERSE you SERVE NO MASTER and you are a CITIZEN of CREATOR AND NOT CREATION, not something defined by Church and State. STOP permitting the GOVERNMENT and RELIGION from STEALING your TRUE SPIRITUAL IDENTITY. Can you do that?Just think over several times if ou need to!