Clearly in many religions it talks about a false one in the bible it calls him the beast or antichrist for years I watched religious groups and quote great authorities of religion predict world leaders and American presidents as the antichrist..and all their predictions turned out to be great failures..we should look at this more deeply why because it’s very evident it would never be a world leader and to even think this is foolish why because it’s very evident that religion rely on jinn is demonic why would the antichrist care about all those he already has fooled using puppets in high places the fact is he doesn’t care it states he will go after the saints/sain minded to have a clear mind and see is to be sain obiously to trick the chosen saints he could never have status no he would try to infiltrate them but he isn’t normal he is a beast/draconian ti be exact btw..he has abilities and he know his stuff he will take male form as he dislikes and despises the divine feminine one which the religions had hidden it’s well known now that Yahshua held mary magdalena above his disciples he was very caring of the divine feminine sometime religions try to drown out..he will come in the awake community yes why they have their eye opened and full of light they can see what’s going on they are they saints yes you awakened ones are the saints not the masses of egotistical religious followers who have been fooled..the bible speaks about the ones who have their eye opened and full of light the third eye..those are the saints..btw Kanye West kanye/kane/cain bloodline letting you know that it’s happening woth proudly naming his child saint..