Spiritualpsychichyperdimensional warfare,multiverse cosmic warfare,planetary and galactic and universal warfare of light and dark forces of good and evil duality and non duality forces

First before revealing the forces of darkness i will explain more about the types of creatures and types and races there are

There are quantum inteligences,then minerals and atoms,then ground element mind ground minerals,insects and larvas and bacterias and amoebas and elementary subturrenian creatures,ultraterrestrial creatures,then elementals,plants,animals and whild beasts,souless dead walking repobrate and calcified damned or spiritualy jut undeveloped majority humans homo sapians waste zombies(religious claiming and not claiming to be religious,by default while still dead they are souless when unspiritual they are,they are religious because religion mean relaying on a jinn-which is dark forces i will get into that later..,then spiritual souled balanced humans,fake evil starseeds,demon evolved into demon humans starseed wanna be also not evil but naive ones and dead and lukewarm light and dark workers calling themelves alike working for duality forces  no matter what their forces they work for say,then,true starseed people these are not homo sapians no more but indigo,crystal,rainbow,aqua,unicorn starseed,dragon,ect,then hybrids


Celesti have light, rosy skin tone and blond hair.They live naked and are sexual machines sucking kundalini serpentine demonic spirits to control them,these are direct seed of both parents incubus and succubus in despret mix of 2 of the same fallen lighted polite not rape type incubuses and succubusses(fallen celestial atral etherical lightbeings),.. Most Celesti identify as Righteous, adhering to a religion that subjugates them to the will of Enuzir archon fallen archangel starter of the bloodline and his angels under his command. Celesti commonly view themselves as humanoid beings the way their father that started with Yamanzda fallen elf who is the leader of silver legion warrior military organisation of separate fallen galactic federation neutral federation of alpha centauri planets with second andromedan council of andromeda lead by Yavahel fallen cherubim,who broke of Marduke the demiurgoc his jupiterian forces,and these hybrid bloodlines properly claim they are the intended  to be above the human beings wanting them to be for witchcraft wiccan guidance to be their spirit guides when alive and when not as sort of spirit guide familliar, and as therefore superior to the other races who also choose. This view has been strongly influential in Celesti efforts to dominate Rhadixe land that the archon made, and to subjugate or eliminate those who deny the superiority of the Righteous religion he made,the sub cult religion of some wiccan sub religion.


Solari have a ruddy, bronzed complexion and red hair,and walk not naked as the celesti,these are against sexuality and these are extremly clothed and these are when die hybrids the spirits of demons who control false starseeds the humans wanna be of all kings under curses of lightworker or dark worker even not removing others put to them under slavery and demonship in flash,thus these are also because extremly against sex when the lightworker and darkworkers take to have too much sex or masterbait or do sex meditations,or yoga or are sexual at any level these demons then when dead their spirits influence radical feminist movements and create new ones. In ancient times, the Solari rejected the guidance of Enuzir and his angels, believing that such celestial entities did not actually have a good grasp of human needs and desires. Solari do not see themselves as religious, inasmuch as they do not worship the supernatural, but would generally identify their ideology as Humanist and bring false spirituality and hedonism of all kinds. Some Solari put views in humans the view that beings such as angels and daemons as just pure aliens, i.e. intelligent beings from another world who are not inherently superior to humans nor higher,and limit to minds of unspiritual meanings behingd evry revealing even move that in fact reveals something. Other Solari deny that angels and daemons exist at all in humans and say that aliens are gods or just frendly neighbours and other deceptions and there galactic federation lightworker and dark worker crap comes,and the home jerkover shorter verions without gfl crap are who make humans fake starseeds ie demons in flash they themselves demonise these humans that they become the demons themselves and this means the soul is eaten by these demons and the humans who have these are one being of these demons who completly incarnated,and the lie of physical reincarnation they bring,the truth of the matter is true souls and celestial beings who are no matter good or evil are by God made,and the demonic ones the fallen celestial beings in level of demonic level can incarnate in human form and take on to be death metal singers and such but the thing is that there are some amazingly boring demons who make fake starseeds full of illusions then when truth warrior comes they call him all names thesye demons are the fake starseeds when beeing demons really these are claiming to be alite such demons of pride saying crap they know all and from little childhood they started learning,they have not learned a GOD DAMN THING THESE ARE THE MOST COMMON LIES THESE FAKE STARSEEDS BY THESE TYPE OF DEMONS POSSESSED ARE SPEWING FORTH AND HOW TO RECOGNISE ARCHON TYPE OF DEMONS(THIS IS HOW WHEN YOU SEE THIS) AND THERE ARE ARCHONS WHO ARE FALLEN CELESTIAL BINGS ALO,THE ONES MADE BY GOD BUT LATER BECAME EVIL BY THEIR WILL AND SPAWNED DEMONS,THESE WHO ARE ON DEMONIC LEVEL CAN BE CALLED DEVILS,AND THE ONES WHO ARE CALLED DEVILS ARE NOT THE SAME WITH DEMONS,THE ONES WHO ARE DEMONS ARE THEIR CHILDREN WITH LESSER CREATURES,AND THE ARCHDEMONS AND THE ONES WHO ARE BETWEEN DEVILS,NOT ALL FALLEN CELESTIAL BEINGS ARE WITHOUT SYMPHATY  AND VAMPIRES SOME ARE AND SOME ARE DEVILS WHILE OTHERS ARE NOT,SOME ARE NEUTRAL,JUST HAVE LOWERED LEVEL OF THEIR SACRED LIGHT DNA.


Lunae invariably have white hair and skin that is some shade of blue, but this can vary from very light to very dark.These half naked in one sheet go,and these when die are not dangerous demons,but these are mostly when spirit guide invoked in cat or object these are just that for wiccan neo paganism only, Like the Solari, the Lunae also rejected the guidance of Enuzir and his the angels in the distant past, but this was because they perceived a higher divine reality beyond Enuzir an impersonal force commonly referred to as the Origin of these these are ov  Yavahel and his forces of dragons and elves who mixed between themselves. It is this entity that is the ultimate focus of Lunae religious devotion, but the different Lunae nations vary widely in their methods of accessing the Origin.


Tenebrae have extremely pale skin and black hair, giving them a distinctively morbid appearance.These are of the separat with ilver legion and ori crusaide children and these hybrids these are the ones with even homosexuals and ascended hybrids and when die the spirits of these are the ones in scam artist tarot card readers and the sort of things of these because these with joke give destiny to hands of diebolical forces of evil to play with in order to receive energy or place or something from dark evil forces who want misery of living beings.The first Tenebrae were mutants, who appeared spontaneously amongst the other races,these demons at first mutated wicked beings into their monster forms when dies as spirits of demons they did or turn people into beastman like warevolves. Derided as corpses and driven out, they then migrated to a distant part of the globe to set up their own separate society with the assistance of the nephilim race of hybrids who are of igigi watchers who are fallen celestial beings under command of semyaza(female version semyase) and azazel. Over time, the other races have gradually warmed up to them, but many Celesti still insist on viewing Tenebrae as the incarnation of evil.

Nephilim,told up,these are the ones who are widly clonned by other dark forces and used as forms of sins nd mind attacking archontic spirits of demons and agression,smoking,tv watching na dmeat eating,ect,sinful and hedonistic lifestayls……


A person who is half Celesti and half Solari will have either fair skin and red hair, or ruddy skin and blond hair.These are anakim…….

A person who is half Celesti and half Lunae will have green skin and white hair.

A person who is half Lunae and half Solari will have purple skin and white hair.

A person who is half Tenebrae and half anything else will just look like every other Tenebrae.

This genetic oddity has led many people to see Tenebraism as a blood disease rather than a legitimate race. Efforts by the angels to transform Tenebrae children into Celesti are heavily based on this assumption.


All material creatures living in underworlds after these fallen celestial beings have recreation,they consist of a material body, an aetherial body and a soul. The immaterial components – aetherial body and soul – can separate from the material body, either temporarily (as when a mage level of them engages in astral travel or warfare,or sex,ect) or permanently (at death)if they choose not to activate merkaba and stalk in new astral body as an phantom being. An entity temporarily separated from its material body is called a spectre, whereas one that has been permanently separated from its material body is a phantom. Phantoms’ fates are widely varied, and may include lingering in Rhadixe, ascending to the upper worlds, reincarnation, etc.These can have reincarnation and these can reincarnate withn living soul of human and a starseed people,when they get into them deceive that humans reincarnated physicly,and get them awy from true mission,when starseed people are in question these beings can make starseeds thing and see other astral life that they had before comming first time in physical or totaly in ame way deceive the same way they did to humans,and the thing is that humans have their souls not active before birth but starseed peopel have these are little bit higher as i said,and i am one,and the thing is that the lives they had are not physical but astral and not reincarnation but still as humans have incarnation matter here,so only demons and fallen celestial beings can have reincarnation and ultraterrestrial elementals and the thing is that  many aetherials (usually phantoms, but sometimes spectres as well) are forcibly taken to nirvanic limbo by fallen angels of archonic fallen archangel Enzuir – regardless of the race or religion of the aetherial in question – in order to be used as an energy source fueling Enuzir’s Weapon against the leader of these beings who the fallen celestial beings fallow their order.

There are as these fallen go there go holy but before i continue i must further what kinds of fallen there are and why called that,there are the ones who lost dna not returning on time and have lowered sacred light dna,some have mixed sexualy with other then their own race or supposed not to in order to bring souls of others to develop as the celestial ponnies need to and certin other fairie races,elemental and elemental fairie and elemental wood pixie high elves asy these extemly much reproduce some of them ispecialy queens who some of them basicly get raped many times and cry even when paralised with spell not to rematerialise in rune and are sodomisingly gangrape spermbathed and upon neck put chains and carry for month and a half a demon hybrid baby before they kill it shit and piss it and send demonic spirit into abyss and brake spells and run and go to heel and find soulmate to heel with healthy wanted with love sexual enjoyement not perverse degradating hurting unwanted,and lower elemental starseed ultraterrestrial celestial races need to do so many times which are also some of them in human form elemental incarnates like mermaid incarnates and many mermaids in many types and races and forms,so the thing is that the extra terrestrial is name for alien demon souless  hybrid,ultra terrestrial is for ceestial beings inside planetoid or planet living,mostly hallow or higher dimensional,extra terra astro estra etheric astral terrestrial is for fallen celestial beings living on an planetary society with galactic dominating society of dark and light worker 2 classes of duality and presenting themselves as an public federation and having internet sites and are channeled and presented as ascended masters and saviors even sometimes the classical scamster forces con scam artists,and starborn are lower astral celestial good and bad beings who reproduce by nature,and higher celestial beings are high etherals,tbe high etheral races who need no reproduction at all,some are banned to have at all and must drink blood in order to activate the sexual function and their sacred nature lowers if they continue to do so if their sexual function weekens by time,these are put from beginnign their souls with sigels these have sigels and are on their place,the lower astral are starborn these on higher or lower dimensional planes born are good,their souls are on 8th dimension before born in physical passing thrue womb of their physical mother with dna and rna of their physical parents  who reproduce to get souls developed and pass into activity like celestial ponnies and some of fairies ispecialy more so elemental and lower wood fairies and angelic fay,and angelic fay starseeds and angelic fairiy and under these go starseeds and then homo sapians this is how the real chain goes the list of celestial beings to humans down the line with reproduction in chain go and i will explain what ones are to reproduce and what ones reproduce not but if enable themselves their light dna decreeses and have status of fallen,and some are fallen becaue they rebelled against God and mocked and working against creation and Creator,and these are unsavable demonic ones fallen from grace it means and dammned,these are the worse,there are 3 levels of these,there are the ones who are the ones who have too many children demons who play duality games,the second ones who are the ones who are archontic in nature,and third are transdemonic archdevilish that has to be moved away or imprisened for long time to be later in the times as these realised when is judement tzime on the planet!

The race type of hiararchy type of beings and sort of power go in this chin of line and later the types of these sub typesraces i will explain and what reproduce and what not i in that type of beings,there are the celestial beings of these in this way

Starseeds who are reproducing,then angelic fays and angelic fairies and elementsl and elemental angelic fairies and elemental ultraterrestrials,then go the angels,archangels,principalities,powers,thrones,dominions-these are not reproducing ones starborn but these sousl of these are high etherals,and then there are the virtues(middle etherals and low and high etherals,starborn and also high etherals)(these are the ones who have not warrior and guardian tasks as the ones down have,but other,mage,magican,prist and pristess,and mage,paladin,princ,princess,queen,king,these have this for their own domain guarded the ontrance of these worlds where there are reproduction beings who are celestial beings like ponnies,these have guardianship protection of the ones down,and hese have,many races of fairies that go with reproduction and without,high and low elves that go without and with reproduction,then pixies and breezies)(the pixies and breezes have and have not reproductions pixies come as also elementals from elements incarnate and are itself that and or some come from laugh and some come from stardust,and some come by reproduction and breezies are tinny ponnies the magical fairy creatures that are in celestial ponnie worlds living,then reproduction like ponnies like unicorns andpegaus pegasai and alicorns,non reproduction unicorns with wings and without,then from these virtues we have in this line dolphin people non reproduction,mermaids,elementals(higher ones,lower ones do reproduce and come in physical human form,can reincarnate and have sex not to bring souls but for heeling and magic and inspiration purposes and energising,ect),also from virtues there are angelic elves these are reproducing and then they do with starseeds reproduction this is not sin with them,this is also antoher way for themselves to reincarnate in body without soul later as they put egregore to mix change nature for purposes of mission or to get their relative into physical world simmilar race who is for reproduction ofr heel non reproduction and redeem non reproduction celestial being that did that act and then to make them whole again in  training and dooing later with starseed the sexual act is for self and others heeling,energy raising and working,ect,then fire dragons these are the some of the elves of all sorts and some are reproducing speaces with the angelic fairies who create elemental naga creatures serpantine angelic fairy type of creatures taking shapes of these 2 of both parents and they have soul from creator also,then after virtues i conitnue next after biggest sub races beings who here there is the list.. ;

production and no non production and ophanim-nagas-reincarnation and without,and then cherubims and seraphims,these are annunaki creatures these are dragons in annunaki cherubim,and appear as many headed creatures,winged bulls,and such,and there are seraphim also but with more wings and are phenixes mostly of these and viorious reptilian winged creatures,not all reptilians are bad,even the one you listen about reptilian stuff divid ickey has not said that all of them,but falen archonic satanic ritual illuminati elite aliance working ones are one of the dark forces controlling this world who are the ones as reptile evil creatures as alien opressors a you want to put that way,nope,not all are evil,the thing is that then you have many dragons who are good,and not look like classical dragon there are good and there are bad annunaki!

Now as i explain types of forcess i will first from dark forces explain demons and devils of type as archons,and then i will explain jinn,and then i will explain wizard and witch and sorcerer types of dark forces, and then i will explain vampires of all types forces of darkness,so these you must know there are false starseed types of beings who are with these title when deeling with witchcrafts in aligments of certin things and the thing is that there are dark forces themselves when i said sorcerer,wizard,witch,vampire..anyways there are all these with all these and archon and jinn and archdevil these are,and these are the third worst ones and imprisoned for time as grate old ones or necronomicon races or transplutonian races!

Now about the dark forces as archons in general abhout them their agenda and form of magic about them start text tells whatz

The luiferian arhons of the Annunaki as the slave drivers of humanity. Splicing their DNA with Nibirubian Grey embryos,making nephilim hybrids …..then the El-ders ruled from their supreme inter-Galactic council of ascended master gods of cosmic galactic bliss-after a Nibirubian luciferian draconians by the name of Lucifer approached Adameva, the androgynous leader of theidodyc elves before they were separated into two gender lines with the help of the rebel draconian cherubim.
WOW! That was a mouth full!
Let me add that this;
Cherubim dragon Sanat Satnanda, deputy director of the council of Ayran gods, and honorary member of the 666th Degree of Intergalactic Lodge of multi-dimensional assimilation through psycho-spiritual indoctrination, Inc., a subsidiary of the Ashtar Command of Orion.

Ashtar Council & Command

Many of those involved with elite Satanic groups such as the Brotherhood have described Satan i.e. Lucifer as being blonde…Others describe a council of Controllers behind the scenes ruling everything and directing all the secret societies, groups, governments, Illuminati etc..behind the scenes..

Are they describing Lord sanat cumara and the Ashtar Command?
They have “UFO” ships over 30 miles long and up to 300 miles long…the Capricorn is the Main Star Ship and is Light Blue in color typically located in the North Western sky…

Once these Archontic parasites have developed to a certain level they have the ability to project themselves into other dimensions, like a writhing mass Archonic Agenda and Parasitic Dreaming!

Yup parasitic dreaming is their magic

The Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They exist on multiply dimensions, able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies of the 6th, through to 1st dimensions.They do not solely exist on the third dimension though they can directly affect our reality, often unseen. They have infected all life forms in your milky way galaxy to one degree or another. They are mind entities and operate on frequencies, which affect the mind matrix of all beings in the galaxy. They can be thought of as intelligent, mind predatory entities. They do not have a form as such but for those who have seen them manifest in 4th dimensional bodies, they often appear as black slug like entities. They are a cloudy black mass of energy which moves in slithering movements which resemble large snakelike slugs or squids,these can be all forms of beings fallen celestial beings created by God but rebelled,or to be the children of fallen ones or synthetic mind slave tupla egregoric in nature archyotyphycal atral robot beasts. Healers and Mediums are reporting seeing black slimy slug like beings hanging around the homes, of those who are having problems with astral entities, ghosts-ie familliars, and the demonic. The snake like slug beings are also seen attached to people’s auric fields inserting their tendrils into the chakra points, feeding off the person’s energy body. Just as leeches were used in medieval times to cleanse the blood these black leeches are feeding off the life force of an infected person.

The host planets to these beings are within the constellation of Orion. This system is not their original home but it is one of the many systems which these beings have taken over and made into their host worlds. These Archontic parasites inhabit hollowed out cave systems within planets, which they then inhabit to produce their offspring. In the centre of the planet there is one large Hydra like being whose tendrils pass through all the labyrinth cave systems feeding upon the negative fear energies, created by humanoid beings imprisoned there. The beings feed upon lower fear frequencies, which they stimulate into being through mental torture. Humanoid beings from other systems in your SOL system milky way galaxy have been captured by possessed luciferian Draco Reptilian and Grey forces who are one also types of archons who are fallen celestial beings in luciferian aliance and these humanoids they imprisoned these greys and dracos  held prisoner within the caves of these host worlds. Humanoid beings have the ability to create an emotional energetic food which these Archons feed upon. The Archons prefer the negative, dark, polarised energetic food which humans create when they are in intense fear and a constant state of anxiety.

of slithering black snake like slugs they move into and through the lower levels. They search for beings with minds which can be directly affected to stimulate and create low frequencies emotional nourishment for them to feed off. These parasitic beings influence humanoid beings to live in the illusion of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, pain, suffering, and torture and torment.Beings in these states create certain brain waves which then cause a reaction within the emotional bodies, which the Archons then feed upon. The Archons are totally cut off from the nourishing light and love of the Creator, the poluting astral dream magic dreamer warriors go and control big systems and are fallen principalities and archangels and dominions and thrones and are goetian jinn even who control politics and religion and witchcraft systems of their own and make religious and political military wars and occult wars which these archons feed upon.They are so cut off from the light and love they need to feed off the energies created by other beings in order to survive.

They infect the false mind matrix of the possessed being, learning extremely quickly how the host’s mind works and very intelligently infiltrate it and begin to influence it from within the subconscious.

Some beings are more prone to being possessed than others; fallen reptilian forces especially from Alpha Draconis the Luciferian Draconians have been totally controlling illuminati,freemasons,templars,ect,these people are possessed by these parasitic entities who are fallen seraphim and cherubims who are controling thrue these high level advanced global occultists with saturnian matrix.

Saturian archontic matrix exposure

Crucifixion Implants

When your planetary logos status was corrupted of the rays of the dimensional structure of the planet Gia then this planet was invaded and corrupted by the fallen luciferian dracnian Reptilian Controllers and insectilians, the planet and our race were impacted dramatically. The archons are the ones responcible for the demiurgic hive mind,who are behind

Atlantian Cataclysm

Electric Wars

Lemurian Holocaust

Luciferian Rebellion

Nephilim Wars

Orion Wars

Sumerian-Egypt Invasion

Atlantis annunaki and nephilim mardukite and semjase sex cultist wars

Atlantian Cataclysm

Since the nephilim wars the niburu Annunaki Resistance and Patriarchal Melchizedek factions decide to take over the Inner Earth and start aggressive campaigns to take over the earth territories 3000 years ago. The Sirians warned them about the abuse of crystal technology in the earth core and these groups continued to force massive power generators into the earth and crystal caverns. Several power generators exploded and ripped apart the surface continents of the earth, more powerful than the previous Cataclysm at the time of the lemurian holocaust, killing many humans again.

The planet Earth tilted on its axis which damaged all planetary gates, Planetary Grid Networks the portals and stargates on the planet. All the Pyramids and orion annunaki technology disconnected and went offline. Flooding and cataclysm destroyed the Atlantian colonies and much of the earth surface

I’ll throw some info your way. In the book of Exodus the Hebrews came upon the land of Israel and there was one of the Nephilim tribes children of the fallen ones, different than giants known as the Amalekites. In ancient Hebrew the name Amalekite translates to Vampire-Like-Demons. Hence why God YAHWEH and SHEKINAH commanded the Hebrews to utterly destroy them because they were only not human but also had the genetic evil of the Bene-Ha-Elohim aka Fallen Angels and seraphims who mixed with humanity the succubuss and incubus. When the Hebrews invaded most the Amalekites were slain, but in archaeological studies we see clear evidence of some managing to escape, predominately going over the Caucus Mountains and settling in modern Transylvania and Khazaria. There they were hailed as kings and became wealthy, hence the BritishDutch Royal families and the Rothchilds, blood alters and sacrifice also why you see so many people claiming to be JewsIsraeli descendants Rothchild, Bloomberg, and many other top of the pyramid evil bastards but are NOT Jews. Having read Enoch and seeing the Fallen Angels inner breeding with mankind it gives me the impression that the Elite, Illuminati or as I like to call them the descendants thereof are actually descendants of the fallen angels and through their occult practices commune with them. In Enoch it describes how the archangels bound them to the abyss of the flood, not only meaning physical water but the dimensional field bounding them in a dark realm. Commonly referred to as the underworld gods by ancient occult empires, Babylon, Assyira, Eqypt, Greece. In Enoch the Fallen Angels fell on Mount. Hermon, their offspring was known as divine rights to be kings. In ancient Greece their ‘gods’ fell upon Mount. Olympus and their offspring was kings by divine right, same story different cultures.  Illuminati are the descendants of the Watchers For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in HIGH places. Ephesians 612 If people wants to know what the true ideologies of the elite Illuminati or whatever you want to call them take a good hard look into the Book of Enoch and the Watchers. Note the term the Watchers in Enoch and the ALL SEEING EYE they are one of the same. Take a look at the Nephilim and the ideologies of the ancient earthly occult.  Look up Brien Forester and his research in Peru about the Nephilim, he has actual remains. In the Book of Enoch it describes a time when the Bene-Ha-Elohim in Hebrew (Sons of God), or described as the Watchers (all seeing eye) came to this earth, dimensional beings took humans as wives and bred their own offspring.  In The Book of Enoch it clearly states that it is not for this generation but a distant one, one which has not come to pass yet, and eventually predicts Christ several thousand years before his coming and  predicts the tribulation of the elect. It also lists out the atrocities the Fallen Ones, taught to humanity.  Teachings of the Watchers 1. Smiting of human baby in the womb = abortions which has been re-taught to society 2. Seduction = Just look at how the elites using the media portrays how WOMEN  should be 3. War = Though there are elites who benefit financially from war but it also fuels the pleasures of the old gods which the fallen angels portrayed themselves as 4. Illusionary Trade 5. Financial Systems 6.Witchcraft = Which was recently portrayed at the Grammy’s itself, with the Hex symbolism and the allure of music and visual imagery, just have to look up blackmagic and witchcraft to understand. 7. Summoning of Demons = Just research Aleister Crowley and the images he personally drawn himself of the demon he would frequently summon and take advise from. 8. Signs of the Earth = This lead the ancient theories of human sacrifice to quote save the earth, or to stop the drought, or bring the rain. Now this is the modern climateglobal warmingcooling. This is how they are also using this to justify eugenics and eventually bring back modern sacrifice Abortions, death panels and eventually ritualized ceremonies. 9. Signs of the Clouds 10.  Sinned against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood = This is a little more difficult to understand but it is simply they implied their genetics into even the animals, changing the animals from their natural forms, and even cannibalism. Today they create chimera using insect dna in salmon, or spiders in goats, GMOs and vampirism aka Amalekites.  These are just a handful of the teachings and ideologies of the Watchers but now look and see how the Elites-Globalists are pushing for these same ideologies and teachings, it’s because the Illuminati are more than just a handful of old white guys with a lot of money. It’s because they are of a different bloodline than we are, and they know it, we are of the bloodline of mankind, Hebrew = Adam, and they are of their bloodline of the Watchers. It’s why they have our kids learning about the modern myth known as evolution which can easily be debunked if you study the entropy of genetics but yet their own children are learning the way the world really works.

Egypt Stargate and Sun Takeover

During the time that the Egypt pyramidal technology was rebuilt in the Stargate in that location as the central mission control and interstellar port, Sirians and Procyon groups were in high security. The Nibiru Annunaki resistance moved its last Atlantian Colony to the Bermuda area of the 3D Stargate and the Annunaki Resistance continued its conflict over territory and earth dominion through war and geentic alteration of theDNA.

Annunaki and Patriarchal Melchizedek’s rapidly digress their race and genetics through becoming a warring species like the Orion Group. Luciferian Alpha DraconisOrion Group

The direction of life force [collected through the NRG Grids] is hierarchical and managed by the Alpha Draconis system in the Orion Constellation, however multiple conflicts exist within the system and the fight for its resources exist among many species, the reptilian and draconian levels of contingents. There is a vast system of bottom feeders and defectors.

The Orion Group is a Satanic force that has a predatorial ideology that uses females as slaves or breeders, while seeking territorial dominion on other planets within their warring and killing culture. Their position in the NAA and its consortium of Negative Aliens is called the Black Sun ProgramBlack Sun Program

The Negative Alien agenda NAA is to force the planet to serve another multiple species Controller agenda, through imposing false replicated time fields using bio-warfare technology such as Holographic Inserts, AI and Mind Control, namely created under genetically “reptilian based”Archons extraterrestrials, at the expense and life force of the human race and the kingdoms under human domain. Much of this NAA is veiled in the shadow levels of the ET and human military industrial complex, and primarily the takeover source is in the naval forces and underground bases on earth. Dark Workers And Light Workers Serve the Same Agenda

It appears earth was invaded several times by hostile Negative Aliens with a major shift occurring 26,000 years ago during the Luciferian Rebellion, which when in that time the first fallen races of celestial beings on side of lucifer were put down into physical realm in the beginnign when was created 26000 years old as it is,later these resulted  Atlantian Cataclysm and leading to the latest massive invasion in the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion,atlantian cataclysmic event 5840 yeqrs ago from now and the egyptian infestation with guauld kundalini serpents happened 3850 years ago. These agendas are still in effect today and impact all human and earthly life as a enforced enslavement on prison planet being harvested for a variety of resources to send back to off planet Controllers,who are now all once again in 2012 returned on earth and especialy more so in 2014 halloween stargate opening and cern stargate and pandora´s box opening so to speak in 2015, such as energetic quanta of the human life force and earthly minerals is for them feeding ground and the evil spirits enjoy it and all cituation on plant gets worse!If you can not see it all this yet that it is getting worse you have been affected by these evil spirits.

Phantom or False Timelines

For these reasons the Negative Grey Aliens (Zetas-and luciferian Dracos and their Black Sun Program and their Hybrids) and fallen luciferian Annunaki Draconian Reptilians (Belial Sun Hybrids also) have adopted the False Ascension Matrix 5D Timelines as their personal agenda to harvest,they may be here but they use the energy from s4everal 5D stargates to implant the demonic  interbreed hybrids with higher energy and put them to work so they sith emotional hormonal iching would deceive the naive and lustful and arrogant,egoistic,and dumb majorities,and control humanity to serve their personal agendas, now and in future. One such false agenda is to promote that it is the natural progression of humans to live with Grey Aliens or other types of NAA species on the earth the dark forces, as our masters and False Gods,messiah saviour figures and fake and false and phoney counterfit figures of somebody else or these figures of them the ascended masters who they call them but are possessed by them and have merkaba activated by the same dark forces the same psychic vampire God damn devil sickle caring luciferian draconian saturnian matrix blood sucker and energy sucker beast.The Black Sun wheel of destruction when attempting to appear “friendly” promote these folks and their high IQ and the sharing of technology as if it is beneficial for humanity as whole, when its application is highly destructive to the natural organic Consciousness and even more so of the human race to reach its highest DNA potentials. Grey Alien Black Sun Program technology is not our friend, it is designed to irresponsibly warp and rip our time fields, through black hole technology, blank slate erasure of memories, while promoting rapid uses of forced artificial intelligence technology, such as SPE tech, like EMP Pulsing, to our military, that hurts and destroys your planet, and instigates war with the humans of your own global race. They also promote use of “supposed” healing technologies (“inorganic and artificial replicant matrices”) that are designed to remove pain physically, or have physical results in other uses, however, the “technology” is intended to enslave the Soul or place a variety of Alien Implants the human body. They also project holographic mirages and “pretty inserts” to keep an abductee or SRA(satanic ritual abuse) mind control target calm while they gain control of the person’s aura or soul matrix and chackraseat of the soul 8th chackra. In shorthand, this is externalized Black Magic and highly advanced without mercy used technology used against living souled organism is extremly what can be called living death and is ultimately harmful to the organic spiritual bodies and organic auric field of human and planetary Consciousness. This creates interference with the person’s ability to connect with their own spiritual source higher self and universe and nature as whole and the Creator Most High directly or have control over their thoughts, feelings or bio-neurological fucntions,and life in general. It is this specific reason of spiritualpsychic hyperdimensional interference, that there is a true Guardian and Krystal Star intervention on planet earth and it is not public new age ashtar  command no galactic federation type of organisations of celestial beings and like alpha centaurian silver legion of Yamanzda the fallen elf either,nor second andromedan council and not even ori crusaide,these all are fallen as i mentioned before in my blogs,the thing is that there are only ones that are fallen ones i mentioned in my blogs i will give you links


. They were not born here on this planet, this is not their domain, and there is a reason for that.They were not made nor born nor put this is nto their origin,but they are allowed,in order to test souls and what souls choose them,when even find out truth and still have chance to get free for example there are those who like to stay with for example what is known multiply personality dissorder with legions of demons and alters mk ultra cia slave puppet with split soul which is dammaged and stuff,…………….

The orion group and luciferian rebellion

This section was revised and edited several times with the assistance of the Founders in order to make it more readable and consistent chronologically. The words “Dracos” and “Draconians” are used interchangeably, but refer to souls originating in the  Luciferian Alpha Draconis star system.

offering insight on the Luciferian Rebellion.

Up until about 1000 years ago in your timeline, Earth continued to attract more and more souls from across the Universe. The vibratory level of these souls was generally fourth density, meaning that they were subject to the astral and etheric distortions inherent within that level of vibration. The genetics were now a blend of many races, but the Orions gradually began to dominate. War between Rigel and Betelguese had made life rather intolerable for many Orions, and Earth was seen as a place to begin life anew. Unlike the luciferian Dracos, the Orions were able to easily land directly on the Earth, in addition to coming through stargate process, and so their numbers increased significantly faster than the luciferian Dracos, whose reptilian bodies had a hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

A group of archangels and seraphim and cherubim  beings from 7th, 8th and 9th density were also watching the Earth. Several of these beings are well known to Earth’s people, including Archangel Michael. And dragon form of being, being that have given the name Lucifer was among those watching the progress of Earth. Lucifer-Satan devised a plan to lessen the chaos on Earth by teaching Earth souls how to control their emotions and use their intellectual capabilities so they would not be as easily swayed by the negatively-polarized factions,and maing both ides so to keep all of his armies occupied with working ithout a pause as it is said evil never sleeps Lucifer mistakenly attributed the decaying situation on Earth to unbridled emotions and passion. A group of souls headed by Lucifer came to Earth and established a series of mystery schools designed to train souls in suppressing and controlling the emotional body. The plan backfired, because as the students learned to suppress their emotions, their souls became more and more fragmented until their vibration dropped below fourth density into third density. Suppressing any part of the Self results in a loss of power and awareness. The shaming of emotion in men, the Victorian suppression of sexual desire and the making of feelings wrong all had their origins in Lucifer’s philosophy.

Archangel Michael, seeing what was happening on Earth, found that he could sit by no longer simply watching, and so he headed a group of ascended beings who voluntarily dropped their vibration and came to Earth, establishing another mystery school designed to raise the vibrations of souls back into the light. Once Michael and his group arrived on Earth, the vibrations were so dense that he and his band of celestial helpers became caught in the game of duality and started seeing the negatively-oriented factions as evil forces to be overcome. Thus these archangels reinforced the concept of light vs. dark on your world. Michael took the side of the light and many members of the Councils of Rigel, as well as most of the Luciferian Dracos, took the polarity of the dark.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and his group maintained their cool, calm aloofness, becoming armchair strategists, watching with interest the battles taking shape. He became so fascinated with this drama of duality that he began building up both sides, through training the light and dark forces to fight each other in the interests of seeing who would be supreme victors. The missing ingredient in all of this was compassion. Lucifer taught the soldiers on the battlefield to suppress their emotions and become hardened to misery and suffering. Archangel Michael taught the soldiers to be passionate and forceful in overcoming the dark forces. When Lucifer saw what Michael was doing, he turned his attention from the Orions and waged war on Michael’s forces and a great battle ensued in the astral and etheric planes above Earth. This became known as the War in the Heavens. Michael’s forces were passionate about becoming victors over darkness. Lucifer’s forces were cool, calm, and intellectual and waged their wars through cunning strategy. The third force in all this, the negatively-polarized luciferian Orions and Satanic nd luciferic draconian factions of many  Draconians, proliferated as their primary foes were now at war with each other.

Anohter War in the Heavens lasted about a thousand years, taking place in roughly 500B.C. Because the wars were largely off-planet and did not significantly impact the surface of the Earth or the subterranean cultures, the population did not drop that much during the Luciferian Rebellion. Most of the surface fighting was regional and involved conventional weapons.

After about 1000 years of fighting, a truce was declared and Lucifer and his group agreed not to promote overt aggression against anyone in the Earth system. Michael realized the futility of fighting the darkness, and also the futility of trying to overcome the suppression of emotional energy by force, and withdrew back into the celestial realms to integrate the lessons learned.

Between 500B.C. and 200B.C., life gradually evolved on Earth and a few souls recaptured their fourth density awareness and began learning how to live cooperatively. During this same period, many more souls came from all over the galaxy, and Earth truly became a melting pot. However, the biggest groups were still the Orions from Betelguese and Rigel. During the Luciferian Rebellion, the Councils of Betelguese sided with Michael and the light forces, while the Councils of Rigel sided with the dark forces. Although there was very little overt hostility during the transition time following the rebellion, both Orion groups generally confined their breeding to their respective polarities, thereby retaining their DNA structure – the Betelguese factions remained more peaceful while the Rigel factions continued to be domineering and aggressive. The pinnacle of population during these times reached almost one and a half billion, just before a Grand Cycle around 200B.C.

The first period of Lemuria started about 2000 B.C., after one of the Grand Cycles of 259 years had completed. This particular shift wiped out about half of Earth’s population through massive earthquakes. The EM shift caused certain lands to break up and move apart, and one land mass became particularly fertile ground for the development of a rather benign civilization. Souls who were attracted to this land mass were generally peaceful people, some originating in the Pleiadean sector and some from Sirius and Orion. This continent became roughly the size of Australia and was located almost on the same longitude, but a bit further north. What most historians do not realize is that civilization continued on the other continents during the first period of Lemuria, even though the vibration of the other continents was not as refined as it was on Lemuria. This first Lemurian civilization was later called the Land of Mu. It consisted of nearly half a billion souls at its pinnacle.

GOD YAHWEH AND GODDESS SHEKINAH sent punismetThe grigorii watchers who rebelled had their nephilim aong with atlatis ad lemuria so e parts to get sinked into eatery cataclysms.

About three grand cycles later, the EM fluctuations were such that another catastrophe ensued and all the land masses except Lemuria became flooded. Most of the souls who perished in the surrounding continents migrated on Lemuria, and the population of Lemuria began to skyrocket. This became the second Lemurian period. This period was roughly from about 1200 B.C. until about 100 B.C. At the height of this second Lemurian civilization, the population again reached almost a billion people. These souls were not technologically oriented, but were tribal in nature, enjoying music and rhythm, and living in large cities along the coasts.

Around 100 B.C., the comet Annanhutak made a particularly close approach to Earth, and the tail brushed the atmosphere, causing dramatic cooling. The Lemurian people were used to the warm, tropical climate and all of a sudden the temperature dropped 50 degrees F in literally hours, freezing most of them. Those who knew what was coming fled to the sea. Many walked into the sea and drowned. A few tried to build undersea cities, but were largely unsuccessful. There are many legends of the sea that originated during this period. The Lemurian land mass eventually sank beneath the sea, due to EM storms that followed the passage of the comet. There were only a handful of survivors and they migrated to what is now South America and Australia, and later Hawaii and the Philippines.

What has not been revealed before, and what has been heavily suppressed on Earth, is that the Luciferian Alpha Draconians were behind the unusually close passage of the comet. Through a series of nuclear explosions in space, they deliberately forced the trajectory of the comet closer to Earth in order to destroy the civilizations there. The plan was to wipe out the existing life on Earth and then land and claim the Earth for themselves.

They were partially successful in this regard, but landing in their native bodies on Earth was a whole lot harder than incarnating into millions of already existing bodies. Suffice to say that they had a hard time surviving in their reptilian bodies, due to the unfavorable gravity and mixture of gases in the atmosphere. Their native bodies mutated and grew in size as they adapted, although their overall numbers remained small. This was the main period that gave rise to the power of luciferian  dragons roaming the Earth.

The Luciferic Draconians, not to be defeated that easily, spent long years in laboratories aboard their spacecraft splicing and mutating various DNA samples until they came up with a human-Draco hybrid whih are illuminati blodlines. The secret involved injecting reptilian DNA into the cerebellum section of the brain where it quickly mutated the entire system. This part of the human is today still called the reptilian brain. While the characteristics of this part involve aggressive and competitive behavior and the “fight or flight” syndrome designed to protect the organism, these characteristics, when combined with Orion DNA, became especially potent and dominated the entire organism.

Today, about 80% of the DNA in their elites f hybrid humans is Orion in origin, or maybe we should say, Orion-Draco hybrid. What is commonly satanic nature is the result of this DNA manipulation by the Draconians and subsequ ent incarnation by the Orions-blue bloods.

Due to the low survival rate of the hybrids of luciferian Draconians after the destruction of Lemuria, the percentage of illuminati humans with true reptilian DNA on Earth has remained rather low. Most of the settling of Earth after 10 B.C. and before Atlantis was done by the Councils of Rigel and Councils of Betelguese from Orion.

NOTE Long after the wars in the Orion sector came to an end (over 100 years ago), many of the factions that migrated to Earth continue to stay locked in battle mentality to the present day. As you can see by looking around, this trait ranges from civilized militarism and fervent patriotism to overt hostility and barbaric customs.

Here are dictated material by my elf guardian spirit guide

This is the end of Part 7. Woliger and Magog fallen seraphims

Soul fragmentation

Greetings in the light of the Infinite Creator..

The subject of soul fragmentation must be approached from multiple levels of understanding. From the highest possible level, there is but One Soul because we are all One Being manifesting as individual facets.

In the beginning, the One Being chose to experience itself as individualized fragments, or facets. The common analogy most can relate to is the concept of a pin cushion or sea urchin, whereby the “ball” or center of the creature represents the Godhead, and the spines or tentacles represent the individual souls. As you can obviously deduce in the sea urchin, the spines are an integral part of the creature, but seem to have an individuality because there are sensors in the tips of each tentacle that experience the surrounding environment, relaying information back to the central core about such things as the location of food supplies, water temperature, etc.Evrythig is made in image of GOD YAHWEH AND GODDESS SHEKINAH!

God manifesting as individualized souls can be likened to the sea urchin if you imagine for a moment that each of God’s individual sensor points (souls) reports back to God a unique viewpoint using the physical senses (or in the case of disembodied souls as mentalintuitive perceptions).

When an individual, integrated soul leaves the Godhead to experience the outer worlds as an individualized spark of God, the connection to Source always remains intact. However, imagine for a moment that a single tentacle on a sea urchin splits into sub-tentacles that are all still connected to the main tentacle, but now consist of several smaller tentacles each moving in a different direction.  That is the best analogy we have for the idea of soul fragments.

The first set of integrated souls fragment into 12 pieces, or sub-fragments, in the manner of six male-female pairs. Each of these male-female pairs then fragment again as sub-sub pairs, etc., until you have the current number of individual souls that make up your world at present (and all other worlds inhabited by souls). While there are approximately 6.4 billion individual souls upon your planet, virtually all of these began as a set of 12 primary souls extended from the Godhead.

So far our discussion involves only integrated souls – i.e., souls that are whole and complete within their sphere of influence. But what about non-integrated souls What are non-integrated fragments How did they become non-integrated, and can they be made whole again These are the questions we will attempt to answer next.

The picture actually gets more complex when you consider that the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of individual souls representing integrated fragments is only part of the current story on Earth. Now let us take a look at non-integrated fragments. These are pieces of soul energy that get split off from an individual soul and attach themselves to other individual souls. These fragments are incomplete, meaning they do not have enough God essence to become fully conscious beings. They manifest as apparitions, poltergeists, ghosts, thought forms, discarnate entities and the like. They attach to the auras of other souls and contaminate the integrity of such other souls.

Non-integrated soul fragments occur when the emotional or mental body of an individual soul is traumatized by unhealthy alliances, such as possessive love relationships, karmic contract relationships (such as souls torn apart by becoming war casualties, perpetrators or victims of murders, rapes, etc.), and any form of interaction between souls that results in cording, psychic attachments, or entity possession. When we look at individual souls, we often see pieces of other souls embedded in the aura. These may appear as dark blotches, black holes or geometric anomalies. A psychic healer will often remove these energetic attachments and attempt to return them to the souls from which they fragmented. Therapies that specialize in soul integration often include exercises whereby the non-integrated soul travels the universe in search of its missing parts, discovering other souls that have received its fragments, and negotiating with those souls to return the missing parts.

If you have unresolved emotional traumas, have become separated from a loved one to which you were emotionally attached, or have violent karma with another soul, there is a good chance that you have fragments of your own soul attached to these other souls. There are a number of techniques that can be employed to recover your lost soul fragments. The most powerful and effective tool is simply becoming aware of your lost soul fragments and asking your own God Presence to go wherever it is needed to reclaim these lost parts. If you become aware that you have fragments of other souls attached to your auric field, you must release these fragments into the light and ask God to send the fragments back to their rightful owners.

This process is way too complex for most people to consciously undertake, unless you ask your God Presence to do the retrieval and returning. You may experience sudden and intense memories of past loves or past hurts as your God Presence is returning fragments to their rightful owners or retrieving your lost fragments. Once you have cleansed yourself of fragments that do not belong to you, and once you have retrieved all your own soul pieces, the process of integration can begin. You must welcome back your fragments and merge them within your own being until you feel whole again.

After you are back to being an integrated soul, you can then become aware of your higher soul family – the other 11 parts of your original integrated oversoul fragment. This is a very joyous occasion when you begin to make contact with your soul family. At some point, your soul family will re-unite, while at the same time preserving the individuality of each soul. We know this sounds like a contradiction or a paradox, but the ultimate paradox is the fact that all souls eventually merge back into the Godhead, while at the same time becoming individual gods in their own right, free to create like our original God Parents. It’s kind of like when an Earth family scatters themselves around the globe and then comes home for a family reunion. The family is once again together, but each individual has hisher own unique life and experience. Such is the case with soul families.

At another time we will talk about oversouls and master souls. These are names given to the primary rays emanating from the Godhead that gave birth to the 12 members of your soul family. We will also go into the nature of twin flames, although we understand Leah may be a bit more qualified in that department, as she is the twin flame of the channel.

We hope this discussion makes sense. This is a challenge for us, partly because we have just started working with this channel, and partly because this is a complicated subject to most people of Earth. We have, of course, only touched upon the intricacies of this matter, but you will likely have a clearer picture than when we began this discussion. We leave you now, promising to return shortly. We are the Arcturians. We bless you in the Light of the Infinite One.

The foundation of dimensional levels

Crucifixion Implants

Crucifixion Implants

When our Planetary Logos was invaded and corrupted by the Reptilian Controllers (Archons) of the NAA, the planet and our race were impacted dramatically. (See Ages of Humanity and Galactic Wars)

This meant humanity was no longer free to create and evolve as per the original Blueprint of our intended creation, and we had no memory of what had happened to us. We were recycled through continual torment of astral boxes on the Astral Plane with no mercy, who we really are, where we are going, or what our real relationship is to God and what humanities “purpose” actually is about the draconian luciferian reptoids wh deceived humans with roman religion they tormented these people in lower atral reams as these deceved humans died. Over time most of us lost our feeling connection to our Soul and we became numb to the pain in order to survive in anti-human based structures. What has happened to our planet is not human, it is “alien” to the true nature of humanity. This was the historical result of the NAA Invasion and their Mind Control strategies, such as Psycho-Spiritual Warfare technology to enslave humanity by inserting into the Planetary Logos many variations of Alien Implants and Holographic Inserts.

The pain upon the planet was immense, as the deepest trauma of suffering is when a being is fully disconnected from the SoulSource of Creation. Our planetary logos was invaded with multiple mutations of “alien” mind control programming while siphoning our life force to other planets that serve alien agendas. One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods(aka fallen celestial beings). The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ.start wearing corsses without messiah becaus he risen he is not on cross but in haven,he is part of GODhead and the thing is cross or ank without him when you wear ou acept his ressuretion,if you wear orthodox and catholic with him crosses you are in danger of demon atacks because it represents no riing resurection of messiah if he is on these crosses! It represents the tortured human being, as we are all the Christ´s children who obey Torah, and we have been crucifiedimplanted as our planet was invaded. These structures are called Crucifixion implants. These Crucifixion implants are tangible control structures placed in the 7th dimensional logos, and therefore it is in our individual bodies, in the 7th Chakra, its complex, meridians, and the entire left side (our female spirit) of our bodies. We are not aware of these implants until we open the 7th Seal and start connecting this part of our 7th layer light body to our personal consciousness field.[1]



  • 1 Armageddon Software
  • 2 Wounds of Christ
  • 3 Redemptive Vehicle Contracts
  • 4 False Ascension Matrix
  • 5 Crux Implant Removal
  • 6 References
  • 7 See in third eye vision

Armageddon Software

The ARMAGEDDON software programs, such as War, Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar bio-warfareMind Control programs used on the earth to suppress human consciousness. This is a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare strategy used against humanity by the Negative Aliens through their False Gods and False Father Satanic religions to use SRA to repeatedly kill and torture humans through war. The Armageddon Software is the companion Mind Controlsystem which is activated through the Crucifixion Implants as a Holographic Insert in the planetary body and human body.

Wounds of Christ

Many upcoming frequency events relating to the connection of the Universal “Unity Logos” architecture ( the House that God Built) merging with our invaded planetary logos (Planetary Logos = collective human blueprint body and crown 7th Chakra of the human race). This rebirthing of the planetary logos includes recoding the 7th Violet Ray of Ceremonial Magic (which changes how ritualspellcurse energy has been cast or used in “magical rites” on our planet), the rebirth of the Female Melchizedek Christ Mother principle to embody the “Crown Chakra Logos” (to change the distorted electron fields and heal the male mental body principle), and healing the Bloodline from the Wounds of Christ, an miasmatic infection held inside the bodies. The Wounds of Christ are karmic blood miasms in the planetary and personal bodies from the distortions embedded as the false Crucifixion inserts in our LogosGroup Body. These inserts misdirected and stole our planetary “pranic” energy and body parts belonging to our spirit. (i.e. auric energy bodies) These false crucifixion inserts are how our planetary collective mind was invaded to reflect itself with the salvation model of a crucified deity, which represented the enslavement of humanity to recycle their souls from karmically bound physical bodies and distorted blood. These crucified group bodies were used to feed the artificial creations or phantom spaces made by controllers to serve their agenda. It is relevant that these terms are surfacing now to be recoded into alignment with God purpose from their misuse within those groups that wielded religious wars and power over others in the past. (as well as what is transpiring now in the current times) This time of Restoration is the Reclamation of the Christ Intelligence, and returning its spirit bodies back to the planet and the “Rightful Owner”.RRO[2]

Redemptive Vehicle Contracts

The redemptive vehicle contract is also the support to alchemize the energetic cause and effect (karma) results from of the accumulated belief systems on this planet that a human being, such as Jesus the Christ, was required to be killed for the salvation for humanity. The same parallel energetic result stems from all human belief systems that include a sacrifice to God must be made to ensure salvation. This false belief system is a deviant subset development program created by the core Christ Crucifixion Insert which was a distorted belief system propagated by an energetic holographic insert (mind programming) placed into the human being’s collective mind matrix. This manipulated the human being to believe (subconsciously and consciously) that it was necessary to kill each other in the name of God for our personal salvation. The human beings collective mind is a part of the planetary light body, the planetary mind matrix is also called the Logos and exists at the 7th dimensional level of the planet field. This is the field of the Violet Ray Flame and comprises the planet’s magnetosphere. (Please refer to my last articles for more information on the planetary Crucifixion insert) This is why this last year and ongoing the7th plane, the Violet Ray, have been critical missions of planetary grid healing repair work.

Because so many humans on this planet have belief system based on a CrossCrucifixion theology based upon the Negative Alien Religions, the energetic cause and effect was disastrous to the expansion of humanities consciousness to achieve liberation, sovereignty and Godhood in the Ascension cycles. Certain beings agreed to incarnate (The Reedemers) and alchemically transform the energetic manifestations, the implants and the holographic architecture of this distorted belief pattern that sacrifice was necessary to appease God. This required much soul retrieval and soul healing work on a planetary scale. These suffering souls, having being killed over the wars over God, or made as a blood sacrifice, were the energetic power source harnessed to retain the crucifixion insert and its belief systems architecture. One of the main systems of planetary control is the religious fundamental Christian programming. It was these programs that were manipulated to condition the planetary field and the collective human mind into believing these as Truths and revelations from God. These were the mind control manipulations to worship a False God, and the energetic results were vampiric to the group human divine soul.[3]

False Ascension Matrix

Heavy coordinate points that cross into and flood the energy tributaries into the Axiatonal Lines from the 4th and 7th Dimension are being repaired. Since the planetary 7th dimensional axiatonal line is the main disruption of the false christ Crucifixion Implants this has been a primary repair project. The 7th ray (Violet RayFlame) is transmitted through the planetary 7th Axiatonal lines and is being recoded. Previously this false crucifixion energy implanted in the 7th Axiatonal line was feeding another false program being used in the Astral plane which was like a mirage. This mirage I have referred to in previous articles is the “False Ascension Matrix” Program. This is why the 4th (Astral Plane) and the 7th dimensions (violet flame and Planetary Logosgroup mind) are so important in how they intersect and feed the levels of false (enslavement) programming.[4]

Crux Implant Removal

The entire Removal command for Crucifixion removal is located in the header Crux Implant Removal Command.

Beloveds-Bring in the Universal Harmonics in an Oscillating Wave Format to recode all bi wave systems into the trinity wave formats to create the Krystal Star communication stations, here and now. Iwe request the Removal of All Crucifixion patterns and their implants to be removed from _______________ in all areas in the sequence necessary to support the optimization and Ascension of this beloved land and within all beings we have permission to represent in this time and space. Terminate and resolve all inorganic and alien influences, terminate all enslavement records from impacting this land with intent to harm or hurt.[5]

See the entire process at Crux Implant Removal Command.


The things i was talking about and i will again much about

Atlantian Cataclysm

Electric Wars

Lemurian Holocaust

Luciferian Rebellion

Nephilim Wars

Orion Wars

Sumerian-Egypt Invasion

And even war between the factions of dark forces between themselves for who is going to be on top,even thou they are organised evil never sleeps but they are in war with eachother this is not contradicting and paradoxical,but the thing is that evil knows about ego pride position and hate as whole as their power,and they have groups,thus each of groups are by thsmselves organised and may even at times much cooperate and the thing is they may do wars,but they all want to be one on top of other!

Galactic Wars

Alphabetical not chronological

Atlantian Cataclysm

Electric Wars

Lemurian Holocaust

Luciferian Rebellion

Nephilim Wars

Orion Wars

Sumerian-Egypt Invasion

Electric Wars

Galactic History Summation of Root Race Seedings

Huge war broke out over this First Root Race Seeding on 7D Future Earth Gaia, this is called the Electric Wars. It was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and theDNA seeding and evolution of the Human (Christ) Kingdom. Race War Conflicts ensued over the genetic mutations and DNA damage that was caused by explosions and other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digression.

See the Universal Time Matrix.



  • 1 Seeding One- The 7D Earth
  • 2 Planetary Stargate Systems
  • 3 Hyperboreans
  • 4 Triune of the Universes
  • 5 References
  • 6 Other Wars
  • 7 See Also

Seeding One- The 7D Earth

Huge war broke out over this First Root Race Seeding called the Electric Wars, it was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and Human (Christ) Kingdom after the Lyran Wars with the Orion Group destroyed Lyran planets. Race War Conflicts continued after the Orion Wars in Lyra, which ensued over the genetic mutations and DNA damage that was caused by explosions and multiple other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digression. Lyran-Elohim and the Founders re-negotiated to ensure that Human species evolution would continue in lower dimensions of the Earth, Tara and Gaia, but would be sealed off from the higher realms as to protect the higher dimensions and entities from all of the distortions and genetic mutations that had occurred in the Human Race. Humans would have to undergo a slow evolution to reassemble DNA and clean up their mess to be allowed access to their Cosmic Families again. Our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12 DNA consciousness, and this distortion to us created a separation between our antiparticle and particle selves, meaning we now experienced separation and duality.Many more distortions to Human species Blueprint and consciousness occurred through subsequent seeding and evolutionary rounds. This also meant we would experience separation and awareness of the other aspects of ourselves, including our Lightbodylayers. To begin the healing of our fragmentation we would begin by unifying our stations of identity and its layers of consciousness through the time fields (dimensions) During our repeated incarnations we would begin the unification of our consciousness by starting to draw in our Lemurian fragments in through our 2D2nd Chakra and our Atlantian Fragments through our 3rd Chakra and Conscious Minds. The human 4D Astral Plane body would also draw in 3rd and 4th Root race Fragments, as a part of the separated emotional-soul body that was created from these distortions in our morphogenetic field blueprint from DNA damage. So another task for human race is that we are responsible to collect the fragments of ourselves from the other root race cycles and seedings.

Planetary Stargate Systems

Planetary Gates are the Earth’s connection points into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle. See the Precession of the Equinoxes.The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA and the Alien Machinery abuse from the Negative Aliens collaboration to control the earth. One such war in human history was called the Electric Wars.

This necessitated Krystal Star Guardian intervention and this intervention is referred to as Ascension Plan B with Mission Upgrades.Science knows these energy vortices as wormholes.[1]


When the Electric Wars happened to the Hyperboreans, they were split apart from their higher counterparts in Polaris. So when you think of Polarians and Hyperboreans, these are part of the 1st root races that were ever seeded as a part of spirit coming into a type of body and having a consciousness. Having some kind of experience on a planet in a body. Hyperborean in the beginning stages, was again, a golden age but by the end, the electric wars happened. Again, this is a part of the the Orion Group and the conflict over dominion over planets such as the Earth. Who’s going to seed here Who’s going to live here Why are you here and I’m not This is what happened and because of this massive tragedy of war, the Hyperboreans split and fragmented. Some of them were incarnated on our planet and those mythologies, what we call a mythology of the Hyperborean, are actually the Titans we know in Greek mythology. So, when we are talking about Perseus, Zeus and the Olympians, were talking about the original races that sourced from the Hyperboreans.[2]

Triune of the Universes

Right now during the Precession of the Equinoxes or end of the Ascension Cycle we can access up to the 12th Astrological precession in the Inner Worlds timelines which includes another 288 possible organic Timelines totaling 864 Timelines and ALL of those cellular memories and their DNA Fire Letters. See the Triune of Universes.At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur, new architecture can be created and repaired which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. This time is now. (The Inner Worlds are the access key to creating the Universal Ascension timeline known as Ascension Plan B.)[3]

Lemurian Holocaust

Lemurian Holocaust

Lemurian Holocaust was the first major event of planet earth genocide memories which happened about 500 years ago. The Annunaki, Patriarchal Melchizedek’s allowed Orion Group to stage an Draco invasion underground in secret deception. The Draco of Orion Group tunnels between Lemuria and Atlantian continents. Humans found out and tried to seal off underground tunnels with cataclysmic result that destroyed the earth surface.

Earth core implosions destroy portions of the Pacific Ocean Continent – inner earth and underground tunnels are rendered unstable. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Sinkholes wreak devastation, killing thousands of humans. The forthcoming Ice age forced the Lemurians underground.) While underground they started to organize the rebuilding of planetary Portals, and repair the Arc Gate with [[OraphimGuardian Groups.

This was the first stage of planetary cataclysm that is the hidden history and memories of the human root races that is recorded in our DNA, and of which the NAA wants us to forget this memory so they can continue to manipulate humanities into the Armageddon Software which is based on these previous Timelines of holocaust and genocide memories.archons sigel haven ereshkigal goddess demonlover seal illuminati p