canned foods are dangerous for our health and should be done away’s like eating food that has no life energy..

It poured today and thundered Zeus/Satan this is the second time in my life  fully drenched me at the wrong time . I wasn’t the only guilty one in that matter as I noticed while walking down the street..but I started to have Flash memories and downloads I remembered more about atlantis about the corrupt priest who eventually became the druids..I started to get downloads and flashes now it makes perfect sense I belive water holds memory in its small crystals I was drenched on purpose the purpose to access these memories and downloads in the small droplets of water crystals I quickly thanked the universe as I walked home..I was reminded of just how important of a time it is I was reminded how the corrupt will fall and man be given his full multidimensional eyes back so that he can truly see and be fully awakened..some of the memories I have of atlantis was it becoming corrupt high sorcerers were using a crystal computer system to gain much power for themselves they had taken over high ranking positions in atlantis a battle broke out I remember going through a crystal cave system with the opposing good was shaking the ground was shaking and it crumbling..i shall most definitely write more about this later..the priest were time travelers not because of divine Right but because of the energy they had stolen to use in such things and also relics of the deities or ascended ones..they later became the druidic priest they use tech on other levels also..there are most definitely traces of them even from other planets as this war has been going on for such a longtime it cannot be said in earth the question is if all the history of this planet is within the water and they know if accessed this could cause mass awakening is this why they did the BP oil spill and why they are doing so much harm to fresh water sources and the ocean..maybe we should start focusing on doing downloads with water accessing the subtle energies and information within water crystals….

Lastnight my dream was do vivid it reminded me of the most powerful good magic the small things in life affect the subtle which than effects reality..the importance of even picking up a dime and handing it back to somebody who dropped it and did not see it has ripple effects we must realise it’s the small things that matter and that create our reality.caring in another one on the list care about what you create..people create without caring and create horrible realities yes we live in a matrix system but there are still basic divine rules it cannot overrun..we are beings of energy In a system that steals energy because we refuse to mature and take back our power once that happens man will have truly ascended..and it starts out with the small things and taking responsibility I often think that evil works in such a way like a virus slowly spreading not noticed because it first works it’s way in subtlety.we can take action and change that by learning that subtle is where everything is and many answers..awakening ourselves is our truest form of fully becoming ascended

Experience with the lions gate I heard a roar lastnight that stunned me to the point it made me shake it was so powerful I believe I somehow had connected to the gate and passed I was aware about the lion gate and also I feel this is connected to the whole outrage over Cecil the lion that was just killed I also thought about the scene in narnia where the lion is sacrificed and resurrects..also the bible has alot of verses about the lion of judah…many syncs here and clues about things happening in other frequencies

take care of ourselves on multiple levels spiritually and also physically we are also living in a 3d world let’s not forget that very evolved cultures such as the Egyptians balanced both out well..I see no issues in wearing a beautiful dress or wearing red lipstick at times I feel very lovely already but having that also makes me feel beautiful and feminine I’m scared the new age movement is telling women they should not do these things they are taking it to the extreme and I feel balance is the key to everything here I encourage women to be healthy spiritually empowered and do things to improve their lives don’t be too materialistic at all but don’t feel bad about wearing beautiful things and being feminine…spiritual women who feel beautiful happy and empowered are world changers let’s not forget that..

Rusalka ‘plural: Rusalki was perceived as a female Ghost, Water Nymph, Succubus or Mermaid of an Inorganic Feminine Intelligence, who often dwelled in a waterway,ow is  visiting fountins,any one of them can visit..


According to most pre-Christian Slavic traditions of Eastern Europe, the Rusalki ghost girls were usually seen as being of an amphibious nature, which indicates reptilian characteristics.

Inorganic Feminine Intelligence called the Allies, which also frequents whirlpools,and these are naga races!

Male naga helping female nymphotic mermaid witch fallen angelic fay. this is movie wish master,the one jinn who is there is exaact race of jinn who are express on their work,these are fallen cherubim who work with nagas who help mermaids,they all together share energy of services they took from deeling with humans,,souls,energy,chi,prana,ka,ect..

A salacious Rusalka was seen to stalk the depths of the humid night as a ghost, walking upon the river bank naked or to dance amidst the meadows sky-clad. Should a Rusalka see a handsome male, she would mercilessly hunt him down, fascinating her quarry with erotic songs filling his head,from that music jinn would geerate mash of energetic eggs as eregore soap so they can eat the same mash up psychic soap so to speak.

As cabalist occultist start dooing this..He would also be tormented by visions of the Rusalka ghost girl sensually dancing before him, so that to mesmerise her prey, leading him away towards the river floor, to live with her; that, or she to haunt his watery astral dreams wherever he goes, such as haunting,then jinn would hold him and mermaid would enjoy taking prana  with jinn from him!

As they get all that energy chi and prana they spent it on building ufos and or usos…..(sea and air transportation objects)

Visual descriptions of the Rusalki reflect their environment, varying in form from region to region wherein to find Rusalki of fertile areas such as in Belorussia manifesting as seductively beautiful naked maidens who live without men amidst them.

A grimoire is a textbook of magic, which is the magic fare book were are sigels and names and suh for agic what is needed

These books typically have instructions on how to create magical objects, like talismans and amulets, as well as to how to perform magical spells, charms and divination.

A grimoire also lists supernatural entities, such as Angels, Spirits, and Daemons, which are sometimes liberally illustrated; they are somewhat likened to that of art books; although they are more like proto-comics in style.

The illustrated entities, which populate a grimoire, are of similarity to a Yidam. A Yidam is essentially a two-dimensional image, which is seen to be a repository for a type of deity associated with Tantric or Vajrayana Buddhism for example!

The Yidam usually depicts a deity, who is shown copulating with a female counterpart, called a Dakini; the imagery of which tends to be highly erotic. The term, erotic, is the operative word here, not pornographic! Those whom castigate this practice as being merely pornographic entirely miss the point of Dream Yoga, more so those who indulge in externalising it of base hedonism.Only fairies of Lyra star syste can sustain these and get them in control if these get more power and get to invade,the high elenari elves slow and bound sucuba legions who are uder Lilith and Astaroth/Ashtar!

In medieval Europe a Dakini would otherwise be termed as being a Succubus; although, a Dakini is also like a Genie as well as being an inspiring Muse

A Dakini is a female entity of dreams, who is known of in Tantric practice; she is of similarity to the European Succubus. There are many differing Dakinis; each of whom is unified with various alternate-selves (Avatars) of the Yogi, he can assume within (alternate reality) lucid dreams, which are empowered by the conjured Dakinis. Whereupon, the same perspective can be applied to the Succubae, when to conjure them out of a grimoire, whom govern over a myriad number of dream worlds, likened to beads threaded by a superstring..

Although a Dakini is similar to a Succubus, she represents far more as a feminine (Anima) embodiment of enlightened energy, which indicates that the phenomenon of the Succubus can be better understood, of Old Hag Syndrome visitations, when looking into what the Dakini represents

In the Tibetan language a Dakini is known as a Khandroma, which translates as the following: ‘void going woman, she who traverses the sky, she who moves in space, sky walker, or sky dancer.’

The Dakini is called upon of conjuration when practicing dream yoga, which is orientated towards attaining lucid dream contact with her; wherein she is akin to a Genie of Succubus wiles, whom initiates the conjurer into the associated knowledge, of which she personifies as a knowledge holder for the wizard who conjurs!

During personal meditation (Sadhana) practice, the Yogi identifies himself with the focussed upon deity, which represents an attribute, power and state of mind the Yogi seeks to assume, of an inner-self-image, for the purpose of self transformation.

The Yogi visualises himself copulating with the Dakini, as her deity, which is depicted in the Yidam; whereby he introverts his sexual impulse. This will enable the Yogi to implant his now sexually charged desire into his subconscious mind

A Dakini is associated with the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti, of which she is an energetic fluctuation, of its fire snake energy, as it arises along the spinal column of the practitioner.

The introversion of the sexual impulse will then empower the emotive spin of his electron dreams; the goal being to attain a lucid dream, within whichthe Yogi consciously experiences copulating with the Dakini, who is a bio-photon aspect of the Shakti (Electron) power of the dream..

All the power from occultists that they use these archons will use to project specific spectrum of colours from lower ethers of theirs where they store and will project on all news giving televisions for more eazy mind control for ads also to make people materialistic to want things and all and then to continue their directly ty works all over in circle again all is connected.on all ads and news tv stations they have then more power from yoga kundalini sex magic,because it drows sexual energy,the creative force.

The Dakini is sometimes seen as a self created thought-form, which is termed as being a Tulpa. A Tulpa can be constructed from varying symbolic stimuli like that of knitting together a Frankenstein’s creation of a Golem, this is done consciously of artistry; there is nothing strange or unnatural about this creative process, since your dreams are already populated with Tulpas.Tuplas are controlled by golems the fallen angelic golems.

The Dakini will then enable the Yogi to assume the guise of the (strange attractor) deity, since the (informational associative fractal) dream, which is the (Shakti) power of the Dakini, will reflect him back as the deity.

As the Kundalini fire snake arises along the spine, its feminine energy of Shakti activates the seven (planetary sphere) Chakras out of which the Dakinis emanate of differing (seal) expressions. Their various dream (metal) characters pertain to what they individually personify of inner knowledge,and that is one wa that they the archontic fallen ones give energy to occultic practitioners to steal fro others in their psychic vampirism ways