Luciferian and Satanic Illuminati structure: Portal of Enchantment into the Twilight Realm of the Shining Ones, for theirs is the enlightened Realm of the Ring Lords. Three Rings for the Elven Kings under the sky. Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone. Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die. One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne, In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all And in the darkness bind them, In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie. This is saturnian cult lead by Garter Dragons Saturnis Satanis Draconis and Lilith´s marching maiden soilder Elven sisterhoods.These are the Royal main cheaf commanding beings who are above the order who command them. Illuminati pyramid rule: 1. Base are children of darkness and the left hand path 2.Black Brothers and sisters of the right hand path 3.Ancient magi of Solomon 4.OTO 5.Rosy cross order 6.Adeptai Satane 7.Satanic brotherhood gnostic satanic and luciferian chatolic 8.Brotherhood of darkness and shadows 9.Order of Dragon draconian druid order-Royal Order of the craft-serpentis illuminatis 10.Garter 11.Sisters of illuminati 12.mothers of darkness 13.Monarc Covent-Moriah Below ring rullers who are Transyuggothian necronomicon race councils or orion council one and 2 rigel with tall greys and dracos, after them are wing makers annunaki councils these both are barons the first necronomicon and wing maker,first is cult of saturn leaders,and cheafs and served as gods both of factions are in all rleigions literally repacked maskes even as saints,ect,then in religions on planet these main ones who are considered as gods have under them in hiararchy below them are as these are rebelious lyran factions like pleiadians and arcturians these are prists of theirs or commanders set in charge,then go sirius a hydra draconians who are technology developers,sirius b are bigfoot like forces and are mystical tradition separate leaders for that and ecumentism also prists and technology developers also,sirius c nagas and some elves and angelic fae are the ones who are judges and balancers,these are magy jinn priors or anks,and then go like here kings and queens and princes,these are jinn magicans,these are principalities and powers like from goetian magic cabalistic,these are orion warriors,and then go insectilian andromedan scientists,below them go draconian warriors alpha dracos and below them go greys zeta raticuli one and 2 the worker class and hybridisation agenda factions and helpers of other incubi and sucubi and prists and vampires,then these have hybrid representatives of all these races and there are 24 hybrids as who represent of thsi hiararchy 24 races between the necronomicon elite and lower to bottom,between them and humans mixture who some appear as human no difference noticed as news anchors,actors,entertainers of all sorts and polititians,ect,and this necronomicon council mardukite and tiamite lead wing makers who have council of 24,these are who are leading 24 basicly also on earth illuminati factions who are under children of darkness the base level viorious occult factions that control evrything and there are 13 levels these are draco and insectoid elites as leaders of them in illuminati pyramid structure on earth, draco for satanic first who work for luciferian who are last and from 11th to 13th factions who are luciferian who are female and draco male and insectoid female,well mostly,but who are these factions satanic draco male and insectoid luciferian female,first left these male and right then female who are in charge! For example from council of 24 the deros..Do the Deros eat negative energy and transmute it? yup they are elemental race of gnomes,these are celestial inner ultra crypto terrestrial etherical lightbeings who can materialise and dematerialise these 24 races he mentioned with mentioning several who he talked about who also fight for control are all that they are just that-celestial inner ultra crypto terrestrial etherical lightbeings-elemental in nature and also known as fairies and angels and devas and asuras and elves,there are many races these are their titles but there are basicly 10 main titles for them and most powerfull ones are dragons and phenixes these are also known as cherubim and seraphim or annunaki,,under them are nagas and then elves and then angelic fae,then goblins,jinn,Leprechauns,and then go the powers or rehtors these are flying heads with wings good are lights just balls of lights and bad are squid head like kutulu and these are like principalities and powers principality is like from movie “alien” the scorpion,centauric scorpion from mummy returns and first one,so these are necronomicons and such,anyways these are talked in the bible and sumerian texts and all ancient scripts and yes they can do with energy all of basicly these 10 races with tons of subraces with titles of these main 10 with energy what you can not even describe not just to transmute it,deros can from negative to posetive and other way arround and can expand it,since energx can not be destroyed it can be changed,but also can be expanded or lowered,ect,and anyways these 10 have by other titles main from many stories names like this: Banshees, Centaurs, Cyclopses, Griffins, Dragons, Bigfoot, Nessie, Basilisks, Chimereas, Djinns, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, Gargoyles, Elves, Leprechauns, Harpies, Hydras, Nagas, Pixies, Faries,Phantom Grim Reapers, Wraiths, Unicorns, Nighthog,Tornado jinn,Dinosaurids,Cat people,Dog people,mibs,gorstacs,ect… As i said there are both good and bad celestial beings main titles for types of them are 10 but there are sub ones as there are many races and forms as i said..The bad ones have own as good have hiararchy and there are evil ones who play good vs bad cup who really work together and pretend they are in bigger war then they are,but all war of between themselves who will control humans is about.. INNER EARTH/UNDERWORLD POLITICS 101: SHAMBALLAH AND AGHAARTA: SHAMBALLAH as united nations the council AND AGHAARTA goverement.. They are harnessing people’s energy through this through ritual abuse/ torture of certain individuals/using their energy/vamping the negative energy harnessed from the abuse of influencing your mind/controlling your dreams in which they make you forget as well because of the technology. The e.t.s are fallen angels which is the demonic realm/reptilian/vampires & overtake otehrs that are not conscious to harass you as well as their soldiers who monitor you.Your soul is more powerful than them. all technology is low vibration shit if you a high vibrating being it wont work on you….its simple…your just a handler thats too caught up in this matrix! Chemtrails is evil,evil, crap created to keep you weak, robotic,hypnotized, and under control.It is fallen angel technology so that they can keep you weak and in a lower state to feed off of you and keep you from your higher self integrating fully in your body.The higher dimensions are being blocked as well where you really can’t see the sky they way it is/your pineal gland from accessing higher dimensions.There are many things with chemtrails, nanos, ashes, but all of this can be overcome. Free as a bird in the sky..soaring high on the Spiritual energy..hey Ra you are really setting off the shift with lots of knowledge for those of us who want to continue thought outside of the box called Matrix..Peace & Love.. Lmao. Now for some cognitive dissonance. Chemtrails are part of weather modification. Now for the tip of the iceberg….. The atmosphere is being heated in an attempt at preventing an ice age. That’s right, glacial formation is being halted. For now. You should look into ergot, dude. You are right, it’s a very messed up and complicated situation,but basically they are making everyone robots and controlled zombies with no soul connections or higher self connection. Reporgramming dna and keeping everyone at a low level, but enough to feed on for their survival. These are fallen angels/vamps that don’t want their food source to vibrate at a higher level than them. If you think of it as black magic tech, the key is to work of connecting to your higher self, thymus gland(heart These are some EVIL SouLess Genius’s behind this…Draco Reptilians.. or could it be other Dark Entities?….either way this is another ” slow kill” method.. moore and moore people get unknown dis Eases and bone mal function problems…try to have a humidifier in your house to Cleanse the AIR or one in EACH Room of your HOME I agree about the movie deal- many ppl get lost i it & think of them as JUST entertainment. Wrong. The same goes for songs & even video games- they ALL have a message of some sort. As for the chemtrial issue, this sounds like the X-Files… even the Twilight Zone! I must ask [anyone]: are these chemtrails causing these illnesses & memory issues, due to these nanofibers & the like forming in the body, possibly attacking it? Also, why come out w/ Verichip (RFID) id chemtrails are out? They implant many at birth for their programs to use them as psychic soldiers,sex slaves,assassins for the fallen angels and totally under their control.These beings want total mind control of humans/slaves.It’s abuse they feed off of & you have to realize your are part of the creator and have a soul and love yourself so they can’t control you.Everyone has this in them making them zombie-like,it doesn’t have to be ACTIVATED,but the stronger ones get targeted because their soul/dna is a threat. Nanofibers have anything to do with nanotechnology Chemtrails is getting worse and worse each day…i live near a airport (jersey) …so i tend to get doused in my city alittle bit moore…why? I think so we can not see the stars and whats happening in the dark matter or melanin or universe…they know we heading into the next dimension.. anything from keeping us from reconnecting or light codes and DNA They target people with certain dna that is stronger or have certain bloodlines that can access mind over matter more that can be resistant to their technology,so those people get the technology get hit harder because if they can begin to access their abilities and connect with their soul, they can overcome the stalking, chemical poisoning, radiation, /effect othters dna to overcome this like 100th monkey effect.Your soul’s energy can overcome this and programming if you learn to access soul. and purify your blood,allowing your cells to spin at a higher frequency connecting to your higher self/soul/source,allowing higher vibratory dna to activate within you which will kill these things out of your system and make you more immune to the technology and black magic.You can then create your own reality and not have to depend of their systems/food(because you won’t need much at all you’ll find at a higher frequency) & broadcast this frequency that resides within you that will free others. i knew it already… but the “:fanatics” will they ever see things outside the box? they are……kind of….brainwashed!! and i know,and feel that there are a faction of beings elsewhere..trying to form,create a wedge between the fool terrans.of this planet,and the politicians… I have been attacked by aliens..several time…..mostly a race of pale skin and black hair.sometimes bald head ones.they look like orientals. today i had another brief vision of one.coming to me.and taking me away. For the last two years, a certain number pops up all time (333) and (33). On clocks, receipts, license plates, athletic jerseys on TV. If it wasn’t 3:33am when I woke each night, I would look over and on my daughter’s feeding pump would read 333cc fluid given. I have felt for a long time that something was trying to communicate with me. All the angels and higher self explainations really didn’t resonate like this has. Would you agree that this “technology” is sending me these numbers? Demonic Possession Symptoms, Signs and Facts A complete demonic possession is a state in which one or several demonic spirits have gained access to the body of an individual and then proceeds to takes full control over the person’s will. In such a condition, the demonic spirits uses the body of the individual to express its personality and to carry out its evil intent.Demonic Possession is when Satan or a demon enters and takes over the physical and mental capabilities of a victim, however, the soul and will remains free. Satan acts through the victim without the victim’s consent, thus the victim is morally blameless. Satan does not act alone when he possesses an individual. He works side by side with many evil spirits such as spirits of lust, hate, destruction, suicide, revenge, anger, anxiety, desperation, death, torment, etc. Such an example is found in Luke 8:30 the case of the possessed man in the territory of the Gerasenes: “Then Yahshua asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “Legion,” because many demons and devils had entered him”. Descriptions of demonic possessions often include erased memories or personalities, convulsions, “fits” and fainting as if one were dying. Other descriptions include access to hidden knowledge (gnosis) and foreign languages (glossolalia), drastic changes in vocal intonation and facial structure, the sudden appearance of injuries (scratches, bite marks) or lesions, and superhuman strength. Unlike in channeling or other forms of possession, the subject has no control over the possessing entity and so it will persist until forced to leave the victim. Man is in various ways subject to the influence of evil spirits. By original sin he brought himself into “captivity under the power of him who thence [from the time of Adam’s transgression] had the empire of death, that is to say, the Devil” , and was through the fear of death all his lifetime subject to servitude (Hebrews 2:15). Even though redeemed by Christ, he is subject to violent temptation: “for our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places” (Ephesians 6:12). But the influence of the demon, as we know from Scripture and the history of the Church, goes further still. He may attack man’s body from without (obsession), or assume control of it from within (possession). As we gather from the Fathers and the theologians, the soul itself can never be “possessed” nor deprived of liberty, though its ordinary control over the members of the body may be hindered by the obsessing spirit A possessed individual is typically characterized by having strange physical ailments or disfigurements; verbal outbursts, mostly obscene or sacrilegious in nature; violent behavior and vulgar behavior; bodily spasms and contortions; ability to speak languages never before studied; self-mutilation; superhuman abilities such as psychic abilities, abnormal strength, or an ability to perform behaviors out of the realm of human possibility such as levitation; cessation of normal bodily functions for periods of time, including breathing and heart beat; and a pronounced revulsion to symbols, places, people, objects, and ceremonies having any religious context. Other phenomena associated with the presence of a demon include an acrid stench; marked decrease in the temperature of the room which a possessed individual occupies; writing appearing out of nowhere; sounds and voices arising from nowhere; and objects moving on their own and destruction of objects in the room, without anyone having laid a hand upon them. Satan’s army of evil, torment many unknowing lost souls to the point of destruction of others and of themselves. Today a more favorable climate exists for cases of possession and obsession then ever before. Our world has become a playground of pornography, sex, money, material possessions, drugs, and alcohol. There are so many instruments to spread these Satanic messages such as television, video games, Internet, radio, music, and even the clothing we wear; thus our children are exposed to a multitude of temptations and are wide open to evil. The “predominant” gods of this age we live in include money, television, music, thrill seeking, and sex. even suicide. Cases of Possession Among the ancient pagan nations diabolical possession was frequent, as it is still among their successors. In the Old Testament we have only one instance, and even that is not very certain. We are told that “an evil spirit from the Lord troubled” Saul (1 Samuel 16:14). The Hebrew rûah need not imply a personal influence, though, if we may judge from Josephus (Ant. Jud., VI, viii, 2; ii, 2), the Jews were inclined to give the word that meaning in this very case. In New-Testament times, however, the phenomenon had become very common. The victims were sometimes deprived of sight and speech (Matthew 12:22), sometimes of speech alone (Matthew 9:32; Luke 11:14), sometimes afflicted in ways not clearly specified (Luke 8:2), while, in the greater number of cases, there is no mention of any bodily affliction beyond the possession itself (Matthew 4:24; 8:16; 15:22; Mark 1:32, 34, 39; 3:11; 7:25; Luke 4:41; 6:18; 7:21; 8:2). The effects are described in various passages. A young man is possessed of a spirit “who, wheresoever he taketh him, dasheth him, and he foameth, and gnasheth with his teeth, and pineth away, . . . and oftentimes hath he [the spirit] cast him into the fire and into waters to destroy him” (Mark 9:17, 21). The possessed are sometimes gifted with superhuman powers: “a man with an unclean spirit, who had his dwelling in the tombs, and no man now could bind him, not even with chains. For having been often bound with fetters and chains, he had burst the chains, and broken the fetters in pieces, and no one could tame him” (Mark 5:2-4). Some of the unfortunate victims were controlled by several demons (Matthew 12:43, 45; Mark 16:9; Luke 11:24-26); in one case by so many that their name was Legion (Mark 5:9; Luke 8:30). Yet, evil as the possessing spirits were, they could still help testifying to Christ’s Divine mission (Matthew 8:29; Mark 1:24, 34; 3:12; 5:7; Luke 4:34, 41; 8:28). And they continued to do so after His Ascension (Acts 16:16-18). Demonic Possession in the Bible The Bible gives some examples of people possessed or influenced by demons. From these examples we can find some symptoms of demonic influence and gain insight as to how a demon possesses someone. Here are some of the biblical passages: Matthew 9:32-33: “And when they were gone out, behold they brought him a dumb man, possessed with a devil. And after the devil was cast out, the dumb man spoke, and the multitudes wondered, saying, Never was the like seen in Israel.” Matthew 12:22: “Then was offered to him one possessed with a devil, blind and dumb: and he healed him, so that he spoke and saw.” Mark 5:1-20: “And they came over the strait of the sea into the country of the Gerasens. And as he went out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the monuments a man with an unclean spirit, Who had his dwelling in the tombs, and no man now could bind him, not even with chains. For having been often bound with fetters and chains, he had burst the chains, and broken the fetters in pieces, and no one could tame him. And he was always day and night in the monuments and in the mountains, crying and cutting himself with stones. “And seeing Jesus afar off, he ran and adored him. And crying with a loud voice, he said: What have I to do with thee, Yahshua the Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God that thou torment me not. For he said unto him: Go out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him: What is thy name? And he saith to him: My name is Legion, for we are many. And he besought him much, that he would not drive him away out of the country. “And there was there near the mountain a great herd of swine, feeding. And the spirits besought him, saying: Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them. And Jesus immediately gave them leave. And the unclean spirits going out, entered into the swine: and the herd with great violence was carried headlong into the sea, being about two thousand, and were stifled in the sea. And they that fed them fled, and told it in the city and in the fields. And they went out to see what was done: And they came to Jesus, and they see him that was troubled with the devil, sitting, clothed, and well in his wits, and they were afraid. “And they that had seen it, told them, in what manner he had been dealt with who had the devil; and concerning the swine. And they began to pray him that he would depart from their coasts. And when he went up into the ship, he that had been troubled with the devil, began to beseech him that he might be with him. And he admitted him not, but saith to him: Go into thy house to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had mercy on thee. And he went his way, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men wondered.” Mark 7:26-30: “For the woman was a Gentile, a Syrophenician born. And she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter. Who said to her: Suffer first the children to be filled: for it is not good to take the bread of the children, and cast it to the dogs. But she answered and said to him: Yea, Lord; for the whelps also eat under the table of the crumbs of the children. And he said to her: For this saying go thy way, the devil is gone out of thy daughter. And when she was come into her house, she found the girl lying upon the bed, and that the devil was gone out.” Luke 4:33-36: “And in the synagogue there was a man who had an unclean devil, and he cried out with a loud voice, Saying: Let us alone, what have we to do with thee, Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the holy one of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying: Hold thy peace, and go out of him. And when the devil had thrown him into the midst, he went out of him, and hurt him not at all. And there came fear upon all, and they talked among themselves, saying: What word is this, for with authority and power he commandeth the unclean spirits, and they go out?” Luke 22:3: “And Satan entered into Judas, who was surnamed Iscariot, one of the twelve.” Acts 16:16-18: “And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain girl, having a pythonical spirit, met us, who brought to her masters much gain by divining. This same following Paul and us, cried out, saying: These men are the servants of the most high God, who preach unto you the way of salvation. And this she did many days. But Paul being grieved, turned, and said to the spirit: I command thee, in the name of Yahshua messiah-Christ, to go out from her. And he went out the same hour.” In some of these passages, the demon possession causes physical ailments such as inability to speak, epileptic symptoms, blindness, etc. In other cases, it causes the individual to do evil, Judas being the main example. In Judas case, he opened his heart to evil—in his case by his greed (John 12:6). So it may be possible that if one allows his heart to be ruled by some habitual sin, it becomes an invitation for a demon to enter. In Acts 16:16-18, the spirit apparently gives a slave girl some ability to know things beyond her own learning. The demon-possessed man of the Gadarenes, who was possessed by a multitude of demons (Legion), had superhuman strength and lived naked among the tombstones. King Saul, after rebelling against the Lord, was troubled by an evil spirit (1 Samuel 16:14-15; 18:10-11; 19:9-10) with the apparent effect of a depressed mood and an increased desire to kill David. Thus, there is a wide variety of possible symptoms of demon possession, such as a physical impairment that cannot be attributed to an actual physiological problem, a personality change such as depression or aggression, supernatural strength, immodesty, antisocial behavior, and perhaps the ability to share information that one has no natural way of knowing. It is important to note that nearly all, if not all, of these characteristics may have other explanations, so it is important not to label every depressed person or epileptic individual as demon-possessed. On the other hand, western cultures probably do not take satanic involvement in people’s lives seriously enough. In addition to these physical or emotional distinctions, one can also look at spiritual attributes showing demonic influence. These may include a refusal to forgive (2 Corinthians 2:10-11) and the belief in and spread of false doctrine, especially concerning Jesus Christ and His atoning work (2 Corinthians 11:3-4, 13-15; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; 1 John 4:1-3). From missionaries’ experiences, demon possession also seems to be related to the worship of heathen idols and the possession of occult materials. Scripture repeatedly relates idol worship to the actual worship of demons (Leviticus 17:7; Deuteronomy 32:17; Psalm 106:37; 1 Corinthians 10:20), so it should not be surprising that involvement with idolatry could lead to demon possession. Based on the above scriptural passages and some of the experiences of missionaries, we can conclude that many people open their lives up to demon involvement through the embracing of some sin or through cultic involvement (either knowingly or unknowingly). Examples may include immorality, drug/alcohol abuse that alters one’s state of consciousness, rebellion, bitterness, and transcendental meditation. There is an additional consideration. Satan and his evil host can do nothing the Lord does not allow them to do (Job 1-2). This being the case, Satan, thinking he is accomplishing his own purposes, is actually accomplishing God’s good purposes, as in the case of Judas’ betrayal. Some people develop an unhealthy fascination with the occult and demonic activity. This is unwise and unbiblical. If we pursue God, if we are clothing ourselves with His armor and relying upon His strength (Ephesians 6:10-18), we have nothing to fear from the evil ones, for God rules over all! How Do People Become Possessed by Demons? Demonic spirits are also referred to as evil spirits and are depicted in the bible as fallen angels. These are the angels who took side with Lucifer (Satan) in his rebellion against God Yahweh and Goddess Shekinah and Yahshua kinsman redeemer. (Rev. 12:4) Specialists in the area of demonology have categorized the state of demon possession into two groups: “Demonic oppression” and complete “Demonic possession.” Demonic oppression is said to be a mild to severe harassment by demonic spirits which often comes as a result of doors that have been opened in an individual’s life through voluntary sin which leads to manipulation in different areas of that life by evil spirits. A complete demonic possession on the other hand is a state in which one or several demonic spirits have gained access to the body of an individual and then proceeds to takes full control over the person’s will. In such a condition, the demonic spirits uses the body of the individual to express its personality and to carry out its evil intent. How do demons enter? Demonic spirits gain access into the life of an individual through what is known as a door way. A door way is a vulnerable area in the life of a person that becomes open to the access of evil spirits whether through voluntary or involuntary means. These doorways can stem from different level of involvement in the occult, traumatic occurrences, taking of drugs, generational curse, and different situation which triggers intense negative emotional reactions. A persons voluntary sins can also have an affect if a person is to become demon possessed. In most cases of demonic possession, a steady prayer life and the abstaining from sins, especially mortal sins is for most people enough to free themselves from the demonic influences. Nature of Demonic spirits Demonic spirits are merciless beings that will not hesitate to try and take advantage of the lives of humans with every opportunity they get. Whether it is through a willful act that creates an open door in the life of an individual, or through a traumatic experience… a Demonic spirit will seek to take full advantage of those moments and will try to gain access in the life of a person. Dabbling in the occult is by far the quickest way for demons to gain entrance in the lives of humans. This is because most occult activities involve having direct contact with demonic spirits. Whether it’s dabbling with Tarot cards, Ouija board, Necromancy, Witchcraft, or any other means of consulting evil spirits, will certainly open up the door way to demonic bondage. Using drugs also increases susceptibility to demonic invasion in a person’s life. Because drugs disrupt the coherent state of the mind and will open up an individual to be controlled by Demonic spirits. By use of drugs is a person putting himself into a state in which he can see and have access to demonic entities. In the Apocalypse (e.g., chapter 9, verse 21) the word sorceries is used. It’s from the Greek “pharmakeia,” which includes the use of drugs to achieve hallucinations, as part of witchcraft, evil arts, etc. The point is that there is a biblical connection between drug use, and sorcery (access to evil spirits). It’s therefore no surprise that people who are using drugs see evil spirits. A person who uses drugs is definitely opening himself up to becoming possessed. Involuntary entry point of demons In instances where demons enter the life of an individual through involuntary means, are usually during those times when a person goes through a traumatic experience, which causes intense negative emotional reactions that are above normal. This can be an overwhelming response to an experience which causes one to be completely overcome by fear, deep depression, deep sorrow, very deep emotional pains and different negative emotions which are above normal. Anger Anger is also another emotion which demons tend to feed off, especially when a person decides to dwell on being angry by choosing to hold on to whatever is making them angry. This will open the door for demonic spirits to come in and influence them to do different deeds by further fueling their anger into rage. Generational curse A generational curse is also another involuntary way in which demons enter into the life of an individual. As mentioned in the bible that God will visit the iniquity of the parents on to the children and their children’s, children. This is often evident when a child grows up and seems to inherit bad habits, addictions or conditions from their parents or past relatives they may even have never met. This could be drug addiction, addiction to alcohol, many different addictions and different sicknesses and diseases. It could be something that is passed on to only one individual in the family, or something that every member of the family seems to have inherited. Demonic spirits have been around for many years and are still constantly going around looking for their next target. As the Bible says, the Devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. To guard ourselves from demonic oppression and possession, we have to stay clear away from the occult and drugs and mortal sins. Also don’t dwell too much on negative emotions. For instances where we feel overwhelmed, it’s important to seek counseling and if necessary, seek also godly spiritual help. How Do Evil Spirits Enter Us? Evil spirits enter us through many ways as indicated in the examples below. In reality, there are no such thing as an “innocent victim” with regard to demonic possession. Excluding those victim souls God allows to be possessed and tormented for the sake of their own and the salvation of others, only those people who are actually guilty of mortal sin (or even deliberate venial sin) can become possessed by evil spirits. Christ describes why a three year old boy is tormented by a demon: “Even though the boy is born by the seed of the father and mother, the devil still has the greatest power over him, for he is not reborn through the true baptism, but is only baptized in the way that women are accustomed to baptize, That is why the boy may be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; then he will be cured.” Victims of demonic oppression/possession may also include children who are not loved, who are mistreated or abused or rejection by other children, siblings, parents, etc. The abuse can range from sexual abuse, mental abuse, or physical abuse. Those who Choose Evil In other cases, an evil spirit may enter us because of involvement in evil practices such as the occult. The occult is any practice that involves ceremonies, rituals, chants, magic, or activities that are obviously not God centered. These activities or rituals can change the course of nature, the lives of those who are involved in such practices, and of course, the so-called innocent victims. The Ouija board is a popular occult board game and there is also Dungeons and Dragons. Satan’s main target in Dungeons and Dragons game is our youth. With Dungeons and Dragons, the most powerful and successful players are those who use magic. There is a Dungeons Master Guide that even teaches new beginners how to communicate with the dead, cast spells, and learn to chant. In fact, most if not all role-playing and fantasy games includes the evil practice of magic—in addition to being extremely violent games (for example, having as one of their main plot going around killing people or creatures by magic and by the use of weapons); all such and like games (see evil video games) are therefore evil and forbidden to play and find enjoyment in. They also invites demons into one’s soul. The use of magic revolves around evil spirits, psychic abilities and contacting spirits. Magic is a power that does not involve God. It is a power that is derived from such things as voodoo, sorcery, witchcraft, primitive religions and Satanism. Most witches who use magic swear that they do not worship Satan but worship the gods and goddesses of nature (The gods and goddesses of nature are hardly Yahshua! Of course they worship Satan! Do not let someone who practices this occult practice tell you otherwise!). Many of these individuals are unknown because they blend in quite well. They can be found attending religious services in every denomination and they practice their magic on the side. If someone tells you white magic is ok—don’t believe them. Use of occult/new age tools such as divination, astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, reincarnation-accepting of life of demons as own knowing or not, pendulums, Yoga Meditation. Those who make a pact with Satan or attend Satanic services or rituals. Going to Séances, fortune tellers, Horoscopes, or spiritualist meetings for the purpose of contact the dead. Those who use or abuse alcohol or mind changing drugs such as LSD, cocaine, marijuana (see Smoking and Drugs). If someone tells you using drugs is ok—run away from them-they are under them and they are sorcery drugs and the demonic drugs are sorcery witchcraft and are open doors so to speak for demons and devils to control ya! You can renounce a spirit through personal deliverance prayers . but in order for you to achieve freedom you must be spiritually prepared by making a commitment to God. You must stop any and all sinful acts and confess your sins. If you don’t stop leading a sinful life, being temporally freed from the might of the devil for a little while while on earth will benefit you absolutely nothing in the end—and for eternity. Before you can renounce evil in your life you must want to change and follow God where ever He/she leads you. Signs of Demonic Possession The Extraordinary Activities of Satan Defined -The boundaries between one category and another are not clear-cut, because there is a lot of mingling and compounding of symptoms. External Pain – deals strictly with physical suffering. This includes the beatings, scourging, and injuries caused by inexplicable pushing, falling objects, and so on, These occurrences are not as rare as we may think, and the demon’s activity is usually confined to external activity; internal activity, if any, is only temporary and limited to the duration of a particular disturbance. Diabolic Possession – is the gravest form of demonic activity, which allows a continuing presence of a demon in a human body. The evil symptoms do not have to be continuous but can alternate between periods of crisis and periods of rest. Possession implies intervals of temporary suspension of mental, intellectual, affective, and volitive faculties. Symptoms can include the knowledge of languages unknown to the victim, superhuman strength, and the ability to know the occult or someone else’s thoughts. Typically, there is an aversion to anything sacred, often in conjunction with blasphemy. There are also frauds who pose as demoniac; therefore, we need to be extremely wary. Diabolic Oppression – is a ransom discomfort. We must remember that symptoms and gravity differ greatly case by case. This oppression can strike health, job, affections, relationship with others, and so on. Its symptoms include unexplainable rages and a tendency to complete isolation. Oppression can affect both individual and groups (even very large groups). Diabolic Obsession – causes an almost split personality. Our will remains free, but it is oppressed by obsessive thoughts. The victim experiences thoughts that may be rationally absurd but of such a nature that he is unable to free himself. The obsessed person lives in a perpetual state of prostration, with persistent temptations to suicide. We must be aware that the temptation to commit suicide is also present in diabolic possession and diabolic oppression. [Suicide is a mortal sin and one must never give in to this diabolical deception.] Diabolic Infestation – In this case, the malefic activity is directed toward places (houses, offices, stores, fields), objects (cars, pillows, mattresses, dolls) and animals, therefore it only indirectly affects man. Origen tells us that the early Christians resorted to exorcisms in these situations. Diabolic Subjugation – The term indicates a voluntary pact—implicit or explicit—with Satan, by which we submit to the lordship of the demon. There are also involuntary times with the evil one; these cases fall into the preceding categories, especially the most severe: possession. How Does One Become Possessed? Pure Divine Permission Clearly, nothing happens without divine permission, but God never wills evil, suffering, or temptation. He gave us freedom and allows the existence of evil, but knows how to turn it into good. When he gives the demon his permission to torment us, he does so to strengthen us in virtue, as in the biblical example of Job. However, in almost all cases people definitely become possessed or obsessed by demons because of mortal sin.] Subject to a Curse Here, too, the victim is innocent [may be innocent if it is only oppressed, that is, tempted or harassed,] but there is culpability on the part of whoever casts and/or commissions the curse. [Generally, no one ever actually becomes possessed by a demon unless they are living in, and are guilty of, mortal sin.] By the word curse, I mean the intention of harming others through demonic intervention. This can be achieved in many ways: malefice (or spell), binding, evil eye, malediction, and so on. The matter is serious, but we need to be on guard against misconceptions. By their nature, curses lend themselves to all sorts of abuses, especially when we consider the current escalation in the number of frauds, suggestions, manias, and more. Grave Hardening of Sin Judas Iscariot is the classical Gospel example. The many individuals who abandon themselves to sexual perversions, violence, and drugs fall into this group. The heinous crime of abortion aggravates this situation; its terrible repercussions are clearly seen during exorcisms, because to liberate a victim who is guilty of abortion usually requires a very long period of time. Due to the current devastation of the family and the laxity of morals, the repercussions that stem from the scourge of abortion are much more common than in the past. When we take all these factors into account, we can understand why the number of individuals stricken by evil ailments has multiplied. Proximity to Evil Places or Persons This includes attending spiritualistic session, dabbling in magic, or consulting magicians, witch doctors, and some card readers; also, practicing the occult, belonging to satanic sects, or practicing in rites that climax with black masses, and so on, put us at great risk. To this category we can add the influence of mass media, such as pornographic shows and violent horror movies broadcast by many TV stations. We witness the effects of the widespread presence of rock music, culminating in satanic rock performed in stadiums, parks, and discothèques. We should not be surprised that, today, there is an explosion of these activities: a decline in faith life is directly connected to an increase in superstitions. Churches nowadays do not warn against, all these evils, because they are completely ignorant even of what the Bible explicitly says on the subject. This forth category has greatly contributed to the increase in evil ailments in the last decades, especially among the young. You must first start by ridding yourself of those things that prevent God from working in your life. In most cases, the bondage we are in is due to the lifestyle we live. God gave us the Commandments because He loves us and He wants us to be with Him in Heaven one day. If you do not follow the commandments that God established then there is only one other rule to follow-the self-destructing rule of Satan. When you do not live by God’s rules the door is wide open for Satan to enter into your life. Are you willing to change your lifestyle? If you are willing to change there is hope for you. If you are not willing to change you may never find help. Reflect on the questions below. Do not become alarmed if many of these questions pertain to you. Confess your sins and work at eliminating them from your life. Ask God for help. Do you give God time in prayer everyday? Do you read Holy Bible everyday? Are you involved with the occult, horoscopes, séances, Ouija Board, Dungeon’s and Dragons or play other immoral or violent mortally sinful video games? Have you mocked God, use his name in vain? Do you wish harm to come to someone who has hurt you or who has annoyed you. Do you read bad books or see bad movies/series that are anti-God or occult oriented or are otherwise ungodly, unchaste, violent or bad? Do you listen to ungodly or sinful songs or watch these immoral music videos on the television? Are you involved with new age practices such as yoga, crystals, Transcendental Meditation? Do you go to church every Sunday ? Do you neglect church? Are they God centered or “ME” centered? Do you keep the Sabbath holy? Is your lifestyle not of God? Do you have sex out of marriage, are you committing adultery, do you approve of abortions? Are you a homosexual? Do you commit sexual sins with your spouse within the holy sacrament of marriage (impure thoughts)? Do you fantasize about sex? Do you read romance novels or bad, sensual magazines or newspapers (any magazine that contains immodest women)? Do you dress modestly so as not to arouse the opposite sex. Do you steal? Do you you take away from people what are theirs? Have you given back what you have stolen? Do you lie to get out of jams? Do you find pleasure in saying negative things about people or do you speak about them behind their back? Are you jealous of what other people have? Are you greedy and selfish? Do you feel bad about giving to others or about not getting something that someone else got instead? Are you a proud person? Do you have high thoughts about yourself? Do you admit to being wrong when you are wrong? Do you make corrections when you have done or taught wrong? Are you ashamed of humility and of being humbled? Do you understand that no proud person can ever be saved or be pleasing to God? Do you trust in God or do you trust instead in the material world around us?

Babylonian Origins of the Islamic Religion

Was the islamic faith founded on “pagan” practices?

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon Practitioner’s Journal. If this is your first time here, please review some of our previous articles in our menu section that appears to the right of this page. Enjoy your stay!

Over the past few years we have covered a lot about the Sumerian origins of the Judaic and Christian religions. Today, we will talk about the Sumerian origins of the Islamic faith, which will also show the Necronomicon Tradition’s influence over all three Abrahamic religions. Recently, I had a dinner with a good friend of mine and a discussion about the Islamic religion came up. based on that conversation I decided to write an article about some things I have observed about the religion.

The idea that the Islamic faith is a derivative of older Babylonian traditions is nothing new. In the book Dead Names, written be Simon, we find the author’s use of the Encyclopedia Britannica of 1911, Volume 17, referenced in Simon’s Dead Names, page 192 states:

“According to an old Encyclopedia Britannica and other sources, the Quraysh tribe of Mecca were believed to have originated in ancient Cutha itself.”

sigel haven



Get the mind stronger you who are strong souls as there are more and more people appearing who are empowered, strong-willed, fearless and get smarter every day.
The split between dark and bright is happening and intensifying with dark getting darker and bright getting brighter. It’s no longer about offering average material that both can comprehend, it’s about further empowering those with potential and assist them going to even higher levels.

What you see in this video is low magnitude weirdness and everyday business on this level. I picked it because it has TYT as topic and is relatively easy to digest.

Telepathic mind battles with enemy factions are normal.

There are other things happening right out of Star Wars and Matrix and some of them indeed are horrendous and soul shattering others are magical and beautiful, it’s not for the faint-hearted but for those that want to rise in conscious awareness and ability, to hatch out of their cocoon and evolve to the next level. Look man, The “Angel” HAS been given the key to the bottomless pit. The “key” is CERN, plain and simple. It is designed to open “gateways” to “other dimensions”. The ancient scriptures speak of our time, that “the pit” would be unlocked and and army of millions pours out coming from the “farthest points of the North”. Hitler just LOVED the North pole. The VRIL. The Bible (Revelation) speaks of the VRIL. Yes Hitler IS a Vril, he’s still alive and well. And the Vril are planning to emerge from their underground bases. But eventually consciousness will decide the future.

And i must say about the inevitability of the opening of the pit it is half of it. If it was inevitable quickly it would be already, then it would have worked right away the first time they tried it. But ‘Hero Bird’ prevented it. And we all together can prevent this dystopian ultra demonic future i’m convinced. And instead manifest an utopian future and bring about the heaven on earth. The future is in constant flux and prophecies serve as warnings for those of free-will.

Uuh, when Admiral Richard Byrd took his military might to the North to pursue the Nazi flotilla, they were all but decimated, running into some type of electromagnetic barrier by air and “Vril vehicles” attacking and driving them back. This was in his debriefing upon his return from there. I tell you no lies. You can find the truth.

So how this must sould to you you must know that this is the same thing as it happens up and is dowb below!

It’s not my intention to slander innocent people, but where wood is chopped, splinters must fall, that just happens at times.

As for my aggressive approach towards them – if you joke about being a hostile reptilian space alien that plots to enslave all of humanity you have no right to complain when people get upset. So that’s collateral damage there.

If it was clear that i did a mistake i would have no problem with apologizing and taking everything back. But there are some oddities that don’t match up. And i’m not yet convinced that it was a joke and that her later denying to be a reptilian is the truth.

And regardless of being lizards or not,beeing dragons,or snake humanoids i’ll remain suspicious about them they can shapeshift,these are dark forces,i will know their true form. They use this hypnotic circle in the background and the huge saturn/black sun as their logo.

They also operate within the parameters of the alien agenda play book, discovering earh like planets, glowing dots in the sky, etc. Acclimating humans to the presence of aliens, getting humanity ready for contact with the hostile Nordic impostors also as saviors.
And they don’t ever talk about human mutilation, human body parts all over ufo crash sites. They don’t harp on the reptilian/grey alien abduction program that had the goal to create a hybrid race in order to enslave us. Instead they focus on cases where aliens are the heros (ambulance call).

They also claim to be a team of 4, but they are most likely not as they all read from telepromters. Who loads their telepromters with information? Who puts that information together? Who finances them? Who directs them?

And so on.

Thwese propagandas is of themselves!

Just putting out videos about the shapeshifters is not enough. They need to be engaged and called out.
-“Yea, we’re reptilians, that’s right, so what?”
-“True, we do want to put you into gas chambers, absolutely correct!”
-“You got me!”

They say when being exposed. And they are right. Yes, now you see them, now you got them, and what now? So what if you know about them now?

NOW you have to tell them to GET LOST in YAHSHUA´S NAME! Because if you wouldn’t tell them…then how would they ever know? You must let them know that you don’t want them arround, that you don’t want them to manipulate other humans. That you understand their evil agenda. That you don’t like them.

Their odd behaviour in truth it’s an act of confidence. They want to let you feel that your efforts are futile and they act mischievously in order to make their mind-controlled followers laugh at you. But inside they are nervous, and there are people that get shocked out of their trance when they face such a conversation. First they laugh but then the truth starts to flourish. Read the comment section to see how these reptilian fiends must be approached.

They need to be approached in their territories. We must leave our dark corners and inform the people that are under the hypnotic influence of these evil creatures.
We must engage the enemy directly.
The Young Turks Network is a reptilian alien crime network/syndicate conspiring for the extermination of the majority of american people and eventually extermination and enslavement of all of humanity. They strategically, politically and ideologically prepare the stage for the american people being deported into death camps and terminated in gas chambers. And the rest accepting an alien/demonic savior to rule over them.

They are mortal enemies of the human race.
Most people don’t want to believe how demented these individuals are. They are all expressions of the corrupted Demiurge Marduk. They are clinically insane to the highest degree.

hat#s what we are facing, a super slow motion global Borg assimilation process. And it’s true what you show…they want everyone having one to spy on us, gather intel they then feed skynet with to make the terminator robots ultimatively efficient.

The comment was in a manner of “can’t we just all get along and be friends?”

No we can’t. The Luicoferin Draconians/Vril are makimg robotic parasites that are addicted to human blood and flesh and enjoy to torture, rape and murder. They caused both world wars and every other war. They torture children for weeks before they eat them alive. They put cancer viruses into vaccines in order to put people into radiation chambers to melt their brains, guts and sexual organs. They are demented psychopaths without empathy, without love, without conscience. They are extremely evil and have absolute disdain and hatred for humans whom they consider to be utterly inferior which is a concept born out of their actual superiority complex and mental illness. As if a hideous cancer cell was “superior” over a butterfly just because it’s more efficient in being destructive.

There will be no peaceful coexistence with them ever. They are extremely cunning and deceptive and they have an absolute lust for power and control. If they should propose peace at any point it will be for deceptive motives. Human empathy is a weakness when dealing with the dracos. There is no appealing to their modesty, as they are void of everything good.

They want this planet for themselves and kill us in the process.

They don’t want to be your friends. They are not interested in your opinions, ideas, perspectives. They see you as mortal enemy and food. And you should see them for what they are, primitive, unevolved parasitic organisms that transmit diseases.

Some say they need to be destroyed. Others say we need to evolve beyond them. I say both, we have to surpass them and if they should continue to dare and stand in our way they need to be terminated. It’s not “killing” or “murder” it’s just stepping on ticks/fleas that are crawling up your leg and want to suck your blood and will probably infect you with meningitis or the bubonic plague. Empathy is wrongly applied here.

If they continue plotting for world war 3, shut down the internet, blow up a nuke in a city, continue to operate CERN, continue to create flase reality events/artifical crises, come to confiscate guns, force vaccinations on people, then they need to be systematically seeked and destroyed. It’s just stepping on cockroaches, squashing bugs, nevermind.

8 planets, huh? Why don’t you tell people about the planet YOU came from, you shapeshifting Luciferiuan draconian reptilian parasites! Tell people that you’re from the horse head nebula in the orion system or the draco constellation. Where are you from critters!?

I’m a rightful inhabitant of planet earth, YOU are NOT. I have rights, YOU do NOT!

AND I DEMAND THAT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS! WHO are you? WHERE are you from? And WHAT exactly are your ciminal intentions?
In Yahshua´s name i command you and rebuke you bound to spill as much as you with satan´s wrath against you expose this sooner or later!

You have to resist! These kind of attacks are not attacks in the actual sense, because if they really wanted they could delete your channel, my channel, the entire internet. They have the technological ability. But they must operate wihtin the limitations of universal law.
They are asking for permission. Permission to take your channel down. It’s a metaphysical thing. It’s about exposing you as a sheep, as barely conscious, as willing to be led. They need to prove that even though you are of higher awareness than the rest of the population you’re still a cattle.

These copyright claims are fraudulent, they will never hold up in court. They are counting on you acting domesticated, obedient, fearful, inactive, uneducated. You could dispute them, you could read guides how to dispute them, you could get active, you could resist. That’s what someone sentient would do, someone who according to metaphysical law is to be considered a sentient being with the right to live free from the control of others.

And that’s why you must dispute it. Just do it.

They are not all powerful nor infallible. They do make mistakes. Sometimes they lose it and go over the top and then all we have to do is to make it public and point it out to others to reveal them. And then it’s so obvious that everyone can see it. And they are arrogant, they think they’re smarter than everyone and that no one would understand what they are doing or understand it but are afraid, and they get careless.

They have a lot of weaknessess. And yes the lambs are growing up into lions that will maul the ‘ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothings’.

Replace “Metro” with FEMA concentration camp and “Smoke” with poison gas. Yep, apparently people are ready to go. The weaponized TV flicker-rates and the fluoride in the water prepared people for what the loving government has in store for them.
Yes, it probably really was a controlled and monitored event to test exactly for that very purpose to see how a statistically relevant population cross-section would behave in a real life metro milgramm experiment. The hydra spider is testing human civilisation in several socio-psychological (artifically created) scenarious.

Maybe they already got special gas-chamber wagons in secret parallel underground metro tunnels to be rolled out when order 66 is given and the big round-up starts.
People will flee into the metro then enter the gas-wagon, get gassed on the track and their bodies unloaded in a secret side-tunnel. While another gas-wagon rolls out. They will enter but never arrive. The metro system is just perfect for that. Dark, soundproofed tunnels, Cell-phone jammers will prevent people from alerting others.
Additionally there are likely also already dozens of underground gas-chamber complexes below several hub airports. Like below the Denver airport.

There are FEMA camps everywhere with a just waiting for activation supporting infra-structure in place, deep underground bases and inter-connecting tunnel systems all over america and the world. The United States are the 4th Nazi Reich. Wake up people. Before it’s too late, and time is running out. Darn it, you must replying when i accused „people“, quote: being a hostile shapeshifting reptilian. And part of a reptilian draconian luciferian that seeks to conquer and colonize earth. They already did,Lilith is done with it just separation of sheep and goats is now,Lilith sirius b !
They’re not well known for high levels of creativity. And ‘they’ are probably just all in one who are insectilian tuned in one single being operating with all of them (Sauron, Borg Queen, Overmind, etc.)-Lilith!
She is fallen female seraphim!
“We’re satan worshiphers bro!” (Fabian Socialists)
“I’m really good at killing people.”, “Thank you satan!” (Barack Obama)
“You got me bro!” (Kyle Kulinski when being accused of being a nazi reptilian that wants to put humans into gas chambers)
“That’s right!” (Brendan Hunt replying to the accusation of being an evil reptilian alien)
“We want to turn your brains into mush to slurp them out” (Alex Baldwin, Will Arnett, Eliza Dushku, Seth MacFarlane, Denis Leary)

To quote a few. They’re not lying. If you don’t get it – that’s your issue of beeing hallow soul or dammned even or just calcified repobrate,if you are not dammned repobrate you can defalcify your third eye and see what is it now and or if you want t6o remain ignorant,this suicide may bring you temporary pleasure and eternal pain!

Pro-tip: Everyone that isn’t a complete jellyfish is on their radar. There are bad forces in the world, but there are also good forces. And humans are spiritually powerful beings. We are not defenseless.
Also the only people that are absolutely save are jellyfish. And jellyfish means being completely unaware of anything that happens outside of sitcoms, football and your job. As soon as you take a magazine about oldtimers or “do it yourself” in your hands, the matrix got you on its radar. Becaue every spark of individuality is outside of its programing and needs to be integrated or destroyed.
There is no hiding or running from the matrix. Not if you don’t want to turn into a Borg. That’s the only way it will let you alone. We are not from here. We are spirit, and the matrix sees spirit as an intrusion in its system.

The right way is to move forward with ever increasing defenses. Increasing of awareness, insight, knowledge, spiritual abilties. etc.
But generally you are never confronted with something you aren’t able to successfully handle. It can and will be though if you really engage the enemy, but you, if you decide so, will have support from higher forces.

When you have the urge to delete your just made comment – Do NOT delete it! You had good reasons to make that comment/ask that question, and that’s why you did it. The worries and fears that are coming up once you postet the comment is due to FOREIGN influence in more cases than you would believe. You’re NOT stupid, your question is NOT ridiculous, your comment was NOT unnecessary, etc. Trust in yourself and be conscious and aware and strong willed, always!
Deleting comments you already made, deleting posts, threads, videos, articles, etc. is ALWAYS due to matrix influence. And i mean in every single case.
The matrix doesn’t want us to freely express ourselves. So it implements thoughts of worry, shame, fear, etc, into our minds.

It’s THEM trying to prevent you from making a comment, asking a question, replying in a certain way, etc. These inter-dimensional entites, and also military remote viewing groups can scan timelines and possible futures and they can predict how certain seemingly insignificant events can change the future to their disadvantage and they seek to prevent that. We are in the middle of a multi-dimensional time line war and YOU’RE part of it, whether you know it or not.

The future is in contant flux, nothing is set in stone.
The butterfly effect and hundredth monkey effect are real. The aliens/-archons-dark forces know that. They are worried about even the shortest comments we make in the smallest forums. Even the smallest channels and websites are under heavy attack. They manipulate people’s thoughts, life circumstances and timelines. That’s daily buisness on earth.

So here’s my answer to the question what i think of David Wilcock for example of that new age cult basterd alien hybrid himself:

I don’t consider the person of David Wicock to be all too relevant in the unfolding scenario. He’s just not enough of an appearance nor intellectual/eloquent heavy-weight to consider him a threat. Consequentially i never really looked into that character and what he does. But probably that’s an arrogant underestimation and a mistake, who knows this is aware.

Anyway, he’s a laughing stock on all conspiracy websites known to me even also,he is peace of junk in all levels. Constantly being the target of ridicule for his apparent obvious homosexuality and feminine/androgynous appearance.He’s very short and has a large out of proportion water head. He also has one of these ridiculous role.playing “pleiadian ambassador”-type haircuts like Greg Giles and who else.

I don’t think that he will be accepted at some point in the future as an influencial opinion leader misguiding the masses on the alien topic. On the other hand we should never underestimate the willingness of the discernment lacking mob to follow such figures.

Wilcock became the sith apprentice of dark draconian sith lord Darth Greer (Steven Greer). Started hanging out with him and accompanied him to UFO conferences where he followed him arround and exhibited an arrogant, contemptuous attitude towards the people that attended the conference, pushed them out of his way. It was at that conference when Greer pulled a great show with a hired security team wearing “black op” t-shirts (a total joke) locking down the conference room for “safety reasons”. “No one get’s in or out, because the illuminati are after me and offered me 2 billion dollars if i stay quiet”, is what Greer tried to convince the audience of.
Then people got mad because they couldn’t go to the toilet and snack bar and had no sense for Greers illuminati movie drama and lies he spew forth.

He also appeared in Greers draconian propaganda piece “SIRIUS” The documentary. He praised him as, quote: “an absolute Hero” in one of the sirius trailers. Greer is not a hero, Greer is the most obvious enemy operative running arround. What everyone that knows at least a little bit about the alien agenda is able to instantly realize. Greer lies as soon as he opens his mouth, it’s beyond ridiculous it’s caricaturesque.

Steven Greer is a draconian reptilian and illuminati operative and everyone that is with Greer is with the illuminati, unknowingly or knowingly. But rather knowingly because Greer is SO obviously evil, that those that associate with the guy either have zero discernment (and therefore shouldn’t be trusted with anything anyway), or they are part of team evil.

In all fairness i know Wilcocks material therefore i can’t judge him on that,i know just that he is new age mumbo jumbo i can not judge him he is souless demon i can only expose him on what he is really but i know who he’s hanging out with and that’s very bad news because he just CAN’T be that stupid to promote that guy knowing what Wilcock knows about the alien agenda. And if he, as you say, never mentions the reptilians then this is an absolute red warning sign. Because the illuminati reptilians don’t care about what you talk about aslong as you don’t violate the golden rule and that is to mention the reptilians. That topic is strictly forbidden.

That’s as much as i know and probably that’s enough. I…just don’t take that guy serious. You shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, but in combination…i mean the guy looks like a with flesh color painted little grey alien with large head wearing a blond pleiadian wig …and walks arround with a draconian reptilian.He is his seed he the grey hybrid david is the son seed of draconian fallen archangel greer and mk ultra slave. And that’s the typical Archon-duo, Reptile and Grey hybrid, right,because that one got infused from one zeta raticulian dna so he would be more like that. It’s …comical how they speak tzhings are pure propaganda.

Rolf-Dieter Heuer is not human. He is a non-human entity which has typical Reptilienmerkmale- and physiology.
He is to be molded convert aware of the situation and to demonstrate these features. He is a cloned body animated by an interdimensional reptilian Body Snatchers (Body Snatcher)

Rolf-Dieter Heuer is involved in a criminal conspiracy, whose goal is to destroy / enslave mankind, and / or destroy the planet Earth.

He is not unaware regard to the function of the collider. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he he is completely out the main object of the CERN Hadron Collider aware.
The real purpose of the collider is to build a dimensional portal into a hostile universe / planets (among other hostile purposes) by forwarding to an invading army to destroy the earth and / or to destroy humanity / enslave.

He must be arrested immediately along with all other executives at CERN to work with most criminal intent to prevent any further operation immediately.

I do must say that after 2012 it’s not a portal to an “outside” the universe no more as they are all here. As can be observed clearly at the core of research that seems to be more of an attempt to come in. Inner world …this is inner worlds of this planet or lower astral planes of this world!
Wherever leads the portal, the ancient Egyptians called it a “world of the dead” or “underworld” and those who came through there they called gods of destruction and death.

Yes. Unfortunately I do know how to call it in explanation,inner earth. This comes to our own inner world. The kingdom of the dead would own roots, not what appearance, but in an even alive recorded history, ancient knowledge and survival strategies in this case.
We are conditioned to go, as the internal motions. If you no longer get along with the psyche it is then even called disease.
We learn from our own history books and take part in identity motifs, such that the ancestors were club-wielding monkeys.
The methods of our inherent relationship should be replaced in creation by external model concepts.
Without rational roots are as a Bonsei is a miniature of himself. It makes voluntarily space for something else, then that can occupy this space precisely in the area of intellectual energy.
The demonization of the underworld would be a way to remedy this place, so to speak, a self-generating hell realm.
Whatever. Thanks for your great learning,now spread all this to others!

I call for immediate interruption of all acitvities at the CERN hadron collider and citizen arrest of CERN director Rolf-Dieter Heuer as well as every other involved executives and scientists followed by medical examination of all of them in order to reveal their non-human nature in the name of Yahshua!

The CERN collider is a stargate, build for the very intention of opening up a portal to a hostile dimension/ lower version of this planet planet that is planing an invasion of this version of earth.

All decision makers know this. They are not human beings but draconians and insectoids. Rolf-Dieter Heuer is NOT a human being. I repeat: Rolf-Dieter Heuer is NOT a human being.

Spread this word wide and far and call the first thing in the name of Yahshua as i written!
If you won’t be phased out by Agenda21 and die of starvation, the bio-weapons or total global nuclear melt-down will get you. If you’re a collaborator with the system then human militias and military commandos will hunt you down.
If you escape that then the skynet terminator robots will get you, and if you manage to evade them then the aliens will hunt you down. If you made deals with the elite and the aliens you’re as good as dead, because there is no room for human elite in an alien society, you’re the first that will be terminated in order to prevent you to fight back with the gadgets you got from the aliens.
And even if you should manage to avoid all of that (you won’t), then the black spirit mist will get you.
If you’re on earth at a certain point, you’ll be doomed one way or the other, because the planet itself is under attack. That’s what evil is and what evil does. It doesn’t stop at some point saying “ok it’s enough now”. Evil is the anti-thesis to live itself. Live – eviL. Inversion.
Only Yahshua to be your messiah and to die resisting them and also if you want to escape without separating physical from spiritual boldies activate merkaba and come later back and mess them up!
And even if you should manage to get off-world to your secret mars colony or elysium space station – there is no running from planetary karma. It will follow you wherever you go. No matter if off-world or back in time or forward or to a parallel universe or another dimension, it will follow you, it will seek you, it will find you and it will deliever to you what a coward/traitor/maniac deserves.
There is no running, no hiding from, no fooling, no tricking, no hacking the infinite intelligence of the universe you fools.
Live extension and nano-probes and other cockroach elf gadgets won’t get you out of this, escaping into immortality.

And your reptilian overlords know that, because they’re smarter than you. Hence planetary karma warfare. Hence installing an indigenous EL-ite among the planet’s inhabitants a global Sonderkommando, to keep their claws clean and green.

You must be aware this is first,second,never to let guards down,you must be sneaky and strategic and always to spread awarness and do dself advancement,in order to do this,you must be with strong will and determined nature to do so!

It’s not an ‘analogy’, it’s REAL. They ARE aliens-archonic parasitic satanic beast fallen ones. ‘Buck Rogers’ is about the draconian reptilians that want to conquer earth.

What i give are explaining informations in that ways is that what we are dealing with right now are alien special forces teams, not the main army (that will arrive once their ground operatives have established a total lock down on the planet).All are evil ones here with good cop vs bad cop deception mind game here!

They moved their cloned bodysnatched operatives into positions of power. Installed a deluded human elite sonderkommando in order to enslave the rest of humanity promising them eternal live extension. They just like everyone else though will be terminated in the end aswell,this is soul sucking technology they promise really the mark of the beast soul damning and destroing technology there won’t be a get-away for the self-perceived Elite, they’re the first to be killed once the aliens take over.
The alien channeled technology into human society via their agents for the purpose of establishing a global technological control grid that in it’s final phase will turn into Syknet and swarm the planet with satelite controlled Terminator robots to exterminate the via chemicals in food, water and air brain-damaged and by Hollywood and The Young Turks dumbed down population. In combination with large scaled bio-weapon releases and regional nuclear war.
Once most humans are terminated, the aliens will wait a century for everything to rot and then colonize earth with their hybrids.

Also get this in mind that we have maximum 5+ years left to continue ignorantly as this with many warnings that will escelade into gigantic warzones and all that, which is likely overly optimistic given how extremely fast they accelerated their agenda lately and how humans are more deserving it. They have to, they know we’re waking up fast even another reason.

Humanity already is in the END GAME. People have been warned over and over and over again,and many remain ignorant. If people still won’t find it in them to stand up and fight back, then we will lose.
The religious people and new agers think everything will turn out okay in the end no matter what,which is another programming of the dark forces. That’s not the case. Humanity becoming enslaved / going extinct as a race is a real possibility. We are facing the Draconian/BORG assimilation invasion into their empire.

This is the last straw, this is the final phase, this is the end game, this is the alien’s final solution for humanity. Fight back or die and go to hell with them.

how are we supposed to fight aliens?

First step is to convince large numbers of people that it’s aliens/non-human entities we are dealing with that disguised themselves as humans.
Inform people that aliens are real deal enemies those calling themselves as that that we are not alone that there are good and bad beings out there and here and that evil ones also mask as good in order to take souls to survive and here and hostile and how to identify them among us. They can be identified with certain methods of analysis.

Once enough people are awake and say no to the alien agenda they are forced to rereat in order to avoid free-will violation and not suffer the karmic backlash of a violent planetary take-over.

If they could take over earth with force they indeed would have done so already. But for several reasons they can’t, one reason i explained above.

But once they gained enough ground, put the technological infrastructure in place and have enough people willingly comply with their agenda and have gained the metaphysical right to take over earth, they then can finalize the silent invasion with a forceful take-over and at this point really send in huge alien motherships with millions of clone troopers and robots and armed little cloned grey alien hybrids and there is no telling what else.

We are not at this point yet, but it’s getting close. Few years left max. Too many people are apathetic about it.

Well you heared truth now you are hold accountable for it,you will reap what you sown…what if people knew that it was aliens doing it? Would that make a diffference? Would you get active and start your own webiste, youtube channel, blog, forum account, etc.
Or would you continue watching sports and porn and play computer games and go party and what else?

NOW you know it’s aliens. There, officially admitted. They are not merely human psychopaths, they are aliens that disguise as humans. Above top secret.
There you go, now you know it. Now are you going to do something about it?
If you remain silent you are busted in near future by them when is too late to ask for info from me to spread and you will take evry word you said in vain laughing when this starts to happen to you and you will regret ever beeing born!
Until your organisation is infiltrated and taken over by the same aliens. No groups = no group-think, just freedom fighting individuals. The Eagle Always Flies Alone. So all people in cults,yolu are first in trouble to go when your souls are hijacked out of body and eaten by something else and shitted in hell and when you get to be there and in your body something else taking over cult to take over world by force more!
Until your organisation is infiltrated and taken over by the same aliens. No groups = no group-think, just freedom fighting individuals. The Eagle Always Flies Alone.
I repeat this,you are doomed religious and cult and sect people!
By educating them ther sheeple how to identify these aliens how to identify aliens. The most simple instruction is:

Humans don’t blink 100-200 times a minute but alien shapeshifter do!

Some say it would eventually be irrelevant if it’s humans doing it, or aliens or humans working with aliens. I however am convinced that telling people it’s aliens doing it is the most effective way.
It takes longer for people to accept this, but once they do it’s way easier for them to realize the great danger we are in and they are way more willing to take action against it because it is an outside threat.

It’s something else if you got issues with your own family members (humans) or with a bum (aliens) that climbed into your house and is beating up your children.

It’s also easier to accept that aliens are evil unlike fellow humans. “They would never do that” people always say. Yes they would, because “they” aren’t human beings.

There are also elements in the agenda that can’t be explained with human nature. Because no matter how psychopathic (lacking empathy) a human is, they wouldn’t intentionally radiate the planet with intentionally leaking power plants and blowing up power plants (fukushima). Humans wouldn’t do that because radiation is harmful to us.
But aliens WOULD do it. And it in fact is aliens doing it. They want higher radiation to live in, they are terraforming the planet.

Why people suffer because of beeing deceived by hagelian dialectic:

people create demand, it’s their fault

Yes, but why do people have that demand for mindless garbage? Because they get injected with consciousness suppressing viruses in vaccines and are fed poisoness food and drink flouride while they breath in everything that’s in the chemtrails. And they get taught dumbing down gargabe in school that prevents them from turning into autonomous thinkers. Music set to the A440 pitch standard. Additives in the food and GMO and Aspartame.
Unharmonious architecture and art. Cancer causing frequencies emitted from cell phones and cell towers.

It’s a whole industry of dumbing down humans from birth, to keep them small minded and easy to handle. If there were no illuminati reptilian draconian demiurgic archonic eugenic social engineers working behind the scenes to keep everyone dumb, human average IQ’s would be 200 and evrybody would activate light bodies the merkabas and there would be no disconnecting souls from physical bodies!

Emily Letts – Draconian/Vril Reptilians Want Humans To Abort Children [Pre&Post Birth]
Emily Letts – Draconian/Vril Reptilians Want Humans To Abort Children [Pre&Post Birth]
I repeat this is worship of molec the fallen celestial being the pagan god mentioned in the bible which is anothe archontic devilish satan´s army member enemy against humanity!
These are key words you must have in mind as this comes into your vision:
Emily Letts, Climax, Abortion, Cosmopolitan, Conspiracy, Military, Illuminati, Rotary Club, Freemasons, Cloning, Bodysnatchers, Shapeshifter, Reptilians, Draconians, 666, Number Of The Beast, Black Ops, Deep Underground Military Bases, D.U.M.B.S, Hoax, Fake, Artifical Reality Event, Psy Op, Crisis Actor, Experiment, Lies, Propaganda, Government-tagline that make saturnian matrix that huumanity is locked in.
The name of it is connected with the tags i gave you!

It makes sense, in a demonically evil way. First, killing a human baby constitutes the Satanic sacrifice. Then, what to do with the aborted baby? Simple…… The reptilians eat human flesh, so outfits like Planned Parenthood have supplied over 50 million aborted babies since the year 1973, just in America.
It’s the same general concept as butchering calves to make Veal, the main difference being the calves are actually born and live a short time first.
Only a dedicated, joyful psychopath could happily promote such a thing instead of trying to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies. But, prevention would lead to even more children vanishing without a trace. Damned if you do, damned if you spill innocent blood and put a curse on yourself like that,thou shall not murder…….
exactly. HENCE – post birth abortion as they call

.. just read that article, and it made my blood boil!
I had to take a few minutes to regain my composure. I doubt I’ve ever before felt such a powerful rage well up in me, or have it well up so quickly.
I know that here in the USA, those Republicans who aren’t Reptilians are certainly subservient to them. But this makes it clear that all Democrats (or, as I prefer, Demon-Rats) ARE Reptilians. There is no other possible explanation for their insane agenda and destructive ideology.Those demons and devils are actually making the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao seem like humanitarians by comparison.
Tomorrow,because you are hold accountable you must be going to post this article on every social media site you can find, even though it will require opening accounts that I normally wouldn’t care for. This MUST get out there.
As soon as you post this comment, I’ll be signing off for the night astraly to watch you always. I’m going to have a few hours of sleep to help me calm down before my head explodes because of spiritual warfare. Then, tomorrow, I get started again.
Everything corrupt, broken, unwholesome, perverted, disharmonious isn’t human. It’s all due to alien/interdimensional influence. Alien or alien influence one of the two it always is.

The bible does refer to them as the seedline of cain, respective the nephilim and the demons. The ancient christian gnostics however described them in more depth in the nag hammadi library texts.

We win by exposing them. Once critical mass is reached the knowledge about them will spread like flame. This happens once 10% of people are informed. Right now we are at about 7%. Once we reached critical mass…their system will come down in no time.

But time is running out, the illuminati are very close to win. 1-2 years max. So either people step up now and get active like never before or we’re going to lose.

Introducing military/intelligence terms like “psy op” that have become mainstream into the alien field is an idea with potential now that the public has become politically aware and educated it’s time to open up and transfer that awareness into the deep fringe. To path the way from the political to the exopolitical.

A Rapid Increase In Marriage Ceremonies Between Jinn and Humans Within The Necronomicon Tradition!
The Jinn, it has been already shown, are peaceable. They also eat and drink, and propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents.

Based on this information, the ancient people of Mesopotamia, viewed the planets as evil spirits originally, and offered them sacrifice to curb their evil influence from effecting their lives. There is a passage that appears in the Simon Necronomicon that can also be found in the Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster, which goes as follows:

“Stoop not down, therefore,
For an Abyss lies beneath the World
Reached by a descending Ladder
That hath Seven Steps
Reached by a descending Pathway
That hath Seven Gates
And therein is established
The Throne
Of an Evil and Fatal Force.
For from the Cavities of the World
Leaps forth the Evil Demon
The Evil God
The Evil Genius
The Evil Ensnarer
The Evil Phantom
The Evil Devil
The Evil Larvae
Showing no true Signs
Unto mortal Man.
revelation 9!

ereshkigal goddess

sometimes male form and gfl galactioc commander,then female queen of Lust just as Lilith!

Many of the ancient spiral depictions of the inner stargate also depict ‘horned’ shamans standing next to them; they are not depictions of neo-Gnostic Newage aliens, wearing spacesuits, having antennae, let alone being Abrahamic horned devils. One such horned shaman is depicted at Mohenjo-daro, who is seen to be a proto-depiction of the Hindu deity called, Shiva. A similar horned shaman can also be found on the European Gundestrup cauldron, who is termed as being the Celtic deity called Cernunnos.
many of the present findings of the scientists; wherefore, you find Shiva(Satan/Lucifer) of a shaman Cernunnos at CERN, which with Devil worship, Satanism, Luciferianism,the Illuminati, whose indoctrinated minions and possessed by some of greys of zeta raticuli fallen angels, along with their fear porn mongers share a common fixation upon Abrahamic symbolism, which is so bloody obvious. Shiva is at CERN, because, India is one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Time is the final frontier to go beyond, otherwise, space will become as a prison; your ancestors understood this fact, which is the reason why so many ancient cultures around the globe were fascinated with time. Time Slips probably occur of a natural phenomenon, all the time, but we are just too unaware of them; whereas the (Shiva/Cernunnos) shamans discovered a way to consciously utilise Time Slips.

Wherefore Shiva represents the destroyer of time; that is, destroying your mundane illusory perception of its constant forward momentum. When travelling faster than light, time moves backwards; whereby you then attain time travel. The shamans became aware that consciousness travels faster than light; but, the observing self, existing within three dimensions is constrained by its observed constant speed of light and time.

Balem has inherited an enormous serum refinery on Jupiter after his mother’s demise,that nephilim did who of nephilim has not before tried opening another cern like portal,and Lilith his moher was punished more, like jealous Marduk fallen cherubim demiurge seeks to harvest the Earth’s human population, so, he is none too happy that he first rebel ever turned in channeling as lady nada -she has been resurrected as a Diana-Lucifera on Earth,He/She(Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel) since his ornados sent on gay parades to destroy them parasites that he organised! against the continuance of harvesting humanity’s life-force, for an elite few in Heavenly looking are possesing new agers who will be controlled more eazy20120220001_by_almeidap-d4qdax0



Tila has been exposing cabal too!