All great civilisations all great empires from atlantis to Egypt were trying to tell us something to light up our dna to become aware they also showed us what happens when technology becomes the obsession and not spirituality they showed us that even great empires fall and waste..nothing is new under the sun even now as pictures emerge onto mainstream news outlets of what looks like mars being wreaked havoc by nuclear wars this is a great reminder of why we must use the knowledge left to us from the past to avoid the same destruction as much as i seem strange to some people I remember living on other planets I remember very advanced travel and the planets being lush and beautiful I also remember great wars that destroyed planrts so their very cores as I see this emerge into the news I hope that many will awaken and change the course of our planet so it doesn’t become desolate like the others that once flourished like the heavenly realms.Oppressors are luciferian  draconian gargoyles!

High elves elenari ones more …..anyways you must be rady also this is spiritual warfare on cosmic level,comeon wake up forlks and win soul battle o yup,that it is as it is till 2022!

great times are ahead even if we have to go through some bumps in the road. More people are waking up and we have Wave X almost here. Change is coming as Olein my elf guardian told me,after 2030 and 2037


There are people claiming how they took out the first group of creators please don’t believe such garbage..and realize this everyone is different don’t go by what people say follow your own path as long as you are doing your best to be healthy have guidelines and be spiritual you will be okay…be vigilant in what you believe please,because the draconian luciferian gargoyles will manipulate you eazy!

“1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils”

immediately to the right point they can lie soo much that you can go off the track,be carefull!

Everything is found within the atom symbol. All things in this illusory plane are linked together via “Thought”, … or suggestions. This “source” was discovered after being willing to accept whatever the Truth may be, and in whatever form it may take. Upon submitting to this concept that it was my 3D person that was the stumblingblock, it soon became evident that my humanity was also the barrier separating my ability to discover Truth. I was the problem and the interference that kept my 3D illusory being from comprehending, reconnecting and recognizing Truth.

The Ego (Thought Process) that conjured up luciferian draconians who and what we are in this 3D plane they lie and always disorsions make. We are the mouthpiece and the players, the puppets, that perpetuate the luciferian agenda. It’s this agenda that seeks to be “god”. When in Reality, they play both sides these gargoyles as “god”, or the “devil”,so you woud be away from Yahshua messiah and they can then own you and d what they desire. Who and What we really are simply ignores the Ego (Thought Process) and continues on in Eternal Peace within the Paradise State, even as the Mindset of the Ego dances about, hoping to distract and manipulate the Truth. Which of course, can never be accomplished. However, the Ego doesn’t know this, for the Ego has no Truth, no Awareness, … and only functions by exercising Thoughts. These thoughts are conjured up through religious and intellectual exercises.

We are One Wisdom and We Know All Things, … and we have no need to think. We simply know,if we shut up we would know as we meditate peacefuly and pray we will know,we must not go to curches and religious orgaisations because our body is tample we must be spiritual and not religious and then we will know. Therein lies Peace, Power, Purity, Perfection, and the Eternal Bliss of Paradise. All we have to do is reclaim, or refocus upon The Original State of Being which has the Power and Wisdom to direct our lunatic 3D mind to be silent and to take a back seat as we take pleasure and prosper within the illusion. Knowing full well that the illusion is just that, … an illusion. Not valid, … not real, … and is one massive lie.

10 – Alphabet A to M – Symbolism – The Rockefeller Dome Of The Rockie Mountains – ET’s – 6 Pointed SNOWFLAKES – Jack Off In The Box – Jehovah’s Witnesses – EYEFULL Tower – KLM Not The Airline – Angels / Demons Hypnotic Suggestion!

 detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualis  who and what god is lies they spread to pull you to pit with them.

The luciferian draconia gargoyles created illuminati bloodlines that are are ritualistic in nature. They must have rituals, and symbolism attached to these rituals. These rituals and symbolisms act as sigil magic manipulation tools (also called hypnotic suggestion), that these elite members of society use to control the masses. Their luciferian  draco gargoyle reptilian based nature shows up throughout the world. This nature is seen in the systems they’ve created to manipulate and disconnect us from reality. Their nature also shows up in their physical appearance, which we have become so accustomed to, that we now just take it for granted. Their incredible arrogance and their ease at uttering lies is legendary. All this, coupled with how they talk down to the masses with their patronizing attitude and religious/political/intellectual double-speak, is directly implanted as part of their character by the luciferian egregore group of Thinking entities-the luciferian draconian gargoyles.

Have a look at one of their elite, one of their highly venerated elect, who has since passed on. This is John D. Rockefeller, the family patriach, who whose family inspired the building of the World Trade Center plaza, and the family who the Rockefeller Plaza, to the north of the WTC, was named after. (Not to mention, the beloved John Deere tractor, with its reindeer logo and yellow and green colours. The colours of a new world order, regeneration, and the environmental GREEN movement).

This name, Rockefeller, has now been traced, on this site, through overwhelmingly obvious symbolism, to the totally fabricated war on terrorism, and war on muslim extremists. Muslims are no more extremists than anyone in the world. However, the connection to the Rockefeller name and the religion of Islam is revealed in the upcoming events as “ISIS group”

ROCK e FELLER in reverse is RELLEF or RELIEF.

The inspiration for the Rockefeller name comes from the Relief of the Rock under the 8 sided Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the historic site of Solomon’s Temple.

The connection to 11 of the western United States and how they’re situated on theRockie Mountains – the biggest RELIEF of all, and how they connect to theRockefeller Plaza and the Relief of the Rock under the Dome of the Rock, has been made.

The connection, with the shape of these 3 locations, as well as virtually the same name, albeit, hidden in symbolism in all 3 instances, ties the elite Rockefeller family to the massacre at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. However, this is not the only elite family that will be tied to the WTC attack, but it is the highest profile one. As well, because this is all hypnotic suggestion, and the illusion appears to include thousands of illusory years, this conjured up Rockefeller family was already in the luciferian cards thousands of illusory years ago. In reality, since there is no such thing as Time, the symbolism associated with this family appeared to be conjured up thousands of years ago, … but in reality, … the conjuring occcurred RIGHT NOW! As with the whole 3 dimensional illusory plane, everything that appears to form the history of the universe, is occurring RIGHT NOW!

The Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock is the Relief of the Rockcalled Mount Moriah.
In North America, the Rockefeller Plaza is located in Manhattan, which is a subliminal form of Mountain. As well, the Rockefeller inspired World Trade Center is located on thisMountain/Manhatten, on the southern tip.
The Western United States are located amongst the Rockie Mountains / Rockefeller Manhatten.
The final Rock, the 3rd in North America, is formed within all of Western Canada, the Arctic and Greenland. This is called the North American Craton Rock, which includes much of the USA as well.

See pages 18, 19, 20, and 21 for the diagrams and pictures backing up this evidence regarding these ROCKS and especially the 3 North American rocks. The Rocks are the Rock symbolism of christianity, where Jesus claimed, “upon this Rock I will build my church”. This Rock is being used to bring in the New World Order, the so-called Messianic Kingdom and the Age of Aquarius. All under the guise of things such as the Environmental Green Movement.

Now have a look at the chap so adored by many in the land of the free, J.D.Rockefeller.

ET’s – Luciferian Thought Form inducers-fallen angels and other celestial beings the archons the jinn!

Now check out a distant cousin of Mr. Rockefeller. Notice the family characteristics. These ET’s, as they’re apt to be called, are just as real as Mr. Rockefeller. The only problem is,they’re here to play games of one side as ight and other dark,but this bad cop good cop is to be by Lyran original high elves freed, Annunaki draco luciferian reptilian race who inhabit  your planet al since 2012. They’re luciferian Thought Form creators! These ET’s are the ones who  conjured up more distractions of material lust to blind umanity from important things,and these life forms just as they lust also with human beings having sex creating demons,they are conjured up light energy forms again who help the emonic agenda of illuminati. They were created to throw a massive amount of confusion in the way so that unsuspecting people, looking for answers,without answer they unknowingy turn to channel in new age circes  bunch of a draconian reptilian gargoyle race. The elite of the world, and these little grey’s, as they’re affectionately known, are luciferian minded, and Thought Based, but are, like everything else, just egregore thought forms as zeta raticulians the greys have used used to construct a veil of ilusion thrue materialism to what is still how evil they ar cale,but caled, called humanity and the wisdom of the awareness state is lost then . This veil of deceit, this veil which is the whole body of humanity and all of the 3D sphere, causes a disconnection using humanity from the power of All Knowing. Humanity is the luciferian illusion, that has been fabricated to attempt to manipulate Reality, (which is who and what we really are), into believing that this body of humanity, is who and what we really are. If this sounds a bit confusing, it was designed to be that way.

This construction took exactly 666 egregore  tught forms to the day. This breaks down to exactly, 80 months, to the day, with 8 being the number of total control.

If you’ve ever wondered why George Bush Jr. sat so calmly in a Florida schoolroom while the nation was supposedly, under attack, it’s because the Bush family had known for decades that this was the plan, but did not know why. Not in the overall sense. They knew the attack was going to happen, but because of their deep trance state, and deep devotion to what they regard as the Supreme God, they were doing God’s will,but the truth is they were doing of satan will. They have no concept whatsoever, that they are fulfilling the wishes and the agenda of the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities-gargoyles-luciferian draconians who are bound up becaue of bad karma. that they do all this horror for. It is the Engl-ish language – the Angel Manlanguage – the universal world language that this elite bloodline uses, to conjure its spells to manipulate humanity on behalf of this luciferian group thought form.

ENGLISH = ANGL-MAN = ANGLE MA which corresponds to the Sacred Geometry of Secret Societies.

For instance, from the name Horus – we derive the word horizon – or rising son. This is where the name for the state of Arizona comes from. The sun is rising – as is the son of god is called egregore (which represents christianity throughout the ages to terrorise humanity and bring herecy), to continue eternal life in darkness so these gargoyle beigs can feed the fallen ones. Horus was the keeper of the 12 hours of daytime. Horus, Horizon, Arizona, all refer to the constellation Orion. This will also be revealed in detail further into the site.

The name Satan comes from the word – Set – which is father of Horus, in ancient Egypt, the keeper of the 12 hours of darkness. From Set we getSetting Sun – or SA-TAN – an abbreviated form of setting son – the satanic god sinking into darkness. Set is also symbolized as the father god, and is in his setting years, or the retiring sun. Horus, the son, is youthful and rising, while the father/brother Set, is old and dieing. Together, these 2 brothers, or the father and the son, form one complete 24 hour day. From this symbolism, we arrive at the word Deity, the 24 hours of the Deity.

Don’t be thrown by the thought that the brother is the father and is the son. This is a simple curve thrown many times, in many ways, to attempt to keep anyone searching from finding out what’s really going on.

The word HOURS is likewise just a subliminal suggestion being passed our way to hold us in the trance state. HOURS = HORUS the sun god – that in turn = HORSE and the sport of kings. There is incredible similarity between these words in sound, shape and the specific number of letters (5), as well as the particular letters used. This is a subliminal message. All 3 words Horus, Hours and Horse, are all worshipped by luciferian thinkers. Horus is the Rising Son of god, Hours are equated with Father Time, (Cronus-fallen cherubim), and a Horse is a Mount. This last symbolic connection with the Mount makes the further connection to the Mount Moriah Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, as mentioned above. From this Mount Rock, we connect to the Rock at the Rockefeller Plaza located in Manhattan (Manhattan is a hidden form of Mountain), and then to the Rockie Mountains and the Western United States. The 4th Rock is the biggest of all, described on page 21, and is the Canadian Rock, the Canadian Shield, the Canadian Polar Arctic, the Canadian Rockie Mountains, the State of Alaska, and the country of Greenland. It literally doesn’t get any bigger than this. This 4th Rock, the 3rd one in North America, is the hypnotic suggestion that has been established in the minds of humanity to bring about the global climate change devastation. See the charts and diagrams on page 21 regarding the 4th Rock of Canada.

It should also be mentioned:

HOURS = HORUS = HORSE = WHORES, with the significance of each relating to the luciferian agenda.

The whole configuration of the light particle and the geometric way its constructed, lends itself to the formulation of a thing called hours. However, this isn’t a very potent subliminal in itself, so let’s now attach a religious thought to the whole thing and called itHorus the sun god, or son of god in freemasonery. Now we feel compelled to take it a bit more seriously. However, to push the hypnotic suggestion even farther, let’s conjure up a creation that runs like the wind and call it a horse. This horse notion, and horse racing, may be the pasttime activity of the elite of the world. This sport of kings has helped cause the elite of the world to believe they’re really in control and in the know, but in reality, are the most deeply entranced of all.

Become acquainted with this word, sound and shape association, because in it, all the secrets of the luciferian mind are revealed, and the events of the next few years can be foreseen. Keep reading the pages on this site and you will become familiar with the most fundamental and important secrets of all.

One other luciferian reference to the word Satan. The last day of the week is Saturday – derived from Saturn – but used for the last day of the week because of the setting characteristic in the name. The planet Saturn is nothing more than a conjured up All Seeing Eye, with its rings and planet ball in the centre.

SATURN = ST.URAN = Saint ORION – an anagram suggesting the constellation Orion


They will think to change times and seasons,and will conjure draconian luciferian gargoyles to feed so they can help them from matrix to use energy to power up 4D civilisations from where they manipulate by dream magic:Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.

UFOs/aliens are demonic spiritual entities. UFOs are reported to appear and disappear, change color and shape, and seem like they are alive.METALIC DISC IS SYNTHETIC MERKABA THAT IS REASON THAT TO SAY THESE ARE DEMONIC.

This begs the question: who will think to change times and seasons? After years of observation in seemingly unrelated areas, the answer as to whom, and even how, why, and when has been discovered.

This is not just another take on the illuminati agenda.

Prepare yourself – the conclusions herein are troubling. Once we absorb this information, another question will present itself: What to do about the illuminati cabal – the luciferian mind – and its agenda of manipulation? The answer will become self-evident. The illuminati is mindful of its final moments to realize its goal. That goal is total control of oureternal wisdom state through a new world order, a new age of reason, designed to manifest itself through the 3 dimensional experience we call life. The new world order has long been established, but a subliminal hex must be cast over humanity, convincing us once and for all the 3D scenario is legit, that the 3 dimensional life experience is actually REAL. This luciferian mindset is convinced of success. However, it has failed.We now know what the scenario really consists of, how it was perpetuated using the illusory manifestation known as humanity, and most importantly, how to end the illusion.

The luciferian egregore group of thinkers manipulate the illuminati pyramid through a process of hypnotic mind control, know as kabbalism. This pyramid is in aDEEP TRANCE STATE and is composed of the elite royal bloodlines that control world affairs. Institutions such as the Vatican, the Monarchy, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, the US Federal Reserve, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, the Salvation Army (Red Shield-Rothschild), The Watchtower Society – Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Roman Catholic Church, Protestant and Evangelical Christian Organizations, the World Zionist Movement, the media, the movie industry, the recording industry, theCorporation of the United States of America … you name it, they own it and manipulate it in one way or another. Their agenda is saturated with deceit and corruption. The world is deceived by their manipulation, thereby generating fear and hypnosis, in much the same manner as they, themselves, have been manipulated into being pawns for the luciferian MINDSET. The luciferian / illuminati mindset feeds insatiably on this fear. However, all the organizations and world systems are only the tip of the iceberg, and are a decoy to throw everyone off the trail of what is really happening, and what will happen over the next few years, and most importantly, who and what is at the top of the pyramid and beyond. This site will explain and show in great detail, the luciferian god that conjured up the whole illusory experience known as the 3 dimensional world.

Signs of Things To Come

Gargoyles luciferian dracos and elves in this year and next year will be somebody else who will be condraconicuses just as discord is from my little ponny friendship is magic.And thee will be good,next will be like cerberus and fish people and monsters that HP LOVECRAFT TALKED ABOUT IN NECRONOMICON !