People are talking about something happening in September I do believe alot will but the Elementals that hold the literal being of everything said that most will happen in spring they said that the hologram is breaking down but chaos is also happening and they are trying to make sure that the world does not fall into too much chaos which could cause great harm.they also showed that inanimate objects were even spirit energies they showed me a red viper car that changed into a less evolved spirit it held the car together on a monecular this is just my experience!

i am worried about the fear mongering going on within the awakened group for 1 from what i experience and see everything will be okay but if your terrified inbed at night the day CERN is turned on shaking losing your soul energy to fear psyops than go ahead be energy dinner for whats inback using these things too gather energy..its onething to be aware and its another too spread this stuff to others i sincerely think you are failing spiritually if you fall for this stuff just work on self on happiness on achieving positive things in your community on creativity and healing evolving..stop worrying be aware and move along from obsessing over this i saw some major energy reaping psyops within the past 2 years CERN jade helm and planet x and nothing has terribly happened your still alive right so let it go this is also done to keep your attention so you do not grow and evolve again let me remind you of this