It might sound like radical, but it’s considered to be the most dangerous leader  of patriarchy with Dagon and Samael and Metatron, understanding of the metaphysical realities of Planet Earth. Namely – an ideological off-planet virus morphed into the three ubiquitous religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which have been used to divide, conquer and rule Terra for thousands of years through fear, intimidation and all those other luciferian draco reptilian stimulus-response mechanisms. [See “New (Reptilian) World Order
The falle angelic armies, by the way, were the lowere initiators in a war with Roman Christianity,with Islam they created and judaism a long-term focus of religious terrorism ensconced in the Vatican. ..…
Therefore, it was not a very smart or politically correct move on the part of to point this out to the Christians,islamists and askenazi khazar satanic fake jews that are not..– namely their unique world-view and their model for the metaphysical realities of Planet Earth brings war and chaos for illuminati magic.
Religion and the Seeding of Death Culture
My elf Roxiel guardian told me that, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Nature of it, it was this Abrahamic legacy that they make and missuse and create religion and of religion which incorporates the fear of death that carries the virus.
Here story about  mysticism, religion and power politics is at once self-empowering and enlighteningTrue from Creator cosmology and wisdom-science illuminates the heart and mind because it is the counter-program to the prevalent Death Culture on Earth.
As Satan edited the scrolls presents the ideological infrastructure of Christian religion that he made by bible edit and removing true names of trinity!!!!!!!.”  God Yahweh and Goddess Shekinah and Yahshua kinsman redeemer!
“That Qumran was an outpost for militants fighting to free Judea from Roman occupation and not a haven for hippie-like pacifists called Essenes, was information withheld from the public by a team of scrolls scholars controlled by the Vatican..
“In the cult of jewish cabalists who gave Messiah on cross and were cursig him the same ones  led by Marduk, militant and mystical elements combined into a lethal explosive mix. The Zaddikim sect self-destructed by bringing down upon itself and the entire Jewish community the military might of the Roman Empire, but their program survived and mutated into what was to become Roman Christianity. The enemies of the system became the system.”
The irony of this history is deafening, while the apocalyptic theology and its dogma of final retribution rears its ugly head with every terrorist bombing or “preemptive” strike that kills, maims and tortures humanity on earth.
So why have “terrorism” and “religion” become so closely identified in contemporary life?
“In epidemiological terms, Christianity was the pandemic vector for the ideological virus of the Zaddikim belief system,” writes Lash. “…Over centuries patriarchy mutated into a religious system based on the four components of the redeemer complex. The sulfurous pathological core of the system is terror; terror before the father god who creates the world and commands its fate; terror for those who follow the Lord’s plan and those who do not; terror for the innocent victim tormented and dominated by the perpetrator; terror for the perpetrators who will be caught out and punished by God; …terror that drives human society to a final solution, the lethal madness of a species hell-bent on its own destruction… The belief that the world can be saved by destroying it exemplifies annihilation theology.”
The “religious” fervour of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan bespeak of this theology of death that rules and dominates the planet.

The diagnosis of Archontic intrusion conforms in many respects to reports of people who have encountered alien entities, especially the Grays and the Lucferian draconian Reptilians.”
Origins of the Illuminati
The archons the fallen oes are also responcible for explanation for the origin of the so-called Illuminati, those behind-the-scenes puppet-masters and obsessive control freaks of society, who have been the de facto Ruling Class for thousands of years.
My spirit guide elf Olein said that she is glad that i posted this because this is the only issue that has been concerning me and quite a few people on ‘the path’ of late,now as that elf feels hate and such will thrue connection f this blog destroy the aries of Marduk and will defeat his fallen ones the inions who are arround. Many people are saying that we are responsible for the state of the world and for the state of our lives “our thoughts and feelings create our reality etc etc.. Then you read this which mentions that the archons are influencing us to be large scale smucks and that they are a foreign entity an off planet entity.. So how can we be responsible for the mess that is religion, politics and banking/finance if we were infiltrated unawares ? If you are being mislead, hypnotized etc from hidden beings that have an alternative agenda how can you be responsible for creating our own reality ?