According to hierarchy of fallen celestial beings Marduk fallen cherubim playing  God named Yadabaoth (Ilda-Baoth or Ialdabaoth ) who is ruller of Christianity, and islam and judaism as the Childen of Chaos he leads to total deception and bloodbath, and was the one of stronger near Lucifer by power that cherubim and was also torch barrer in Cosmogenesis. Yaldabaoth is psychopathic archon lord who sends thrue CIA many evils,isis,alcaida,and all that leads mossad and kgb. He is first one  in “The Cosmos, Chaos, and the Underworld” as one that ordered stargate angels of the twelve angels to come “into being [to] rule over chaos and the [underworld.

Yaldabaoth is the Demiurge of the Valentinian system (Lucifer, vi, 33), the Proarchos of the Barbelitae (Irenaeus, I, xxix, 4), the Great Archon of Basilides and the Elohim councils of Justinus. (1) Yaldabaoth is the creator of many demons in this realm or what we can call the Matrix (society) and prince of the Creative Forces that seek to get  in humans.

. Yaldabaoth is spoken of as residing in the “Great Chaos which is the Outer Mist”, , with his Forty-nine archons, he tortures wicked souls . It is from the serpent Satan that  makes humans temted to sin against God Yahweh and Goddess Shekinah and Lord Yahushua, and for those who transgress the universal wisdom of natural laws of God will be punished by the demon parasite children of archons the fallen ones who work for of Yaldabaoth. He is the ruler of this world like Lucifer/Satan who is the Chief Archon who is the son of the creator God of Genesis and the demiurge of Platonism. The meaning of the name demiurge is maker which makes him the “creator of the hybrid life forms.” This fact is key in understanding the meaning and role of Yaldabaoth over the material world or the Luciferic Matrix.

The important thing to remember with the story of Yaldabaoth is that it he is an strong created life form said to be a lion-faced serpent, with its eyes were like lightning fires which flash that was on a throne surrounded by a blood . He becomes the Archon.

To the ancient Greeks, Jupiter is the only real God that sits behind the veil of Isis; explained in the book, Anacalypsis: It was from the serpent that man and woman were currupted, but it is also the adversary named Samael joined forces!

Jupiter zeus-jupiter-ammon,yeezus

For his puffed wormy pride,he was by Creator warned, his Father Yahweh and  Mother ImmaYah  had taken away Yaldabaoth’s wisdom of where he had come from, who he was and deprived him and his demonic angles and other fallen races  of celestial bengs of their Light-power. The Sons of God in the form of a worm in a cloud had plunged into the darkness of the DNA of the 666 carbon matter beasts of humanity.

Over time, all races and world powers were held by this Chief Archon ruler or Drakon under its sway. In the end, however, t was never enough new ovemet thrue channeling takes ight and energy so these beings archons take light to be more with it as much as they can their illumination and these demons their children they awoke to the knowledge of the past that they were made by them fallen angels who feed them chi and prana also.

These Astral gods, the fallen ones were kicked out to 4th dimensional plane from higher ones and now they such energy of people!

an attempt to draw aside the veil of the Saitic Isis, by Godfrey Higgins; “Ham was nothing but a Greek corruption of a very celebrated Indian word, formed of the three letters A U M. Aum is pronounced like a drawling Amen, and there must be a close connection between the Aum of India, the Amun-Ra and Amun-Knepth of Egypt, and the Jupiter-Ammon of Greece.”

YALDOBAOTH IS  friend of  SAMAEL,another fallen cherubim dragon!