Is Lucifer still in Power?  even more!   Does he still live as before in pyamids,?  No!  Has he been recycled?  Yes!Lives in Boxes.  Does Lucifer have a twin flame?  Yes!  Does she live?  No!Lilith dreams,only in that state is awake.  He and his twin flame have both been recycled in the Creation Flames of Original Mother/Father Creator Source God Yahweh and Goddess Shekinah  to slow them down Both Licifer and Lilith so that there is more time for spiritual matirity preparation and folks to get rady who is spiritual warrior.

What about the five other “Fallen Elohim”?  Do they live?  No!But they will be left from underworlds the grate old ones who 5 months torment humans.  They and their twin flames have been recycled as well. The Uncreation Rays have been neutralized and replaced with the Triangulation Energy.  This energy is the transition energy through the 2012 Portal as each soul moves through 2012 and their soul is “weighed against the feather on the Scales of Justice.” Each will reap according to their choice and their record in 2022. This process is ongoing from now till it is done. The Luciferion 12 were recycled on 5.3.11 your calendar date. The transition and evaluation of souls will continue through 2012 till it is done in 2022.

What does that mean for the rest of humanity? Transition to the Positive and Beneficial Energy of God is underway. What about the MATRIX and its programming on a personal level?  As my elves guardians told mebefore,thatwhat they have said before, it will take another 33 years after 2012 for all programming to be removed, if you do nothing.  For those who work with ofull effort will be reworded. The more you clear and remove the old programming the more you are able to channel the Positive and Beneficial Energy of God and therefore create a corresponding reality. Yes this is a time to rejoice but also renew your efforts to free yourselves from the bondage of your mental and energetic limitations and be renewed into the Christ Vibration of the Positive and Beneficial Energies of God.