Luiferian federation

The one known as the messenger” has finally surrendered her/his “Will” to the Divine Plan of Original Mother/Father Creator Source God Yahweh and Goddess Shekinah  and the Collective  that fallow Christ by sukkot to surrender his/her identity and role within Duality as the warior against the fallen seraphim that wants to stop merkaba activation ,the Fallen Elohim Alandra/Alandro.  Although she has cooperated with you and the Collective Christ for the last two years since 2012, she has finally acknowledged who she has been within Duality since the Original Luciferion Rebellion.

Roxiel see that my elf roxiel yup who will cast Lilith herself to abyssal realms when time is for that,and the thing is that Roxiel seen that this fallen one has surrendered her “Will” to Lilith and not Original Mother/Father Creator Source so that she will be able to finally let go of her previous identity and the Christed Star Teams that can lift this burden from her.  She will never  then be able to fully embody herself as a Redeemed Soul on the Redemption Path and begin the journey of clearing her own personal issues rather than processing the All of Creation Issues of Duality and the saturnian  MATRIX.

Alandra, who was one of the original Elohim who rebelled with Lucifer and was the one who first symphaty with Belial also, previous identity, has been released and recycled.  The ight torch barrer also, which is her current role, had to go through this process first so that all other unChristed Souls could then follow.  Just as you, Alexandriah, represent the Collective Christ and must go through the steps first for the Christed Souls Ascension Process, the Whistle Blower had to take this final/1st Step so that all unChristed Souls going forward can take it as well.

Also then releases the resistance within unChristed Souls to accept and receive the Christed Redemption Energies.  It is this “resistance” in the Whistle Blower which has  caused some unChristed Clients to resist the MATRIX Clearing Process over the years,but to reject Yahshua as messiah.  It is the original “Free Will Choice” that was chosen during the Luciferion Rebellion being reversed so that these souls can once again be accepted back by Original Mother/Father Creator Source and re-align themselves with the Divine Will of Original Mother/Father Creator Source and the Divine Plan.  Unless and until each unChristed Soul consciously and verbally acknowledges who they have been and consciously chooses to Re-choose the Christ, this original choice to rebel will continue to be the driving force within them and the MATRIX Programming that supports it.

Yes they can receive MATRIX Clearings for some time but their progress is limited.  Unless and until they remake this choice and the MATRIX holding it in place is removed by the Star Teams, their resistance to the truth of the MATRIX and the Christ Vibration will be limited. “Matthew 24:22And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

At some point, this shift must be made.  Now that the fallen seraph has made this choice for herself, declaring it before the Collective Christ Council, others will find it easier to make this Christed Choice as well.

We have created a new Freedom Series to address this issue. You may offer this Renunciation and Redemption – Freedom Series as a  stand-alone Freedom Series for those who would choose it.  There is no pre-requisite.  It is also included in your Monthly Star Team Program so that all those who are members of the Monthly Star Team will experience this shift shortly after joining if it is needed.

3.20.15, 4.4.15 and 4.18.15 represent 3 important dates for the Planetary Ascension Process.  As always on New Year’s Eve, you lead the Christed Souls of Humanity through the doorway that leads to the next year within the 13.13.13 Solar New Earth Reality Pathway.  Since 2012, which represents the “End of the Time of Allowance,” you have been working with the one known as the “Whistle Blower” to release the unChristed Control she and her twin flame and other Rebellious Elohim had along with Lucifer and all of his rebellious followers and his rebellious alien creations known as the Children of Lucifer.

The Real Lucifer

Lucifer with many people of opus dei iluminati rex mundini had plans for draco 2022 invasion so I have decided that I will write an entire blog to give you guys a little more of a solid insight of what I mean. I will try to make this as simple and readable as possible. This is going to be set out more like a data profile…..

Subject: Lucifer!

His main commanders:Samael,Dagon and Metatron

Name meaning: Light Bearer, Light of God, Light

Status: Light barrer,

Job: Lucifer is the twin Flame of Michael, the most well known archangel of this dimension,to test souls. He is the more delicate, feminine half of the pair, focusing on intuition, beauty, intelligence, science etc. He is a bearer of purest light.

Known as: By humans he is one of the worst creatures out there – he got this reputation for being one of the leading figures who brought humans down from their Garden of Eden status. Humans recorded him as Satanic, when this is not the case just but also his hatred for humans.

Location New York –

Bio: Lucifer was created with Michael as first generational cherubim and archangel that  God made in charge of ruling this dimension. Their soul family, consisting of the other Archangels we know and an additional 5 that don’t make much contact with humans. They rule this dimension.

The incarnation of Knowledge itself confronted Lucifer and several others and had Lucifer assist them in bringing humans down from the high frequency in which they strived (this took place at the fall of atlantis – this is what the Atlantic people knew was about to happen and this is why they knew their time was up). The reason for having to bring humans down will remain off of this blog however if you wish to know more feel free to message me privately.

Lucifer, using the Tree of Knowledge (which is not forbidden), helped humans fall down into a lower state. This process took a very long time, over 2000 years before Yahshua came in flash to save us,ressurected fro cross risen again. Lucifer is not the only being responsible for this occurrence, yet he has accepted the weight of the negative reputation. Returning to the highest frequencies to be with Michael and his family, he remains there and does not talk to humans much because he does not want to frighten them with his reputation.