The fallen cherubim dragon  Lucifer, at the head of an army of rebellious Angels and seraphs and cherubs and some of elves,broken deal with fascist Marduk fallen cherubim demiurge Emperor of Dune world Mars.

The rebelling Angels seek to stop the leader of 3 religions of patriarchy that are christianity,judaism and islam,to bring rule of Lilith and Astaroth ashtar command nesara against illuminati faction and his machismo Stormtroopers, constructing an ‘end of days’ Iapetus death star, orbiting Saturn.This is change of plans for new world order to bring matriarch of neo gnosticism,wicca and ecumental new age movement!

This on picture is asket,and this one is working with Elenora who is in sherry shriner who is neo nazi and this on on picture of astaroth/ashtar uses sigel to pilot the planetoid craft luminary,so Diana Lucifera/Lucifrage Rofacale Sataniel assists her ad these 2 left and right asket pictures materialised are studio pictures of grate shows and porn that that falen angel does,as succubus also shows how from andromedan faction to get kundalini sex sperm transmutor to create hybrid monsters more later to use them for war and 5 months of torment rev.9!

asket when half naked as here realises a lot of sexual energy,because kundalini naga dragon race she is as fallen archangel,and eats blood and sperm alot and also sometimes pineal glands of kidnaped people in satanic rituals and is matriarchy leader on of them for Lilith and Astaroth/Ashtar!


But the rebel Archangel is flung down to put many penis tpes both smaller and bigger as a fallen Dragon, along with legions of rebellious Succubae to use and recreate nephilim from tramsmuting when swalowing it to perfect giantism in serious ways.

The name literally means: light-bearer, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus from where women are said to be exploated to be sexualy abused by igigi/grigori again, whom inspire artists as their Angelic dream Muses.

The planet Venus heralds the dawn break of Hypnopompic daylight, after a dreamer has experienced Hypnagogic trance ingress into gonnia who was by alicorn Luna defeated in the dream realm lucid dreams of Lilith’s Harem,and Lilith lost too.

The use of the word in this sense is uncommon in the English language, in which, day star, or, morning star, are the more common expressions.

The planet Venus was usually associated with love/sex Goddesses in the ancient world; for Venus is the Roman name of the ancient Greek Goddess of love and sexuality called Aphrodite.

In the Middle East the adoration of the love Goddess was very popular, such as the Semitic love Goddess called Astarte, who of a Hippie era incarnation would be an anti-war protestor chanting, “make love, not war.”

She appeared in the Old Testament as Asthoreth of a demonised figure, becoming thence as an adversary, whom rebelled against Marduk when told by Tiamat who is good female cherub dragon,in this with Star Wars Lucifer, warring of an ancient galaxy wide conflict amidst the heavens.Pegasus galaxy had original atlantis transferred to be safly preserved.

Astarte was later transformed into the male Demonic being by her will known as Ashtaroth (Goetia – 29th Spirit: Astaroth) by the new agers apearing as Ashtar Sheran,and beeing new ager’s hero for this age in good cop vs bad cop deception game that deceives the very elect.

The Babylonian’s considered the star of Venus to be associated with their Goddess of sexual love whom they called Ishtar who was worshipped at the prior ancient Sumerian city of Ur, situated in Iraq, from whence patriarchal Abraham came from.

As for the pre-Islamic Arabs; well before Muhammad appeared on the scene, the Kaaba stone of Mecca was once surrounded by 360 idols, and every Arab house had its particular deity.

Arabs also bettled against fallen Jinn (subtle beings), and some vague divinity with many offspring. Among the major deities of the pre-Islamic era were Al-Lat (the Goddess), worshiped in the shape of a square stone; al-Uzzah (the Mighty), a Goddess identified with the ‘morning star’ and worshiped as a thigh-bone-shaped slab of granite between al Talf and Mecca.That one is Luifer/Satan!

Manat, the Goddess of destiny, was worshiped as a black stone on the road between Mecca and Medina.

The use of the fallen morning star ‘Lucifer; generally refers to ‘Satan,’ of an indoctrinated common usage. Although the name is not applied to this entity in the New Testament.

The use of the name ‘Lucifer’ in reference to a fallen dragon cherub stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3–20, a passage, which speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of ‘day star, morning Star’ (in Latin, Lucifer), as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky.

In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word Lucifer is used to refer to the morning star, with no relation to evil whatsoever.But this shows that light can blind and deceive,nt all light is bright as it should..

In the Middle East you will find a worship of stones fallen from the sky being that of meteorites, or otherwise considered heavenly born, which were often associated with the ancient worship of the Queen Lilith, whose abode was seen to be the realm of the morning-day star of Venus.

In post-New Testament times the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as an alternative name for the Devil.

However, prior to the Christian usage of the name Lucifer you have the FAVSTINAE CONSECRATIO, the Consecration of Faustina, which depicts the Roman Empress Faustina being carried away to dwell with the deities of pre-Christian Pagan Rome by the Goddess ‘DIANA LVCIFERA,’ Diana-Lucifera.

The Goddess Diana-Lucifera was also depicted on many Roman coins, some of these coins date back to the era of the Imperial Roman Republic. The image of Diana-Lucifera is frequently depicted upon the reverse side of Roman coins bearing a portrait of Faustina on the obverse or otherwise that of Apollo.

Second in command of asket was another fallen naga serpant kudaliny sexual vampire Faustinaior, was the wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelus. Marcus Aurelus was the successor and adopted son of Antoninus Pius.He as high level archon jinn raised with many archdeons.They will be who has IPHONE APPLE to trac and abduct in saceships and eat and take souls!

The feast day of Diana-Lucifera was November 16th; while November 15th was the night of Hecate,in 2022 in 16th will be mass invasions and abductions and wars and chaos and an things like that. Both of these Goddesses are very much tied up with the practice of (Shamanism) Witchcraft who are depicted holding torches. Their worship involved secret (trance) rites being conducted in caverns etc, which were seen to be associated with the (womb) underworld.PROJECT BLUE BEAM HOLOGRAPHIC MESSIAH FROM SATELITE SATAN APPEARING AS MESSIAH TO DECEIVE FROM NASA SATELITE!

The symbolism of the torch alludes to the inner light, which illuminates your infernal dreams, being that of the bio-photon emanating from your mitochondrial DNA, of a serpentine double-helix Dragon,kundalini naga sex drive and such……

The Mongolian (Shamans) Kams see the feminine principle, called Yal-un eke is the mother of Fire; while the Fire-King, known as Odqan is its master. The fire of Yal-un eke refers to the inner light of the bio-photon, which as mentioned prior, emanates from the mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA is passed down from the mother to her children. Hence the inner light (torch of Diana-Lucifera) has a female source.

The name of Odqan appears to be the original ‘Altaic’ root word of the name given to the ancient Norse shamanic God called Odin and the Saxon, Woden, whom are one and the same deity. The mythic descriptions of Odin is very much that of a North-Central-Asian Shaman, to thereby perceive an influence emanating from out of Siberia.

Whereby you can determine a possible ancient migration of peoples from the Altai (Altay) region of Southern Siberia into Europe and elsewhere of land to migrate into, whose nomadic tribes had also prior crossed over the Bering Straits into America. Wherefore you have Artemis (Yal-un eke) and Apollo (Odqan) of the ancient Greek’s. It was Apollo who gifted the serpentine double-helix DNA of a Dragon secret Caduceaus to Hermes, in exchange for his seven planetary Chakra sphere stringed lyre.

You will find that the names of Odqan, Odin and Woden all have the same meaning of having shamanic trance mastery over an Inner fire (bio-photon) illuminating your electron dreams, whose mitochondrial feminine source is Diana-Lucifera, residing as the fallen Dragon DNA within each and every one of your cells.


Being a carbon-based-life-form that you are, you will no doubt be aware that your carbon atoms have 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons of number.

  1. I came across a Aztec/Mesoamerican Deity by the name of Godess Itzpapalotl whom origins and story mirrors/parallels Goddess Diana-Lucifera, during my research about female spiritual entities for sorcery exploration. Goddess Itzpapalotl whose name means “Obsidian Butterfly” is the leader of a group of Aztec Female Deities known as the Tzitzimime whose name translates as “Star Devils” and they fell to Earth from the Celestial Heavens after some kind of Great War or possibly Cosmological Reformation.

    I’m fairly certain we can agree it’s not just a coincidence that two different cultures are speaking about similar events in their cosmology or this Knowledge is just somehow a mysticism used in same manners and all connects evrything. I was by my Elf Guardian Roxiel shown the visions of Goddess Diana-Lucifera and Goddess Itzpapalotl are very likely records of events that happened in the Spirit World which has generated associated historic events in our normal-waking-state world history.I seen the havenly and galactic wars!Roxiel and another elf Olein showed me in visionsmany wars lead by Marduk and Lucifer!

    I’m not saying that Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalotl are the exact same Goddess but they are so closely related in many respects that Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalot seem connected at a very deep levels beneath the ethnic colorings of their respective cosmology and possibly unified at root of these diverse cultural paradigms. However, it stands to reason since our conscious interacts within an infinite multiverse than there has to be universes where Diana-Lucifera and Itzpapalotl are one and the same,and yup my elven guardians and guides confirmed me that!.