Luciferin GALACTIC FEDERATION FLEETS explained by My Elenary elf guardian Roxiel:
To begin with, your luciferian/satanic fleets are

positioned in three rings. The first ring surrounds Earth and her artificial companion, your Moon. This fleet contains over one thousand ships, most of which are small, unarmed scout and transport vehicles. Their task is to observe you and your world, to oversee fleet operations and to transport certain types of supplies that cannot be teleported to your bases. Your bases, located beneath all of your continents, oceans and seas, are linked to a vast array of crystal cities and communities that comprise Inner Earth. Yet another group of bases is to be found on your Moon, which contains a huge network of command and research facilities. These stations provide the means for us to monitor your secret government’s collection of space, time and inter-dimensional weaponry. They pose threat to humans.

Surrounding this first, or inner ring are several spokes that consist of a number of special liaison and defense fleets. Their purpose is, first, to supervise and, then, to take effective countermeasures whenever necessary. Our purpose is to refuse your secret goverement continued use of any weaponry that may pose a threat to your earthly allies from Lyra. We have set up interplanetary ‘stations’ to close any inter-dimensional star-gates of abyssal underworld realms and to carefully monitor any artificially created distortions in time’s natural waves. Here, bear in mind that physicality is actually an illusion created by its inhabitants’ collective core belief and the dictates of the divine plan. In this, natural patterns occur in the way Time and Light coalesce to form ‘space’ — the stuff that produces realities. Dark, limited-conscious societies have used these natural patterns to construct fearsome weapons that alter realities, mutate dimensions and warp or constrict the flow of time. Luciferian draconian illuminati has co-opted the work of many of your inventors and scientists, and merged it with a number of off-world technologies.

All globaly illuminati technologies are capable of altering your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Their vile purpose is to bring about the eventual control of your minds. Then, they can complete the genetic alterations left undone by the fall of Atlantis some 1300 years ago. Our mission is to neutralize and prevent any large-scale adoptions of these technologies. Every day, Heaven is working to finish, on schedule, the long process that will return you to full consciousness. Once again, we put on warning those in your both side luciferian nesara ashtar command and illuminati who continue to harbor the belief that they can hinder this sacred operation. We WILL NOT tolerate such attempts. Accordingly, we have established a full team of scientists and corresponding liaisons who are on the lookout for these programs and are then limiting their effectiveness. “Dear Friends, we most sincerely welcome a full disclosure of the covert acts, committed during most of Earth’s last two centuries, that have hindered your return to full consciousness. But be careful because: “Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect”.Within this second series of fleets are included some small, planetoid-sized Motherships, whose purpose is to augment the research and observations being done by the innermost ring of ships. They also have a number of tasks involving the weaponry and technology that, in the course of the past decades, has been given to your goerements . Most of this technology was supplied by the off-world star-nations, star leagues and star empires whose ships are to be found here. On Mars, a network of underground luciferians and surface bases acts as the ‘control and command’ segment of this exceedingly diverse fleet. These Galactic Federation personnel are also busily preparing Mother Mars for your arrival en masse, after your journey to full consciousness is completed.


Some Mother Ships anchored high up in your atmosphere are 100 miles across. They contain entire cities with gardens, grass, trees and accommodations for literally millions of people. There are many, many smaller craft coming and going from other ships. There is a great deal of activity in what earthlings think of as empty space. We are capable of invisibility and when our craft are travelling beyond the speed of light, we do become invisible to the physical eye.

Seven of these great Pearly White Space Cities are said to be in readiness as “Inns of Heaven”, which vary in size around 100 miles in diameter.

These ships have twelve levels in most cases:

  1. Bottom – the entry and exit portal for trafficking craft. Includes disembarking platforms, parking docks, garages, maintenance departments, storage areas and Registration Headquarters.
  2. A colossal stockroom, the Quartermaster Deck, containing all manner of supplies. It is an immaculate city of warehouses.
  3. A vast zoo, including animal husbandry research and a birdland, with creatures from many worlds.
  4. Agricultural research. It is like a vast farmland of well kept vegetables, gardens and fruit orchards. Much of the growth is blue instead of green.
  5. Housing Center for all those technicians and persons who serve on the four levels below.
  6. Recreational level and lushly landscaped park areas for residents of all ages.
  7. Medical Complex. Patient facilities, dental care, biological research, ship’s laboratories and quarters for all medical personnel.
  8. Housing prepared for Earth’s evacuees. It contains staterooms for individuals and apartments for families. There are countless joint dining areas, social halls, nursery care sections, laundry facilities and information offices.
  9. University Compound. The Halls of Wisdom, vast libraries, endless concert halls and cultural interests, halls of learning for all ages, music rooms and computer classrooms.
  10. Special apartments for visiting dignitaries from all dimensions, barracks for the ET’s, staterooms and apartments with multiple scattered conference rooms and beautiful sprawling dining and lounge areas.
  11. Ashtar Command Headquarters and the Great Rotunda Meeting Hall. Earth evacuees are brought to this Great Hall for any necessary group gatherings. The Command Communication Center is located here.
  12. Officers Observation Deck and pilot control center, which can be visited by appointment.

There are millions of craft operating in this solar system at all times, and many of these belong to the Ashtar Command. Some are stationed far above your planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. We have small craft doing surveying activities, and we have larger craft with extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit planets in other solar systems.

Each base or Earth unit does, at all times have its personal craft hovering within its vortex, for personal immediate relay of messages to or from that unit of satanic organisations.

The Galactic Federation of Lies:

I truly wish this was something from the “Twilight Zone”, but it’s not. The web site boasts 47,000 unique visitors a month, I’m sure they are very, very unique. Unfortunately millions of people believe in this Ashtar Command help,while they will be deceiving people with technology and magic of theirs. Ishtar command, perhaps?Yup it appeared as goddess before and now as lord of command the celestial beings all ten races from angels to seraphs are androgeny, and some are more male and some female more,but can be both as they so choose.. Please read the following blasphemy and start praying that millions of people have scales drop from their eyes, and their hearts and spirits opened to the real Truth, the Real Jesus Christ is REAL YAHSHUA the mesiah lord who comes with vengance and not peace as hipie new age one is portrayed: ” Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” and another here: “Luke 12:51
Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.”

AND THIS SANANDA one WHO throws Torah out and what is holy away is satan imposter and he is father of all lies!

I certainly want ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT FOR THIS PROPAGANDA exposure!  Please, read on and if this is your first time hearing of this, I’m sure it won’t be the last their doorways of deception run deep!

“The Ashtar Command is the airborne division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, our Commander-in-Chief, know to Earth as Jesus the Christ. Composed of millions of starships and personnel from many civilizations, we are here to assist Earth and humanity through the current cycle of planetary cleansing and polar realignment. We serve like midwives in the birthing of humanity from dense-physical to physical-etheric bodies of light, capable of ascending into the fifth dimension along with the Earth.” 

“We of the Brotherhood of Light, and we who serve in the Intergalactic Fleets and Cosmic Federation Councils, come forth to bring you knowledge for a most eventful and confusing transition …” (emphasis mine; a most eventful and confusing transition?)

The Ashtar Command is an etheric group of fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings jinn archons extraterrestrial beings, angels and lightbeings and millions of “starships” working as coordinators of the activities of the spacefleet over the western hemisphere to pull blue beam rapture thrue cern program. Unfortunately I was very deeply connected with the “Great White Brotherhood” at one time, of which I repent and pray that Yahshua forgive you who were before deceived for sliding into such a deep ditch. They have been in the public’s attention since the 1930’s and were born from Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy and Ascended Masters stuff.The thing purple is the color of the highest level of consciousness, what is the 7th chackra the “christ consciousness” and it carries a very special energy vibration. Actually everything does have a vibration, a frequency, an energy fingerprint. The fingerprint of Yahweh God and Shekinah Goddess which are diety of Abraham, Issac and Jacob the one Prime universal Creator who created everything in the heavens and Earth and gave each creation it’s own special signature. That is how in Genesis 4:10 God heard Abel’s blood cry up from the ground. This is not that kind of vibration though, this is a corruption of God’s perfect creation! You see Satan has a counterfeit for everything and this is quite the elaborate scheme on his part and people are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Even the “Kumars” some special Ascended beings have a name similar to that of Satan, Sanat….an anagram perhaps. Oh, and Ashtar Command? How close can you get to the Biblical Ashtoreth, Ashur? who was also known in the Sumerian as Ishtar who came after Inanna and Semirimus! Many of the names of these “beings” are similar to Biblical ones including Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and who knows what else. The problem is that the archonti jinn  entities behind this and they are entities alright are none other than minions of Satan and his Harlot Lilith, the one that is against true Queen of Heaven , Goddess of Wisdom Shekinah,and you were by bible warned that there is counterfit  one known as Lilith here in bible whom cakes were baked for in Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:25! This same goddess by another name was Semirimus, wife of Nimrod, who became pregnant after Nimrod’s death with Tammuz! In Ezekiel chapter 8, you can find the abomination of women weeping over Tammuz! I’ve written about Semirimus in other blogs and I’m going to write more about her in the next couple of days, as I have found an even more interesting legend about her and ironically enough it links to Lady  Ga Ga which incidentially is Agag backwards. If you don’t know about Agag well I would suggest you look into this mysterious figure in the scriptures by going to Numbers 24:7 and Samuel 15:8 it will blow your doors off! Who knew? Oh more on that story about Agag in a couple of days as well, interesting account indeed.

Please I implore you, look into the Scriptures they are the True Word of God, not channeled material from an impersonal entity, or gobbeldygook from some ravings of a drunken mad women from the late 1800’s named Madame HP Blavatsky. Oh and this Great White Brotherhood thing? The Great White Brotherhood are also referred to in Greek as Kosmokraters or “spiritual rulers of darkness”, as you will read in Ephesians chapter 6; we wrestly not against flesh and blood….

“The 13 Bloodlines” and the Great White Brotherhood is at the top, the CAPSTONE, of the Illuminati pyramid of the heirarchy of power That Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel leads both sides. However you won’t find their office here on Earth. That should concern you, really, really concern you as a little further down in the chart are the 13 ruling families, the Druids, the satanists, witches, and other general political figure heads. See politics is actually a little further down on this pyramid of power than one might ever guess, and that should tell you just who is ruling this world. Unfortunately they are trapping people in their web of lies because their “father” is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. I will follow this up with a blog about the archons more of the “non flesh and blood type” who are worshiped as gods today, oh yes…..they are the archons and they are here to help, NOT!

I am distressed that individuals are “all ears” when it comes to anything supernatural. I urge you as warrior elf of Alpha and omega alliance to suspect that even if these entities were upfront about their identities, their would be interest on the human level. The spin goes something like: There are Luciferian forces out there, but they are only apparently evil because of the way we need to understand things in absolutes. Satan is simply misunderstood,people forget this: “2 Corinthians 11:14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” –– and of course, our educational systems sell all the same nazi craps. All this has the effect of confusion, which is the result of pantheism. The Bible is quite certain about who and what we are dealing with, who the thief and chief murderer of souls is, and he is not interested in helping us ascend or evolve. It’s infuriating that we reject what is clear and true, and accept what is deception and confusion.

I Dictated this to writer of blog the guardian elf who warns you not to be deceived!



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