Throughout the lurid history of occultism, the name of Belial has dominated the murky Cabbalistic explorations of the occultists. In the Catholic Encyclopaedia, Belial is one of their principle phallic leader of legion of Demons, with whom of an adversarial egregore the Vatican has an incestuous love, hate relationship, which validates their Animus fixation upon ajusted ideas,o and  jealous egregore God spells that they got from Demiurge Yaldaboath the fallen cherubim Marduk of centralist politics have alled Marduk because he is leader of christianity,islam and judaism,which is monopoly of patriarchy systems as matriarchy are wicca,new age movement of ecumentism,and neo gnosticism.

However, rebellious secret societies of anarchistic were,the dragon discord that was revealed in my little ponny frendship is magic banished the second order of iluminati,he is good cherubim the  Discordian’s effort got that more this world clean,these illuminati who are inspired by the Chaos Magick antics of the Goddess Eris, otherwise conjured up Belial as a Succubus to call Beliala. These anarchistic basterds were banished by  Discordian’s rays may be continuing to do so up to the present day till  he all removes them, whom Yahweh God   and Goddess  Shekhinah,Yahshua kinsman were giving them warnig  within their lucid dreams,but no use,here is core of problem explained rightly   ..ShMind-Doll Tulpa ectoplasm of Beliala in order to usher in the hippie Age of Aquarius.

However, within the banned innards of the much maligned Necronomicon, Beliala is described to be a powerful Queen, who is said to have been the second Great-Old-One created after Diana-Lucifera whom wields the fiery Vulcan torch of light.

For example: “The Sixty-eighth Succubus is Beliala. She is a Mighty and a Powerful Queen, and was created next after DIANA-LUCIFERA. She appeareth in the Form of Two Beautiful female Angels  also.”





“Her Office is to distribute Presentations and Senatorships, etc.; and to cause favour of Friends and of Foes. She giveth excellent Familiars, and governeth 50 Legions of Succubae.”




Due to Beliala’s involvement with Diana-Lucifera, it suggests that Beliala may have been involved with Diana-Lucifera in the events of the garden, which led to Lilith’s Kundalini temptation of Eve.


fallen angels can possess bodies,but this girl in video said they have bod but still know they as their children demons can possess also…..and mind mental time travel is true…..