Patriarchy and matriarchy:

Before i start the big thing is you need to now there are 3 structures of this age of aquarius in th espiritual war the structures of anonnymus hacker stuff and that low leer witchery,then goes higher combined well, and then goes the third level of the trapping archontic satanic forces aligened class! the lord of the rings saturn stepping of the throne to command distractions to be made for souls to be fade away on the stage to be eazy pray by draconians thru media the MADIA goddess of deception the Lilith of this Matriarchy age of aquarius this is her age she rulles by planet venus as Saturn Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel openes pandora´s box realising jinnies to wreck havoc upon this 3D matrix hell!but first read this before more further info here is reasons from beginnign to now why!
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Get it now get knowlage the time of 8 is spirituality,the circle year 2015!

2015 = 8  and it is: 2+0=2 + 1=3+5=8

LIFE ALTERING  Event;Your Invited to


Activate your  Inter-Dimensional  Passport;


Next is 9 ether form and year 9

Soul’s Journey;

Bi-locating holographically to the Sphinx!  By Soul traveling as we step through the dimensional doorway; set your intention to connect to what is yours from your Divine Blueprint held within the Sphinx with bliss, ease and grace for all of your multidimensional levels of your being through  time and space at this Sacred Gateway of New Years Eve.


New Years Eve

9 pm – 2015


Your entire memory of your frequency resonance is carried within your DNA pulsating along your Cosmic Divining Rod otherwise known as your Spinal Column. As you provide the Sphinx with a multidimensional update of where you are at this moment in the eternal now by your vibrating frequency.The Sphinx will compare this to its stored information about your whole “existence vibration” gifting you with intricate frequencies and energies.  Assisting you in fulfilling your life’s purpose with a custom made frequency diamond download attracting the perfect experiences, opportunities, places and divine souls/people to you.



With you get yourself right and rady your SOUL is the key  lso you care for and  it is the moment then that unlocks the wisdom, healing, energy, consciousness, gifts and remembering that is perfect to support your soul’s journey. Working with your higher self to create a continuous connection to what is ‘yours’ aligned with the Divine Blueprint


Access to this powerful infused transmission will be programmed ‘suspended in time’ available until your intention initiates the process.


The Diamond Consciousness holds the Blueprint of your Divine Master Plan





Between 10 – 1am EST  during the Sacred Space Creation & Invocation portion we will activate a LIGHT VORTEX so those of you joining in holographically  located across the globe may receive this powerful Infinity & Beyond Transmission, download at  your most convenient choice/intention  appropriate time.Access to this powerful infused transmission will be programmed ‘suspended in time’ available until your intention initiates the process.

INFO; Holographic Participants


Firstly, create your sacred space (upon registration you’ll receive your Passport Departure Details by spirit guides astraly) in preparation to receive this rarefied diamond-clear light transmission that will immerse your entire body, aura, and hologram. Some may wish to invoke this before bedtime, others accessing in meditation and prayer.  The important thing to remember is that what is for your highest benefit, potential and the Good of All comes first.

This Vortex/ Chamber of light is created immersing you energetically in the holographic quantum  field with a combination of intention, meditation with prayers and spiritual warfare, sacred geometry, key codes, and fire letters nourishing your vibrant  organic awakening in soul conscious  part. It is ignited by your intention after creating a sacred space to receive these transmissions. You maybe at any location across the globe to partake in receive theses Light frequencies and transmissions..



Sacred Sanctuary space creation;

An Ascension Journey Meditation Over lighted by the Heavenly Realms to Anchoring our Sacred Roots;

In addition to closing off, clearing and completing any ‘

unfinished business‘ from the old intense energies of  before do not do the same in retrograde and get away of old so called friends the ones you are in contact with!


Chambers of Light;


Charka Light Infusion,

Platinum Ray Yod Energization,

Ascension Seats;


Golden Chamber of Melchizedek,

Solar core,

An introduction and play shop to Soul Traveling/Bi-locating / Tele-portation.

 ~ Social Time ~

Including snacks and drinks should not be before

Diamond Geometries of Light, Solar codes of 13*13*13 Initiation, Pearl Activation

Language of Light Transmissions,
Diamond Soul Activation & Ignition of Abundance creativity,

Holographic Soul Traveling Journey to the New Diamond Pyramids of Creation & Sphinx

Infinity & Beyond with Blessing to

Welcoming 2015

As you step through the dimensional doorway journeying to the New Earth Sacred Sphinx you are granted access beyond the multifaceted layers that represent your deepest understanding of who you really are; a Temple, an Ashram of Light – A Sacred Being of Light embodiment ~ an intricate enigma complex that is you: your highest unlimited potential, gifts, talents, your infused purpose and diamond essence divinity.

“If you wish to know the Universe think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy” -Tesla




2 sets of Meditation Journeys;


The refueling and actiation with cleansing

Sacred Sanctuary space creation,
An Ascension Journey Meditation Over lighted by the Heavenly Realms to Anchoring our Sacred Roots,
In addition to closing off, clearing and completing any ‘unfinished business‘.


Chambers of Light; Re-calibration, Charka Light Infusion, Platinum Ray Yod

Soul Traveling/Bi-locating / Tele-portation.

Language of Light Transmissions,
Diamond Soul Activation & Ignition of Abundance creativity,

Holographic Soul Traveling Journey to the New Diamond Pyramids of Creation

Infinity & Beyond with Blessing to

Welcoming 2015!

This you must know:



In the name I AM that I AM, i call forth the diamond crystalline pillars of Light to anchor and surround this Sacred Space as a Diamond Star Ashram of Light Synthesis through and around my aura, body and hologram, so above, so below, so within, so without. I also call forth the Planetary, Spiritual, Cosmic and Galactic Spiritual Hierarchies and Celestial Realms of Light to anchor the Diamond Geometries of Light, Key Codes and Fire Letters.  The Cosmic Rays through the Ascension Seats of Shamballa and our Solar Sun Helios and Vesta with the Solar Encodment of initiation and consciousness with the new Cosmic Pyramid activations for our 13 bodies and Chakras of Light to become ONE Unified Diamond Light.

As we open up to receive the New Platinum Flower of Life, the highest expressions of our Planetary and Personal Merkaba Fields, with Metatron’s Cube and the Sri Yantra, take a deep breath and focus on your perineum centre that activates your Master Cells – Breath in and feel the initiation as each cell, molecule and atom structure attune and vibrate to the Diamond Star Consciousness. Sending this vibration as a tube of Platinum light grounding into the Crystalline  core Heart centre of  Mother Earth  – with the assistance of Deva’s of the Earth Plane,Archangel Sandlaphon connecting me into the Christ Consciousness Unity Grid.

B R E A T H  – inhaling;


In the name I AM that I AM We i forth and establish connection with the universal Merkaba and field of energy identified with the power the love, the will of the highest God and creator of our universe,

We call forth and connect with the Galactic field of energy including the consciousness fields of the Inter-stellar, inter-dimensional beings of light who are assisting the ascending process,

I call forth and connect with the consciousness of Planet Earth and the highest expression of your planetary Merkabah including the Divine Templates Energy Encodment that are carried through your ascending field of energy,

I call forth the  angels of Light especially those responsible for the DNA coded Blueprint of the starseed Biological and energetic structures,  also calling forth  angels who focus  on Merkaba vehicles of Light,

I next call forth and recognize Merkaba and the ascending group consciousness force field on this body,

i call forth all aspects of my Souls’ self’s, all souls’ extensions , Monad of our group I AM PRESENCE to be merged with us here and now,

We call forth the cosmic councils of light supporting and overseeing Earth cleansing including the Order of Melchizedek, the Order of Metatron and the Order of Michael the consciousness of Earths physical Sun, Planet Venus and the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Light and the Activity of Shamballa and the Great hosts of elves.

We call forth the conscious fields of the planetary crystalline grid, all of the earth Master Crystals, Pyramids,  the Planetary Etheric Retreats and the Cities of Light, The Ascension Portals, Vortex’s  and Activating Stargate.

All holy  elestial beings like Angles , Seraphim, the Cherubim and the elves lementals and devas

Please take some moments now and call in  your guides and teacher everyone you personally acknowledge and all your guidance systems,

Beloved holy ones, come, come, come with your Divine Intervening Systems, support us to make our collective  quantum leap in  intelligent better form,

Thought our group intention and the vibration of Sacred Sound we are entering together into the Holy of the Holies – the inner Sanctum. The Supreme presences of our Creator,

Begin breathing with the heart pulse of Earth’s unified field – opening up to receive the wisdom, power of will, sacred diamond geometries of Light, fire letters, key codes,

All One All Mighty I AM, All Mighty I Am, All Mighty I Am.


Secret Space War XVI: The Draco’s Secret War Against Goyim:

Bait and switch: World Zionists (WZs) labeling Khazarian Imposters “Descendents of Abraham”.

(Veterans Today) World Zionists have labeled Khazarian Imposters as the real “Descendents of Abraham” in order to form a tyrannical Racial Delusion and Criminal Conspiracy against those they wrongly believe are “Goyim”.

And also against all those who are the actual descendents of Abraham including Arabs and Palestinians.

World Zionists have worked hard to create a sinister Racial Delusion in Khazarian Judaic Converts to foster the attack, asset stripping, tyrannizing, capture, and eventual mass eradication of the real ancient Abrahamic bloodlines which have actually scattered, disseminated and diffused over most of Planet Earth.

Note: This has been a difficult article to write and unless folks are up to speed on the information contained in earlier articles on Secret Space War I gave in blogs, they will likely find it incomprehensible, incredulous and a complete waste of time. It’s no use arguing against a shadow. Unless you have a working knowledge of Secret Space War issues, please stop reading this article and do not waste your valuable time.*

This is a long article and those with limited time may want to read only the bold print headers.

Unbeknownst to most, there has been a Secret War being waged against “Goyim” by a grotesquely evil, Cosmic Alien Force centuries old and known only to top insiders as the Dracos or the “Great Serpents of Old” or the “Fallen Ones”.

These Dracos are reported by some to be Shape-Shifting Inter-dimensional “Fallen  celestial bengs” or “Cosmic Parasites” which are negative-energy vampires, exceedingly evil beyond what most can imagine and duplicitous beyond normal human reason.

They are experts at convincing the public that black is white, and white is black, good is evil, and evil is good. And the worst part is that they have apparently gained control of the most of the earth riches by hijacking most of the Monetary Production and Distribution Systems under the power of the Draco ancient Babylonian Money-Magick or applied Black-Magic Arts.

Their specialty is manufacturing and distributing mass Mind-kontrol culture by Hollywood and Television which conditions humans to enjoy behaving in self-destructive ways that also destroy their families, sex roles, religion and nations. They are believed to be parasites that feed off of the negative energy of great pain and long term suffering of humans.

These Dracos are reputed to be able to induce this massive human suffering and fast-kill and slow-kill death in many different varieties.

They do this by the use of ultra-high tech Mass Mind-kontrol, Psi-power, administration of Black-Magick spells, induced manufactured long term illness through aerosol spraying, pollution, contaminated or poisonous vaccines, fluoride in the water, aspartame and other bio-chemical and chemical means designed to slow-kill humans by the masses.

The short term goal of the Dracos has always been to create as much human suffering and painful mass death as possible.

These methods are also used to create the massive suffering and early death which provide the negative energy these Cosmic Vampires the Dracos need to thrive. The more negative energy they get from suffering and dying humans and animals, the more energy and power they receive to further their anti-human agenda of suffering, death and total destruction of all who they identify as “Goyim” and eventually all humans even their own Cutouts and kingpins. More on whom and how they have selected and targeted Goyim as targets later on, which itself is a very big deception and lie. Also later on will be covered the subject of how and when these Dracos descended to Planet Earth and how long they have been here wreaking havoc on Mankind.

One of the Dracos main long term agendas is to allegedly depopulate the earth and replace humans with a very small number of their Draco-human hybrids and custom designed, engineered and cloned biological androids and trans-humans which are biological machines.

These “creatures of the night” are alleged to receive optimal feeding by the generation of the highest levels of painful death possible, with the best means that artificially induced by war, mass-murder, or murder with those dying violent and exceedingly painful deaths.

Yes, there appears to have been an Evil Alien Agenda being unleashed on Planet Earth by a Cosmic Parasite known to top insiders as the Dracos for at least the last 4,000 years, and this alien entity feeds off of human suffering and painful human death.

If you doubt the high level control now exercised by these alien Cosmic parasites, just take a look upward and anyone can easily see the aircraft often spraying chem-trails in a criss-crossing pattern over world. Who has the power to induce the SSG to deploy such a major operation which impacts the whole earth? When you figure this out what these chem-trails are comprised of and how harmful it is to humans, and what criminal cabal is doing this under whose power and instructions, then you are at least half way there.

The Evil Empire of the Soviet Union as well as the criminal Central Bankster System run out of the City of London have all been part of this Evil, anti-human Agenda of the Dracos, the inter-dimensional parasites that are alleged to have hijacked the Twelve Ruling-class “Bloodlines”.

The Draco’s chief creation and current claim to fame is World Zionism, the plague of Mankind and known to top insiders as the “Synagogue of Satan”.

World Zionism has been their chief creation and their main vehicle to generate a Racial Delusion among their selected Cutouts (Puppet world leaders and top Policy-Makers) as well as many Judaics which further their cause of destroying humankind and replacing it with Draco-human hybrids and trans-human type “hived” cloned androids. World Zionism has been alleged to have become secretly obsessed will mass murdering all Goyim.

The Dracos have allegedly hijacked most of Planet earth through their central banking debt-based pernicious usury system of Babylonian Money-Magick and used this network to further their anti-human Alien Agenda.

But the Draco’s evil anti-human agenda is specifically targeted to those they secretly identify as “Goyim” which they believe carry true ancient Hebrew blood coming from Abraham and they target as their ancient enemies. This involves most Palestinians and most Arabs as well as most Europeans and Americans. As strange and counter-intuitive as this seems there may be ample background to support this assertion.

Why, you might ask? Because there is substantial evidence that the various ancient Hebrew Tribes scattered during the Diaspora migrated to Europe and America where they greatly intermixed. This has been previously written about as the missing tribes but has been largely ignored or considered to be bunk. This is a mistake to ignore these because such an assertion is accurate. It is true that some with ancient Hebrew Blood remained in Palestine or migrated to other Arab nations or to Spain.

The Ancient Hebrew tribes were spread out during the Diaspora after the destruction of their Temple.

But for the most part these different Abrahamic or ancient Hebrew Tribes spread out and migrated all over Europe and the Western World. So the true Semites are Palestinians (recent peer-reviewed John Hopkins genetic research done by an esteemed shows that approximately 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew Haploids and are thus true Semites, while approximately 90% of Israelis who claim to be Semites have essentially no ancient Hebrew Haploids).

And to further complicate this double-minded duplicitous deception, enter the Khazarians. These are the converts to Judaism from Khazaria or Eastern Russia which have been induced by the Dracos to believe they are of ancient Hebrew Blood and have migrated all over the world and to Palestine in parallel mimicking the migration of the true tribes of the ancient Hebrews of Abraham. Numerous historians now consider these Khazarian converts to be the fake Judaics or the Judaic impersonators of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

One of the greatest tricks in History is the Dracos use of selecting and designating “imitation secents of ancient Hebrew Abrahamic bloodlines which have actually been the fake Khazarian Judaic converts (of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9).

This parallel duplicitous migration and scattering of the true Tribes of the ancient Hebrew Abrahamic bloodlines has perhaps been used a part of the greatest racial deception in history. It has been imposed on the Khazarians who have been hijacked by these Dracos which is their specialty.

By hijacking a certain key and select group of top Khazarians who are believed by numerous insiders to be remnants of the “Synagogue of Satan”, the men were projected to be Illuminati or Top Policy-Makers of the European Old Black Nobility that formed an alliance with lucifer through interconnected occult or Black-Magic circles. Once these top policy-Makers of the Old Black Nobility were anointed with the Draco’s pure luciferian power, they were able to use their Psi-power and Black Arts to hijack the British Banking System and use this as a springboard to take over most of the world through their fiat based pretend money system based on Babylonian Black-Magick.

One key aspect of these habitual hijackers of everything that determines human policy is their commitment and practice to use the Kings and Queens and the various world Royalty bloodline families of the world to serve as nexus/”points of control”. The Draco leaders know that it is essential that they keep the world organized into hierarchies run by the top policy-Maker leaders of the world which must be Illuminati or Royal Bloodlines linked to Draco heritage.

Dracos are reputed to be very hierarchical, bureaucratic and rigid, operating by age old formulas used to hijack, take down, manipulate and destroy peoples, cultures and nations.

That is their age-old game and it is a game of death, of Cosmic Parasites and ultimate Evil that knows no bounds. They also masters at creating racial delusions which are used to cut and divide and provide all kinds of evil motivations to manipulate and promote mass was, totalitarianisms, Bolshevism and neo-Bolshevism, Fascism in many different varieties, and abusive off-shore run Oligarchies disguised as out of control Capitalistic Bureaucracies.

Allegedly the Dracos created a master racial delusion by World Zionists (WZs) which is now in place and which involves the creation and deployment of the obviously Neo-Bolshevik Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS was set up by Israeli-American (Israeli Firster) dual citizens with an evil Draco Agenda to tyrannize, and eventually haul off most innocent” to FEMA and US Military prison camps, where they will eventually be mass-murdered. This is the secret agenda of DHS who was set up and is now secretly run by World Zionists representing the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) the largest crime syndicate in the world, run out of Israel (Palestine) and is the main Cutout and Action-agent of the City of London Zionist Central Banksters.

Is a racial delusion and a deep demonic fantasy driving a secret Top Policy of the SSG which is and obsession to militarize the American police, construct numerous FEMA and Military Internment Camps across America, and build up the DHS, which is actually a Zionist outpost and foreign run army inside America?

Allegedly these top “Circle of twelve’s” deepest demonic fantasy is to load what they define as Goyim into trucks and take them to FEMA camps and do exactly what they believe was done to “their people” in Germany by Goyim? Of course many now realize this was the City of London World Zionist (WZ) Central Banksters set up the Bolshevik Revolution in the first place, followed by the Nazi regime (Hitler was a British Agent)and then set up the whole Internment Camp situation and created the Holocaust (translated from old English as a “Fiery Sacrifice”).

It is now known the Internment (work camps) in Germany had plenty of non-Judaics interred there two part of a devious WZ plan to create a racial holocaust to be used to manipulate money and power from surviving Judaics and a tool to radicalize them to serve as their action-agents against “Goyim” everywhere?

Obviously an important part of the Draco’s evil Cosmic Agenda to take control of the whole Earth using Khazarian Cutouts was to infect them with this racial delusion fostered by the pre-planned WZ deployment of Interment camps and the inculcation of the Big Lie and delusion that they are the true ancient Hebrews that the “Goyim” (who are actually the true descendents of Abraham) tried to eradicate them.

Has the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) been hijacked by the Dracos and is it now serving their evil, anti-human Agenda?

This group of twelve Top Policy-Makers appear to be ruled by a Draco induced/demonic racial delusion that if they don’t murder all Goyim, they will eventually be murdered by Goyim as an extension of the anti-Semitism now once again emerging worldwide. Actually this so-called anti-Semitism is anti-khazarianism and has also been artificially stimulated and evoked by the Dracos and their WZ representatives. It is this Top WZ Policy that has been determining all other political policies of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which is the invisible but real government. And the SSG using this Grand Policy to determine all subordinate policies of the visible USG (which is the Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive) has enabled AIPAC and 70,000+ K Street Lobbyist to keep members of Congress and so many USG officials adequate supported, re-elected and greased with large amounts of Bacsheesh.

Perhaps this group of twelve Top Policy-Makers (the Denver Circle of Twelve or Denver “Blood-thirsty ones) has apparently adopted this racial delusion and blood lust to kill every Goyim after asset stripping them and it is their main or Top Policy and functions as a secret policy. And perhaps they have determined the top USG policy to fulfill this most evil Draco Agenda to kill all true descendents of Abraham which is darned near all Western people as well as all Arabs. And perhaps this secret policy is now becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy which once again will bring their own persecution and worst fears into reality as the public starts to figure this all out thanks to the lightning speed that truth travels on the worldwide Internet.

Where did the Evil, anti-human Cosmic Parasites the Dracos come from and what is their mission?

The  thing they were the “Fallen Ones” or  the celestial bengs  that  were kicked out of  high place for their rebellion. These allegedly Dracos descended to earth and mated with earth p eople these are incubuses and succbuses  and against as punishment were stripped of their immortal spirit being status and limited in their years of life, destined to be destroyed a delayed but future judgement. Some historians believe that the Dracos were comprised of both male and female with the ancient Greek and Roman fables based on their presence on Earth. It is known that there have been numerous very large clearly inhuman skeletons with six fingers and toes recovered all over the world by immediately suppressed over the last 200 years.

Dracos, the ultimately Evil Cosmic Parasite.

Some have even theorized that they have even been able to infect the genes somewhat of many humans or that they have been able induce violence through their ultra high tech deployment of mass mind-kontrol and psychotronics through satellite based transmitters as well as perhaps via certain pulsed digital waves patterns transmitted in parallel by cell phone towers as well as their exceedingly evil use of Psi-power.

Allegedly they can replace this massive loss of energy into themselves by parasitizing humans through creating and accessing negative human suffering, snatching the souls of humans by provoking them or tempting them to sin via drugs, hardcore pornography, and actually implanting Draco spirits into soulless humans that voluntarily cross a certain line of evil by inducing demonic possession. Of course those “Bloodline Family” individuals that have no souls who show great promise are approached by Draco spirit guides which offer special Blood Contracts (often these folks are under the heavy influence of drugs).

If they make the contract then they are assigned their own Draco “spirit guide” which appears to them in a variety of forms but once doing so stay in that form which they first appeared in. these so-called personal spirit guides are alleged to provide advanced warning of forthcoming problems, and apparent can serve as Intel advisers and psi-power servants as long as their contractee continues to do as much covert evil as possible and engage in periodic human sacrifice and sexual magic according to the satanic holidays.

This spirit form appears periodically but more often after their “Blood Contractees” perform human sacrifice rituals. It has been alleged by insiders at the periphery of all this that the more human suffering and painful human death these “Blood Contractees” produce to feed their masters the Draco spirit guides, the more power, wealth and prestige they are given.

The Dracos are believed by some to be the sources of the WZs world power system and are also believed to have mated with earth women and produced Draco-human hybrids and the Circle of twelve Denver Bloodthirsty-Ones as well as the Illuminati or lucifarian Bloodlines.

Some who have knowledge of highly classified Beyond-Black SSG files have claimed to close friends at the end of their lives that Dracos

And apparently the Dracos love to mock humans in general and even their WZ recruits who they induce to worship the all seeing eye of lucifer which is reputed to be duplicitous as many of their occult symbols. Can you guess what the secret esoteric meaning of the all seeing eye is and why many their Crime Cabal WZ recruits are induced to engage in anal sex at the Bohemian grove annual get together and men’s only party? Allegedly the motivation is to access powerful sex magic as proposed by Aleister Crowley, called the “Beast 666″ and the “Most Evil Man” that ever lived. Like so many luciferians he died a terrible death (a burned-out, sick, demented, fallen heroin addict). Now I certainly hope these rumors are wrongs but Dick Nixon was recorded in the oval Office making statements which supports such a rumor.

And yes, the apparent End-game of the Dracos is to induce a major worldwide Nuclear WW3 because their long term agenda is to drastically depopulate the Earth in incremental stages and eventually repopulate it with their own creations which like them will have no souls.

The Hijacking of whole peoples, governments, nations and international bodies of governments is the Draco’s game and key mechanism of “placing a spell on humankind”.

It is important to note that the Draco’s main tool of furthering their Evil Agenda is to delude and hijack whole peoples, governments, nations and international bodies of governments. This is done through the establishment of individual “blood contracts” with certain select “bloodline families” and those in those particular families that are judged to already either to be soulless, or easy prey for giving up their souls from riches, fame, and power.

It is important to note that the fake Judaics of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 have been the main targets of this massive Cosmic hijacking, yet even so most only suffer marginally or not at all from this race based delusion entrained into their minds by the Dracos using the power of Black-Magick, aka the power of ancient Babylonian Magic which was an empire based on leaders who were allegedly Draco-alien hybrids.

And now for a very strange disclosure about a very strange largely unknown aspect of an ongoing Cosmic War (aka Space War) perhaps far too incredulous for most.

As this narrative goes, the pre-WW2 Germans formed a secret alliance with the Tall White Nordic Alien ETs and were allegedly given many technological secrets. Allegedly the Tall Whites are a peaceful group that wanted to advance human kind, and wanted to help Germany rebuild and recover from the dqmage and punishing war reparation imposed by their arch Cosmic enemies the Dracos through the City of London WZs.

As it tuned out Hitler was a secret agent for the British and was mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute in 1921-22 and deployed as secret weapon to hypnotize the German masses, build them up as a warring counter-force to the out of control Bolshevik Monster force they created in Russia in 1917. This pan was designed to destroy Germany in a ever expanding world war with the whole rest of the world, especially America which would also be deployed against them.

This would create massive bank loans due to the WZ Central Banksters, industrialize the world and help to establish a small number of interlocked corporations and oligarchical hierarchies ruling over all of the world’s masses. As the Nazis emerged and deployed their alien technology for war, falling into the Draco Trap and drifted into increasing evil, the Tall White abandoned them because there is

a current day, continuing Cosmic War between Good and Evil?

Now here is where the narrative gets very interesting and very, very strange. It is believed by some in highly connected Intel circles that the Dracos have a main representative which has re-emerged on the scene after an absence of many centuries. His recycled name is Marduke, which was supposedly changed from Mars. He was the ancient God of mars in Greek and Roman mythology. He has now allegedly been crowned the King of Africa and his plan is to depopulate Africa, and start a nuclear WW3 between Russia and the United States using the WZ and Israeli Khazarians to provoke it. His plan is to nuke Jerusalem in the process so that a new joint temple between all the religions of the world can be built on the Dome of the Rock site. It appears that some of the Israeli leaders are starting to catch on somewhat and feel that they are being Cutloose by the Old Black Nobility when actually it is the treachery of the Dracos who have their own hidden Agenda in all this which at first glance seems quite complex.

Apparently the Dracos are hell bent on starting a Nuclear WW3 with the Russians. And it has been rumored from Intel sources that the Russian Federation has formed a secret peaceful alliance with the tall White Nordics who have told them, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back”. And now it is rumored that a powerful segment within the American High Military Command and Intel has now been approached by the Tall Whites and is being advised on how to defeat the Dracos.These thers are puppets of dracos.

It may turn out to be that the Dracos will realize that their Agenda as it currently is will need controlled opposition party and they will reformulate a populist based Agenda to hijack the growing, spontaneously emerging worldwide populism and pretend they are the good guys. They may then raise up a very intelligent crafty world leader than puts a spell on the masses and elicits a mass belief that he is the Savior of the world. After three years of establishing a remarkable peace with a new world monetary system that is very effective and is not based on pernicious usury or debt-based fiat “money”, he will then perhaps seat himself in the new world temple in Jerusalem, claiming to be the world Messiah and Savior and perform incredulous abominations.

Immediately the world will become engulfed in mass catastrophes and mass death culminating in the rescue by the Tall White Nordics or perhaps as some say will be Jesus or Nazareth, a returning Risen Lord of all. Only time will tell, but it certainly looks like America is headed for a show down actual Civil War between the Draco driven, demonic DHS and “We the People” many of whom are armed and had about enough of this imported WZ foreign based tyranny, murder by militarized police who are Mind-kontrolled zombies by their constant on pulsed beam Police radios and many of whom are now mere puppets and “agents of this Draco-run State”.

Could this narrative be accurate?

Now do I believe this information I was able to obtain from what I consider a very good source? I can only say that every other bit of information given me in the past when this story was told has turned out to be true, but such were related to Iran-Contra CIA drug dealing and IZCS crimes inside Chicago and America. As far as this narrative about alien ETs, Dracos and Tall Whites, I really do not know for sure. Nor do I want it to be true. It would seem much easier to accept the idea that the current Crime cabal that hijacked America goes as high as the City of London Banksters only. The idea that they are demon possessed by Evil Cosmic Parasites is a frightening and incredulous concept for the most part. But then so too are all the reports from highly credible former deep-black and beyond-black contractors that there is a secret Space war now ongoing that involves Alien Ets, some of which are exceeding evil and cannibalistic too.



13 I will and incoke into existane working o 7 rays in my life:


Archangel Michael
Qualities: Power, Protection, Initiation, Speech, Liberty

Monday: The GOLD RAY
Archangel Jophiel
Qualities: Light, Illumination, Wisdom, Invention, Harmony

Tuesday: The PINK RAY
Archangel Chamuel

Qualities: Love, Will, Gratitude, Compassion, Charity

Wednesday: The INDIGO RAY
Archangel Gabriel

Qualities: Energy, Passion, Resurrection, Expression, Purity

Archangel Uriel
Qualities: Vision, Conception, Science, Truth, Victory

Archangel Raphael
Qualities: Heart, Devotion, Healing, Forgiveness, Peace

Archangel Zadkiel
Qualities: Transmutation, Invocation, Diplomacy, Music Arts, Justice







To increase your supply of money, food, time, opportunities, or whatever you desire more of, here’s a powerful prayer. As you say this prayer, utter each name slowly, feeling the energy of each name:


“Beloved CREATOR  GRATE I AM AHAVA HASHEM ABBA AHUVEH,MOMMA IMMAYAH,LORD YAHSHUA thank you for the abundant supply in my life, overflowing with beautiful opportunities for me to express my Divine light so that others may benefit as well. Thank you for the peace, happiness, and love you bring me. Thank you for all of the time and energy that I have to fulfill my dreams and desires. Thank you for the abundant financial support and supply. I gratefully accept all of your gifts, and ask in Yahshua´s name that you keep them coming.”


Akashic Records – Opening and Use


If you want to establish your own contact and communication with the Angels and elves presenred in blog – you can use this prayer. There is two very important things about this – first to create a sacred space which is done by the first part of the prayer and second to close your connection when you are done.

This prayer have hundred percent success rate and the only thing that matters is to clear your mind and to be a pure channel for the divine.


“Mother, Father, CREATOR in Yahshua´s name I ask you send Angels of Light,  and other celestial beings of the Akashic records I invoke you in that space in order to create a sacred space where can exist only the highest truth, love, wisdom and joy now and forever.

With love and gratitude in my heart I give intent to connect with the energy flow of my Akashic records and with the help of the Angels of the Akashic records to receive any information for the my highest and greatest good – now and forever.”


Now ask concrete questions – and listen for the answers. There is one true sign if you are in contact with high beings – the feeling of love, joy and lightness. Take attention – not the speaking of love but the feeling of love.

If you need some help or have something to ask about the prayer – please write to us. Good luck!


Akashic Records – Closing


“Now I close the contact with my Akashic.”


Addictions and Cravings




“Creator,please in Yahshua´s name I ask for Archangel Raphael, beloved  pne of healing! teacher of overcoming the physical world!

Please cut the cords of addictions and cravings from me.
I now fully release any and all patterns of addictions, andI completely embrace my freedom and physical health. ”




If you want to help to your personal accession process and with the ascension process to the whole planet earth, you can use the following intent:


In the presence of Creator, in the presence of my ethereal self, in the presence of angels and masters of ascension,
I give intent to ascent here and now and to become one with my pure divine essence,
I give intent to ascent here and now and to become one with Creator’s pure light,
I give intent to ascent with my body, with my cells, my emotions and all my energies,
I give intent to ascent with my whole existence,
I ascent, I ascent, I ascent and so be it and so it is.




This prayer can help you open, or increase, your ability to see psychically. For extra clairvoyant power, hold a clear quartz crystal up to your third eye (the area between your two eyebrows) while saying this prayer:


“Divine light,in Yahshua´s name please enter my third eye and fill it with illumination, clarity, and the ability to clearly see across the veil. Creator I thank you for opening my third eye!


Clear Communication with Creator


This powerful prayer can help you clear away blocks so that you can more clearly hear Creator and your Divine guidance:


“Creator Abba Yahuveh,Momma ImmaYah,Lord Yahshua, I deeply desire a closer connection and clearer communication with You. I ask in Yahshua´s name for cleansing of uncleanes and sins and  for Your assistance in opening me up so that I can clearly hear, see, feel, and know Your messages for me. you demonstrated the ability to clearly be conected. I ask your assistance in teaching me your ways.


Connecting with the Fairies



“Beloved Creator in Yahshua´s name I ask you send me  the leprechauns; beautiful mistress of the wood nymphs; powerful fairies; golden protectors of the fairies: I ask your assistance in connecting with the elemental world. Please introduce me to the fairies, and ask them on my behalf how I can get to know them better. I would like to develop a connection to the fairies and elemental, and I ask that you show me the way. Please help my mind and spiritual vision to be open to communications from their magical realm. Thank you.”




If you feel worried, anxious, afraid, or vulnerable, this prayer can jive you more courage and protect you and your loved ones from harm.


“Ahava in Yahshua´ sname I ask for Powerful protectors from Heaven. Powerful allies by my side! I need your strength, courage, and protection beside me. Please come to me now!
Thank you,for Archangel Michael, for giving me the courage to move forward fearlessly.
Thank you, for protecting me in all ways.
Thank you, , for helping me be a loving warrior on behalf of my side.
Thank you, Cordelia, for removing stress and tension from my mind and body.
Thank you, for bringing me rapid results to my prayers.
Thank you, for helping me clearly see the truth of this situation.
Thank you, for helping me stand my ground.
Thank you, for helping me be a fearless leader.
Thank you, for helping me stay positive, cheerful, and optimistic.
Thank you all for being with me and helping me rise up to, and rise above, all illusions of problems. Thank you for helping me grow and learn from all challenges. Thank you for reminding me to breathe and be centered in peacefulness!”


Finding Your Life’s Purpose


Here’s a prayer to help you discover your overall life’s purpose, as well as get direction about the next step to take. Your prayer will likely be answered with a combination of Divine guidance and signs. Divine guidance includes internal messages such as feelings, thoughts, ideas, and visions that tell you what your heart truly desires. Signs are repetitious messages that you see or overhear coming from sources other than yourself, such as a phrase that you continually see on posters, in newspapers, or that you hear people say. It’s best to write down these inner and outer messages and look for a constant theme that will direct you to your next step . . . and overall purpose.


I invoke it 13


Finding Your Soulmate


If you desire a spiritually based romantic relationship, then say this prayer. You can amplify the power of the prayer by first imagining the feeling of being in such a relationship. Imagine that you’re with your soulmate and are completely loved and honored. Then say:


13 attracting soulmate



Karma clearance


If you want to get rid of vows in past lives, relationships and circumstances that create tension and obstacles in this live, you can use the following validation:


In the presence of Creator and all that is light,
I declare to the universe that I am ready to be free and complete being,
I give intent to activate the secret process of dissolving of my karma,
I give intent that the fire of my ethereal awareness burns ever brighter,
to consume any pattern of thinking, feeling any relationships and circumstances that no longer serve my highest and greatest good and that of others,
I call upon my divine guides and the lords of cosmic laws to activate all their resources to work on me and with me to assist me in this process,
I am divine being worthy of boundless freedom,
I am ethereally free,
I am pure spirit,
I am pure light,
I am God and so be it and so it is. 


Protection and Guidance foe Your Child


If you’re worried about your child, say this prayer of protection and guidance to ease your mind, and to help protect and guide your child:


13 I will it and invoke to work 13


Resolving Conflict


If you’ve had a disagreement with someone, or you’re in the middle of a conflict of some kind, then it’s a good idea to ask for help from the divinities. This prayer isn’t to help you win or to get the other person to apologize. It’s simply to create peace and forgiveness all the way around:


13 end to it


Weight Loss


Healthy weight loss involves exercise and healthful eating. This prayer can boost your motivation to exercise, and reduce your cravings for high-fat foods:


I will it nd invoke into work 13!



The birth for starseed generation info ispecialy-indigo,crystal,rainbow and aqva..

Full Moon in Serpentarius Ophiuchus . . . The 13th Sign
Happy Full Moon!
By now most of us have heard about the 13th sign in astrology. But is it real and what is it called? Where did it come from and why does it have to change everything? I hope to shed a little light on what this sign is all about, especially since my birthday, November 30th is the official 1st day of the 13th sign!
I found the 13th sign, Serpentarius or Ophiuchus, about 13 years ago! Yes! In 2001, I was 9 years old and already heavily into astrology astraly my spirit guides my elenari elves gave me info. By then, I had read just about every book in the library on western tropical zodiac and was onto sidereal, Vedic, Egyptian and Indian astrology studies. Once the words Serpentarius Ophiuchus entered my vocabulary, I never stopped looking for more info on the subject. Sidereal astrology is based on the actual positions of the stars and that’s how I found it. I can honestly say knowing the true position of my planets has given me a unique ability to give more in-depth readings and for self and others nd globaly for planet and cosmic level for other worlds knowing future and past in depts!

..directly channel planetary energy also..

So what’s up with this Ophiuchus sign?
Serpentarius Ophiuchus is located in the center of our galaxy, keeping everything together. This constellation holds the keys to many mysteries. It includes 2 black holes and supernovas, super bubbles and mini star burst galaxies, intense heat, shock waves and molecular oxygen just to name a few! I find it interesting and no coincidence that the ancients named this part of the heavens Serpens and Snake Nebula then hid it. All of the secret societies and organisations do come to supress this knowlage who are under opposing force of Marduk who cast spell of religion or of kingu spell or spell of sleep spell of leviathan, and they should suffer now this is last cycle! Serpentarius Ophiuchus represents all hidden knowledge especially alchemy. In hermetic alshemy and mysticism Ophiuchus embodies the legacy of Asclepius and Imhotep, master healers and magicians. In antiquity the symbol of the snake represents wisdom and sacred knowledge of ascension aka merkaba light body activation and also life after death. All around the world snakes were depicted as extra-terrestrial withthe power to transform.These are angelic fay light beings who are knowlage bringers.
Could the 13th sign be a gateway to other dimensions?
There really is so much I could go into about this subject and I would encourage you to have your 13 sign birth chart done by me to see what area (house) this energy is being projected. In astrology each sign governs an area of the body and a mode of operation. The 13th sign is positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius. What does it represent? The kundalini of course. Snakes in a black hole. Transformation. The 3rd Eye chackra and beyond. The Astral Body and all its powers. I can tell you from personal experience and also historically we all have these abilities. Some people are just more aware of it and utilize them more than others. Being born with 4+ planets and asteroids in the Scorpio Serpentarius zone, there was no way I would miss this information.

Cosmic Consciousness of Snakes and Magicians
Serpentarius Ophiuchus is still a mystery and may always be to the western world of thinking. I’ve decided to compile keywords, gods and goddesses and pictures to stimulate the awareness for this Full Moon deep in the 13th sign.
Keywords of power behind it: Healing, Astral travel, dream interpretation, divination, past lives, umbilical cord, portal, doorway, ancestral work, channeling, medium, reiki, out of body, kundalini, tantra, hypnosis, magic, alchemy, shaman, psychedelics, transformation, meditation
Gods and Goddesses: Serket, Medusa, Imhotep, Asclepius, Wadjet, Kali, Quetzalcoatl, Sekhmet
Symbols: Caduceus, Uraeus, Staff, Wand, Web, Dream Catchers, Lightning, Poison/Antidote, 3rd Eye, Kundalini, Chakras, Aura, Illuminati, Secret Orders and Societies, Intuition, Reptilian Brain, Aliens, Time travel
This Full Moon Serpentarius energy will be in effect for 2 weeks until the New Moon. It’s a great time to get into your healing gifts and do a cleanse. This type of energy tends to pull on everything around it as it funnels and recycles information. Find more time to pray, chant, visualize and meditate as the heavens are extra activated and open. All you have to do is bring it down.As above So below!
If you would like to know more about this alignment and where it’s happening in your personal13 sign birth chart tell wink emoticon

if you suck clouds by merkaba mysticism ways of pranic atmokinesis vampirism, into you it will be making people sweat arround ya this is also good thing xD

anyways i am born in 2nd march and i haver this for my fellow sign people,but remember people we are all signs but the one we came here on with is our strongest point the thing is that mine is rulled by neptune..
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces……Mamiwata, The Spiritual Abyss:
Last year what was details:

What an amazing time to be alive and witness one of our most profound transformations!This as last year mercury retrograde.. I’m very excited to see more interest and openness to 13 sign astrology to welcome 13 universal energy. With satellite apps and the internet, we really don’t have any excuse for blindly staying on western zodiac bullcraf of Marduk the demiurge. Times are changing rapidly and knowing the correct star placements really make all the difference.We had last year a total lunar eclipse in Pisces. No it’s not in Aries, like mainstream media is saying,this is outrages bullshit of demiurge the marduk´s archonic basterds. If you have a google sky map app you can verify this for yourself. The difference between Aries and Pisces is like night and day. Aries energy makes you wanna fight. Pisces energy will have you crying for other people. As I have stated in my previous articles recently, we are in the middle of a great change. We are actively reorganizing our mind body connection with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Virgo all month! Mercury also is in Virgo for the whole retrograde. If you know anything about astrology,he 8th house is for occultism,do not miss this also..,anyways you must stay focused,also know this that.. Virgo is the sign of the woman. The Virtue of Maat. This shift in consciousness will start in the mind (Virgo) and will revolutionize our relationship to women and our earth. This is a massive overhaul that will become more intensified today! Full Moon Eclipses are major life changers. The Full Moon in Pisces today will signify a deeper spiritual integration in this global massive cleanup sweeping the earth. More spiritual groups and movements are starting to emerge as we women are waking up to our true power! Virgo and Pisces are very feminine and healing signs.main and one of important things is this Serpent Wisdom Let it Go Too Grow! Queens Stop & Stay Still now Vibrate(meditate),13 love to you,red ispecialy on full moon means stop sign and heeling sign,stop what you are dooing and take rest do not take pharma new age crap sorcery but take herbs and old true medicine from nature which is true hostital take pain in meditation and 13 love,13 wisdom and 13 knowlage and 13 respect to you and yours!

This is a great time to honor and give back to the women around you, especially if you are a woman. It will strengthen your own truth. In the past, civilizations couldn’t survive without the women all being on one accord with basic functioning trade and or business.This is finaly again matriarchy age!I do believe we are at this point again. As soon as man more respect and love women,and make up minds to organize, purify our tribes from uniquality bullshit of demiurge Marduk, and fully come together, the world will become more balanced. Pisces is the sign of spiritual unity so this will totally include men as well! The shift will happen on an emotionally quiet level first, which happens to be mainly women’s domain. The Cosmic Ocean. I’m hoping this will also signal more care and tending to our oceans. But again this really starts from within, so fasting, doing water prayers,meditations libations and beeing in nature in forest and on the beach, will activate the necessary drastic internal shifts that have to happen right now. For the next 2 weeks of the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse Cycle, worked last year with your ancestors in libations. Talk to your your relatives that are protecting you from the other side and ask them for guidance if you are not sure what to do about something. Anything. The Pisces moon cycle is also a great time to do a deep meditation and explore our different past lives. I do readings, consultations, and classes. Feel free to join my Raw Goddess 13 signs Astrology group astraly before i get hacked. I post exclusive info in there about the secrets of astrology.

Since western astrology is so off, I think now would be a good time to make note that we are really still in the Age of Pisces half way still. Uranus is in Pisces not Aries and Neptune is in Aquarius.This is age of Aquarius but still halfway in Pisces. I have a great reference I’ll be sharing that gives the sidereal perspective and how we are still intertwined with the two fish for years to come. Pisces is the spiritual abyss to the underworld. The primordial waters. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues for all beings and creatures of the universe. The Mother of all Mothers. The void. To access the powers of this eclipse and the next 2 weeks you must have Faith. Things may be a lil chaotic. Pisces is a mutable water sign. The most changeable of all the signs. Pisces means two fish and two modes of movement. The Feet. One negative and one positive, creating the natural flow of life.Bringing balance! Pisces people are extremely sensitive so this is a time to stay extra aware using intuition. Know when it’s time to be alone and get some rest and rejuvenation during this retrograde especially like this when it comes,now is different but still retrograde mercury. There are some awesome deities and energies and entities and cosmic powers we can all study for this moon cycle: Yemoja, Nun, Nunet, Osiris, Oshun, Mamiwata, Wadjet, Mermaids, Olokun, Amethyst, Violet Flame & St. Germain. They just might bring up a memory or information or something for you even in your meditations or dreams. Enjoy this time in the Spiritual Abyss*
This snake, Serpens, that Ophiuchus holds (the snake-handler, who represents the healer Asclepius), is found on the symbol of medicine worldwide, the caduceus. The staff of Aesculapius was a single snake wrapped around a staff (often confused with the staff of Mercury or Hermes which has two snakes and is said to represent commerce).
Serpens is the only constellation divided into two separate pieces.
“Ophiuchus means ‘he who holds the serpent’ and that is how he is depicted. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on equal terms with equal powers”.
This snake, Serpens, that Ophiuchus the snake-handler holds, or the snake that Asclepius has wrapped around his rod, is likely to be the kundalini snake; because it is a single snake, and because kundalini represents the life-force; the balanced flow of this energy is critical to health and harmony. The kundalini energy or ‘serpent power’ resides at the base of the spine and is represented symbolically as a snake coiled up upon itself, in three and a half circles like a true snake or serpent (unlike Draco which is a four-footed dragon). Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiling like a snake’. The cultivation and management of this life-force has been the aim of the physician-priests, witch-doctors, and shamans who used drumming, trance, chanting, hallucinogenics etc. to facilitate intuitive diagnostics and cure illnesses. The adjacent constellation Ophiuchus is identified with Aesculapius, the snake-handler, snake-charmer, or doctor.
“One called Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals [gyris] and twisted body encircles his own, that so he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns; and the other’s hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last for ever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers”
Varro says Proserpina (Greek Persephone, the daughter of Ceres who became the goddess of the underworld when Pluto carried her away and made her his wife) received her name because she, like aserpens ‘creeper’, but this derivation has been disputed by etymologists:
“From the fact that the Moon is wont to be under the lands as well as over them, Ennius’sEpicharmus calls her Proserpina [Greek Persephone]. Proserpina received her name because she, like a serpens ‘creeper,’ moves widely now to the right, now to the left. Serpere‘to creep’ and proserpere ‘to creep forward’ meant the same thing, as Plautus means in what he writes: Like a forward-creeping beast”.“Proserpina, because from her the fruits ‘spread forth’ (proserpere).” Snakes were seen as having the properties of different poisons according to their species: Mercury “he holds a staff with which he separates serpents, that is, poisons”Of these animals there are as many poisons as there are kinds, as many varieties of danger as there are of appearance, and as many causes of pain as there are colors”
“The snake’s venom is associated with the chemicals of plants and fungi that have the power to either heal, poison, or provide expanded consciousness (and even the elixir of life and immortality) through divine intoxication. Because of its herbal knowledge and entheogenic association the snake was often considered one of the wisest animals, being (close to the) divine”.
It was believed that snakes had the ability to discover health-giving medicinal herbs. Herbs have chemical properties and this attribute in snakes of being able to search out herbs might be related to their ability to smell out the chemicals in the herbs. They have what is called a Jacobson’s organ in their mouths that functions as a chemical receptor, a snake flicks out its tongue to taste the air and when the tongue is withdrawn into the mouth, the forks of the tongue are placed into the Jacobson’s organ where the chemical (molecules) is identified
Ophiuchus is the snake-holder who holds this snake, Serpens, and represents the healer Asclepius. According to Hyginus one day Asclepius killed a snake, but to his surprise a second snake carrying an herb in its mouth crawled into the room. It gave the herb to the first snake, which immediately recovered. This was how Asclepius learned how to raise people from the dead, by making use of this same herb which had the same resuscitating effect upon men
“The serpent was placed in heaven and for this reason certain writers have identified Ophiuchus with Aesculapius. According to other accounts the serpent is one of those that would have slain Hercules in his cradle.” A similar story is told about the seer Polyeidus (or Polyidus) who was locked in a Old Cretan vault with the corpse of Glaucus and ordered to resuscitate it. A snake soon crawled toward the body, but Polyeidus killed the snake. Another snake came into the room bearing an herb and laid this over the dead snake, which at once revived. Polyeidus then placed the same herb over the body of Glaucus, who immediately came to life.
Serpens is from Latin serpere, and Greek herpeton, ‘crawling animal’, from herpein, to crawl or creep, Sanskrit herpo ‘creep’. With all this evidence of snakes association with herbs; is it not likely that Greekherp- might be related to the word herb? Snake venom has different chemical properties according to the species of snake, as have the various species of herbs.
Drugs made of various chemicals and herbs are called medicines. ‘Medusa’ the Gorgon, represented by the star Algol, whose head Perseus carries, is related to the word ‘medicine’. Medusa has serpents for hair that might ultimately represent herbs and chemicals.
Ophiuchus, the snake holder, is the adjoining constellation that holds this serpent, and his name means serpent-holder (ophis, serpent + okhos, holder). The Greeks knew Serpens as Ophis which comes from the Indo-European root *angwhi-, ‘Snake, eel’. Derivatives: ophidian, ophiolite, ophite (a green rock),ophicleide (‘serpent-keys’, a musical instrument of the bugle family), ophiology, Ophiuchus (the adjoining constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Holder), ophiuroid, (these words from Greek ophis, snake, serpent). 2. Taboo deformation or separate root *eghi-; echino-, echinus, from Greek ekhinos, hedgehog (< ‘snake-eater’), echidna (from Gk. ekhidna ‘snake, viper,’ from ekhis ‘snake’). [Pokorny angw(h)i- 43. Watkins] The term ophiasis means a winding bald patch on the head, or a form of leprosy in which the patient sheds his skin like a snake.
There might be a connection between the two words sophia and ophis:
“The image of the serpent as the embodiment of the wisdom transmitted by Sophia (fromsophos, meaning ‘wisdom’) was an emblem used by gnosticism, especially those sects that the more orthodox characterized as ‘Ophites’ (‘Serpent People’)”
“the Greeks call the Marsians ‘Oscians,’ as if it were ophskoi, because they had many serpents, and ophis means ‘serpent.’ They are also said to be invulnerable to the sorcery of spells. Like the Umbrians they inhabit the region of the Apennine mountainsOn a fragment from the 3rd century Porphyry, On Images,
“Of the sun’s healing power Asclepius [Ophiuchus] is the symbol, and to him they have given the staff as a sign of the support and rest of the sick, and the serpent is wound round it, as significant of his preservation of body and soul: for the animal is most full of spirit, and shuffles off the weakness of the body. It seems also to have a great faculty for healing: for it found the remedy for giving clear sight, and is said in a legend to know a certain plant which restores life.”
A dragon is sometimes used (in the West) as a national emblem of China, possibly because dragons were featured on flags of China. I have seen where some see this dragon as represented by the constellationDraco, the Dragon. However, it might be that this serpent is a more likely representation. “The twenty-two stars in the Serpent (Serpens) are named after the states into which China was formerly divided.”
Ophiuchus might be the fetus (foetus) attached to the umbilicus cord (Serpens). Ophiuchus is depicted holding a snake, the snake is represented by the constellation Serpens. Ophiuchus from Greek Ophiukhos, literally ‘holding a serpent’, from Greek opis, the Greek word for ‘serpent’, + Greek ekhein, ‘to hold, keep, have’. Ther´s relationship between Greek ophis and *omphi-. [Omphi from the Indo-European root *nobh-. Related words ‘umbilicus’, ‘omphallus’, ‘navel’, ‘nave’, the hub of a wheel]. The constellation Ophiuchus is identified with Asclepius, who was cut from his mother’s womb as a foetus. The long tube-like shape of a snake bears a resemblance to an umbilical cord. When the snake is curled up it might appear to be like the nave or hub of a wheel. The womb is represented by Delphinus.
© Anne Wright 2008.
Fixed stars in Serpens
Star 1900 2000 R A Decl 1950 Lat Mag Sp
iota 15SCO48 17SCO11 234 49 48 +19 49 48 +38 06 39 4.49 A2
delta 16SCO58 18SCO21 233 06 09 +10 42 12 +28 53 04 5.16 A9
rho 18SCO08 19SCO31 237 16 00 +21 07 37 +40 00 24 4.88 K5
kappa 18SCO24 19SCO47 236 37 18 +18 17 41 +37 07 02 4.28 M1
beta 18SCO34 19SCO57 235 58 11 +15 34 37 +34 19 56 3.74 A0
Unukalhai alpha 20SCO40 22SCO05 235 27 03 +06 34 53 +25 30 44 2.75 K2
gamma 21SCO23 22SCO46 238 32 08 +15 49 24 +35 13 02 3.86 F5
epsilon 22SCO57 24SCO20 237 04 50 +04 37 36 +24 00 39 3.75 A6
mu 24SCO33 25SCO56 236 45 07 -03 16 43 +16 14 40 3.63 A0
xi 23SAG10 24SAG33 263 40 49 -15 22 08 +07 56 31 3.64 A5
omicron 24SAG01 25SAG24 264 39 02 -12 51 01 +10 29 49 4.39 A2
eta 04CAP18 05CAP41 274 40 50 -02 54 48 +20 27 05 3.42 G8
Alya theta 14CAP22 15CAP45 283 26 00 +04 08 13 +26 52 59 4.50 A5

Submitted by Davita Lynne St… on Tue, 06/14/2011 – 18:05
Ophiuchus Our “Thirteenth Constellation”
Sol Visits the Medicine Man Annually
November 30 – December 17
“Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer also known as Aesculapius, the first doctor of medicine has the reputation of being the “thirteenth constellation” of the zodiac. Each year from November 30 to December 17 the Sun journeys through its southern regions.
Ophiuchus is a large constellation including Serpens Caput (snake’s head) and Serpens Cauda (snake’s tail). It lies above, on and actually crosses the ecliptic. Scorpius lies below the feet of Ophiuchus and below the ecliptic. The Serpent Bearer is often shown with his left foot on the heart of the Scorpion and his right foot above the stinger. Images 1, 2
Each year, as November ends and December begins, the Sun spends a substantial amount of time transiting the legs of Ophiuchus, hence the claim it is the “thirteenth constellation” of the zodiac or the tenth Sun Sign. The legs of Ophiuchus lie in sidereal Scorpio.
Ophiuchus is knowledge holder over the raw creative forces governing life and death–one who has attained ascension from the lower-order forces that perpetuate our scenarios of (re-incarnational) entrapment.
Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment.
The neck (Unukalhai) and head of the snake embody the essence and wisdom of living true to soul, in one’s true self-mastery–as a Christed (soul infused) being of light.
The astronomical symbol of Ophiuchus is the caduceus–the entwined double serpent upon a staff–the double helix of the DNA. Nick Fiorenza 12/12/04
The double helix of the DNA and the caduceus always remind me of the kundalini serpent fire within each of us. 3 Nadis/Channels of the Kundalini
December 5, 2010 – January 4, 2011
Ophiuchus and Scorpius
The Sun and New Moon are positioned at the legs of Ophiuchus the Medicine Man in the sidereal sign of Scorpio. His arms firmly hold a large serpent, which coils around his body; his legs stand upon Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion. Constellation Image Ophiuchus is also known as the 13th ecliptical constellation of the zodiac because the Sun passes through it annually November 30 – December 17…
….. The entire image of Ophiuchus standing upon the scorpion with this magnificent snake reaching for the North Crown represents claiming our self-mastery to attain evolutionary fulfillment … to become ascended in vibration, an illumined being … to live in a unified awareness … Nick Fiorenza 12/12/04
The Sun and New Moon diagonally line up with Sabik of Ophiuchus and the fiery red heart star of Scorpius, Antares.
Sabik “stimulates discovery about the means for our bio-logical transmutation into an ascended bio-illumined form. … the means to re-define the cellular patterns we hold so we can re-create our lives … ” – Nick Fiorenza 10/21-22/06
In the burning ground of the cosmic Scorpion the dualities of death and life serve each other in evolution’s ongoing spiral dance of transformation. The fiery emanations of Antares create struggles that keep our visions current and ensure growth, evolution and change, especially for humanity’s governing systems.
Nick Fiorenza points out that the New Moon in this longitude also conjoins the shoulder of Hercules and the eye of Draco to the north……..
This area of the zodiak is about self mastery and being personally responsible for our freedom and well-being, and aiding others in their pursuit of the same. Nick Fiorenza 12/5/10 New Moon
….Sagittarius the cosmic Archer with Mercury, Mars and Pluto on his bow takes aim, zeroes in on the Light and Whole Truth and knows the way to go. .
His emanations illumine the useful intellect, allowing intuitive perception to see a new type of goal, one that unifies the dualities into a Divine ONE.
The Archer teaches us to aim the arrow of the mind toward the intuition for divine vision and right timing. Mercury messenger of the gods helps us see the divine goal. Mars gives us courage and perseverance to reach it. Pluto helps clear the way “by dismantling that which is not supportive of this higher truth” in our lives.
The arrow of this cosmic Archer is aimed toward our Galactic Center (GC). The Archer and his three planetary companions, are bound for the expansive, bulging Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. This celestial cavalry is leading humanity beyond its mortal limits of duality toward its spiritual inheritance of the Divine ONE.
BTW: With Uranus Stationary Direct December 5/6, we are bound to experience less explosive willful dogma and more regular flowing intuitive and inventive impulses during this lunar cycle.
In Summary
This New Moon brings us into a healing contact with the initiatory forces of Death and Life. As a spiritual being in a human body, each of us is born to be the master of the changes in our life, to create well-being. Over time the death and life (change and rebirth) of our earthly manifestation becomes our responsibility.
During Sagittarius the healing emanations of Ophiuchus the Medicine Man, a master of these initiatory forces, reach us on the warm rays of sunlight. Take some time each day to feel these rays guiding you through change, establishing well-being in your life and even illuminating your cellular patterns.
Call upon Sagittarius the Archer and his three planetary companions when change is at hand. This celestial cavalry reveals the divine vision and the way to achieve it.
Lunar Theme: Mastering Death and Life, Change and Well-Being
Susan Sun: Night Sky, Dec./Jan 2010/1011
To be at a point in my Life when Christ’s Gospel unfolds in the Story of the Stars that are whirling above us ,
and seeing myself as part of an Unfolding
New Creation
is Grace indeed.
A Miracle…..that unfolds each moment.
Being part of a new Creation story this intricately,
is birthing a New “Mother~CREATOR” spirit in me….
me, who never gave birth to a physical child….
different from Loving “adoption”……
It is of birth of my own being,
Co ~Incarnating myself with God
and a sense of the Whole Cosmos….
ALL is truly ONE.
With this anointing energy,
interpretation of Sacred Tongues
seems to be given to me,
as I who “KNOW” so little,
am Beginning to see Christ’s Divine Wisdom and Healing
Unfolding in the Night Sky….
as it is In Heaven so It be on Earth….
I am frequently getting a sense of “seeing the mind of God unfold, and thus giving a chance for my Bodily Incarnation of the Divine Word to synthesize and pray for the Invocations for the “HEALING” of my Own Soul and World Spirit…..
pardon the repetition….it synthesizes more deeply each time into the Molecular level of my Body Spirit Being.
With all Humility, I offer the Wild Images that are unfolding….
as the Christ within me Awaken’s in Full Glory……
I need to bring out Marianne Williamson’s writing to pray with….
on behalf of all of us who are
the Beholding Our Unfolding Light and Beauty
In this Kundalini-Pentecost Connection
the Emerging Christ within, ….
with the Blessings of the Unity of Christ’s BodyConnections without…..


19-Theth- Temphioth(Chesed/Geburah) Initiation to a new way, shedding the old, Qlippoth of immortality, new characteristics and traits, new personality, gaining new powers, casting away death, disease and decay, to over come death, to be protected, and concealed, awakening the 3rd eye, magic strengths, and controlling powers, sustaining energy, the astral force, and astral energies, Qlippoth of great wisdom
23-Mem- Malkunofat(Geburah/Hod) Qlippoth who rule over energies in the astral, meditation, magical workings, creation of anything, forms things in the astral to manifest in the physical, other dimensions, portals, parallel universes, spirits and other entities, faeries, aliens, where you are before you are born,


Element of Fire, and refers to the planet Venus, and the Twenty-ninth, Twenty-eighth, and Twenty-seventy paths of Qoph, Tzaddi
TETRAGRAMMATON TZEBAOTH! 777 13 31 96 uity to come!
Sephiroth, because that is the reconciler between the fires of Geburah (Seraphim, fiery serpents) or Severity, and the Waters of Chesed or Mercy.

מי עלה־שמים וירד מי אסף־רוח בחפניו מי צרר־מים בשמלה מי הקים כל־אפסי־ארץ מה־שמו ומה־שם־בנו כי תדע
“Who ascends up into heaven and descends. Who gathers the Spirit in his hands. Who gathers the waters as a gown. Who establishes all. At the end of the earth What is her name, and What’s son is the Name; you know that.” – Proverbs 30:4
In the bible, the word Ha-Maim המים “the waters” hides the two words, מי me and מה ma, which in Hebrew mean “who” and “what.” These are names of God, which we already addressed in other lectures.

So, “Who” in Hebrew is מי me, which is masculine. “What” is מה ma, which is feminine. So when Genesis says “let the waters” it is alchemically stating “let מי me and מה ma”, masculine and feminine, swarm with Nephesh Chaiah, living souls. Where? In the sephirah Yesod, the sexual organs. When through sexual Alchemy the האישים Hashim or igneous particles represented in the letter Shin are liberated from the נפשות Nepheshoth, then it is written “and let the angels fly above the earth in the open firmament of Ha-Schamayim השמים (the heavens),” the Akasha. The Sanskrit Akasha, the superior waters, are called Ha-Schamayim השמים, the heavens, in Hebrew .

As you can see, the word Ha-Maim המים the waters is also in Ha-Schamayim השמים with the only difference that השמים contains the letter ש Shin. ש Shin or fire is inserted in the heavenly water in order to point out that the fire that we call האישים Hashim or igneous particles represented in the letter Shin are liberated from the נפשות Nepheshoth that swarm in the waters of Yesod. Do you understand this? Because when we talk about Nephesh we are talking about the animal soul. And of course that animal soul is the substance of the נפשות Nepheshoth that Chokmah takes in order to make of us a wise man. So the Nephesh Chaiah, living soul, is a substance. It is an entity that all of us have inside.


En Sof – Absolute or Infinite – Beyond all archetpes
Adam Kadmon – Tetragrammatons or Divine names
Atzilut – Sefirot or Divine Archetypes and Partzufim or Divine Personas
Beriah – Archangels and Divine Souls (neshamot)
Yetzirah – Angels
Asiyah – Inferior Angels and klippot; Physical world

Hod ………. The lower rationality is joined to the middle rationality by path 28 — perfected vision and meditation. Hod is further enlightened along path 24 by the transforming qualities of the elevated Tipheret.

Netzach ………. Path 26 parts the veil of illusion between the lower emotions of Netzach and the middle emotions of Chesed. The 23rd path projects the purified life conception of Tipheret into the lower emotions of Netzach.

Yesod ………. Yesod receives perfect order along path 19 from Binah. Perfect vitality communicates from Chokmah to Yesod along path 17. Path 21 unites the center of the lower universe with the center of the upper universe.

Geburah ………. This Sephira receives order along path 20 from Binah. Geburah is unified by path 16 from Keter.

Chesed ………. Chesed receives vital moving force from Chokmah along path 18. Path 15 communicates the ruling power of unity in Keter into Chesed.

Tipheret ………. Tipheret is unified as before by the 13th path from Keter.

Binah ………. Binah derives creative potency from Chokmah by path 14.

Chokmah ………. This Sephira is made one by the path of unmodified existence, path 11.



Malkut ………. This Sephira represents the physical world as before, but now only the path of Taw leads upward toward Yesod. The paths between Malkut and Hod and between Malkut and Netzach have vanished. This Tree represents a state of development in which consciousness of the physical world is not obtained directly from Malkut in regard to reason and emotion (Hod and Netzach). The physical world communicates through visions and dreams (Yesod) with the higher faculties of the mind. This state is attained when a person is able to perceive “Auras” or receive other complex impressions of the state of the physical world. This change is like that experienced in learning to read. At the beginning, the words have to be spelled out letter-by-letter. Later, words and sentences are taken in at a glance. Beyond this point, the meaning of a page leaps out to the reader without any dwelling on unnecessary individual words. Effectively, the perceptions of the senses are no longer treated separately but directly assembled in Yesod as a cohesive impression of the physical world.

Yesod ……….. Yesod receives the sense impressions of Malkut consciousness and transmits them by four paths to higher Sephiroth. The path from Yesod to Tipheret is deliberately broken to isolate Tipheret from direct contact with Yesod. Consciousness of living in Tipheret is no longer directly concerned with the dreams of Yesod, but derives its understanding of the Yesod consciousness from lower reason (Hod) and lower emotion (Netzach). More will be said about this later.

Hod …………. The first path from Yesod leads to Hod. This is the new path of Shin, number 31. Hod makes a rational examination along this path to discover logical meaning in the consciousness at Yesod. The three paths leading upward from Hod are in the same positions we find on the traditional Tree of Life. They have been given new numerations to reflect their changed functions.

Netzach ……… Two paths lead upward into Netzach and two lead upward from Netzach. All four are in the same positions that are found on the traditional Tree; but, like those from Hod, they have new numerations and new functions. The new path of Resh, path 30, connects Yesod and Netzach. This signifies that the relationship between lower emotion at Netzach and dreaming consciousness at Yesod has become more inquisitive and less reactive. This is not quite the same as a rational function, but it is more like intuition or the taking of omens and signs. This activity of new path 30 may be compared with the artistry of a Chef in checking the quality of his sauces. The smell, taste, appearance and consistency of a sauce are more important than precise measurement of the ingredients. Such work must be done as much by feel as by science. That is the manner of the new path of Resh. The path from Hod to Netzach has undergone a similar change. This path is now that of Qof, number 29. New path 29 is not violent. This Tree represents an advance over the state depicted in the traditional Tree of Life. Hod and Netzach have ceased to battle. Reason and emotion have joined hands. Hod and Netzach are connected by a transitory state of consciousness that resembles evolution and growth from a primitive but exact structure in Hod to a complex and living structure in Netzach. Hod provides the skeleton and Netzach grows the flesh by the path of Qof, new path 29.

Tipheret …….. Tipheret receives influence from below by two paths and transmits it above by two paths. All four of these are found on the traditional Tree of Life, but here again the numerations reflect new functions. The path that traditionally connects Tipheret with Yesod has vanished. Tipheret is no longer directly concerned with interpretation and direct elevation of the Yesod level. This activity has been delegated to the four Sephiroth just above and just below Tipheret. Tipheret has become a nerve center to coordinate the functions of Chesed, Geburah, Netzach and Hod in the lower part of the Tree. This represents a state of development in which the Tipheret life overview has become strongly established, and the influences from above and below on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life have been temporarily cut off. Receiving these influences directly would inhibit working out a world view in Tipheret. Such higher and lower influences are only permitted to reach Tipheret after they have been interpreted and filtered by other Sephiroth. Tipheret reassembles rational and emotional content in accord with the prevailing view of life, a process akin to the Spagyric technique in Alchemy (See The Alchemist’s Handbook by Frater Albertus, Weiser, 1974). New path 28 from Hod transmits insights into the rational content of the physical. New path 27 from Netzach transmits emotional energy derived from the physical. New path 24 transmits powerful directives from the higher reason of Geburah. New path 21 transmits higher emotional power from Chesed. All these energies and structures are coordinated in Tipheret and sent back along the same four paths to direct activity in the physical and celestial levels of thought.

Geburah ……… Geburah connects to the other Sephiroth by seven paths in this new conception. Three of these paths connect to the lower Sephiroth, and four connect to the higher. New path 24 has been discussed in connection with Tipheret. New path 25 connects Geburah with Yesod. By this path the moral influence of Geburah is exerted to bring Yesod consciousness into harmony with higher consciousness. Yesod in its turn conveys information concerning the physical world to the Geburah level. New path 26 connects Geburah and Hod. This path exerts control over lower reason to maintain its alliance with the purpose of higher reason.

Chesed ………. Chesed has now seven paths connecting it with other Sephiroth. Four lead to lower Sephiroth and three to higher. New path 21 has been described under Tipheret. New path 23 connects Netzach with Chesed. This path sustains the lower emotional complex by keeping it in contact with higher emotional motivation. New path 22 connects Yesod and Netzach to maintain emotional balance in the conceptions taken from the physical world and to communicate these conceptions more directly into the level of Chesed. New path 20 connects Geburah and Chesed so that higher reason may be invigorated by higher emotion.

Binah ……….. Four paths connect to Binah, two from below and two from above. New path 19 feeds the power of absolute rationality from Binah to Geburah. New path 18 links the emotional motivation of Chesed with the perfected order of Binah.

Chokmah ……… Four paths connect to Chokmah, three from below and one from above. New path 17 transmits the absolute energy of Chokmah to intensify the emotional directing force of Chesed. New path 16 keeps Geburah aware of the underlying energy that permeates all purpose and all creation. New path 15 asserts the rule of the energies of Chokmah over the rational abstractions of Binah.

Keter ……….. Four paths communicate downward from Keter to the nearest four Sephiroth. New path 14 unifies the purposeful consciousness of Geburah. New path 13 unifies the motivating force of Chesed. Paths 12 and 11 function as they do on the traditional Tree of Life.

23 …….. The path of Mem (The Hanged Man in Tarot) elevates the lower reason

of Hod to the higher rationality of Geburah. Hod reasons with the things of the Earth, of Malkut. Hod is an examining consciousness, a mentality that sets things into order only through observation of their manifestations. Geburah is a state of mind that plans without concern for details. Hod knows the detailed workings of the physical world. Geburah knows the purpose of the World. The path of Mem connects the precise but fundamentally purposeless organizing activities of Hod with the purposeful but indefinite organizing will of Geburah. The Tarot card shows a man hung upside down by one foot. This is the symbolic state of one who has possessed all but understood nothing. Such a person, gifted with the powers of Hod, soon comes to boredom. His worldly consciousness gives no purpose to his world. To control is not to understand. Such a person comes finally to be hung upon the gibbet of his worldly power. Nothing has meaning. All things obey, but to no purpose. Perfect skill without a purpose is maddening. In that inversion of consciousness an openness occurs. The mind yearns for another mind, an inward guidance. When this yearning is crowned with success, Geburah has been touched along the path of Men. Down this path floods inspiration and purpose in life. Tipheret can view all of life and know its course, but Geburah directs life. Tipheret responds to Geburah’s plan. Hod is the working out of that plan in detail.

22 …….. The path of Lamed (Justice in Tarot) elevates the life view of Tipheret to the life purpose of Geburah. The card of Justice depicts a woman with scales and sword. This is the mediatrix of mind, weighing out the proper measure of all things and fending off excess. The mentality of Tipheret is examined along the path of Lamed to produce the guiding will of Geburah. This is a rational process much like that which occurred between Yesod and Hod and between Malkut and Hod. The difference is found in the object. To build Hod, the chief concern is in how and why things work mechanically. In the reaching of Geburah, the concern is in how and why things work morally. Hod seeks and develops skill in the doing of things. Geburah seeks and develops skill in discerning and directing the purpose of life. Along the path of Lamed, the mind rises by examination of its motives until such motives are justified with each other. This justification gives a personal morality to the soul. All older, fragmentary moralities are forgotten in the one, consuming morality of Geburah. This is not necessarily a good thing. The morality so evolved may be a hateful and repressive one. In that case, mind will not progress beyond Geburah. Only when mind is ready to love and to bestow all good things on all who need, will evolution continue. Once Geburah is reached in this way, the path of Lamed becomes a channel for change in all aspects of life. Before reaching Geburah, life is locked in by many vague restrictions. Once Geburah has been fully attained, all the shackles are dropped away; and life is free to follow its willed course. The attainment of Geburah is marked by a freedom from all sense of guilt and unhappy restraint, but not abandonment of duty. When this state is reached before the mind is ready for such responsibility and freedom, great physical danger results.

5 ……… Geburah (Severity). This is the place of consciousness of the proper course of life. This is the guiding will that sets all limits and releases all restrictions. When Geburah is fully attained, conscience ceases to plague, for the dictates of the conscience become consistent and welcome. Geburah is the master of the house of life that is situated in Tipheret. Geburah is obedience to the Will of God in all ways understood. Geburah, once attained, means an end to hesitations. When this Sephira is fully active, the mind is rendered capable of immediate response and proper action in any situation no matter how complex. The working of the body depends on the lower Sephiroth. When all the Sephiroth up to and including Geburah are perfectly developed in a person, that person is capable of anything in mental and in physical action. Nothing can oppose such an one. Such a major adept is perfectly a demigod to rule the world of his life. In practice, the Sephiroth are fully developed for some things and lacking where others are concerned. Repeated passage over the Tree of Life increases the development of the Sephiroth and bestows more power on each attainment of Geburah. At some times, great development is accomplished in the Sephiroth and great freedom to change is obtained. Such a time may be considered a mark of initiation, but not mastery of Geburah. Total attainment and mastery of the Sephiroth is never found in a mortal man. It is man’s purpose to increase his attainments toward an ever advancing ideal. To reach perfection is to become one with God and therefore to become useless to one’s brothers and sisters in the world. Touch union with God, but return quickly to the place of the crying children. Union with God is not the sole purpose of Being, it is a pleasantness that gives strength in time of need. The purpose of Being is found in being in all ways. Geburah is the master who selects the ways. Tipheret is the place of the mustering of the ways. Netzach is the place of the brightening of the ways. Hod is the place of the ordering of the ways. Yesod is the staging place from which the ways reach the physical. Malkut is the place of the action of the ways.

21 …….. The path of Kaf (The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot) elevates the emotional complex of Netzach to the emotional idealism of Chesed. The card depicts a wheel surrounded by symbolic creatures. This is a representation of the many cycles of the emotions that are experienced in Netzach. When one emotion is found to underlay all others and to pass without change through all the cycles that change all other emotions, the Sephira of Chesed is touched. The one underlying emotion serves to build a basis for the emotional perfection of Chesed.

20 …….. The path of Yod (The Hermit in Tarot) elevates the emotional part

of the life summation of Tipheret to the emotional union of Chesed. The card shows an old man with staff and lantern on the summit of a snow capped mountain. This is an image of the purified mind searching for vitality and love in the life experience. The emotional aspects of Tipheret are received along the path of Yod to build the emotional perfection of Chesed. When Chesed is reached, the path of Yod becomes a channel for a vitalizing flow of purified feeling from Chesed into Tipheret.

19 …….. The path of Tet (Strength in Tarot) elevates the purposeful will of Geburah to the motivating emotional state of Chesed. The Tarot card shows a Woman opening the jaws of a Lion. This is a representation of purified emotion (Chesed and the Woman) uniting with forceful will (Geburah and the Lion) to invigorate the World. Geburah is filled with purpose, but lacks consistent desire. Without powerful motivation, the highest purpose may go unrealized. The mentality of Geburah knows what to do in life, has the power to do it, but lacks the desire to consistently labor. The path of Tet draws forth from Geburah its systematic, purposeful action and compares it with the desire that supports existence, through Chesed. If the Geburah purpose is unworthy of the Chesed desire, attainment of Chesed is not complete. Only when Geburah’s purpose is a perfect match to Chesed’s desire will the path of Tet be fully opened. When that happens, the life of the person experiencing this consciousness of Chesed will become totally active. Geburah supplies the direction of life, but Chesed supplies the motivation to live. Geburah is the master and Chesed is the mistress of the house of life in Tipheret.

4 ……… Chesed (Mercy). This is the place of consciousness of motivation in life. Chesed is the consciousness of all-encompassing desire for being. All the Sephiroth below Chesed lack the vigor to fulfill their promise until they are joined to Chesed. When Chesed is fully developed and the lower seven Sephiroth are functioning with force and power, the time has come to face the Great Abyss that divides the lower seven from the higher three. Chesed reverses its vitalizing force and the whole lower Tree is filled with yearning to pass up toward the infinite. This is only desirable in that it compliments the attachment to the physical world. Above Chesed are levels of thought too distant to easily effect the physical world. They must be explored and drawn toward the union of consciousness that occurs in Tipheret. It is pointless to climb the Tree of Life just to attain union with pure spirit in Keter. That results in rebirth back into the same course. It is best to develop the whole Tree in such a manner that the tendency to fall down into the darkness of matter is exactly balanced by the tendency to ascend into the light of spirit. As was said before, the middle place is the best place for human consciousness. Neither the physical nor the spiritual should be ignored. Both must be dynamically united.

18 …….. The path of Chet (The Chariot in Tarot) elevates the rationality of purpose in Geburah to the level of pure abstraction in Binah. The Tarot card depicts a crowned figure in a Chariot (the Merkabah of Qabalah and the Royal Arch of Freemasonry) drawn by two sphinxes. This image represents contained force, in the sense of thought contained in the body. The rational elements of Geburah are themselves subjected to reason and the methods of thinking are discovered. These methods of rational thought are preserved as laws of reason in the consciousness level called Binah. After they have been isolated from particular applications by passage along the path of Chet, these archetypal patterns of thought descend at need to furnish tools for individual reasonings in Geburah and Hod. Binah is the crown of the left hand pillar of the Tree. This left hand pillar is called the pillar of severity, owing to the purgative nature of reason.

17 …….. The path of Zain (The Lovers in Tarot) elevates the rational part of

Tipheret to the level of pure reason in Binah. All the passage and complexity of life is examined by the mind to abstract from it the application of reason in the course of living. This set of perfected techniques is added to Binah to round out the tools of the mind. The card corresponding to this path shows two lovers under two trees being united by an angel. The meaning is that the mind (the angel) differentiates between aspects of creation (man and woman) to learn the means of uniting and dividing them. When this path is complete, Binah is attained.

3 ……… Binah (Understanding). This is the place of consciousness of the methods and laws of thought. Binah is a state of mind that has little direct touch with the physical. In Binah only abstract thought exists. That thought is solely devoted to the rational techniques. Mathematics in its purest sense belongs to Binah, also logic and mathematical physics. Things like mathematical physics are not organized experiences of sensation (proper to Hod), but they are idealized abstractions of the physical. They are attempt to produce patterns that could be followed in the creation of a physical universe, but not necessarily this particular Physical Universe. Binah is the storehouse of archetypal patterns for the lower Sephiroth. Binah is a library for Geburah and a pantry for Chesed.

16 …….. The path of Vau (The Hierophant in Tarot) elevates the unified emotional consciousness of Chesed to the level of pure emotional force. All the consciousness of Chesed is involved in a single drive toward some particular fulfillment. This drive is separated from its particular goal in the rise from Chesed to Chokmah along the path of Vau. In Chokmah there is only force: drive and desire without object. This is like a vague but intense unrest that animates a person who knows that something is needed, but who does not know what that thing is. Chokmah is pure force, the source of all energies. The Tarot card of the Hierophant shows a teacher of wisdom ministering to two priests. The meaning of this image is found in the nature of the force that binds and creates. All things must be desired and willed. Before anything can be, there must be the blessing that is the desire force, the energy toward manifestation. The real essence behind all things is desire for existence.

15 …….. The path of Hay (The Emperor in Tarot. var. Star — see July Issue on # 28) elevates the life consciousness of Tipheret, in its emotional part, to the level of pure energy in Chokmah. The Tarot card depicts an Emperor in marital armor sitting upon a stone cube by a river. This is the absolute master of mind sitting on a symbol of the universe and ruling over the flow of consciousness. The path of Vau draws up desire elements from the living consciousness of Tipheret to bring them into union with the absolute and undirected force that resides in Chokmah. This desire force is the true master of all that exists; for, without it, nothing has meaning.

14 …….. The path of Dalet (The Empress in Tarot) elevates the absolute reason of Binah to the absolute desire of Chokmah. Binah contains all the tools that go into the making of the universe. These tools are worthless without an energy to make them work. All the power to make plans and carry them out is implicit in Binah. This power is separated from such abstract works and drawn up to complete the formation of Chokmah. Chokmah is the vitality that underlies all else. After Chokmah is reached, the paths from it supply force to all that is below. The Tarot card of the Empress shows an Empress on a bench in a garden. This is a depiction of the process whereby the desire force in Chokmah is joined with the capacity to multiply and embody that force in Binah. The Empress is the mother (Binah) who receives the seed of passion from the father (Chokmah) and who gives birth to all that exists (the things in the garden).

2 ……… Chokmah (Wisdom). This is the place of consciousness of absolute desire. Chokmah is desire without object, desire strong enough to create a world. Chokmah is the summit of emotion, a vast whirling of energy. This Sephira is the crown of the right hand pillar of the Tree of Life. The right hand pillar is called that of mercy, owing to the clement nature of uncomplicated emotion.

13 …….. The path of Gimel (The High Priestess in Tarot) elevates the totality of living consciousness at Tipheret to ultimate dissolution in the Absolute consciousness of Being that is found in Keter. The card depicts a pythoness between two pillars and before a veil. This veil is the last concealment of the Absolute. The pythoness is the last voice before the silence that is the ultimate voice of God. This path is the connection between pure Existence without modification in Keter and living existence with all its various forms in Tipheret.

Da’at ….. Midway on the path of Gimel it is the fashion of Qabalists to depict an eleventh Sephiroth called Da’at (Knowledge). This is a symbolic filling of the Great Abyss with the lost knowledge that makes one thing of all creation. It is said that when Da’at is restored, all of the Tree of Life will be one thing and that the Tree will bloom and bear fruit. This means that there is a way to join the abstract Sephiroth above the Great Abyss with the seven Sephiroth below it. When this joining is complete, the Tree is made symmetrical and perfect. Until this joining is made there can be no true mastery of the Tree of Life, or full living in all ways of the mind. The examples which follow this traditional exposition suggest a general way in which this joining may be represented. From the representation, the experience may in time be found. A few more details remain in the traditional example.

12 …….. The path of Bet (The Magician in Tarot) elevates pure, abstract reasoning processes to dissolution in the Absolute unity of Keter. The card depicts a Magician in a garden with his ritual tools upon a table. The meaning of this image is found in the relationship that exists between pure Being (The force that passes through the Magician to work wonders) and the tools whereby that state of Being is incorporated into particular forms (the tools and actions of the Magician).

11 …….. The path of Aleph (The Fool in Tarot) elevates desire force in Chokmah to dissolution in the Absolute Being of Keter. The card depicts a carefree person walking toward the edge of a cliff. This image represents total absence of anything to limit or condition. This is the path of Aleph. To the Fool, there is no restriction. The Fool is free.

1 ……… Keter (Crown). This is the place of unconditional existence which may be identified with the highest state of consciousness. In Keter, all is one. Keter is the highest of the four Sephiroth that form the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. This middle pillar is a series of graduated levels of balanced consciousness reaching from the purely physical to the purely spiritual. The two pillars to the right and left contain unbalanced states of consciousness which display either too much emotion or too much rationality. Only the middle pillar is a comfortable place to reside.

This concludes the first of the examples. Those which follow in later installments represent unconventional reorganizations of the paths of the Tree of Life. In each of the next three examples exactly twenty-two paths will be retained to link the Sephiroth of the Tree. These paths are rearranged to form traditional patterns of five and six pointed stars (pentagrams and hexagrams). Through such speculation, new insights into the interrelationships between the Sephiroth may be obtained.

To touch Tipheret is to reach the center of the Tree of Life. The Tree then assumes new functions. Climbing above is possible; so is descending below. Tipheret is not only the center of the Tree, it is the heart, the one best part.To limit oneself to the heights alone or to the depths alone is pointless. The center is the lawful place of man. The reaches above Tipheret are a vast and dimly perceived future. The passages below Tipheret are an equally vast and nearly equally dimly perceived past. Tipheret is a great lock upon a mighty river. The name of the lock is “Now”. The river above the lock is called “Future”, below “Past”. Through Tipheret passes all consciousness. Tipheret regulates the flow of consciousness.The space between the highest three Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and the lower seven is called the Great Abyss. The three Sephiroth above this gap represent very abstract and spiritual states of mind that are hard to “bring down to Earth,” to link to the seven Sephiroth below. When one has come near to some consciousness of Tipheret, this Great Abyss remains. Its character changes after Tipheret is reached. Before, the Abyss represents a division between the immortal Mind of God and the created levels of mortal consciousness. At Tipheret, the mind of God looms closer. Voices are heard and visions experienced (Yesod function attendant on Tipheret). These communicate imperfectly between the mind at Tipheret and the first three Sephiroth. There is a vagueness, increasing rather than decreasing as attainment proceeds. The mind at Tipheret seeks understanding through reason and in time rises to Geburah. The supercelestial messages are still not fully understood. Purpose is clearer at Geburah and actions in the lower worlds are easily directed. Yet there is a haunting dimness, as of a figure half hidden by the glare of the Sun through morning mist. The mind of the one below the Abyss hungers for the parting of the mists and the clearing of the glare. This hunger builds as a yearning for union with God; and Chesed, the Sephira of the higher emotions is reached. At Chesed desire grows until the mind leaps across the gap of worlds, the Great Abyss, and enters direct consciousness of the highest Sephiroth. In abandoning the lower seven Sephiroth, consciousness in them is diminished and partly lost. The body and the lower mental functions continue in a semblance of independence while the higher functions watch without comprehension of the lower. There is a failure in this, a failure that can be remedied by multiple reincarnation into one body or into successive bodies. This process constitutes spiritual death and rebirth. There is yet another way to repair this failure, this loss of connection between the lower and higher minds. I refer the reader to 32Emanations, the Path of Initiation (A booklet I published in the early ’70s) in the matter of path 27, The Tower. The problem is basically the same. When the lower seven are perfectly developed by great care and long effort, the Abyss ceases to exist and the passage to the Highest is easy. The Tree of Life than changes its form. More about this in later installments of this essay.

We shall now investigate the shadows of the Tree. The Tree is one thing, its shadows are others. The Tree of life is a map of creation and of consciousness. It shows states of mind, and it leads cognition from one state to another. When the Tree is seen from one of its own Sephiroth, and understood by the consciousness that attends that Sephira, it is perceived partially. Each Sephira includes within itself all Sephiroth lower on the Tree than itself, and each projects itself into the higher Sephiroth. Each Sephira provides a distinct perception of the Tree of Life as a whole. Each Sephira colors, as it were, the whole Tree with a distinctive mental tint. The ten views of the Tree of Life that are natural to the ten Sephiroth are “shadows” of the Tree. In Malkut, the tenth Sephira, the Tree is the physical world. All its attributes and all its symbolism relate directly to the senses. Books have been written which expound this view. They insist that all criteria surrounding the Tree of Life be based on physical measurements, astronomical phenomena and the like. Such books often greatly alter the form of the Tree of Life Diagram to make it fit particular physical data. In Yesod, myths and stories define the Tree. In Hod, rational philosophy develops the Tree. In Netzach, love of beauty and pattern overreach the strictly rational, and the Tree is portrayed through artistry and poetic imagery. In Tipheret, no less than a harmonious life can express understanding of the Tree of Life. Geburah views the Tree through teaching and aiding all life. Chesed depicts the Tree as salvation.No matter what the Sephirotic view of the Tree, all the Sephiroth participate. There are no absolutely pure conceptions of the Tree. All understandings are “shadows.” The depth of the understanding is revealed in the intensity and characteristics of the “shadow.” Consider this newsletter. It has physical existence and refers to physical events. These events may be described with the terminology of Qabalah and some understanding of the Tree of Life may be conveyed. This much is Malkut. Accounts of dreams can also be related to the Tree and, by their nature, are a part of the “shadow” of Yesod. Hod’s “shadow” is seen in philosophical and analytical discussions. Netzach is found in that which strives with emotional response and describes physical drives. Tipheret is shown in autobiographical works, in so far as the author’s life tends to harmony, and in accounts of social existence with others. Geburah is found in recommendations for improvement and in the mysterious power that produces remarkable experiences. Chesed is found in the works of aspiration toward the highest.Of all the “shadows” of the Sephiroth that touch this essay, that of Tipheret is the strongest – yet all are present. Even those shadows that are found in Binah, Chokmah and Keter are found in this work. All these things are found in all books and works of all Mankind in varying proportion.But what of the shadow in Tipheret? This “shadow” in Tipheret is one’s own conception of life and of purpose in life. This conception may take any form. It may be formalized into a pattern like the traditional diagram of the Tree of Life or like a manner of life outlined by church, society and state. It may be a hit or miss thing developed without plan and accepted when it settles down to consistency. This conception may be limited in aspiration or it may be without limit. Whatever else it may be, it is the Tipheret level understanding of existence – to a student of Qabalah, a Tipheret tinted shadow of the entire Tree. When this shadow brings joy and pleasure, it is projected downward into the Netzach shadow. When it is analyzed, it is projected into the Hod shadow. When it is dramatized and fantasized it is in the shadow of Yesod. When the Tipheret shadow that is the total conception of one’s own life effects the physical world, the “shadow of Tipheret” penetrates and rules the shadow of Malkut. All these shadows dance and move within each other. They have no separate existence. Tipheret is meaningless without Malkut. Malkut is dead without Tipheret. Hod is sterile without Netzach. Netzach cannot be a vehicle for Beauty without Tipheret. All are in all. All depend on all. There is only one Tree; all seeming separate parts and views are shadows of that Tree. For the word “Tree”, take any word that includes all things in one thing.When the shadow of Tipheret is studied analytically and synthetically, projection into three other Sephirotic shadows occurs. The simple mechanical relationships of life are viewed in Hod. The underlying principles of the life experience are elaborated in Geburah after they are rationally isolated from Tipheret. Binah receives particular examples of the application of pure reason. In like manner, the reactions and developments of emotions project the shadow of Tipheret into three other Sephiroth. The life experience produces simple wonderment and isolated emotional display in Netzach. Chesed draws a unitary longing from these same experiences. Chokmah receives particular tongues of the Universal Flame of Passion that are proper to its own exalted place. Projection of the Tipheret shadow of the Tree also occurs in a balanced fashion into three other Sephiroth. This projection is an elevation or degradation of the life experience accordingly as it ascends or descends on the Tree. No moral connotation is intended by the words “elevation” and “degradation”, only elevation as approach to unity and degradation as multiplication of forms with concealment of unity. The experience that is the shadow of the Tree in Tipheret falls down into Yesod when it becomes puzzling, imperfectly visualized, or imperfectly accepted. The projection into Malkut is accomplished through Yesod. Yesod is the link between the perfected consciousness of living in Tipheret and the physical processes of life in Malkut. In Malkut the life experience becomes actualized in physical living. The weak link between the inward consciousness of Tipheret and the outward life of Malkut is Yesod. One conception of the Tree suggests a solution to this problem, at a price. More will be said about this in later installments of this essay. Projection of Tipheret upward into Keter is nothing more or less than a final perception of the life experience as an absolute unity. When this occurs perfectly, the Tree vanishes into the Absolute Oneness of Keter. Much the same sort of vanishing occurs when the Tree is perfectly projected into the Absolute Multiplication of Malkut. Merkabah Qabalah recognizes ephemeral and partial states of this kind in conjunction with crossing the Abyss, notably under the method called “50 Gates of Understanding” in which the top three Sephiroth become one and the lower- most two are similarly subsumed in each other at the moment of opening of the 50th Gate. Those gates are not combinations of letters, by the way, but of the lower seven Sephiroth with each other.There are many mental and physical activities that involve all the lower seven Sephiroth. Among these are speculations on the form and meaning of the Tree itself. No matter what the basic approach, whether from Malkut, Geburah or wherever, all the Sephirotic shadows take some part. The examples which will follow Part I of this essay are devoted to a study of alternate forms of the Tree of Life diagram. In the sense of their being studies of a system of salvation, they belong to Chesed. As constructions for guidance in life, they belong to Geburah. As efforts produced in life, they belong to Tipheret. Their emotional impact, the delight of understanding them, belongs to Netzach. The rational application of these examples and their more concrete explanation comes from Hod. The direct guidance they have over physical conduct pertains to Yesod. Their physical existence in this publication and their actual effect in the physical world belongs to Malkut. Because they are mainly rational structures, Geburah is their chief place.To understand that which follows, a bit of foreknowledge is necessary on the part of the reader. Some of this may be obtained by reading my earlier booklet, 32 Emanations, the Path of Initiation. The summaries toward the end of that are especially useful. Alternately, the reader may wish to refer to books by other authors on the subject of the Paths of the Tree of Life. The next few paragraphs introduce the Tree to those who may not have seen it before. Those who have considerable experience with these matters will find some of this a bit overly familiar, but it may help the neophyte.

The Tree of Life diagram is a development from a far more complex and ancient system of mysticism called the Qabalah (also spelled: Cabala, QBL(H), Kabbalah, Qabbalah and in various other ways. The word in Hebrew is Qof-Bet-Lamed-Hay, and before 1,000 e.v. it was called: Chokmah Nestorah, Raz and Sod). The original use of the Tree of Life diagram appears to be for organization of methods of interpreting sacred literature. Our familiar Tree of Life diagram appears in 16th century illustrations with the assignment of letters to the paths used later by the Order of the Golden Dawn. The present form of this diagram is not absolutely known to be more than half a thousand years old. Whatever its age, it embodies a philosophy similar in many ways to Gnosticism and Neoplatonism. The diagram is a graphic depiction of the mental universe. In the form used here as “traditional,” it is composed of thirty-two parts, with an additional part sometimes postulated. Ten (or eleven) of these parts are called Sephiroth, a Hebrew word meaning, among other things, “Numbers”. These Sephiroth represent states of human consciousness ranging from unity with God (number 1, called Keter) to immersion in the physical world (number 10, called Malkut). The Sephiroth can also be viewed as stages in creation, as levels of interpretation ranging from the Abstract to the Concrete, and in other ways. Circles are commonly used to represent the Sephiroth on the diagram. Twenty- two lines or paths connect the circles. These paths are transitional mental states created by moving between the more firmly established Sephiroth. There are many details about the Tree of Life diagram that will not be taken up here.


You are player who play game of death if you protected not go to spiritual relms as these:

These are the astral planes of regions of castles of fairy realms and shadows and forests and castles and reamlands mermaids and elves! Here are lists of these astral regions:
Alter Aeon Areas – Complete List

This list of areas is provided by the Aozumi branch of the Ralnoth
Cartographers Guild. Detailed maps of some of the more explored
areas are available from any Guild branch office, for a small
donation used only to help fund expeditions into the unknown.

Show only areas for: The Island of Sloe
Show only areas for: The Island of Kordan
Show only areas for: The Island of Archais
Show only areas for: Outer Planar Realms
Show only areas for: The Northern Continent
Show only areas for: The Continent of Suboria
Show only areas for: The Alter Aeon Mainland
Show only areas for: Magical Realms

The Island of Sloe

The island of Sloe lies west of the island of Kordan, and is
home to many newbie and low level areas. This is a safe haven
for lower levels, and most new players begin the game here.

Level Description Creators
[ 1] The Refugee Camp dentin draak
[ 2] The Grassy Field dentin
[ 3] The Stony Field dentin morpheus
[ 3] The cave system near Pellam dentin
[ 6] The Cemetery near Pellam dentin draak
[ 7] Pellam Cemetery Crypts dentin draak
[ 8] Town of Pellam dentin draak shift
[ 8] The Kobold camp dentin inessa
[ 9] The False Temple morpheus dentin
[ 10] Town of Vemarken dentin draak morpheus
[ 10] The Vemarken Hidden Gardens aleph
[ 11] Polliwog Swamp astarte
[ 11] Village of Bandera Azul shadowfax
[ 11] The Greenwood draak
[ 11] The Blue Marshes draak
[ 11] Village of Stillwater draak shadowfax
[ 12] The farming community of Hildabrad reorx shrew

The Island of Kordan

The island of Kordan lies west of the island of Archais, and is
suitable for low to mid level players between levels 8 and 20.
This is also a safe haven, and most new players who leave Sloe
go next to Kordan to continue their adventures.

Level Description Creators
[ 11] The Grumditch and Kentwig copper mine morpheus dentin
[ 11] The Brown House firebird
[ 12] The old Indira ruins morpheus
[ 12] the Town of Indira dentin draak
[ 12] The Indira Junkyard draak
[ 12] The Old Indira Forest dentin morpheus inessa
[ 13] The Mad Alchemist’s Castle brawn morpheus
[ 13] The holy grove c.a.w.
[ 13] Gnomian Village morpheus inessa dentin
[ 13] Gnomian Village Mole Tunnels morpheus inessa dentin
[ 14] The Indira School of Illusion dragonsinger dentin
[ 14] Ancalador, the Stone Dragon c.a.w.
[ 14] The Forgotten Muskeg draak mutt bladimir bacon scorge indigo
[ 15] The New Thalos Graveyard astarte dentin morpheus
[ 15] The Kordwood, Isle of Kordan draak
[ 15] Kordan haunted hills dentin
[ 16] The Haunted Crypts coolbeans satirus
[ 16] The city of New Thalos draak
[ 16] Forest west of Naphtali draak
[ 16] The underground city of Runn-Khal morpheus
[ 17] The Orc Village prong
[ 17] Thalos graveyard catacombs c.a.w.
[ 17] The giant beanstalk boa
[ 17] The town of Naphtali dentin draak
[ 18] The Hidden Moogle Village morpheus
[ 18] The Caves of Mendelius morpheus inessa dentin
[ 18] Island near Kordan gandor
[ 19] Qoorik’s Underground Lair morpheus inessa dentin
[ 19] Clearwater Beach morpheus
[ 19] Ancestral Island morpheus

The Island of Archais

The island of Archais lies east of the island of Kordan, and is
suitable for mid level players between levels 15 and 25. Players
who leave Kordan often go here prior to leaving for the mainland.

Level Description Creators
[ 20] The Village of Seaside morpheus inessa dentin
[ 20] Taber Bros Carnival nuriel morpheus
[ 20] The Town of Northshore gandor
[ 21] Castle Kraftrager morpheus dentin inessa dalamar
[ 21] Rogue Settlement shift
[ 21] The Archais Archipelago inessa morpheus
[ 21] Smuggler’s Cove inessa morpheus dentin
[ 22] The Nurgling Mound heart
[ 22] Underground Chess Tournament islaine
[ 22] The Trow village nuriel
[ 22] Swamp north of Gad’s Landing kagome
[ 22] The City of Gad’s Landing morpheus
[ 22] Thieves den near Gad’s Mountain inessa
[ 23] The Viking village raid loki
[ 23] The Lotus Monastery morpheus merlin
[ 23] Gad’s Mountain South Trail dentin kenai
[ 23] The Nurgling Swamp slamin
[ 23] Inn of the Lonely Wanderer morpheus
[ 23] The tinker gnome colony morpheus aleph
[ 24] Redferne’s Floating Palace dentin
[ 24] The Cloud Academy bamboo kenai
[ 25] The Mansion of Darsakius morpheus inessa dentin astarte
[ 25] Fort Magnesia bamboo
[ 25] The road to Dragon Tooth dentin morpheus
[ 26] Azeroth Keep dentin morpheus
[ 26] Dark Forest of Archais dentin
[ 26] The Wyvren Forest astarte
[ 26] Loric Memorial Hospital valront
[ 26] Dragon Tooth graveyard & port village dentin morpheus
[ 26] The Town of Dragon Tooth shift
[ 26] A secluded house in the woods tanthas
[ 27] Spider Caves astarte brawn
[ 27] A decimated drow city myrel morpheus
[ 27] The Blackwater Hollows Swamp morpheus
[ 27] Dwarven mines near Dragon Tooth shift
[ 27] Archais Troll Caves inessa dragonsinger
[ 27] Catacombs below Azeroth satirus morpheus dentin
[ 28] The Trogdolyte City dragonsinger dentin
[ 28] Tyranid caves alf duncan osprey
[ 28] Svirfneblin stronghold and ruined civilization grimflame myrel
[ 28] The Monastery of Dreams morpheus
[ 28] Monastery of Dreams infirmary and dream zones morpheus

Outer Planar Realms

Whether on different planes of existence or simply exceedingly far
away, these ‘outer planar regions’ are accessible from various
locations on the game and may or may not be safe for players at
any level.

Level Description Creators
[ 11] The Astral Plane of Air, lower shadowfax draak
[ 24] Asgaard vember
[ 24] Biological engineering lab dentin
[ 24] Astral plane of air, wind tunnels shadowfax emiko
[ 25] Outer planar ice world dentin
[ 25] The Fire World of Khinzhai dentin morpheus inessa
[ 27] Fire World underground tunnels dentin skinny dowart buffboy
[ 30] Elemental plane of earth draak
[ 31] Elemental plane of darkness, forest gandor
[ 31] Fire plane – lower levels dentin morpheus
[ 34] Plane of Chaos, castle xandar
[ 34] Astral plane of air, white eternity shadowfax chance osiris
[ 34] The Dome Sea, Tlalocan draak
[ 34] Plane of Chaos, fortress xandar shadowfax
[ 34] Fire plane – The untamed wilds morpheus dentin inessa
[ 35] The Temple of Sand and Water, Tlalocan draak dragonblade slingblade
[ 35] Plane of Chaos, sanctuary shadowfax xandar
[ 35] The Demon Plane locane ralithune
[ 36] Chicomoztoc, the Place of Seven Caves shadowfax draak
[ 36] The world of Gaseous Gosades shadowfax
[ 36] Plane of Chaos, dragon lair kagome shadowfax
[ 37] The Tower of Mictlan draak
[ 37] The angelic outpost, Astral Plane of Air lynx shadowfax draak
[ 38] The Great Vortex, Astral Plane of Air draak shadowfax
[ 38] Empyrean Caliphate, Astral Plane of Air draak shadowfax
[ 38] The Planar Knot observation platform dentin
[ 40] Elemental plane of darkness, echo draak
[ 40] Elemental plane of darkness, core draak
[ 40] Monastery in the Ash Desert draak
[ 41] The Obsidian Fortress & Dark Moon Forest morpheus inessa
[ 42] The Black Mountains morpheus inessa
[ 43] The Temple of Bones morpheus inessa

The Northern Continent

The northern continent lies north of the mainland, and is known for
being untamed and exceedingly dangerous. It is recommended that
only high levels visit.

Level Description Creators
[ 32] Skaven lair shadowfax jedi
[ 33] The Island of Seriphus morpheus
[ 33] Northern continent tarrant
[ 33] North continent wasteland tarrant
[ 33] City of Airam morpheus inessa
[ 33] Draconian caves morpheus
[ 34] Hidden passages under the Island of Seriphus morpheus inessa
[ 34] North continent mountains tarrant
[ 34] The Emerald City morpheus
[ 34] The Wyvinian Stronghold morpheus
[ 35] Grae Keep tarrant
[ 35] Demiplane near Grae Keep tarrant
[ 35] North continent mines tarrant
[ 35] Wizard’s Tomb, north continent wasteland tarrant
[ 36] Subterranean ruins tarrant
[ 36] Subterranean ruins, buried city tarrant
[ 36] Subterranean ruins, guarded depths tarrant
[ 36] Subterranean ruins, inner sanctum tarrant
[ 40] Underwater ruins, watery passages morpheus
[ 41] Underwater ruins, the lost city morpheus
[ 42] Underwater ruins, the lost kingdom morpheus
[ 43] Underwater ruins, the lost dungeons morpheus

The Continent of Suboria

The continent of Suboria lies south of the mainland, and can only
reached by ship. The icy, mountainous terrain is considered very
dangerous, though numerous beasts and strange monsters inhabit it.

Level Description Creators
[ 37] Isle of Riaza, Continent of Suboria draak
[ 39] The Ice Lands, Continent of Suboria draak
[ 40] The Ryuu Graveyard, Continent of Suboria draak

The Alter Aeon Mainland

The mainland continent of Alter Aeon is the most explored and
best understood region on the game. There exist a great many
areas here, but the majority of them are higher level and may
not be safe for lower level players.

Level Description Creators
[ 0] The Ralnoth Mud School Museum dentin
[ 1] Bulletin Board Central Hub dentin
[ 28] Mountains west of Orton gandor
[ 28] The coastal town of Southport gandor
[ 29] The City of Ralnoth everyone
[ 29] Light Forest East dentin heart
[ 29] Old Thalos dentin
[ 29] The fishing village of Siviri charis
[ 29] Temple of Cygnii Entertainment Complex cygnii
[ 29] The North Ralnoth Slums coolbeans prong myrel
[ 29] North of Ralnoth dentin
[ 29] The Blue Mound draak
[ 29] Sewers under Ralnoth kronoss
[ 29] The Greenhole strife
[ 29] A carnival on Avalon Hill shadowfax feoric
[ 29] The Town of Orton gandor
[ 29] Nakato’s Valley dentin kenai
[ 30] Forest southwest of Ralnoth kenai
[ 30] The Great Southern Road kenai dentin
[ 30] Quicklings west of Ralnoth wyvren
[ 30] Temple of Heart heart
[ 30] Atlantis phtom
[ 30] Sewers under Old Thalos dentin squeak
[ 30] Fields north of Old Thalos dentin squeak
[ 30] Old Thalos arts district squeak
[ 30] Drow mines under Old Thalos shadowfax squeak
[ 30] Skerrit’s Haven, the centaur village maxx vember
[ 30] Clan Unforgiven area, west of Ralnoth kralen shadowfax
[ 30] Kitsune Island vember
[ 30] Khal-Uktar, the Dwarven Marketplace dentin
[ 30] Mount Zendular reddogg
[ 30] The land of magic arislan
[ 30] An Abandoned Citadel bloodlust
[ 30] Were-panthers kitten morpheus
[ 30] The Celestial Circle draak
[ 30] The Ralnoth Fen draak
[ 30] East Thalenwood Forest shadowfax
[ 30] some no-name village strife
[ 30] The Kingdom City of Vandar gandor
[ 30] Province of Cornia shadowfax
[ 30] Isle of the Red Rose deroth bruenor gandor shadowfax
[ 30] The witch house anonymous gandor
[ 30] Bugbear tunnels gandor
[ 30] Darring Road gandor
[ 30] The Adarin Desert gandor
[ 30] Dark Forest East of Ralnoth dentin
[ 30] Forest west of Old Thalos dentin shadowfax
[ 30] Forest near Khal-Uktar dentin
[ 31] The Candlewood Forest aleph
[ 31] The Old Mud University in Ralnoth fikh xael
[ 31] The Western Forest wyvren
[ 31] Olympus charis maxx
[ 31] The Ash Mountain Foothills dancer
[ 31] On the Green River dentin astarte
[ 31] Thalenwood forest and Trinsic bobcat morpheus
[ 31] Old Thalos tunnels squeak
[ 31] The edge of the southern desert wyvren dentin
[ 31] The drow outpost bobcat morpheus
[ 31] Dark Forest East Graveyard dancer
[ 31] Castle Dragnok kefka morpheus
[ 31] Light forest west dentin
[ 31] Dark Forest South maxx vember
[ 31] Shadow Assassin Guildhall dancer
[ 31] Shrine Hills heart
[ 31] Hedge Maze, Lufia’s Folly shadowfax chance osiris
[ 31] Village of Vom draak shadowfax watery
[ 31] The Northern Ocean shadowfax tarrant
[ 31] The Midlands shadowfax
[ 31] Happy Cliff Sanitarium locane ralithune
[ 31] Caer Bre’en Valley and Towne byung
[ 31] The Verian River and Marsh gandor
[ 31] Village of Stoke-on-the-Mound mathayas guillermo pharel keiser shadowfax
[ 31] White Sands Abbey shadowfax udyr
[ 31] Forest of Tirgoth unk
[ 31] The ruined castle of Radobaj shadowfax draak
[ 31] Wallachia City draak shadowfax winston
[ 31] The Desert City of Linholt gandor
[ 31] Vandar Regional Prison gandor
[ 31] Forest north of Trinsic bobcat
[ 31] Forest south of Trinsic bobcat dentin
[ 31] Mountain Paths near Khal-Uktar dentin
[ 32] Nemean Fields wyvren
[ 32] Ash Mountain Dragon-Ogres heart
[ 32] The Stone Giant Stronghold dancer
[ 32] Chaos dentin
[ 32] Daigaku-Tatami, the Oriental city aleph
[ 32] The Firbolg Encampment fikh
[ 32] The Zulu Empire flee
[ 32] Cathedral xandar vember bloodlust
[ 32] Mad Castle vember
[ 32] Khal-Moria, the dwarven mines and catacombs dentin
[ 32] Southern Ocean coastline islaine
[ 32] The Southern Ocean vember
[ 32] Town of Corinium and Broceliande Forest shadowfax pariah
[ 32] Tenochtitlan the Aztec City shadowfax draak
[ 32] Dargonesti, water elves beneath north ocean sephiroth shadowfax
[ 32] The dwarven kingdom of Khal-MinDur raganar morpheus
[ 32] The Fields of Florin vember shadowfax
[ 32] Underground Tunnels, Lufia’s Folly shadowfax chance osiris
[ 32] Tomb under Nueva Granada shadowfax
[ 32] Forest of Brigands draak shadowfax
[ 32] Village of Inari bloodlust
[ 32] The Kurita Graveyard draak
[ 32] Southern Aztec Jungle shadowfax islaine
[ 32] Castle Ogden maxx
[ 32] Temple of Magar courtyard and cemetary shadowfax celestia darkmoon
[ 32] The Aztec Jungle draak shadowfax
[ 32] Avalon Hill islaine shadowfax gandor
[ 32] The Aztec Empire shadowfax draak
[ 32] The Swamps of Sorrow draak shadowfax
[ 32] Hamlet of Basho-Shio shadowfax draak
[ 32] Village of Hisui draak
[ 32] Village of Bo Shin Tao shadowfax draak
[ 32] Malitad Island saithes
[ 32] Shi’mon Island saithes
[ 32] K’tinrooj along the upper K’tinga River draak shadowfax
[ 32] The Tower of Power draak shadowfax
[ 32] The Golemist’s Tower xo
[ 32] The Florin-Verian Flowage shadowfax bloodlust
[ 32] Castle Camelot shadowfax
[ 32] The Kurita Province draak shadowfax
[ 32] Road along the River Ilfing taran morpheus
[ 32] The Great Trench gandor
[ 32] Rock Gnome Caves gandor
[ 32] The City of Koralia’s Heart kelnale gandor
[ 33] The Great Desert, south brawn
[ 33] Jo’Kerin, the Cursed City heart
[ 33] The Hill Giant Kingdom fikh
[ 33] The fire caverns of Lux aleph
[ 33] Jo’Kerin Coliseum Stands heart
[ 33] The Jade Lake dancer
[ 33] Foothills west of Jo’Kerin heart
[ 33] Phtom Island phtom
[ 33] Halite Caverns beneath the salt flats draak
[ 33] Royal palace of Daigaku-Tatami aleph
[ 33] Gith territory on Phtom Island shadowfax phtom
[ 33] The City of Hartmur tempus khrystyne
[ 33] Ilfing Road morpheus taran
[ 33] Aztec Palace and Temple draak shadowfax
[ 33] The Sinar’i Valley tempus
[ 33] Haunted mansion in Jo’Kerin kefka
[ 33] West Thalenwood Forest coolbeans gandor shadowfax
[ 33] The Rift west of Jo’Kerin heart dentin
[ 33] Khal-Toresh, the Dwarf Village firebird
[ 33] The Ash mountains dentin dancer
[ 33] The Jo’Kerin bazaar heart
[ 33] Colony of Nueva Granada shadowfax
[ 33] Sunken castle, Lufia’s Folly shadowfax chance osiris
[ 33] The Kings’ Highway draak shadowfax
[ 33] Castle Avalon bloodlust xandar
[ 33] The griffin infested peaks draak
[ 33] Lake Texcoco, beneath Tenochtitlan draak shadowfax
[ 33] The Great Desert, north draak shadowfax
[ 33] The salt flats draak shadowfax
[ 33] The outpost of Draj shadowfax draak
[ 33] Haun’s Mill draak shadowfax
[ 33] Island of Hakahaka kagome
[ 33] Swamp Dwarves boa
[ 33] The Shady Vale morpheus
[ 33] A woodland retreat heart grolantor
[ 33] Jo’Kerin Coliseum Arena heart
[ 34] The Aggerazzi Swamp dancer
[ 34] The City of Elborat taran morpheus
[ 34] Pyramid in Jade Jungle dowart
[ 34] Ash mountain druids dentin morpheus
[ 34] A gypsy camp cryos
[ 34] The Kingdom of Kookien draak shadowfax
[ 34] Village of Xochitl draak shadowfax
[ 34] The Troll Downs draak
[ 34] The Rud’Jali Desert glorida ralithune draak
[ 34] The Wilderness of Zin shadowfax draak
[ 34] Island of Nani Makana kagome
[ 34] Village of Inari, secret lair xandar bloodlust
[ 34] Dwarven Underhalls in Moria dentin
[ 34] Fire giants and Abyrimoch dentin
[ 34] Angels’ Cry xandar
[ 34] The Sashala fortress shadowfax
[ 34] The Zin Memorial Mental Wellness Center draak shadowfax
[ 34] The Shii’lok Mountain peaks ruin
[ 34] The Fire Towers locane ralithune
[ 34] City of Ubar glorida
[ 34] The Town of Zin draak shadowfax
[ 34] The lower K’tinga River draak shadowfax
[ 34] The village of Gumrooj draak
[ 34] The village of U’lugl draak
[ 34] The city of Behr’zok draak shadowfax
[ 34] Opal mine under Ubar glorida
[ 34] Gthl’rooj and the Trollway draak shadowfax
[ 34] K’tin Lake draak shadowfax
[ 34] The city of Natchsburg draak shadowfax
[ 34] The Dje Road draak shadowfax
[ 34] The village of Dje draak shadowfax
[ 34] West Naginag draak shadowfax
[ 34] Ooahu, on the Trollway draak shadowfax
[ 34] Village of Huixtocihuatl draak shadowfax
[ 34] The Zin Cemetery shift draak
[ 34] The Dust Sea shadowfax draak
[ 34] The Murlock Swamp draak shadowfax
[ 34] Q’Seneg, the failed outpost draak shadowfax
[ 34] D’nogal Island draak shadowfax
[ 34] Southern Ocean sea caves draak
[ 34] The Sarce Plains draak shadowfax
[ 34] The City of Finspang taran morpheus
[ 35] The Jo’Kerin Gardens heart
[ 35] The Mud Volcano draak
[ 35] The Labyrinth dancer aleph
[ 35] The village of Marikest draak grimflame
[ 35] Brightstone Keep draak
[ 35] Atlantis University phtom
[ 35] The lost armory draak
[ 35] The Lost Catacombs of Khal-Moria shadowfax tarrant
[ 35] The Killing Fields of Sallipis draak shadowfax
[ 35] Temple of Schlyne shadowfax schlyne
[ 35] Village of Sussex druid shadowfax
[ 35] The Giftsmarsch draak
[ 35] Shazer, the place of tunnels draak
[ 35] The Jade Jungle shadowfax dowart
[ 35] The Mines of Minos draak shadowfax
[ 35] Barbary Bridge Road draak shadowfax
[ 35] Frost giant stronghold ruin
[ 35] Rud’Jali Desert Oasis draak ralithune
[ 35] Minetown, west of Behr’zok draak shadowfax
[ 35] The village of Albion shadowfax draak
[ 35] A mountain fortress draak
[ 35] The desolation of U’ras draak shadowfax
[ 35] Eastern Island draak shadowfax
[ 35] The Southern Hills shadowfax
[ 35] The city of Dorna tanthas
[ 35] The Naginag Combine Royal Navy draak shadowfax
[ 35] The Ignora Trench draak shadowfax
[ 35] The Jo’Kerin Pass draak shadowfax
[ 35] The Ashborian Plateau draak
[ 35] The Kingdom of Darcadia morpheus
[ 35] Land of Arcadia morpheus
[ 35] The Elwood xo draak
[ 35] Headhunter Island morpheus inessa ralithune
[ 35] North Ash Mountains Dentin Morpheus Inessa
[ 36] Jungle and swamp dancer
[ 36] Mount Knochenaufsatz draak shadowfax
[ 36] Along the Greywater draak
[ 36] Grippli Lake shadowfax
[ 36] Sunken temple of Magar shadowfax
[ 36] The Sas’kwal Dale draak shadowfax
[ 36] Myconid colony under the Giftsmarsch unclejemima draak
[ 36] The necropolis of Q’monmwer draak shadowfax
[ 36] A burned out forest kagome
[ 36] Fire Swamps kagome
[ 36] The City of Kings morpheus dentin
[ 36] The Disused Fane dentin morpheus inessa taran
[ 36] Northern Ash mountains and small valley morpheus
[ 37] The Mazon Plateau shadowfax draak
[ 37] Mount Bliztstadt draak shadowfax
[ 37] Inside the Malahaki Falulua kagome shadowfax
[ 37] The Ash Desert, dead reefs draak
[ 37] Obsidian trolls shadowfax cobra
[ 37] Hades Castle Upper Levels glorida
[ 37] An uncharted island shadowfax draak
[ 37] Dikeman’s Atoll draak shadowfax
[ 37] Village of Silverwind morpheus inessa
[ 37] The Dwarven Stronghold of Khal-Rin morpheus inessa
[ 37] The caves of trial morpheus inessa
[ 38] The Ash Desert, acid lakes draak
[ 38] The Ash Desert, magma fields draak
[ 38] The Ash Desert, leeward dunes draak
[ 38] The Silverwind Keep morpheus
[ 39] The Ash Desert, deep clefts draak
[ 39] Wasteland west of Elborat ruin valront
[ 39] The Ash Mountain ice fortress dentin morpheus inessa
[ 40] The Ash Desert, Mount Sartus draak
[ 40] Bonechewer Gnoll Camp valront corallon
[ 40] The Ash Desert, Astral Codex draak dentin
[ 41] The Eisenmere, the Iron Sea draak shadowfax
[ 46] The Fathomless Bathysphere draak

Magical Realms

These alternate areas are known to be within the bounds of magic
and conventional rules of reality, but their precise location is
not known. These areas may or may not be safe.

Level Description Creators
[ 32] The Shifting Dimensional Forest islaine
[ 35] The Challenge of Elements shadowfax chance osiris

421 area entries displayed.






The Earth is like a Hollywood stage… full of propaganda and hidden agendas…
Puppet master game,world is a hollywood stage combined of mass illusions and suffering of the sheeple,endless wars and dictatorships and anarchy of any manner way and type and form called in different names,draconian illuminati overloards of chaos use Nesara omegans as a scapegoat playing both sides and preparing world for psychotronic nightmare!
Humanity is today being subjected to massive levels and intensities of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies in its myriad of forms on a daily basis.

From televisions, radios, electrical appliances, computers, microwave ovens and cell phones to radio broadcast stations, cell phone towers, power lines, ELF and VLF (extremely and very low frequency) transmitters, space-based psychotronic arrays and even solar flares, Mankind is under assault from natural and artificial electromagnetic energy as never experienced before in human history.

Holy Scripture has revealed that Lucifer/Satan (the Devil, the chief fallen cherub) is the prince of the power of the air. As electromagnetic frequenciess proliferate on Earth, many new 4th and 5th dimensional “stargates” are sure to open for Lucifer’s fallen kingdom- 1/3rd of the heavenly host- to more fully integrate and externalize on in these anarchy evil days they lead this world to before the Judgement(Armageddon the world dommination,and return of Alpha Omega YAHSUHUA THE MESSIAH).

Amongst the psychotronic technologies and projects that have recently brought mind altering and mind controlling electromagnetic spectrum frequencies to the mind of Man include; the Russian Tesla Magnifying ‘Woodpecker’ transmitter near Kiev in the Ukraine (began July 4, 1976), H.A.A.R.P. (the High Atmospheric Auroral Research Project) based in Gakona Alaska USA, G.W.E.N. (Ground Wave Emergency Network) of -300- transmitter towers spread across the USA, so-called “non-lethal” radio, microwave, ultrasonic and acoustic ELF(electromagnetic low friquency-the voice spoken to head by these signals spoken on microphone by demonicly possessed illuminati possessed by fallen angelic reptilian entities) and VLF (extremely and very low frequency) generators and transmitters, a proliferation of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cellular phone towers, a global array of land, sea and space-based satellite systems using radiation, electromagnetic, sonic and laser technologies and energies, as well as the emergence of “Wi-Fi” clouds and hotspots (for wireless internet access) in many cities throughout the world.

The central rationale behind electromagnetic/psychotronic mind control technology is that it is a battle for the human mind.

Satan/Lucifer himself is the boss of program manager for Non-Lethal Psychotronic Weaponry at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico USA, has called it “the new mental battlefield”. People are beeing victims of electromagnetic mind control include; Mind Wars, The Mind Race, Psychic Warfare, The Body Electric, Operation Mind Control, Psychic Dictatorship,fallen angels Play This HAARP, Psychic Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society, Crosscurrents etc…

The arsenal of electromagnetic/psychotronic weapons used to manipulate, control and entrain the human mind are an integral part of the overall battle plan of the New World Order. The secrecy involved in the development and propagation of electromagnetic mind control technologies reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in them. To state it bluntly, whoever controls this technology controls the minds of all humanity.The technical capability to remotely influence 6.5 billion human brains with the sole intent of manipulating human behavior, the human nervous system, the human psyche, the thoughts, moods and mental states and health of the masses,constitutes a level of tyranny never before witnessed in all of human history.

Acoustic “psycho-correction”, behavior modification, remote neural monitoring, psychic and biophysical warfare, brain-wave entrainment, bioelectromagnetics, subliminal programming, psychotronic mind control etc… are all the terminologies used to describe the insidious and invisible assault being waged upon the collective human psyche by electromagnetic technologies of the time of Atlantis once more after 5000 years again brought to 21st century once more.You can pray that you get protected from this and pray for others to be protected by the blood of YAHSUHUA and by the annointing of the Holy Spirit and Holy angelic guardians from such a psychotronic nightmare.

Brain wave manipulation from a distance using phased and pulse-modulated infrasonic and ultrasonic generated frequencies designed to control the very thoughts and feelings of a subjected populace is every dictator’s dream come true.

Because the human mind is so sensitive and vulnerable to outside electromagnetic intrusion and has no natural ability to erect a “firewall” to protect itself, biowarfare on the mind may prove to be one of the most effective means of projecting power by the planet’s priviledged elite in their quest to establish Luciferian New World Order.

Beyond the planetary electromagnetic frequency weapons now in place and operating (Russian Woodpecker, HAARP, GWEN etc…), there are large arrays of ELF/microwave cellular phone tower grids being erected and already operating at the local community level in many areas. These towers are are putting out levels of power that exceed all cellular phone requirements by a large margin, with the hidden purpose of exerting electromagnetic mind control influence over entire populated areas- specifically tailored to each community.

Supernaturally, one can deduce that the fallen  spiritual realm utilizes these new frequencies (mediums of light, sound, color, levels of consciousness and intelligence), allowing spiritual entities-fallen astral beings and their children demons -to work behind the scenes within the human psyche to control and manipulate the lives, thoughts, convictions, habits and hearts of mankind- so as to induce all to submit and worship the god of this world,Lucifer which is puppet master of this world which is  fallen celestial being the source of all evil,the egoistic tyrant made by genuine creator GOD  „I AM“YAHUVEH,YAHUSHUA,IMMAYAH,LATER REBELED AND BECAME UNIVERSAL TERRORIST AND PUPPET MASTER OF THIS WORLD .Primal agenda is to spread ignorance,evil,nd hte,and carlesness and slavery.




askenazi khazar zionist draconian druidic elitists:
Illuminati structure:
Portal of Enchantment into the Twilight Realm of the Shining Ones, for theirs is the enlightened Realm of the Ring Lords.
Three Rings for the Elven Kings under the sky.
Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone.
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die.
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all.
One Ring to find them.
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
This is saturnian cult lead by Garter Dragons Saturnis Satanis Draconis and Lilith´s marching maiden soilder Elven sisterhoods.These are the Royal main cheaf commanding beings who are above the order who command them.
Illuminati pyramid rule:
1. Base are children of darkness and the left hand path
2.Black magic Brothers and sisters of the right hand path
3.Ancient magi of Solomon
5.Rosy cross order
6.Adeptai Satane
7.Satanic brotherhood gnostic satanic and luciferian chatolic
8.Brotherhood of darkness and shadows
9.Order of Dragon draconian druid order-Royal Order of the craft-serpentis illuminatis
11.Sisters of illuminati
12.mothers of darkness
13.Monarc Covent-Moriah


This age is age of AQUARIUS AND WATER BARRERS AND 13th sign ophiuchus!




Tue rullers of this world saturnian ring makers mardukite annunaki demiurge legions,they rule Vatican,aka true origina of that name is goddess of down Vasticana also known as MADIA from which media derives from,
the papal bloodlines rule this world!Some have annunaki and hephilim blood!

the top13 bloodlines of the Illuminati who are stealing energy of people and blocking energy for activation ofthe 13 chackras and using for their 13 families ; the Saxe- Coburg-Gotha (royal family house of Windsor); the Astors,; the Bundys; the Collins; the Duponts; the Freemans; the Kennedys; The Onassis; the Reynolds; The Rockefellers; the Rothschilds ; the Russells; the Van Duyns; the Jesuits , Masons,Fallen draconian seraphim Annunaki,or anyone from the Bormann Group be cut and released from humanity. Going back to the goldsmiths who laid the foundation for our current banking system to cutting the ties to the Medici Family and their banks; the Federal Reserve Board ; the Bormann Group; the Jesuits; the Roman Catholic pope papal bloodlines; Ptolemaic Papal bloodlines:
All controlled through the Jesuit Order and their Knights of Malta & Teutonic Knights and Knights Templars all based in missile protected Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome.
Pepe Orsini – Italy
Henry Breakspear – Macau, China
This is the true power finally.
This is the Guelph and the Ghibelline power over mankind.
The Cecil family were controlled by the powerful Jesuit family known as the Pallavicini.
Maria Camilla Pallavicini is far more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II.
The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UKHQ at 114 Mount Street.
over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family.
There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope.
The Papal Bloodlines are the secret shadow hieracy of the Jesuit Order even behind the Black Pope touted at the #1.
These powerful bloodlines are the Breakspear, Somaglia, Orsini, Farnese & Aldobrandini.
You’ll notice David Rothschild marrying into the Aldobrandini with the pretty, Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini.
Another real head of this is Henry Breakspear who resides now in Macau in China.
Many of the Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and India. so all these also then;
The current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicholas was bought forward for the position due to the Jesuits bringing about of Asia as the next power player of the agenda.
Both this Black Pope and the white Pope aren’t of Papal Bloodline, they are both commoners.
I’ve named the most powerful families on the planet. I’ve named the Grey Pope the one inbetween the white and black but unseen
Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati
House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Orsini
House of Conti
House of Chigi
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este
House of Aldobrandini
These Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers are in Full Control of the Company of Jesus, High Grey Council of Ten, and the Black Pope
This is some good info on the Black Pope:
The ‘Black Pope’, Superior Jesuit General (The President of the World), speaks at Loyola ‘Military Fortress’ University in his un-ratified 14th Amendment ‘Little Rome’ D.C United States Corporation.
A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commerical Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire.
He lies about his power, he’s over the Pope as of 1814.
He only serves and works with the shadow Jesuits being the Papal Bloodline Orsini’s, Breakspear’s, Aldobrandini’s, Farnese’s, Somalgia’s.
Adolfo is not of Papal Bloodline, some Black Pope’s have been.
The next in power beneath the Jesuits is the Bourbon, King Juan Carlos of Spain. The Roman Monarch of the World, The King of Jerusalem and SMOM Military Navigator.
This is the true World’s power system right now.
Adolfo serves as a military General protecting the Zoroathrianism and Mithraism mystery schools.
The Jesuits were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III.
Loyola was commissioned by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese. The Borgia crime family created the Jesuits!!
After the terrible reign of Pope Alexander VI, the Romans were disgusted with the Spanish and vowed that there would never be another Spanish Pope. This animosity toward the Spanish was further aggravated by the Sack of Rome in 1527 in order to prevent the divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon.
The Borgia answer to this Spanish animosity was the creation of the order of Jesuits—a quasi religious/military strike force whose members were totally dedicated to their Spanish leader who bore the military title of general.
Like the White Pope, the general is elected for life and the Jesuit dynasty is a parallel or pseudo Papacy….Of course, the general is content to run the show from behind the scenes so as not to arouse the age-old Italian hatred for the Spanish.
The Jesuit general is referred to as the ‘“Black” Pope at the Vatican because he always dresses in black.
The Jesuits were officially founding in 1540 by Pope Paul III. Ignatius LIEola became their first general.
Don Francis Borgia was the great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI, and co-founder of the Jesuits. On his mother’s side he was descended from King Ferdinand of Aragon.
The Spanish control the Vatican through the Jesuits.
For the past 500 years, the Spanish Inquisition has controlled the Vatican by means of the Jesuits. All the Jesuits answer to their general in Rome, and he in turn is content to run the show from behind the scenes, without any publicity or public acclaim so as not to arouse the age-old Italian hostility to the Spanish…
Then all these who are connected and others like:
Powerful Bloodlines Behind the Dark Cabal |



thrue this type of talk in this song:
The last resort — arch enemy
I turn to You in desperation
To understand, to set me free
Because I know You feed on desolation
And if you hear me, and I think You do
Won’t You just grant me one thing?
To see the stars just one last time
And then go back to silent waiting

The sky is clouded by Your grace
Your sacred earth we desecrate
Supreme above it all, You reign
Please wash away this human stain
The time to crush, to overtake
The very end is still at stake
Won’t You end this pointless quest?
And kill the world, then lay to rest?

Whatever I have done, I know that You forgive
This rotting world, ridden with infection
My biggest crime: I really don’t want to live
Too much time is spent, on mere deflection
So if you hear my prayer, set the fields ablaze
I only want to gaze upon the sun
You have the power to end the human race
Just one simple wish, let it all be gone

The sky is clouded by Your grace
Your sacred earth we desecrate
Supreme above it all, You reign
Please wash away this human stain
The time to crush, to overtake
The very end is still at stake
Won’t You end this pointless quest?
And kill the world, then lay to rest?

Now for the first time, I have heard your call,
and rest assured, you won’t go out alone.
But it is time, to leave once and for all.
Too many lies have turned your God’s heart into stone.
And I will leave you in fury and with rage
The earth lay sterile, for a while
So will the shadows fall and then it is too late
To think I do all this for a single smile

So the shadows falls…
So the shadows falls…
So the shadows falls…
So the shadows falls…

The sky is clouded by Your grace
Your sacred earth we desecrate
Supreme above it all, You reign
Please wash away this human stain
The time to crush, to overtake
The very end is still at stake
Won’t You end this pointless quest?
And kill the world, then lay to rest?

The sky is clouded by Your grace
Your sacred earth we desecrate
Supreme above it all, You reign
Please wash away this human stain
The time to crush, to overtake
The very end is still at stake
Won’t You end this pointless quest?
And kill the world, then lay to rest?

By the way this is on image leader of first rebels the being mostly known in many masks and it is Diana Lucifera or Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel.