What you must know is you must be rady for this time and season this is video what i must give you this is important what da13thsun says:




this is another change as in this blog!



yup my last one gives look up videos opened in there for what i am saying!these people i gave is less text i say less,look it up!


What you must know is this:

Gematria Equals: 1337 ( t100 u200 t100 a1 n40 k10 h8 a1 m30 u200 n40 0 h8 e5 k10 a1 i9 u200 n40 u200 s90 h8 e5 m30 a1 )


Tutankhamun Hekaiunushema in English Gematria Equals: 1680 ( t120 u126 t120 a6 n84 k66 h48 a6 m78 u126 n84 0 h48 e30 k66 a6 i54 u126 n84 u126 s114 h48 e30 m78 a6 )


Tutankhamun Hekaiunushema in Simple Gematria Equals: 280 ( t20 u21 t20 a1 n14 k11 h8 a1 m13 u21 n14 0 h8 e5 k11 a1 i9 u21 n14 u21 s19 h8 e5 m13 a1


Good and bad things are here put into matrix gamatria for you to hack them,get back your codes,now read aloud later all!


 Results by Jewish Gematria
Word Jewish Gematria English Gematria Simple Gematria Searches  
Norma Jeane Mortenson 1337 1374 229 523
Talismanic Word 1337 966 161 513
Hunker Down 1337 798 133 429
White Iphone 4 Frog 1337 1068 178 425
First Coast No More Homeless Pets 1337 2196 366 380
Norma Jean Oxford 1337 1038 173 359
Comedienne Joy Behar 1337 1026 171 301
The Name Camelot Means Martian City 1337 1920 320 293
February Dead Sixteen 1337 1236 206 291
God In The Flesh Yahshua 1337 1236 206 280
Craig L Darroch Was 1337 960 160 280
Belial Is Your True King 1337 1518 253 279
Craig L Darroch Was 1337 960 160 270
Tutankhamun Hekaiunushema 1337 1680 280 267
Is Godly Eccentricity 1337 1350 225 266
Highest Angel Wife Of God 1337 1230 205 265
Stars Fell From Heaven 1337 1314 219 260
She Weeds Her Garden 1337 1008 168 254
One Iq Point Above Brain Dead 1337 1422 237 248
Holy Of The Apocalypse 1337 1362 227 247
Austin Forgiven 1337 1080 180 247
Cablevision Murdered 1337 1194 199 243
Evanescent Spirit 1337 1194 199 243
I Do Voodoo Little Girl 1337 1428 238 238
You Are On The Right Track 1337 1572 262 233
News Corp Be Gone 1337 966 161 224
Dt Nd Lived After Nuked 1337 1194 199 223
Sebastian Shaw 1337 846 141 222
The Holy Spirit The End Of All Sin 1337 1968 328 218
The Walking Dead Episode 1 1337 1182 197 216
Mr Rupert Murdoch In Pit Of Hell 1337 2022 337 216
The Avatar Of The Silence 1337 1302 217 215
We Are The Messiah 1337 954 159 210
Canada Will Be Renamed Dakota 1337 1194 199 209
Barack We Need To Talk 1337 1026 171 207
Lucky Number Thirteen 1337 1464 244 201
The Avatar Of The Silence 1337 1302 217 197
Salted With Fire 1337 954 159 195
Zimm Caused Satanism B Gone 1337 1518 253 194
Q Appears On The Voice 1337 1254 209 192
Savage Not Unclean Lie 1337 1200 200 192
Senkaku War 1337 744 124 190
The Coolest Girl Ever 1337 1308 218 187
Thirteenth Sign Of The Zodiac 1337 1728 288 187
Ur The Christ Entity 1337 1452 242 181
Jesus Is A Micro Chip 1337 1182 197 178
Sam Masonic Is The Ceo Of Identity 1337 1908 318 174
Psychopathic Ideology 1337 1410 235 167
Sauron Marine Le Pen Cloned In Queens 1337 2142 357 165
Merck Spy On Zimm 1337 1200 200 149
New Age Of Lucifer 1337 900 150 144
Sauron And Morbid Obesity 1337 1578 263 144
Way Fm 1337 408 68 139
Dies February Thirteenth 1337 1560 260 138
No More Riaa A June Ten 1337 1194 199 135
The God Of The Bible Is A Narcissistic Abomination 1337 2568 428 133
Insane Beyond A Reasonable Doubt 1337 1692 282 130
No More Mpaa June Ten 1337 1200 200 129
Where The Planet 1337 960 160 119
William Guant 1337 852 142 102
William Is Annoited 1337 1134 189 100
Plastic World 1337 912 152 96
Nastasa Vasile Eodor 1337 1200 200 89
Mpaa Causing Vandalism 1337 1200 200 75
Lovetruthpeace 1337 1026 171 70
A Vandal Target Comcast 1337 1200 200 63
East Anglian Air Ambulance Air Ambulance Pilot 1337 2250 375 63
A Drop Of Water 1337 852 142 62
Mpaa Lose On June Ten 1337 1200 200 41
Go, Bind Semjâzâ 1337 744 124 40
Harry And The Hendersons Beast 1337 1740 290 40
The Least Delightful People On The Planet 1337 2358 393 38
Red Blue Woman 1337 798 133 36
In Accordance With Ra 1337 1014 169 34
Mashiach Comes Forth From Zion 1337 1800 300 29
Effective Control On Land 1337 1428 238 25
Steven Leigh Hunt 1337 1134 189 24
Oxbow Dam 1337 582 97 21
Synthesizes 1337 1014 169 17






This is another sign decode the movie with gamatria is 528 is shown 729 by 666 in 960 by 1146 with 33 all much beeing owned anyways!

Movie gives good messages!

.These Draconians will bring you to azuvil jinn race from movie!

These know who they serve!

Insectoids direct them as now matriarchy!

All as i said before spell of kingu and leviathan spell of sleep all this and time spells and circle repeating spells you must brake from matrix!

Levitahan´s draconian patriarchy age of fish is over in 2012 as Lilith´s insectilian matriarchy age of aquarius is here!

I bear the aquarius crystal 13th sigel pendant because i am watrer barer watering your souls and brains with information that you expand in knowlage and wisdom and laws wake up rise up to wise up be healthy to be wealthy as you are physicly you will be then spiritualy but you must not stop advancing always if you do not yo u go noware!

This is sign if you have opposition and even targeted individual friquency tell me right away for me to brake it!

But this is sign do not get broken do not get pills and the vacinnes and crap as you are there on that place or htat travisok or whatever the name institut i bring this:

13 pain,hell judment and destruction 13 i will it against them into existance and invoke it 13 times 13!









Great summary about the reptilian invasion of Atlantis (what is happening again right now). And a kick-ass intro!


Gematria Equals: 1926 ( m30 y400 s90 t100 e5 r80 y400 0 b2 a1 b2 y400 l20 o50 n40 0 t100 h8 e5 0 g7 r80 e5 a1 t100 )


Mystery Babylon The Great in English Gematria Equals: 1680 ( m78 y150 s114 t120 e30 r108 y150 0 b12 a6 b12 y150 l72 o90 n84 0 t120 h48 e30 0 g42 r108 e30 a6 t120 )


Mystery Babylon The Great in Simple Gematria Equals: 280 ( m13 y25 s19 t20 e5 r18 y25 0 b2 a1 b2 y25 l12 o15 n14 0 t20 h8 e5 0 g7 r18 e5 a1 t20 )



With keen discernment you can identify what sect is manipulating all world affairs , by way of the four dynasties (four horsemen of Revelation) : white horse is mainstream religion , red horse is politics, black horse is commerce and trade (economy) , and the pale horse is media and education.

The very matrix of their cunning scheme is meticulously layed out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

The Kabbalah and Zohar are , in essence , the very nest of all  religion in general which religion means relaying on a jinn realignment on goverement ment is soul is contiminated by jinn who is your wish master fallen annunaki who brings you wishes of lust which you blasphemously call prayer to all idols that immitate,and the ambiguous duality of the illuminati and nesara good cop vs good cop satan´s armies:Satan´s new age movement are insectilians good cop & dracos goverement are bad cop,duality mind deception games they play to trap your soul!left and right–as above so below–the union of the cosmic forces called the feminine and masculine principle is important for you to know then you will know this.This the very gnosis that Satan seduced Eve with , and that is the lie she could be like the gods when knowing that.Which is new age magic lies now repacked also in new age movement same crap lightworker junk there!

Yahshua Messiah is our only way to salvation , but first the false Christ will appear and deceive many!



Diana Lucifera Lilita Sotona aka vaticana aka madia madia or today as media of tv that lies television is tv which means telling lies to your vision..,and vaticana is goddess of down that is again Lilith and statue of liberty =D i must spit my knowlage here,i am not hapy and secure to see you deal with info wars poeple they wake up with basics but stay there they are not premitted to bring more if you want they will try psychicly with their matrix puppets of the same like them who are by handelers operated to steal you toughts,they ressurect zombies a lot but it all also goes in one direction we know and you exposed dracos and that these dark forces are puppets of illuminati but i if you search all of my blogs all post expose more in details who and what and how,controlled oppsoition i knwo who is who it is not bad to expose such,because it is parts of protocols of elders of zion and why videos of jones shutting up those who want more about something else to speak and then threatning to beat them and addmiting to some girls that he is cia i ain´t gonna tell who because my point is not to make them raped and killed and eaten by dracos and what else horrible,jones is another fallen one,but my point is to give the bohemian grove footage is also silly if he was letted in only could get out,if he was not member there would be no video elites wanted that to get out,he is member if he is real opposition he would not just bark when bilderberg cars pass he gets these zombie little bit aware more sheeple that get these posters and stuff while these fat pricks inside of ritual chambers such the life force chi and prana off the protesters and happy move on while these go home,these like ate for 5 days go out laughing and jones return to get his procentage and is happy and tell those who in his face told hey you are shill and then these send antonio´s fronts and mk ultra super soilders,beta delta radada and they hount down people thrue remove view,ect and there goes targeted individual as they waken up more there is tons of stuff info wars in not exposing that i do,i could all obvious expose as they do but i could then ignore bigger things and then waste all and lose it like there are people who are dying and starving i am not spiritualy obsessed but food for soul is spiritual side more to be shown because the thing is that it is spirit/mind/ether over matter,so that is how it goes as satan took for himself for manifesting by law of attraction by what God allows him to do is that like of an hmm lets say mass new agers meditations with wrong instructions and stuff,my tought is tolen no need for now to go on,anyways i know some kind of psychic warriors were sent,rulles are bent maybe by somebody from their orders,they got hurt maybe today just knew something,like predicted long story,anyways you get my point here i wanted to write something and forgot and i see like i seen my pineal gland is opened and i know there is something wrong..


Some shill i exposed i had spiritual war and i must repost this comment because another beast was with lies and not properly written name showing their crap they can not back up,he is archon of the demiurge in human form all fat pricks are they as fat bilderbergs they expose and srve in same time!

Info wars is spiritual warfare psy op astral base also they stolen my tought when i wanted something important to post!



this old post of mine is coded into their base because it snaches the head of the beast right in most painful info!






Spiraling Consciousness in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1076 ( s90 p60 i9 r80 a1 l20 i9 n40 g7 0 c3 o50 n40 s90 c3 i9 o50 u200 s90 n40 e5 s90 s90 )


Spiraling Consciousness in English Gematria Equals: 1680 ( s114 p96 i54 r108 a6 l72 i54 n84 g42 0 c18 o90 n84 s114 c18 i54 o90 u126 s114 n84 e30 s114 s114 )


Spiraling Consciousness in Simple Gematria Equals:280 ( s19 p16 i9 r18 a1 l12 i9 n14 g7 0 c3 o15 n14 s19 c3 i9 o15 u21 s19 n14 e5 s19 s19 )


One does not simply materialize in other people’s bed rooms out of nothing without being invited.By universal law people must sin have oulja board or anything like that drugs and something so the demonic beast can come. Nobody invited that fallen celestial being, he/-she/it just invaded privacy without being given permission,they must be given. And that is something that benevolent beings simply don’t do come with personal against you deceptive agenda,these are beings behind new age movement who say a<re benevolent these are liars.

‘Not feeling scared’ doesn’t prove anything as they are able to psychically put people into a state of calmness and lack of fear also,you must also be in tune into your higher sences of intuition and spiritual discerment and intuitive spiritual discerment. There are dozens of abductees who all testify that they weren’t scared at all when they were abducted and got needles and other horror-instruments put into their bodies by greys and reptilians and mantids.
And it goes even beyond where abductees tell how great it was that they were used in experiments and how wonderful and loving their torture experience was.
So, “feeling” this or that proves nothing. That has nothing to do with discernment if you say,then you are lost,you must see how horrific this is.

The draconian Reptilians are pathological liars and well known to manipulate their victims into trusting them, being attracted by them, making contracts with them, and then they drop the hammer when things don’t go the way they desire.

Making people feel “privileged” and important, and tell them or make them feel to be ambassadors of sort also is a typical method the negative ones use. They do that strategically in order to groom spokes people for their faction and for their agendas.

Before we worry about not stereo-typing these things, we first of all should be most worried about not trusting those who have a very long and very well researched reputation of being ruthless murderes, rapists, liars, psychopaths, invaders, cannibals and vicious monsters out of our human desire to be empathic with others and want to believe that everyone would be like us.

The Satanic drconian Reptilians evidently run a sinister, hidden manipulation campaign, using subliminals (e.g the TYT network) to manipulate people into the perception that they would be benevolent. Do benevolent beings have the need to program people into perceiving them as friendly? No they don’t. Do freinds abduct:taking without announcing they would take people!?no!!

Dracos should NEVER be trusted unless they can PROVE their benevolence with hard facts. They never did and never will!

And revealing themselves to mankind as final step of the externalization of the luciferian hierarchy and presenting themselves as the saviors of mankind in a possible staged alien good co-bad cop scenario they themselves orchestrate at some point, is their goal. It’s public in U.N. documents (the first part). The second part is backed by the testimony of Wernher von Braun.

Or they will protect us from asteroids they themselves will be throwing at us and causing tens of thousands to die to make people accepting of their “help” and accepting them puting themselves into controlThis is mark of the beast selling soul to satan in odrer to buy and sell,if you ascend not and not thrue acension chanbers you must give up your physical body to save soul!Or they will claim that it’s just a vey very few bad reptilians that run a “dark cabal” with most reptilians being real nice,they have soul capturing machines,you better have dying Yahshua . Or they’ll offer us the cure for a virus they themselves let loose on the planet. Or they offer high-tech medicine for cancer (they as well created/suppress the cure).

And other such highly deceptive scenarious that require the reptilians to be perceived positively by us.

If something looks terrifying and feels terrifying and your intuition tells you that it is terryfing, it might very well indeed is terryfing inside. I noticed there is this attempt in the reptilian infiltrated/controlled new age movement (Bashar, Greer) to systematically overwrite people’s natural instincts when it comes to aliens.
They constantly tell people not to fear the greys and the reptilians. “Don’t fear, don’t fear, don’t fear” they matra-like repeat. So why would they do that? To prey on people’s false idea of morality that they shouldn’t “judge someone by its appearance” or energetic signature.

Don’t give up your instincts and your intuition people. Never trust a Reptilian, unlessyou want to go to hell reasons to do so only. This could get humanity into extremely deep trouble.,they did already


Wake up!

The Vril Reptilian Society Structure

Yes how very convenient that this epic blizzard forms “naturally” right when it’s needed to get another new world order law passed. What a coincidence!
It’s not like they would be able to create such a weather phenomenon artifically. It’s not like weather manipulation is admitted in official documents. It’s not like H.A.A.R.P could cause such a storm. Oh wait, that’s all true!

They in fact do manipulate the weather. They do cause storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and blizzards. Look up the great blizzard of 1888. And do some further research what happened in the years of 1888 and 1988.

The horse head nebula in Orion was discovered (that’s where they came from) by Williamina Fleming (An anagram for Ian Fleming the author of James Bond), Jack the Ripper murdered in 1888, Monster Blizzards, Sasha Grey (alien) was born 1988, Conchita Wurst was born (Baphomet) 1988, the CERN collider has 88 in it’s logo, the ebola virus was depicted as 88 strand, the illuminati were officially founded 1776 – that’s 2×888, the secret doctrine was channeled to Helena Blavatsky 1888, the all-seeing one eyed Kodak camera was invented in 1888, 88=HH=Hail Hitler, THEY LIVE and Alien Nation were released in 1988, and on and on.

It’s aliens/fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings and their children demons/interdimensionals we are dealing with here, and they manipulate our weather and not just since yesterday!

REPTILIANS IN MEDIA: Gears Of War, Hollow Earth (Agartha), New World Order


No, these “games” are actual real life documentaries/revelations that contain the full truth/somewhat distorted.
The reptilian creatures you see in news are your true enemy!

Enymy of souls!

The “grenadier” humanoid types definately do, and that’s how they look like. 7-8feet tall, scally, green-greyish, hairless, large fangs, flat noses, slit-pupils of course and overall not friendly at all.


I just want to add that it’s much worse than ‘continue being trapped by it/by them’. The reptilians know we’re waking up, they are fully aware of it. And what our current situation is was explained in the Matrix trilogy (The architect speech) and in the movie “The Island”.

Earth is an energy/slave farm for these reptilian parasites the archons and handeler insectoids and their master jinn with their master fallen annunaki. And they can’t just clone humans as they would have no conscious core, no soul-energy. So what they do is to create a dimmed down version of a human that can house barely enough spirit to stay alive and emitt soul-energy, but not aware enough to identify the parasites among us.

But once every cosmic cycle, the human cattle regain the ability to channel more of their spirit into their dimmed down human bio-suits and become able to realize their sitation as being cattle. And when this happens, the mass exodus is artifically engineered by the reptilians to terminate the awakening current human slaves. This happened before in history and is refered to as mass-extinction events. This will be the 6th time if it happens.

They are plotting for world war 3, bio-weapon releases, predator drones, terminator robots etc. And we are the last earth human generation that has the chance to stop this agenda. We got maybe 1-2 years left. It’s that close. Look at Ukraine, they try to provoke world war 3.

If we don’t get it right now, there will be no other chance to get. It depends on us. Last chance for humanity.



I have to resist
The urge to erase this
The urge to destroy my mind
Painting circles on the ceiling again
I’m starting to believe in the concept of time
No reservations
But I’ll always save a seat for you in hell

Try to get my attention
Take off your face
Remove your skin, give in
To the mass hysteria
It’s only real if you go outside
Mandatory amnesia
So we forget that we’re all gonna die

Why don’t you care
Why don’t you feel
Everything you want
None of it’s real

The truth can’t hurt
But it can bind
Fall with me forever
Dissolve into my mind

Underneath the oceans we’ll hide
Leave our names at the scene of the crimes
I’ll come clean and reverse the next time
That strange credence even let me die

I have to forget
My desire to believe this
My desire to control our lives
God put an axe on my forehead again
The mark of the beast behind my eyes
No experience needed
We were born with the ability to kill



Advice for Newbies in spiritual awakening:

Good news is that lots of people are waking up, finding themselves in situations similar to your own. On the other hand, lots of people are also shriveling up spiritually, becoming increasingly empty and bitter. So before I say anything else, remember that because “saving the world” requires that people save themselves, only the willing can be assisted and there is no point in getting stubbornly frustrated with the rejection and ridicule you might face from those not ready or willing to expand their minds or some are dammned without piint of return.

The surest way to work for the betterment of mankind is to improve yourself, educate yourself, become aware and skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested. It’s more about building up your potential to serve than just going out there and trying to do good haphazardly. The actual opportunities to “do something” are called out of you by the needs of circumstance — you’ll be inspired with a good idea and your circumstances will just happen to be in the right place for you to carry it out.

By improving yourself, I mean becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding. Books by Rudolf Steiner, John Baines, Theun Mares, and Franz Bardon, and other esoteric sources contain decent advice on this.

By educating yourself, I mean learning more about what really matters, what is really going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped if only they knew about it, and the positive principles that if known and applied would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully yet compassionately through life.

Becoming skilled means finding your niche for communication. Some are good at sending messages through music or art. Others through writing. Others through informal conversations. Others through public speaking. If you can become a walking “help center” where those you meet who need a bit of inspiration or help figuring something out can benefit from what you yourself have learned, that’s a good thing.

Whatever you do learn about, be sure to ponder not just memorize it. Look for what it explains, and look for what it fails to explain. Over time you’ll grow talented at telling truth from deception, which is a very important skill because the road to higher knowledge is strewn with lures and traps. I spend the most energy on my site laying out the various methods of manipulation and deception because I figure if people know about the bad stuff then they can more safely pursue whatever positive things they desire.

Networking with others of similar orientation works wonders. Ideas bounce back and forth, new ideas arise seemingly out of nowhere, one person gets an idea and another happens to have some needed skills to pull it off, and so on. So whether on the internet or in real life (most likely both) you can optimistically pursue connecting with others, seeking them out, maybe putting yourself out there through a website or blog, in order to fish for those that would make good mutual team-mates. Subtle synchronicity guides these connections but there has to be a nonzero probability that the connection can even happen – therefore as long as you take care of the mechanics, reality takes care of the rest. Your spiritual family exists right now scattered about, it’s just a matter of timing and preparation for these to gather.


  • Advice for Newbies in reality of truth when they wake up to its face how to react and what to know and get into their heads and souls:

Good news is that lots of people are waking up, finding themselves in situations similar to your own. On the other hand, lots of people are also shriveling up spiritually, becoming increasingly empty and bitter. So before I say anything else, remember that because “saving the world” requires that people save themselves, only the willing can be assisted and there is no point in getting stubbornly frustrated with the rejection and ridicule you might face from those not meant to find out the truth and dammned and rofae and calcified repobrate demonicly influenced and possessed and controlled by dark forces usless eater goyimm sheeple under mind control trance hypnotic spell zmbies or too lazy  willing to expand their minds.

The surest way to work for the betterment of mankind is to improve yourself, educate yourself first, become aware and skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested. It’s more about building up your potential to serve than just going out there and trying to do good haphazardly. The actual opportunities to “do something” are called out of you by the needs of circumstance — you’ll be inspired with a good idea and your circumstances will just happen to be in the right place for you to carry it out.

By improving yourself, I mean becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding. Books by Rudolf Steiner, John Baines, Theun Mares, and Franz Bardon, and other esoteric sources contain decent advice on this.As you get to know minor and major arcana the valley shall be lifted for ya!

By educating yourself, I mean learning more about what really matters, what is really going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped if only they knew about it, and the positive principles that if known and applied would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully yet compassionately through life.

Becoming skilled means finding your niche for communication. Some are good at sending messages through music or art. Others through writing. Others through informal conversations. Others through public speaking. If you can become a walking “help center” where those you meet who need a bit of inspiration or help figuring something out can benefit from what you yourself have learned, that’s a good thing.

Whatever you do learn about, be sure to ponder not just memorize it. Look for what it explains, and look for what it fails to explain. Over time you’ll grow talented at telling truth from deception, which is a very important skill because the road to higher knowledge is strewn with lures and traps. I spend the most energy on my site laying out the various methods of manipulation and deception because I figure if people know about the bad stuff then they can more safely pursue whatever positive things they desire.

Networking with others of similar orientation works wonders. Ideas bounce back and forth, new ideas arise seemingly out of nowhere, one person gets an idea and another happens to have some needed skills to pull it off, and so on. So whether on the internet or in real life (most likely both) you can optimistically pursue connecting with others, seeking them out, maybe putting yourself out there through a website or blog, in order to fish for those that would make good mutual team-mates. Subtle synchronicity guides these connections but there has to be a nonzero probability that the connection can even happen – therefore as long as you take care of the mechanics, reality takes care of the rest. Your spiritual family exists right now scattered about, it’s just a matter of timing and preparation for these to gather.

Firstly how would one go about distinguishing a positive human from a saturnian matrix agent?

first get this:

We don’t know who struck first, us or them. But we do know it was us that scorched the sky. At the time, they were dependent on solar power. It was believed they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the sun.
What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.It is far more then that and even far more then that then you think!
What are you waiting for? You’re faster than this. Don’t think you are, know you are. Come on. Stop trying to hit me and hit me.
The system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
It is another training program designed to teach you one thing: if you are not one of us, you are one of them.
Tumbling down the rabbit hole?

  • ——
  • again
  • again
  • 8
  • do not let them do this repeat and rerun now with ya~!
  • These who do with goverement crap news and distractions like the terrorist this and that and matrial law and all crap are agents of satan!
  • illuminati this and that illuminati illuminati illuminati o they shot this one o they this and that,let them not play you by emotions!



Otherwise intuitively gauging the “vibe” of another and using what you know from previous experience with people can get you close enough. There are two risks to avoid here — the first is getting suckered by an agent, the other is mistaking someone positive for an agent. When you get suckered, at least you learn a lesson and move on. But when you falsely believe someone positive is an agent, that really screws things up. Therefore I would recommend giving everyone but the most hostile cases the benefit of a doubt and let their further actions speak for themselves.

In my experience there are really only two types of “agents” to watch out for:

1) Helpless super-drainer — this person tugs on you to be their teacher, their rescuer, their advisor, etc… and comes off as emotionally needy and desperate. Yet no matter what you tell them, they never actually listen or improve — never. That is the difference between these and just your sincere seeker looking for advice. Instead of actually benefiting from interaction in a learning/wisdom/strength fashion, they just ask you for more and more time and energy. It’s like they don’t care about the advice you give them, only that you are being dragged down with them. Functionally they are like energy leeches. Give them a chance to learn from your advice, but if they become a pain in the ass by consistently refusing to help themselves then walk away.

2) Bait-and-switcher — this person comes to you strongly mirroring many of your true knowlage you gained but seems a bit hurried or pressured to build rapport with you. Then the moment they have your undivided attention they quickly switch over to a pile of disinformation, trying to lead you down a line of crap that make you feel uncomfortable, trying to make you doubt your own previously gained knowledge and wisdom — not through solid reason but through manipulative tactics. Often they will enter your life with a bunch of really weird synchronicities, like mentioning specific things you have just been researching but no one else knows you have, or talking about their personal history and childhood with details that very oddly and too closely match your own. And as soon as you show resistance they switch from sweet to bitchy in a split second. That’s a red flag if they do the 180 degree switch as soon as you refuse to bend to their will, which reveals what they are really after.These doest not tell the ultimate truth that truth is absolute and ultimate but create strl tagging to bring you into chaos back down and your knowlage as what you had to lead you to spill to wrong ones and make you burned up again as before you were!



Both of these will be pretty obvious when you encounter them. There’s this shallow surface mask, and beneath is something nasty that comes out from time to time. It’s the nasty parts that will stand out for you. It doesn’t matter whether they are individually souled or not, as a rabidly programmed and manipulated souled person is bad news regardless ewven as i said now with soul they have an dark force that controls it is matters not it matters this is agent of satan.

Remember there’s a difference between a nice person having a bad day and unintentionally snapping at you, and a dangerous person pretending to be nice except for moments when their disguise slips. You can sense intuitively what is beneath the surface of someone. Does their niceness seem fake? Does their rudeness seem out of line for them? and so on.

A common mistake is for people to discern who is positive and negative based on whether they act nice or do nice things versus being mean and aggressive. But let’s remember that con-artists put on the charm to fool lonely old ladies all the time, therefore it takes seeing the bigger picture, the consistent patterns, the red flags unexcused by superficial niceties to catch a peddler of deception.

The best way to hone your intuition is to pay attention to what you feel as you interact with someone and to remember this feeling – then later, after time has passed and they have shown their true colors, you can recall this feeling and correlate it to whom they ended up being. Everyone that has ever felt “off” to me eventually ended up visibly revealing their negative intentions or purposes sooner or later. Everyone who has felt fully-rounded and good-natured eventually proved themselves to be creative souls with lifespark.

To avoid suspecting the wrong people, don’t go nitpicking for red flags in the behavior of someone who seems so-so, otherwise you will force yourself to see things as you wish rather than as they are. If there is a warning sign, it will come to you. All you have to do is avoid rationalizing away these warning signs when they smack you in the head. So stay calm and neutral to avoid injecting bias into your observations. The matrix control system can use a combination of implanted thought loops and orchestrated misunderstandings to make two positive souls distrust each other, so beware. Unlike noticing real warning signs, this artificially induced paranoia comes with an irrational impulse of irritability and oversensitivity. The difference between prudence and paranoia is that the first is sharp yet serene, free from irrational compulsions, while the second is a type of intoxication.

What signs should I be aware of that signify a pending “attack”?

I can only discuss what signs consistently come my way prior to an attack:

  • Number sightings— I may see certain numbers on clocks, license plates, receipts, signs, etc… only around times when I’m in some kind of danger. For me, “911” and “141” respectively signify “emergency” and “watch out.” For you, other numbers might show up. Keep in mind the things that come to your attention prior to some really aggravating or depressing experience. You’ll notice certain ones occur again next time before similarly negative events. Then you can predict the impending nature of an attack by these precursors.
  • Synchronicities— these show up whenever I’m about to undergo a disturbance or expansion in my beingness. So if I’m heading on a new positive path, or learning something important, I get synchronicities. But I also get them when I’m about to undergo an emotionally distressing experience. Therefore when you get clusters of synchronicities, pay attention to what if anything happens in the next 48 hours.
  • Dreams— watch for dreams of storms, tornadoes, violent attackers, gunfights, animal attacks, zombie attacks, evil things lurking outside your house trying to get in, and so on. For me these symbolic dreams almost always predict a related literal event happening within three days. Journal your dreams and then use hindsight to correlate them to experience. Among its many functions, dreams serve to tune you into probable futures in the works. If one is right around the corner, it will likely show up symbolically in a dream. But I have confirmed that probable futures are quantum in nature – if you can observe them with enough precision, you “collapse the wave function” and freeze them from manifesting. Therefore, based on such prognostications, if you can sufficiently determine the timing and nature of the attack it will fizzle out. Awareness radically shifts the probability distribution of impending futures – negative forces will call off an ambush if chances of success take a nosedive.
  • Ear ringings— especially ones in the left ear. These sound like tuning forks going off inside your head, low or high pitch, often preceded by muting. The louder, the more serious. For me they signify being monitored, like some predator spying on its target to gain last minute intelligence before pouncing. Whenever I get an ear ringing, I know something is up and increase my awareness level for the next couple days. Sometimes you’ll get these when talking with a certain person who seems fishy, especially one of the two agent types mentioned earlier. As for right ear, for some people it means “Bingo!” in response to a thought worth investigating, while for others it have related positive meanings. However for me, my right ear ringings have correlated with impending screw ups and frustrations.
  • Deja vu— a strong feeling of already having lived this particular moment. Like in The Matrix this means “they changed something.” It signifies an artificial alteration of the timeline to place an unexpected obstacle in your immediate path.
  • Omens— these will vary from person to person. Myself, I have noticed an unusual amount of police and fire sirens occurring on days when I’m about to deal with an emergency. Sudden unusual insect problems or wild animal intrusions may also be significant. Look in a dream dictionary like com for clues on what these might mean.
  • Feeling of doom— feels like something is terribly wrong but you cannot place what exactly it might be. Sometimes you’re just being toyed with by entities milking your fear energy, especially if it becomes a debilitating panic attack, other times it really is an intuitive premonition when the feeling heightens your alertness.
  • Animals acting crazy— we have a cat that goes nuts running and huffing when an attack is underway. Dogs and cats may act strange, aggravated, or scared, especially if a negative entity is lurking around to monitor or attempt a proximity attack through etheric/telepathic means.

For more info on these phenomena, please read:

Waking up to another layer of reality.

Paranormal and anomalous happenings, reality glitches, number sightings, ear tones, deja vus, synchronicities, parallel timelines and timeline manipulation, military/alien abductions and mind control, dimensional bleed throughs, and more…


Here we go 13 love 13 knowlage and 13 wisdom and 13 respect to you and yours and 13 to my aquarius water barrer crystal pendant:

How would one go about encouraging a “Sleeping” person to free their mind?

The goal is to pique their curiosity without brow-beating them. Almost everyone has a threshold of openness where rational pondering turns to irrational defending when some ego-based against knowlage lie which is personal belief is crossed. Some reach that threshold right away… those more open minded may never reach it in conversation. If you are good enough at conversing that you can lead them right up to that threshold, then that’s as far as you can take them at the moment. Any further and they won’t budge, only get turned off. It’s not about being cunning or manipulative, but rather speaking from a noble, caring, and lucid place within yourself while keeping their conscious responses in mind.



Before we see we hear at least,these can be saved!

When you’re dealing with phenomenon such as number sightings, deja vus, synchs, the nature of reality, abductions/anomalous markings, and so on, there isn’t necessarily one set answer for what these things mean. These things can mean different things for different people. This is a website offering up theories, ideally intended as a starting point to get you thinking, to inspire you to look a little closer at your own reality and question things more….and draw your own conclusions based on what your own experiences are telling you. If nothing else, at least it’s a place that confirms that there are others out there experiencing something similar.

Several people over the years have described this as being about “spirituality” stuff, but that’s not how I view it,it is,but not just spiritual is it wrning or hook,there are 2 only type of these,if warning and phrophetic then it is spiritual. First and foremost the focus has always been on what the nature of reality is – what’s going on here. Of which paranormal happenings, synchronicities, ear tones, numbers, timelines, abductions, etc. all directly tie in, as you’ll see when you read those write ups. The “spiritual” label has always made me cringe, because it implies somebody who considers themselves to be all advanced and holier-than-thou, possibly even foo-fooey new agey, which is not the case. My write ups are reporting on the various experiences I’ve had, with whatever insights go along with them. Meanwhile everything on this site is available for your spiritual awakening. So, take from it what you will for now in this blog what helps you for this season,but videos at all cost.

And lastly, many of these write ups were written several years ago in astral by me to now bring into this reality by higher self,this is phrophetic astral projection dejavu i had. At this point I’m already a different person in many ways. You’ll notice that many of the write ups have “add-ons” as I learn more, or new ideas/info come in, so I keep things up to date in terms of where I am knowledge-more attainabke. But many times the tone is different from who I am now. At this point in life I feel a lot more subdued, slightly reticent even. So that’s something to keep in mind when reading, that the tone of many of the write ups is who I was then, and things are always changing and expanding 9 ether expansion,as you need now 9 ether to you 9/13 13 times 13 to you with all info you who read all and new ones who get waken up 13 power to you 13 to 13 times 13!

One way to pique curiosity is to ask a question, mention a phenomena, that they cannot explain or account for. Something that brings to their attention an inadequacy or hole in their view of the world. If you’re dealing with someone conscious but asleep, they might frown and go “hmm, I never thought about that one. Interesting,” while those who are more heavily programmed can dance in circles with logical fallacies trying to dismiss anything that does not match their programming; for those, smile and back off. For the interested, this is where it pays off to be knowledgeable on alternative subjects and know what further sources to recommend.

It also helps to be genuinely earnest and sincerely kind when relaying some info or experience of yours, instead of arrogant or combative — this way they can still see your good side even if they don’t get you at moment you be like sincire. They are being held hostage by their own egos, and when you step out of line and provoke their ego more than necessary, their minds turn off and the ego takes over shutting you outmand the ego is the archdemon who leads all the rest of demons keeping that person in dark. Speaking to their hearts, their reasoning minds, their latent spark of curiosity works best.You must connect to their souls you must be advanced and activate your higher sences dtarting from the pineal gland and puturatary gland and crown chackra all to 13th all that you master and get knowlage and wise to be able to change others change yourself first!


You can also try raising your vibes by thinking of lofty and positive thoughts, memories, and ideals before getting on with the interaction, which helps make them feel more comfortable and wards off negative forces that might otherwise whip them away from opening their minds.


Maximizing Your Potential to Help Others:

How can we help others, and what difference would it make? This question came about because i was feeling down and confused about the world and the prospect of acting upon my desire to help years ago. In the past I have had these thoughts myself, feeling dejected with the seeming futility of trying to make a difference in a world brimming with negativity and corruption.

From my own contemplation of the matter, certain answers revealed themselves over time. These I offered to my friends in the following period and found out who were always true and who were not. I have met many others in recent months who were equally discouraged and confused by these same issues, so for the benefit of anyone reading, I am publishing my response here. Rather than condensing my response into a formal article, I decided to merely do some minor editing and leave the conversational flow intact.

One of the reasons I was confused at that moment is because I have been talking to a person who was confusing me,started crying for no reason for me wanting to help crying to loose flashly lust and not soul.She was really nice freind, but she asks me about spiritual matters and then the conversation gets all … confusing what you you mean type of her questions! I don’t know if the feelings she is sending me are of good nature, or if she is being negative,she was,i knew her soul was beeing shnached off. She totally disables me from reality blocks from facebook and brings her matrix handeler of sex slavery she placed herself upon! I need something to get me back on track as i had war going on then new spiritual war because of the crap that destroyed soul got destroyed also by that destroyed one i was trying to warn ger that the one who is destoryed will to the same to her.


You see I am drawn to discussing spiritual things with certain people. … for instance, this teen girl who was sexualy enslaved who is confusing me, I walk into her room  in astral projection and she sits there reading the papers getting noticably upset with the state of the world her is getting into her astral paper lies od draconian fallen angel who wrote her crap false toughts like it is from God or guardian angels and elves like i receive they gone because she was already dying and the thing is that Lilith owned her soul by moment she accepted archonic conclusion falsley called at all that. I tell her to not read the papers if it’s getting her down and getting me away or in position of attach she is then also getting destroyed as i get attacked because i am good in war and she was never without my help how to pray to God and  all meditate and all went down.She says that is burying her head in the sand i say,because she lost feeling what is good and what is demonic.I say it might do you good to be aware of a negative side, but you shouldn’t dwell on it.She says “if you have all the answers, how can I help the one i tought loved me? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…” you tought me basicly life lessons and all.. I say I don’t know all the answers what is with one you called housband and he is not he no more,but am aware of a bigger perspective that may help him see things in a different way” and the conversation ends with me feeling confused and a bit helpless as she cries and i see spiritualy she give up her soul. How can I help people!? Basicly get this people satan is author of confusion as bible says,he will make people give up and as you feel one with confusion,let them go into self destruction!

Regarding the person who confuses you, consider it a challenge testing you on not only how well you know what you know, but how well you can communicate it to others, especially when there could be things working through them to befuddle your mind (usually involves an energy drain and neurolinguistic programming through their language that works to put you in a slight hypnotic trance, all unbeknownst to them).Their crushed emotionalism for crushing their world of illusion they holded as true if they give back no more responces to you by giving up soul even to stay in illusion,this is their last day they had their soul!

The more you learn what you know, and learn how to communicate it, the greater your confidence and power,but even then,you must remember choice of others to self destruct is not your fault. It’s like wielding a sword…at first it’s heavy and slows you down, but only after practicing can it be turned into a great tool.

Can I ask you a question? What is the best way to help somebody? Should you talk about the bigger picture to other people, or just let them discover it for themselves? If now is a critical time for Earth, is it good to “throw seeds about” or is it unwise?

What I do is “give up” only when my interaction with someone turns purely into a waste of energy. That’s the line you cross when you see they have made their choice and actively defend it to the point of no longer hearing what you have to say. You can tell this happens when they start becoming irrational or argue in circles or simply don’t get what you say no matter how you put it,or even try to bring satanic hogwash into territory that suits them as potential threat attacking place even lying they will not do it as you sence with intuition they will. That’s when naivgaté on their part spills over into willful ignorance. Naiveté is simple lack of information but willingness to learn, while ignorance is choice to hear no more. Once you understand this difference, you’ll know when to try and when to stop.

You can plant seeds as long as something goes into them, but once they shut the door and lock it, then your job is done for the moment forever with them as they digged their graves in hellpit with satan!So what I do is keep going til I cross that line, then for good measure try a bit more just to make sure their door truly is locked. So cross the line, and go a bit farther, then be satisfied you’ve tried and get on with your life.

I say it might do you good to be aware of a negative side, but you shouldn’t dwell on it. He says “if you have all the answers, how can I help the world? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…” I say I don’t know all the answers but am aware of a bigger perspective that may help him see things in a different way” and the conversation ends with me feeling confused and a bit helpless.

Whenever you feel confused, that’s usually a sign that some great truth is buried there. Confusion says “Figure me out!!”, like a present contained in a chinese puzzle box…gotta figure out the tricky way of opening it and the present is yours.

For example, a close friend of mine recently complained that we’re here to do good in the world, and yet she’s consuming products that require things be thrown away, which damages the environment so that’s not really helping. She asked theoretically, why not just move into the country and live off the land, grow our own food and help the earth?


Now this one is good one she is my true sister and not the one after all i did for her as then later she because of lying sack of shit she still called housband left to let that overtaken destroyed by devils hallow soul destroy her soul also!

There is a paradox there – we come here to help the world, and yet we’re harming the world through our garbage.

After thinking about it, the solution hit me: you must maximize how much of your potential you can manifest. Let’s say your potential is to reveal the truth to as many people as possible, to wake them up, arm them with knowledge to free themselves from the Matrix Control System, to maximize their potential and so on. But you then move into the country away from civilization and spend all day working the farm just to stop yourself from being a consumer that harms the environment — sure, you’re no longer harming the world, but you’re also not applying your potential in ways that could help the world a hundredfold more. If people like us moved into a wooden shack and lived off the land without electricity, we could save the earth for a year but ultimately allow tyranny on earth to prevail for the next thousands of years (if that were our destiny, hypothetically speaking).

To maximize how much you can help the world, you have to weigh the costs and benefits of doing or not doing something. The cost is between how much you help the world by doing it, and how much you hurt the world by failing to spend that time making better use of your potential. This will vary from person to person, but one thing I guarantee is that the only way to know what’s right for you is to know what gives you enthusiasm, what is naturally in line with your drives, your skills, and the needs of the world.

Some examples I can think of are donating large sums to charity and working in soup kitchens. Depending on who you are, these may or may not be the ideal options for you. There are those who do precisely these things because that is the maximum extent of their potential, and they know it because it is their heart that leads them to do this. If you have time you cannot think of spending any other way, then naturally these are right for you.

But for me, other than giving money to homeless when they come my way on the streets, or having spent time doing volunteer work in college when I had the time, I don’t go out of my way donating to charity or working at homeless shelters because I’m busy helping the world in other ways. When I donate, I don’t give money indiscriminately, but rather where it counts — where a little can go a long way. Tithing the homeless is an example. So is donating to a fellow truthseeker’s website.Thiou i never ask for donations,because it is not right the other is case with others because they use this money to expend themselves helping others in other ways and arround the world!Under higher laws, only time is a limit, never money. When you give for the right reasons, reality compensates you: give to receive.

Time is money is biggest satan´s lie as telling legs are ground,no they are grounding base chackra or root chackra point,but not the same as ground!!


Regarding many of the “altruistic” options the saturnian Matrix gives us are just the opposite – most amount of money for the least amount of effects. Think about donating to the “National Cancer Foundation” to help with cancer research is really helping devil stop it.Sounds like a noble thing to do, but in truth cures for cancer are being suppressed by these same pharmaceutical companies, and it’s amazing how much money universities blow on research that ultimately does nothing.A hundred thousand dollars for a university physics lab may build a machine whose results may be published in an obscure scientific journal that gets forgotten, or a hundred thousand dollars in the hands of a renegade inventor presently working in his garage on a free energy machine may be enough to change the world.


Money for research given is waste which is used for negative purposes and wepons of mass destruction all the ice bucket challange is and was mark of the beast spiritual initiation and mass destruction wepons giving in!

It’s all about where you put your time, energy, and money,they direct is giving power to satan. Not only must you maximize your potential, but you must apply it in a way that makes use of others’ potential in the best way as well.

Many compassionate people from 4D who ascended get rematerilised into 3D and often sacrifice themselves for the well-being of others,by dooing many things only to learn eventually that wisdom is needed in knowing when and how to help. This is the lesson we need to learn.

Sometimes a little harm is needed to access an exponentially greater amount of help. I use my energy to power my friends also, so that I can network and push more things and things I need to help others.The harm I do is insignificant to the help I try to accomplish. And being that the SOULis what matters,astrometaphysical and metaphysical and astral and soul soiritual help is far more powerful than sheer physical help.Therefore, you also must learn to prioritize things.Activte higher sences get back to nture connected to her and Creator and to ancestral celestial astral etherical lightbeings,when i say that i mean not the ones who seeded,Creator planted you and them because they came before they are counted as ancestral forces!If you do not respect the elders ancestral etherical celestial beings who are here before you who do evil 7fold will return,good 3 fold!God gave them to you good ones in service ofcourse use intuition and spiritual discerment not to be deceived who is who and it is not unbiblical and forbidden to communicate with them just written if they are deceivers let them be depart from them let them be accursed and that is all!Those who are messengers and guardians and guides ignore them not they are faitful seervants of Most High and you must take them eriously and Most High first so you will not be deceived by counterfiting imposters the disinformation agent wolves in sheep´s clothing!

Then there are problems you can’t do anything about, like the starving children in Africa. Well, you could go there and help them for the rest of your life, but the issues above must be taken into account. The least you can do, however, is send them love and compassion, which helps ease the suffering of their souls on the metaphysical level.

“if you have all the answers, how can I help the world? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…”

See, what would this be implying? That we should feel guilty about what we have (which ignores that we chose our life before incarnating), that we should live like the starving people (which ignores that we’re living the life we’re supposed to), that we should give all our food to them (which would be impractical), etc…? When we can help someone, then we should help in the wisest manner possible. If we cannot help someone, then we should not worry about it other than sending them some astrometaphysical and metaphysical help like a prayer and meditation.Everything happens for a reason, because of a choice.

You cannot help everyone in the world – if you have to choose between feeding someone in Africa versus India, how is this less “sinful” than choosing between donating to such charities and using the money to, say, write a book that helps free the minds of thousands? This is IF you had to make that choice – often you can indeed contribute money toward charity and still have much left over for helping others in more productive ways, but nevertheless wisdom demands optimization and the long range view.

What do you suggest? I want to help stop that horribleness in the planet…all the ignorance and negative energy.

If you can’t do something physically, then you can only work on the spiritual level the astrometaphysical and metaphysical level which is good because that’s where the physical is projected from anyway. You can be a beacon – by discovering your inner truth, manifesting it as practical knowledge, and maintaining your frequency and confidence in what you know, you become a beacon broadcasting higher frequency and higher knowledge into your environment and into the lives of all who cross your path. You create ripple effects in reality, sending waves out through the lives of others. You throw seeds and they grow in those whose minds are fertile. You create a forward cascading effect into the future, in ways only the divine mind can grasp in its entirety because the future is nonlinear – small things can have HUGEeffects if applied in the right way at the right place at the right time. You can’t calculate these ahead of time, but know that by following your divine calling, you’ll always be on target.

You don’t have to yell in a park to teach the truth, you can simply discuss it with those who bring it up in conversation – just speak your mind in the most logical way you can, share your info when called for. You don’t have to give your life to charity to be altruistic – while that’s great for some, for others who have a different level of potential, this can only be a side project but not the main thrust of life.

Think about Neo and Morpheus in The Matrix. They knew their goal, and they knew that it takes a little hurt to do a lot of good. It’s not about “right” and “wrong” but a matter of what needs to be done and the wisest way of doing it. Maximizing potential isn’t as simple as following society’s criteria for what the right thing is to do. Surgery requires creating a wound to fix an internal problem. Likewise, sometimes the physical in the world will be harmed slightly so that the root cause on the astrometaphysical and metaphysical level can be fixed.

But what is the best way to help? To sit over my computer reading C’s and other material? Or to get off my arse and go and do some helping? Charity work, cooking for homeless people etc.?

Imagine you had the wit, the strength, and the knowledge to tell that ignorant person exactly why they shouldn’t gripe about the headlines. Imagine them lighting up with recognition, of them seeing that truth that has always been within them. Say they then stops wasting thirs energy and starts refining how thye can best help the world, and how all who then cross thirs path share in theirs ignited light. Okay, so this is an ideal scenario that doesn’t always happen, but unless you know your truth and have practiced the clarity of mind needed to share it, this can never happen.

Reading the C’s transcripts may seem like nothing on the physical level, but on the nonlinear and astral astrometaphysical and metaphysical level you now understand how it can indeed help. In life, it is very difficult to make things happen that aren’t in line with the flow of your destiny. To serve means to serve when called to serve, not just to go out and start picking things to serve. When your heart calls you (via enthusiasm or inspiration), when someone calls you by asking you a question or leaving himself open to your words and thus subconsciously asking for your help, then that is the time to act. And to act well, you must be knowledgeable and wise – which is why learning is far from fruitless. The more knowledge you have, the more you understand where help is needed, how to apply it wisely and effectively.

“I want to get rid of this helpless feeling. I want to stop talking about “higher” stuff and start acting higher. But I don’t know how a higher person would act! I feel I am kind and caring, but what’s the point of being kind and caring if I don’t get out there and care for anybody? etc………”

Let’s say you’re a person who likes to give presents. Do you go out and just force presents into people’s hands? No, giving when not called for is not giving at all. I know people like this who do it literally, they get internal satisfaction from giving things to people, even when people don’t even need or ask for what they are given. This is why patience is required for the right moment. Until that moment, you can only become better prepared to meet it.

“I think you are doing a grand job with your web site, I could make one too…. but there again we could just end up with a world full of people reading stuff on the internet and thinking “yeah that’s good stuff”. but how is this really helping?”

Think of it this way. There’s someone out there right now whose future can benefit from you speaking your truth. You have a role to play in his life – and whether you fulfill it is up to you. Among the many people nodding their head with what they already know by reading your site, there will be a couple who will open their eyes for the first time. Even if it’s a single idea that they haven’t thought of yet, it’s enough to kick them into an interesting direction. The divine flow works through all channels that can contain this flow. By opening up your channel, you give one additional outlet for the divine flow to do its thing. That’s how it works. It’s like building a new road in town – sure, people can say “just another road” but who knows what difference it can make…by taking a shortcut, the ambulance may get to the hospital soon enough to save someone.

Because of the eventually unpredictable effects of our actions, the best we can do is live our destiny and our heart’s calling to the fullest, regardless of whether we think anyone is listening or not – because what we THINK we are doing isn’t always how things really end up working out. I don’t get much feedback on my site, but occasionally someone tells me that because of my site, he and his whole circle of friends have now hit upon some new ideas and have been helped. THAT is something I could not predict, but it happened anyway.

These are important points to consider, because they are things I’ve had to learn for myself, and things I understand can discourage a lot of us if we are unaware of them.







Emotional Management


Emotion occult explanation what it is electric motion electric current of feeling in moving direction to your mood and mode in perceptioning the reality at momentum!




Have you ever gotten emotionally riled up over events which later turned out to be trivial? Do little things happen around you which “coincidentally” poke at your emotional sore spots? Does it seem like someone “behind the curtain” is pushing your buttons? In many cases, someone or something is.This is how dark forcers function!

This article is about emotional defense against an invisible enemy who profits from your overindulgence in negative emotions. As part of the matrix series, this text focuses upon the central issue in the matter, that of loosh economy. “Loosh” is Robert Monroe’s term for a quantifiable spiritual/emotional energy produced by physical beings such as humans, a highly-valued commodity in the eyes of nonphysical beings who feed upon this energy. Although not its only function, the matrix acts as the machinery which extracts loosh from humans by subjecting them to synchronistically arranged emotional melodramas.

Here will be given a practical discussion of the nature of emotion, who manipulates emotion via the matrix, their modes of attack, and suggested methods of defense.

Nature of emotion

Science sees emotion as the perceptual end-product of chemicals and hormones affecting our nervous system, nothing more. In truth, such chemicals in our bodies are just physical components of an overall metaphysical process. The body is synchronistically coupled to the soul, meaning the soul doesn’t actually impress a physical force upon the body’s cells as a magnet would upon iron filings, but rather the soul generates a morphogenic field which tends to make one’s neurons and cells “accidentally” behave in a way that directly mirrors the behavior of the soul. The morphogenic field alters the probability of cellular events in such a way to conform to the will of the soul.

When the soul feels the emotion of love, for example, neurons “accidentally” fire in a specific pattern which any neuropsychologist reading a brainscan will interpret as corresponding to that emotion.

During life in a physical body, the body and soul are strongly coupled. One’s daily consciousness, the ego, resides at the border between physical brain and metaphysical and astrometaphysical and spiritual soul


meaning it can experience the illusion of emotion through drugs. Such artificial inductions of emotions are generated through the body by lower parts of the soulaand beeing filtered,because this is sorcery against soul thrue demons and devils rather than the soul itself expressing.Any generation of emotion via physical methods leads only the generation of false emotions.

The difference between true and false emotions lies in their origin.There is only one true emotion, love, and there is only one source for it, God-Creator. “Love” and “God” do not have their usual meanings here; love does not mean physical intimacy between couples and love is not emotion and love is not lust!Posetive emotions from love come which is emited from God thrue your soul!Love is defined here as a creator energy, the original will of God that separated the original void into positive and negative space and time, an emotion filled with truth, knowledge, and awareness. God has given us and defined as the original seed of consciousness/-soul from which all reality and individual consciousness arose we manifested to be in this or that way, an infinite supply of true emotional energy to which humans are energetically connected and makes them who they are and have access to eachother.

Eaters of Emotion

In classification system of zero order, first order, and second order beings has been utilized to separate the major types of consciousness. God is a zero order being, humans are first order beings, and thoughtforms or entities without a direct energetic link to God are second order beings they are demons and these demons are children between fallen celestial beings the devils the archoins the jinn and between them and us mixture is hybrids when die are egregoric orbs which are demons. Likewise, there are zero, first, and second order emotions. Zero order emotion is the will of God which essentially powered the connection we have with God thrue our higherself chackras.First order emotion is true love as humans can experience it, that of truth, knowledge, and awareness. Second order emotions consist of everything else, from illusory love-emotional alchemy to lust, hatred, fear, jealousy, and contempt-which comes from demons.These are false emotions, for they stem not from God but from illusion. Loosh is a generic term for emotional energy, and “negative loosh” implies false emotion, while “positive loosh” means true emotion.

Second order beings are the primary beneficiaries of the matrix for they feed upon their corresponding type of loosh, second order emotion. Such beings were not created by God originally, their creators are first order beings which are humans and fallen celestial beings when mix incubus male fallen celestial being and succubus female fallen celestial beings who mix with humans and archdemons are mixture of 2 fallen celestial beings who either purposely or accidentally succumbed to illusion and began to feed such illusions by putting emotional energy into things not connected to the physical reality created by God. In other words, instead of focusing entirely upon physical reality and truth in their lives, first order beings (who by definition have Creator-like abilities) began to create a new reality of their own, that within the realm of their imaginations. This imaginary reality is now created first in the realm known as the etheric realm, and energy dumped into this realm was shaped via first order beings’ fears and fantasies into second order beings called thoughtforms-egregoric orbes-demons and the false ones can be manifested here if you destroy it not,this is asa above so below universal law satanists love to quote as they try to manipulate reality by the satanic means of their dark crtafts.Thoughtforms are etheric robots without an energetic connection to God — a astrometaphysical and metaphysical form of artificial intelligence-or in other words astral robot powered by almost same being which when possess it is stronger demon. Thoughtforms, generated by illusion, soon resorted to parasitism upon first order beings to feed themselves and maintain their own existence. Over time, thoughtforms have created an entirely new illusory reality overlaying the real reality on earth, and this illusory overlay is the saturnian matrix-the counterfiting of original or the prison totaly illusory one.

The movie The Matrix was a metaphorical representation of this phenomenon. One point of evidence toward this fact is that the metaphor was imperfect; machines turned humans into batteries, sources of electrical energy, and yet they could have much more easily resorted to nuclear power. In reality, the metaphor alluded to the fact that the “machines” or second order beings are after loosh, not electricity, and there is no better generator of loosh than a human. Hence, in the movie, humans had to be the power source despite the obvious flaw in the metaphor.

For emotion to be consumed by second order beings, it must be converted into a palatable frequency or flavor and dumped into a domain over which second order beings have precedence. Physical reality, being a product of God and composed of its love/will condensed into solidity, is not second order beings’ preferential domain. Anything straying from reality, such as fantasies, misconceptions, fears, and illusions miss their mark and flow into second order beings’ etheric reality, if not first tapped directly by the matrix. Therefore, the matrix attempts to induce negative emotions in you (flavoring the loosh with a palatable frequency) and pulls your mindset away from truth so that your emotion becomes available for harvesting.

Dynamics of Emotion

Emotions are somewhat analogous to electricity; there is static electricity (stationary quantity of charge) and dynamic electricity, also known as current (moving quantity of charge). Likewise, emotions can be static or dynamic.

Dynamic emotion is loosh energy that is always being utilized for either constructive physical/spiritual action or else leaking or spurting into the ether. All your genuine emotional energy comes from your connection to God by your higher sences of you just being human,accesing it conscious, and alive. You receive this energy from God to power much of your higher mental and spiritual functions, but you must still consume physical food to run your body. What you do with your supply of loosh is up to you; the matrix would like you to convert it into a negative form and feed the energy into imaginary reality for interception by the matrix to feed itself and from that fuel to manipulate more,it is the cancer that spreads.

Static emotion, psychologically speaking, is repressed emotional energy. Emotion, being a quantified substance, can neither be created nor destroyed by anyone except God. This law of conservation is nothing new, many authors and psychologists know of that fact.

While emotion cannot be created or destroyed, it can be tapped from God and converted into various grades, frequencies, and forms. Negative emotion can be converted into positive, and vice versa. Perception is the key that converts one form into the other.

When you experience a negative emotion and do not let it out or convert it into something positive, it becomes a thoughtform parasite, an auric leak, and a spiritual burden. To have become angry in the first place is okay, but to remain so in a non-constructive way must have arisen from some illusory component in your view of the world. In other words, because your perception of a situation was not based entirely on truth, you became angry, stayed angry, and did nothing about it except ignore and repress it. Your illusory perception combined with the resulting negative emotional energy forms, by definition, a thoughtform, except it is one closely attached to your soul. In this article, such an entity will be called an internal thoughtform. It has a conduit leading back to the core of your soul and siphons energy from your emotional reservoir, becoming bloated in the process as long as you continue repressing it.

While God’s supply of emotional energy is infinite, your rate to receive such energy is not. Therefore, any leak in your loosh reservoir such as one caused by an internal thoughtform generated from repressed emotions will take away from your influx of energy. The more repressed emotions you have, the more auric leaks you have, and the less loosh energy you can use for yourself.

Internal thoughtforms severely affect the way you behave. Beside keeping you low of energy, they also tend to pull your own utilization of energy in their direction.

Severely repressed emotions (to the point of amnesia) stem from soul fragmentation, where a piece of your consciousness accompanies the perceptions and emotions splitting off from your main soul during the trauma. Such internal thoughtforms are their own personalities in perpetual suffering. The amnesia results from memories being a function of consciousness, and since that particular component of consciousness has left, the main consciousness has no access to those memories unless the fragment possessing them returns to its source. Ordinary internal thoughtforms are not total fragmentations, but rather distortions; both affect the main soul’s consciousness through some etheric or astral link.

Internal thoughtforms affect your behavior by regurgitating a negative frequency of loosh back into your main energy reservoir which corrupts your general mood in addition to sublimely keeping your world view in accordance with the illusion having generated the internal thoughtform in the first place. It affects both your emotions and perceptions and tends to keep them anchored in illusion.

Static emotions cannot be tapped by the matrix, although they are still detrimental in altering your behavior like a stuck rudder on a ship. One’s emotions remain static only as long as they are out of one’s present conscious focus. Remember that internal thoughtforms are their own loosh reservoirs, feeding off your reservoir which in turn is filled by God. You may think of these thoughtforms as bloated sacks of loosh just waiting to burst. To access these reservoirs, the matrix must open them with a perceptual key so that your consciousness focuses upon them, opening the floodgates and unleashing an explosion of dynamic emotion which bursts into the ether and is collected by the matrix.

Thus, the matrix can do one of two things: elicit dynamic emotions in you and tap them directly, or else pop your repressed emotions and reap a huge bounty. Often it does both and makes sure dynamic emotion is repressed and allowed to grow for later harvest. How it accomplishes all this is the subject of the next section

Modes of Attack

The matrix and those who operate it attack humans for various reasons including sabotage, experimentation, and loosh harvesting. An attack is defined as a hostile act intended to benefit the perpetrator more than one receiving the attack.This is called etherical cloud technology:



Let’s begin with how the matrix harvests static emotions. As stated before, it must utilize the correct key to unlock stored reservoir of loosh. In practical terms, this key is simply a synchronicity in your environment which triggers an overblown emotional reaction from you. If you have ever gotten angrier at something than warranted because you’ve had enough and it was the last straw, then you have had an internal thoughtform purged of its reservoir. While this may make you feel better in the short run, it will fill up again and continue to influence you unless it is permanently disabled by a change of perceptions. Disabling internal thoughtforms will be discussed later.

A synchronistic trigger is created from precise calculations and data gathering by the matrix; it knows what buttons to push. The source of this trigger may be something you read, a keyword, song, person’s name, dream event, or something someone does or says. In the case of reading something, the synchronicity is mainly created through you…the matrix has imperceptibly altered your actions and the path of your trigger until they intersect and the trigger comes to your attention. In the case of being triggered by something someone does or says, the same basic process occurs except another person is being manipulated as well. (Generation of synchronicities doesn’t happen by the direct calculation and alteration of every single step necessary to produce them, rather a small section of the symbolic “machine code” of reality is altered which automatically restructures the timeline and course of reality-based events).

You may wonder how and when this manipulation occurs, because you cannot remember or feel any real manipulation going on. Well, the manipulation of your actions is synchronistic and occurs most often when you are on “autopilot” or in the alpha state of mind. It is known that one becomes suggestible and receptive during the alpha state, in which brainwaves pulsate between 9 and 14 cycles per second. During this state, your consciousness relaxes its perceptual filters and becomes susceptible to external influences. It is during this autopilot state that the matrix finds it easiest to get you to do something which will play part in a later synchronicity. When it happens, because the synchronicity is not yet fulfilled, the trivial action you just undertook during the alpha state goes generally unnoticed, thought of as insignificant and not even worth remembering. The manipulation is subtle, and only after-the-fact does it become obvious. Most often, however, the manipulation is not a direct influence to do something, but rather a suppression of your memory function…you perform an action while having temporarily forgotten a key piece of information that would have made you act otherwise. Induced temporary forgetfulness resulting in a later synchronicity is the most common way an external or higher force (even a positive one) can bypass the ego and manipulate a person’s actions.

Susceptibility to manipulation is proportional to lack of awareness. Forewarned is forearmed. Remember:

If you’re not in control of your actions, something else is.

It could be the matrix, internal thoughtforms, external thoughtforms, subliminals in advertising and music, entity attachments, alien transmissions, and even positive guidance such as your higher self and intuition. Which of those you tend to tune into depends upon your general mood, which is nothing more than the prevalent emotional climate of your being. Emotions are generated from perceptions, and to attract positive guidance in times when you go into autopilot, you must have positive perceptions aligned with truth. The more accurate your perception of reality, the better your mood, and the less susceptible you become to influence from negative sources.

Of course, if you were a hermit, this advice would be easy to apply. Unfortunately, every person you associate with, be it friend, family, or stranger, is also susceptible to manipulation by various forces. The less aware they are, the more easily manipulated they become. Being aware means being conscious of your actions and taking responsibility to make sure that what you do is really what you want to do, and not some subtle force attempting to manipulate you into playing part in someone else’s emotional triggering. The people you interact with can be manipulated into triggering you, pushing your buttons, sabotaging your plans, and hurting youwithout them even knowing it. In fact, you have played that part as well, unknowingly performing actions which synchronistically affect others without you being aware of it at the time. It happened to you today and it will happen again tomorrow.

As fellow researchers have learned, the biggest challenge to anyone aware of this manipulation is when someone you love or trust becomes a “conduit of attack,” an unwitting player in the negative forces’ sick game of sabotaging you or harvesting your loosh (inducing suffering in you, and often the others involved). Children, spouses, and partners in personal or business relationships are the most common conduits of attack. Besides performing just minor synchronistic triggers, such people can be fully manipulated into doing anything to stress you, including hurting themselves, misperceiving you, and directly attacking you verbally or physically. By physical harm, it is not meant that some external force picks up their fists and swings them at you, rather that some force manipulates the person’s emotions and perceptions into making them take out their frustrations and misguided anger on you. They believe that they are in control of all their actions, but in reality they are not.

In cases where manipulation of a person goes beyond mere synchronistic acts, there is usually a direct alteration of his/her soul via artificial means. This can include physical means such as electromagnetic mind control signals, physical implants, hypnosis, harmful chemicals and nutritional deficiencies, or metaphysical means such as etheric implants, chakra alterations, entity attachments of negative beings or aliens/-archons/jinn-fallen celestial astral etherical lightebings, or remote psionic influence. Whatever the case may be, the person isn’t truly himself/herself, and the painful part is that he is not even aware of it.

Lack of awareness puts a person into the domain of illusion and misperception. Once there, it is easy for the matrix or its operators to inject false speculation into the minds of the intended targets of sabotage. The less information one has about a particular situation, the more he will tend to speculate. Like a game of Wheel of Fortune, the less letters already chosen by contestants, the greater the possibility that the hidden word could be almost anything. Because there are so many possibilities that would fit the limited facts one has, such possibilities must include a great portion of incorrect guesses, illusions. Because such possibilities are weighted equally until another piece of information comes along to shift favor to one or the other, it is during speculation that the matrix finds an opportune time to nudge a person’s perceptions toward false conclusions. It can do so directly by emotional manipulation and memory suppression, or it can do so with false data introduced to him synchronistically. Not all data you could encounter via synchronicity is false, but be aware that some of it surely is.

Such sabotage typically happens to split apart two people or a network which poses a threat to the matrix’s agenda. This happens best when one or more of the people targetted is much more unaware than the other, and therefore becomes an easy conduit of attack. Whether one is unaware or both are, between them there is usually a lack of full understanding of each other’s personality and circumstances. This may be due either out of social custom not to be nosy, lack of time to become more acquainted, or fear, mistrust, and ignorance. The latter factors make a relationship most vulnerable to sabotage. Fear causes mistrust, leading to ignorance of facts contrary to paranoid speculations, and limits the informational exchange between people involved. With lack of information, speculation arises, and such speculation is manipulated by the matrix toward false conclusions and soon the relationship breaks apart due to misunderstandings on both sides of the cleavage. It is a tactic of divide and conquer. This is why love and trust between two or more aware people is the biggest threat possible to the matrix — it forms an invincible and indivisible unit more powerful than the sum of its parts. The matrix must then resort to treating this unit as a single entity and manipulate other people into attacking it from the outside…but the network or relationship is now stronger than any single person.

Such a network is impossible between individuals who are not collinear. Collinearity is the quality of sharing the same direction of spiritual evolution, even if there are differences in awareness. Two individuals who are collinear but not equally aware can provide for a pleasant teaching/learning experience. But two who are not collinear will be in conflict because each will be resistant to the other and both are going different directions in life. Among collinear individuals, it is merely separations in awareness that allow the matrix to create misperceptions and disruption. So it is important for a collinear couple to be completely honest with each other and on equal ground.

Methods of Defense

As bleak as the previous accounts of matrix attack modes may have been, in truth there are ways out of this mess, methods of defense.

I believe that the Matrix can remain our cage or it can become our chrysalis…
– Neo, original script for The Matrix

The Matrix is the system used by foreign forces operating on this planet, so as to accelerate spiritual choices of each individual on Earth without violating their freewill.

In the big picture the matrix is just another, albeit grandiose, learning device much like an obstacle course or puzzle for humanity. All puzzles have solutions, that is their reason for existence: to be solved. Acknowledging that the matrix and humanity’s exploitation has a place in the course of things does not imply that we should just accept it and submit to it. That would be like acknowledging that a puzzle comes disassembled in a box, but going further and arguing that it should therefore be left alone; if putting the puzzle together would no longer make it a puzzle, would “eradicating” it make one guilty of being an anti-puzzle bigot? That is ludicrous. Obstacles exist to be overcome, puzzles exist to be solved, and evil exists to be counterbalanced. If we are to treat the matrix properly in regard to its true universal function, then we must individually overcome it.

To overcome the matrix’s method of emotional triggering via synchronistic keys, it is necessary to discharge, disable, and eliminate negative internal thoughtforms and prevent new ones from forming. While doing this perfectly is close to impossible, steps in that direction can be taken.

There are numerous books discussing ways of healing emotional wounds and getting rid of self-defeating subconscious programming (internal thoughtforms). While methods vary in complexity and efficiency, the basic idea comes down to finding an internal thoughtform, discharging it by consciously replaying the associated false perceptions and emotions, realizing that the perceptions were false, and replacing them with a new realization closer to the truth. Find, discharge, replace. There are other ways as well, check the suggested reading list at the end of this article.

Preventing the creation of new internal thoughtforms is a matter of changing your perceptions through an increase in awareness and immediately transforming any negative emotional energy you do accumulate. For example, if the matrix induces a synchronicity designed to play upon your emotions and arouse futile anger, if your perceptions are in good shape then it will not even affect you; it will pass right through. Recall the following quote from The Matrix:

Neo: What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

If your negative internal thoughtforms are discharged or nonexistent, then even without a perceptual guard your emotional reaction will not be greater than warranted by the trigger. Nevertheless, the perceptual guard is simply an understanding that a particular trigger is actually trivial and warrants no negative emotion. There is no need to dodge bullets if they pass right through you without touching or stop mid-air.

Anger itself is not that negative of an emotion if transformed; only when repressed does it cause problems. Contempt, jealousy, hatred, and guilt however are very negative because they are emotions that are very difficult to employ constructively. All four imply stasis, inaction, or reckless destruction.

“Contempt” implies illusory superiority (superiority based on illusory criteria) and does nothing to help a person constructively…it perpetuates separation, oppression, and exploitation.

“Jealousy” is an emotion of lack, insecurity, obsession, or of having to fantasize to have something imaginarily — an automatic ejection of loosh into the ether.

“Hatred” is rarely acted upon and is a brooding emotion, dynamic, sending oozing negativity into the physical and etheric environment and atrophying the soul. When acted upon, hatred leads to destabilizing destruction.

“Guilt” is a major negative loosh producer. It is a futile attempt by a soul to change the past. As detailed in “Synchronicity and Reality Manipulation,” emotions are the carrier wave upon which information can be sent back into the past of the current timeline to alter the current timeline. This is the linear interpretation of how synchronicities are set up. When feeling guilt, a person is actually attempting to change a regretful past situation via this method…it fails most of the time because his wish to change the past is based upon faulty perceptions (illusions) and it would complicate certain karmic balances that required him to have done as he did. Thus, the emotions go nowhere but into the mouth of the matrix. The proper way to handle guilt is to relieve oneself of the emotion through thoughtform discharge, change in perception, and then to avoid repeating the guilt-inducing mistake in the future. There is a difference between a psychopath without guilt and a free person without guilt; the free person’s actions stem from perceptions which have changed because life’s lessons, while the psychopath’s actions stem from perceptions which exist as they are in spite of life’s lessons.

Negative emotional energy is loosh with a particular vibrational frequency tuned into resonance with negative entities and the matrix. Because this frequency is of a second order nature, it is associated with the quality of illusion. For example, when one is angry and offended, sometimes such emotions trigger revenge fantasies. The angered person’s direction of focus is absorbed in the trigger which is anywhere but in the here and now. Loosh energy is channeled into wherever consciousness is focused, and if one is absorbed in directing anger toward the object of offense, that is where the energy goes. This is the most common way the matrix collects energy; it merely pushes a button and opens its mouth to feed.

What factors create large responses to triggers? As explained, repressed emotions are one factor. Another already mentioned is lack of understanding or being. Someone with certain lessons yet to learn is yearning to have experiences which teach them those lessons. The matrix very often provides those lesson opportunities in exchange for the negative loosh it harvests. It is fact that the more lessons one learns, the less responsive one becomes to manipulative triggers, i.e., the less dependent one’s internal emotional state becomes to external factors.

Try to remember something that made you cry as a young child. Would it make you cry if it happened to you now? If not, what has changed to make that so? Your perceptions; you have grown in awareness since that young age and something that would give you a tantrum at three would make you laugh at thirty. In fact, any spiritual lesson that you have already learned would no longer affect you the same way if it presented itself to you again. Once you solve a homework math problem that causes you lots of grief, if asked again on a test, you would remember how you did it and breeze right through

Not learning a lesson or repressing an emotion are very similar because both lead to no growth of being. Awareness and understanding are necessary to grow one’s level of being, and without conscious processing of emotions and the lessons they teach, growth does not occur. In the case of not yet having learned a lesson, there is no stimulus for growth, and with repressed emotions, growth is artificially squelched. Both of these create demand for and vulnerability against further matrix manipulations in order to provide the opportunity for learning lessons.

Ultimately, it is the Higher Self that allows the matrix to have its way, to create situations which can teach the lower self needed lessons. Unfortunately, negative second order beings and the matrix are interested in maximizing loosh extraction from every targeted individual, not being their teachers — thus, the slower the target learns his lessons, the more energy he will continuously expend to the satisfaction of the matrix. This carrot-before-the-donkey phenomenon can be avoided with simple effort to learn quickly from every experience, and especially to learn preemptively from the experiences of others.

It is possible therefore to learn lessons without negative experience if such lessons are cognized and empathized beforehand. This is gaining knowledge the easy way which requires effort on the part of the learner to see objective truth. If this effort is neglected, physical experience will be created to teach it to him or her the hard way. Such experiences will repeat in various manifestations until the lesson is learned. Once it is learned, a corresponding growth of being occurs which prevents such experiences from necessarily reoccurring. In this way, knowledge protects indirectly because having it kills the broadcasted demand for a matrix-provided experiential learning lesson. Nevertheless, negative entities still have the freewill to attack whomever they can, so a directapplication of knowledge in the form of prevention or repulsion will help one defend against these attacks should they occur. As the Cassiopaeans (read my warning first) say, “Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.” The reasons for this should now be clear.

Most of us are imperfect and we still have lessons to learn, we still have wounds and repressed emotions. Therefore, we can expect testing from the people and situations we daily face. Because these are nothing more than learning lessons, an ideal objective would be to learn these lessons as completely, efficiently, and easily as possible.

While possible to observe the mistakes of others and therefore gain their learning lesson for ourselves, unexpected tests attempting to push our buttons or those which we must absolutely experience can arise at any moment. Fact of the matter is that if your level of being is insufficient to remain unaffected by the trigger, if you have yet to learn the lesson potentially provided to you by this negative experience, then you will experience negative emotions. To try and stop cold such emotions leads to repression, which is the problem that many people experience when they force themselves to be nice and happy every moment of every day. Repressed emotions resurface later in a twisted and magnified form and can lead to all kinds of psychological problems, even health problems if repression is lengthy and severe.

The solution to such a situation where negative emotions are bound to arise is not to stop or repress them, but to transform them. This is the first step, with the second step being to act in accordance with what the situation demands.

Recall that the negative quality of emotions are associated with illusion, with anything but the here and now. Essentially, your loosh is being ejected from your own being rather than conserved. Also recall that wherever your consciousness is directed is where your energy is directed. Therefore, to transform your energy and conserve it, you must do two things: direct your consciousness in the here and now to conserve it, and try to gain an immediate objective understanding of the situation to transform it. This method is well known among students of Gurdjieff and Mouravieff, and the explanation I provide here has been simplified to ease understanding for the general reader.

To illustrate this method, consider the case of someone saying something which offends or angers you but causes no harm to anyone or anything except your own ego. This may trigger an upwelling of negative emotional energy which, if you are not careful, could be channeled toward that person if you lose your sense of self and instead become hypnotically enraged at what they said. Rather than focusing upon the the trigger, it is important to immediately focus upon your own internal state in the present moment, to feel your own presence and the emotional energy within you. While staying centered this way, feel the inner part of you that is calm, observant, and understanding, and identify with it — see this situation as ridiculous and funny and try to understand the truth of why it is happening; perhaps it is a matrix manipulation and a lesson for you.

When properly done, this process converts the negative loosh to conserved positive loosh, and should manifest as a genuine flip of your emotional state from anger to joy. This is easier said than done, of course, due to physical stress hormones and adrenaline which linger after the initial trigger, but it becomes easier with practice. What is important here are the concepts of self-awareness and knowledge. The first is what directs your energy toward yourself rather than wasting it “out there”. The second is what allows you to have a proper understanding of the situation. For example, some people just can’t help themselves in their inconsiderate behavior, much like a dog cannot keep from relieving itself in public places, but it is just as ridiculous to be offended by the first as by the latter. With proper understanding of a trigger, you will hopefully find no continued justification for clinging on to a negative emotional response. Be assured that if you hold on to them, you have not yet fully learned the associated lesson.

One common misunderstanding which leads to great offense is revealed by the phrase “But I would never do such a thing, how could they?” The answer is that sometimes, “they” are not like you. They function differently for whatever reason. This phrase reveals an assumption that you are identical with them. It is clear in the case of a dog that there is a great difference, and so it is less offensive for most to see a dog relieve itself in public than a person. But just because someone looks human doesn’t mean that they psychologically and even metaphysically operate in the same manner as you do. There exists a whole sector of the human race that behaves fundamentally differently from the other half, as you may read more about in my article Spiritless Humans which will be next! Reading that article and those linked within will save you a lot of grief in dealing with potential button-pushers because it will help you understand who they are and why they might act as they do.

In cases where all else fails and negative emotions cannot be transformed, they must still be released – anything but repressed. Temporary release of any unconverted negative emotion can be as simple as screaming or slamming your fist upon the table, or gentle like writing or exercising, even crying. This is strictly for cases where there is no constructive way of acting upon that emotion — in other words, no external problem to solve. If someone else is violating your freewill and you feel an upsurge of emotion urging you to defend yourself, then that emotion is best employed for that purpose.

When succumbing to an emotional trigger, you must release the negative emotion to prevent it from becoming an internal thoughtform, then later learn from that trigger and understand why it set you off. If it did so because it keyed into an internal thoughtform, then you’ve found one to work on. If it affected you because of some hole in your perception, then contemplate and learn the lesson so that it will not have to be repeated.

Understanding that emotional triggers do happen and are synchronistically introduced into your environment with sometimes malevolent intention is enough to get your guard up. You must understand that the goal of such a trigger is to elicit an overblown emotional response. You must prevent speculation and focus on the undeniable facts. To illustrate one possibility, if a woman indulges in speculation, pretty soon she will be in an emotional meltdown thinking her husband is cheating on her when in truth the perfume on his clothes came from the annoying saleslady spraying samples of the stuff onto people passing through the store he visited.

Focusing on the facts is essential in preventing the matrix from cleaving apart a potentially positive relationship. As explained earlier, two people who refuse to be open and trusting to each other end up perceptually isolating themselves. Each person can thereby be manipulated by the twisting of his or her speculations into falsely disliking the other and ending the relationship. Were they to discuss any issues that might crop up, they would discover that their speculations were false. And if they turned out to be true, then the relationship was never really positive to begin with and should be ended. But one cannot be sure of which case it may be unless there is mutual trust and an openness to discover the truth of the situation.

Truth itself is untouchable by the matrix and its operators which revel in illusion and lies. As long as one remains impeccably within the domain of truth, which means no lying to oneself or others except in situations that demand one’s survival, those attacking such an impeccable person often end up hanging themselves.

Now, it may seem from the foregoing discussion that the point of emotional management is to become unemotional and unresponsive to the world. This is totally false. The goal of emotional management, and any esoteric work for that matter, is to decouple one’s internal state from one’s external behavior. In other words, it is the point of emotional management to make your internal perceptions, thoughts, and especially emotional state independent of your external experiences and behaviors. Where is the division line between internal and external? The line resides between the real you and everything else.

Those familiar with Gurdjieff’s teachings will recognize this as the practice of separating internal considering from external considering. External considering has to do with how you physically interact with the world, what actions you perform, and what things you say to toward the people around you. Internal considering involves your inner thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. These two must be made independent of each other, because that is the only way you can begin freeing yourself from the matrix. As long as the two are linked, your mind can be controlled by your environment, and the environment controlled by the matrix.

So in this process of dealing with a conduit of attack, your emotions need not correlate to the seriousness of the situation. In other words, you don’t need to be stressed out of your mind to effectively deal with a partner in distress. What you do does not have to reflect how you feel. To put it another way, separating feeling from doing is an extremely important concept when facing a negative situation. This does not mean repression of emotion or becoming emotionally dead, it just means being emotionally responsible and ideally expanding your awareness to see the situation in a more accurate context.

Once a trigger is neutralized via the process of immediate self-awareness and understanding, the internal battle has been won. The external battle can then commence if necessary. Do not make the mistake of inseparably linking feeling with doing in this case — some people get the impression that if you feel nice, you must therefore act nice. That’s nothing more than a computer algorithm with input “feel nice” and output “act nice” which contains no intermediate contemplation or choice process. This is just another example of total and misguided coupling between internal and external states which can lead to disaster if you are dealing with a predator who counts on you not defending yourself. Coupling implies causal link without room for choice, and thus it’s simply a puppet string tugging your inside from the outside.

If the concepts of internal and external considering are understood and made independent, then what would happen instead is that internally, negative emotions are replaced by cool confidence and joy, but externally actions would take whatever form necessary in order to neutralize or deflect the external threat.

Internal victory must always precede external victory. To do otherwise would most often feed the matrix or aid the agenda of negative forces. It is easier to make mistakes or succumb to further manipulation if you proceed to solve an external conflict while internally enraged. With negative emotions, thinking is skewed. The positive emotions that come with triumph over negative emotions result from understanding, and so is by no means overconfidence. While actions are independent of feelings, having negative feelings can sometimes impair external actions because at our stage of evolution the two aren’t entirely independent.

Make no mistake about it — emotions are vital because they are fuel. They help you accomplish things which your level of being up to that point could no do, therefore causing it to grow. As stated before, the purpose of emotional management is not to become unemotional or unresponsive but rather to make internal states independent of external, and also to help transform negative emotions into positive ones. With increasing growth of being, one’s emotions become increasingly one’s own rather than mechanical responses to external stimuli.

If a lesson has been learned, then no negative emotions are necessary to motivate one into action since the action comes naturally out of understanding and as a consequence of a growth in being. Once a lesson is learned, it can be acted upon out of enthusiasm and understanding.

But when a trigger evoking negative emotions genuinely arises, it is the goal of emotional management procedures to transform that negativity into positivity, and then to use that new positive state accompanied by mental clarity to fuel external actions and solve the external problem. Emotions provide the fuel for internal and external growth, and positive emotions provide the quickest and most efficient way of achieving that.

Emotions are necessary to deal with a problem that is happening. But they are not needed as intensely in cases where a problem is yet to occur and can therefore be prevented. Learning from the mistakes of others involves a certain level of empathy, enough to create understanding. Emotions are merely a means to an end of developing one’s understanding and being. Learning things the hard way requires the most amount of emotional expenditure, which is why the matrix prefers that mode. Having foresight and avoiding mistakes by increasing your understanding — and definitely not repeating mistakes — is the least painful way of reaching that end.

Thus, learning the easy way is preferred, but when learning the hard way is unavoidable, emotional management helps make it smoother. The problem with those who choose to be unemotional or in any other way repress their emotions is that they often lack both the being and understanding to support their actions, and hence they remain passive individuals vulnerable as lambs. If negative emotions arise, they indicate that some growth on your part is necessary, and to accelerate that growth use emotional management techniques of self-awareness and understanding.

It should be clear that those earlier on the learning path will have more negative emotional experiences than those more advanced. There is no judgment implied – everyone is where they should be and it is pointless to envy another because judging oneself by another’s standards is illogical (the grass is always greener on the other side). People who pretend to be more advanced by being less emotional suffer from the fact that they are passive, for they lack the being and understanding necessary to otherwise fuel their actions, which translates to an apparent lack of willpower. Hence, it is okay to feel negative emotions, as they first alert you to the presence of a learning opportunity, and can help develop your understanding and fuel your actions as long as you practice being self-aware and try to see the objective truth of the situation.

It must be emphasized that any emotion that is based on truth and applied constructively toward altering or changing something in physical reality is a positive emotion that helps everyone except for the matrix and negative beings. Any emotion applied to fantasy, false speculations, and glut of the ego is negative, for it is based on illusion and becomes food for the matrix and fuel for its agenda.

The preceding paragraphs concerned situations where a trigger was external, perhaps inserted by the matrix, maybe purely accidental. But as Gurdjieff emphasized, daydreaming is a big waste of emotional energies. This is not to say that daydreaming should be curbed, but at least try to avoid negative fantasies of vengeance, hatred, lust, and fear. Fantasizing draining melodramas and getting stressed out about some exaggerated hypothetical situation is almost as damaging as false speculation. These are conscious indulgences in negative emotions which, like the phenomenon of obsession, serve no purpose in expanding one’s understanding. Curbing negative self-talk and useless fantasies is a practical exercise you can start immediately.

Finally, to ensure that the concept of emotional management is not misunderstood or twisted into disinformation, let it be emphasized that emotional management has nothing to do with what’s said in some New Age articles glorifying the New Age definition of “positivity,” which is more accurately defined as complacency, submissiveness, softness, and passivity. According to the “you create your own reality” paradigm, by not feeling any negative emotions or acknowledging that the dark side exists, your reality will be void of negativity and filled with safety and abundance.

The basic principle of consciousness and emotion affecting reality is true, but it does so imperfectly and only alters the probability of a particular type of event (positive or negative) occurring in your life. It does not eliminate the possibility that an event of either typecould happen. The main faults of this particular New Age paradigm are 1) neglect of physical preparation and 2) repression of negative emotions.

Because reality creation is imperfect for most humans, a negative event will happen sooner or later. If the New Ager is under the illusion that nothing bad can ever happen to him because it would violate his freewill, then he will neglect to prepare for the day he encounters such a negative event. It could cost him dearly.

Secondly, being strictly “positive” without a change in perceptions or even a correct definition of what constitutes “positive,” the New Ager out of sheer ignorance will accumulate a large storehouse of internal thoughtforms (repressed emotions). Eventually he will explode and do something he will greatly regret. The “Love and Light” illusion is just another agenda of the dark side, for the dark side does not prefer good or evil, merely an imbalance between them. That which is repressed becomes perverted.

So, although this article does seem to emphasize abstinence from negative thought, be sure to grasp the importance of preparationand expansion of perception. This abstinences comes not from repression, but from transformation of negative into positive emotions. This is possible because loosh is a quantity of energy whose vibrational frequency can be flipped. Physical reparation, a manifestation of external action, results from planning which is mental activity serving reality instead of fantasy. Growth in understanding and being creates a change of perception, which is the key to managing emotions and preventing their repression or future redundant triggering.


Most importantly, keep a lighthearted attitude toward life and constantly seek to increase your awareness by learning lessons the easy way. Remember that negative situations need not be accompanied by negative emotions if your perceptions are accurate, and that a trusting relationship between two or more collinear people forms a powerful network impervious to corruption by the matrix.



Get the  mind stronger you who are strong souls as there are more and more people appearing who are empowered, strong-willed, fearless and get smarter every day.
The split between dark and bright is happening and intensifying with dark getting darker and bright getting brighter. It’s no longer about offering average material that both can comprehend, it’s about further empowering those with potential and assist them going to even higher levels.

What you see in this video is low magnitude weirdness and everyday business on this level. I picked it because it has TYT as topic and is relatively easy to digest.

Telepathic mind battles with enemy factions are normal.

There are other things happening right out of Star Wars and Matrix and some of them indeed are horrendous and soul shattering others are magical and beautiful, it’s not for the faint-hearted but for those that want to rise in conscious awareness and ability, to hatch out of their cocoon and evolve to the next level. Look man, The “Angel” HAS been given the key to the bottomless pit. The “key” is CERN, plain and simple. It is designed to open “gateways” to “other dimensions”. The ancient scriptures speak of our time, that “the pit” would be unlocked and and army of millions pours out coming from the “farthest points of the North”. Hitler just LOVED the North pole. The VRIL. The Bible (Revelation) speaks of the VRIL. Yes Hitler IS a Vril, he’s still alive and well. And the Vril are planning to emerge from their underground bases. But eventually consciousness will decide the future.

And i must say about the inevitability of the opening of the pit it is half of it. If it was inevitable quickly it would be already, then it would have worked right away the first time they tried it. But ‘Hero Bird’ prevented it. And we all together can prevent this dystopian ultra demonic future i’m convinced. And instead manifest an utopian future and bring about the heaven on earth. The future is in constant flux and prophecies serve as warnings for those of free-will.


Uuh, when Admiral Richard Byrd took his military might to the North to pursue the Nazi flotilla, they were all but decimated, running into some type of electromagnetic barrier by air and “Vril vehicles” attacking and driving them back. This was in his debriefing upon his return from there. I tell you no lies. You can find the truth.


So how this must sould to you you must know that this is the same thing as it happens up and is dowb below!

It’s not my intention to slander innocent people, but where wood is chopped, splinters must fall, that just happens at times.

As for my aggressive approach towards them – if you joke about being a hostile reptilian space alien that plots to enslave all of humanity you have no right to complain when people get upset. So that’s collateral damage there.

If it was clear that i did a mistake i would have no problem with apologizing and taking everything back. But there are some oddities that don’t match up. And i’m not yet convinced that it was a joke and that her later denying to be a reptilian is the truth.

And regardless of being lizards or not,beeing dragons,or snake humanoids i’ll remain suspicious about them they can shapeshift,these are dark forces,i will know their true form. They use this hypnotic circle in the background and the huge saturn/black sun as their logo.

They also operate within the parameters of the alien agenda play book, discovering earh like planets, glowing dots in the sky, etc. Acclimating humans to the presence of aliens, getting humanity ready for contact with the hostile Nordic impostors also as saviors.
And they don’t ever talk about human mutilation, human body parts all over ufo crash sites. They don’t harp on the reptilian/grey alien abduction program that had the goal to create a hybrid race in order to enslave us. Instead they focus on cases where aliens are the heros (ambulance call).

They also claim to be a team of 4, but they are most likely not as they all read from telepromters. Who loads their telepromters with information? Who puts that information together? Who finances them? Who directs them?

And so on.


Thwese propagandas is of themselves!


Just putting out videos about the shapeshifters is not enough. They need to be engaged and called out.
-“Yea, we’re reptilians, that’s right, so what?”
-“True, we do want to put you into gas chambers, absolutely correct!”
-“You got me!”

They say when being exposed. And they are right. Yes, now you see them, now you got them, and what now? So what if you know about them now?

NOW you have to tell them to GET LOST in YAHSHUA´S NAME! Because if you wouldn’t tell them…then how would they ever know? You must let them know that you don’t want them arround, that you don’t want them to manipulate other humans. That you understand their evil agenda. That you don’t like them.

Their odd behaviour in truth it’s an act of confidence. They want to let you feel that your efforts are futile and they act mischievously in order to make their mind-controlled followers laugh at you. But inside they are nervous, and there are people that get shocked out of their trance when they face such a conversation. First they laugh but then the truth starts to flourish. Read the comment section to see how these reptilian fiends must be approached.

They need to be approached in their territories. We must leave our dark corners and inform the people that are under the hypnotic influence of these evil creatures.
We must engage the enemy directly.

The Young Turks Network is a reptilian alien crime network/syndicate conspiring for the extermination of the majority of american people and eventually extermination and enslavement of all of humanity. They strategically, politically and ideologically prepare the stage for the american people being deported into death camps and terminated in gas chambers. And the rest accepting an alien/demonic savior to rule over them.

They are mortal enemies of the human race.

Most people don’t want to believe how demented these individuals are. They are all expressions of the corrupted Demiurge. They are clinically insane to the highest degree.


hat#s what we are facing, a super slow motion global Borg assimilation process. And it’s true what you show…they want everyone having one to spy on us, gather intel they then feed skynet with to make the terminator robots ultimatively efficient.


The comment was in a manner of “can’t we just all get along and be friends?”

No we can’t. The Draconians/Vril are robotic parasites that are addicted to human blood and flesh and enjoy to torture, rape and murder. They caused both world wars and every other war. They torture children for weeks before they eat them alive. They put cancer viruses into vaccines in order to put people into radiation chambers to melt their brains, guts and sexual organs. They are demented psychopaths without empathy, without love, without conscience. They are extremely evil and have absolute disdain and hatred for humans whom they consider to be utterly inferior which is a concept born out of their actual superiority complex and mental illness. As if a hideous cancer cell was “superior” over a butterfly just because it’s more efficient in being destructive.

There will be no peaceful coexistence with them ever. They are extremely cunning and deceptive and they have an absolute lust for power and control. If they should propose peace at any point it will be for deceptive motives. Human empathy is a weakness when dealing with the dracos. There is no appealing to their modesty, as they are void of everything good.

They want this planet for themselves and kill us in the process.

They don’t want to be your friends. They are not interested in your opinions, ideas, perspectives. They see you as mortal enemy and food. And you should see them for what they are, primitive, unevolved parasitic organisms that transmit diseases.

Some say they need to be destroyed. Others say we need to evolve beyond them. I say both, we have to surpass them and if they should continue to dare and stand in our way they need to be terminated. It’s not “killing” or “murder” it’s just stepping on ticks/fleas that are crawling up your leg and want to suck your blood and will probably infect you with meningitis or the bubonic plague. Empathy is wrongly applied here.

If they continue plotting for world war 3, shut down the internet, blow up a nuke in a city, continue to operate CERN, continue to create flase reality events/artifical crises, come to confiscate guns, force vaccinations on people, then they need to be systematically seeked and destroyed. It’s just stepping on cockroaches, squashing bugs, nevermind.




8 planets, huh? Why don’t you tell people about the planet YOU came from, you shapeshifting reptilian parasites! Tell people that you’re from the horse head nebula in the orion system or the draco constellation. Where are you from critters!?

I’m a rightful inhabitant of planet earth, YOU are NOT. I have rights, YOU do NOT!

AND I DEMAND THAT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS! WHO are you? WHERE are you from? And WHAT exactly are your ciminal intentions?

In Yahshua´s name i command you and rebuke you bound to spill as much as you with satan´s wrath against you expose this sooner or later!


You have to resist! These kind of attacks are not attacks in the actual sense, because if they really wanted they could delete your channel, my channel, the entire internet. They have the technological ability. But they must operate wihtin the limitations of universal law.
They are asking for permission. Permission to take your channel down. It’s a metaphysical thing. It’s about exposing you as a sheep, as barely conscious, as willing to be led. They need to prove that even though you are of higher awareness than the rest of the population you’re still a cattle.

These copyright claims are fraudulent, they will never hold up in court. They are counting on you acting domesticated, obedient, fearful, inactive, uneducated. You could dispute them, you could read guides how to dispute them, you could get active, you could resist. That’s what someone sentient would do, someone who according to metaphysical law is to be considered a sentient being with the right to live free from the control of others.

And that’s why you must dispute it. Just do it.


They are not all powerful nor infallible. They do make mistakes. Sometimes they lose it and go over the top and then all we have to do is to make it public and point it out to others to reveal them. And then it’s so obvious that everyone can see it. And they are arrogant, they think they’re smarter than everyone and that no one would understand what they are doing or understand it but are afraid, and they get careless.

They have a lot of weaknessess. And yes the lambs are growing up into lions that will maul the ‘ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothings’.


Replace “Metro” with FEMA concentration camp and “Smoke” with poison gas. Yep, apparently people are ready to go. The weaponized TV flicker-rates and the fluoride in the water prepared people for what the loving government has in store for them.
Yes, it probably really was a controlled and monitored event to test exactly for that very purpose to see how a statistically relevant population cross-section would behave in a real life metro milgramm experiment. The hydra spider is testing human civilisation in several socio-psychological (artifically created) scenarious.

Maybe they already got special gas-chamber wagons in secret parallel underground metro tunnels to be rolled out when order 66 is given and the big round-up starts.
People will flee into the metro then enter the gas-wagon, get gassed on the track and their bodies unloaded in a secret side-tunnel. While another gas-wagon rolls out.  They will enter but never arrive. The metro system is just perfect for that. Dark, soundproofed tunnels, Cell-phone jammers will prevent people from alerting others.
Additionally there are likely also already dozens of underground gas-chamber complexes below several hub airports. Like below the Denver airport.

There are FEMA camps everywhere with a just waiting for activation supporting infra-structure in place, deep underground bases and inter-connecting tunnel systems all over america and the world. The United States are the 4th Nazi Reich. Wake up people. Before it’s too late, and time is running out.  Darn it, you got me”. Maureen Elsberry (Open Minds TV) replying when i accused her of, quote: being a hostile shapeshifting reptilian. And part of a reptilian conspiracy that seeks to conquer and colonize earth. They already did,Lilith is done with it just separation of sheep and goats is now!

They’re not well known for high levels of creativity. And ‘they’ are probably just all in one who are insectilian tuned in one single being operating with all of them (Sauron, Borg Queen, Overmind, etc.)-Lilith!

She is fallen female seraphim!

“We’re satan worshiphers bro!” (Fabian Socialists)
“I’m really good at killing people.”, “Thank you satan!” (Barack Obama)
“You got me bro!” (Kyle Kulinski when being accused of being a nazi reptilian that wants to put humans into gas chambers)
“That’s right!” (Brendan Hunt replying to the accusation of being an evil reptilian alien)
“We want to turn your brains into mush to slurp them out” (Alex Baldwin, Will Arnett, Eliza Dushku, Seth MacFarlane, Denis Leary)

To quote a few. They’re not lying. If you don’t get it – that’s your issue of beeing hallow soul or dammned even or just calcified repobrate,if you are not dammned repobrate you can defalcify your third eye and see what is it now and or if you want t6o remain ignorant,this suicide may bring you temporary pleasure and eternal pain!




Pro-tip: Everyone that isn’t a complete jellyfish is on their radar. There are bad forces in the world, but there are also good forces. And humans are spiritually powerful beings. We are not defenseless.
Also the only people that are absolutely save are jellyfish. And jellyfish means being completely unaware of anything that happens outside of sitcoms, football and your job. As soon as you take a magazine about oldtimers or “do it yourself” in your hands, the matrix got you on its radar. Becaue every spark of individuality is outside of its programing and needs to be integrated or destroyed.
There is no hiding or running from the matrix. Not if you don’t want to turn into a Borg. That’s the only way it will let you alone. We are not from here. We are spirit, and the matrix sees spirit as an intrusion in its system.

The right way is to move forward with ever increasing defenses. Increasing of awareness, insight, knowledge, spiritual abilties. etc.
But generally you are never confronted with something you aren’t able to successfully handle. It can and will be though if you really engage the enemy, but you, if you decide so, will have support from higher forces.

When you have the urge to delete your just made comment – Do NOT delete it! You had good reasons to make that comment/ask that question, and that’s why you did it. The worries and fears that are coming up once you postet the comment is due to FOREIGN influence in more cases than you would believe. You’re NOT stupid, your question is NOT ridiculous, your comment was NOT unnecessary, etc. Trust in yourself and be conscious and aware and strong willed, always!
Deleting comments you already made, deleting posts, threads, videos, articles, etc. is ALWAYS due to matrix influence. And i mean in every single case.
The matrix doesn’t want us to freely express ourselves. So it implements thoughts of worry, shame, fear, etc, into our minds.

It’s THEM trying to prevent you from making a comment, asking a question, replying in a certain way, etc. These inter-dimensional entites, and also military remote viewing groups can scan timelines and possible futures and they can predict how certain seemingly insignificant events can change the future to their disadvantage and they seek to prevent that. We are in the middle of a multi-dimensional time line war and YOU’RE part of it, whether you know it or not.

The future is in contant flux, nothing is set in stone.
The butterfly effect and hundredth monkey effect are real. The aliens/-archons-dark forces know that. They are worried about even the shortest comments we make in the smallest forums. Even the smallest channels and websites are under heavy attack. They manipulate people’s thoughts, life circumstances and timelines. That’s daily buisness on earth.

So here’s my answer to the question what i think of David Wilcock for example of that new age cult basterd alien hybrid himself:

I don’t consider the person of David Wicock to be all too relevant in the unfolding scenario. He’s just not enough of an appearance nor intellectual/eloquent heavy-weight to consider him a threat. Consequentially i never really looked into that character and what he does. But probably that’s an arrogant underestimation and a mistake, who knows this is aware.

Anyway, he’s a laughing stock on all conspiracy websites known to me even also,he is peace of junk in all levels. Constantly being the target of ridicule for his apparent obvious homosexuality and feminine/androgynous appearance.He’s very short and has a large out of proportion water head. He also has one of these ridiculous role.playing “pleiadian ambassador”-type haircuts like Greg Giles and who else.

I don’t think that he will be accepted at some point in the future as an influencial opinion leader misguiding the masses on the alien topic. On the other hand we should never underestimate the willingness of the discernment lacking mob to follow such figures.

Wilcock became the sith apprentice of dark draconian sith lord Darth Greer (Steven Greer). Started hanging out with him and accompanied him to UFO conferences where he followed him arround and exhibited an arrogant, contemptuous attitude towards the people that attended the conference, pushed them out of his way. It was at that conference when Greer pulled a great show with a hired security team wearing “black op” t-shirts (a total joke) locking down the conference room for “safety reasons”. “No one get’s in or out, because the illuminati are after me and offered me 2 billion dollars if i stay quiet”, is what Greer tried to convince the audience of.
Then people got mad because they couldn’t go to the toilet and snack bar and had no sense for Greers illuminati movie drama and lies he spew forth.

He also appeared in Greers draconian propaganda piece “SIRIUS” The documentary. He praised him as, quote: “an absolute Hero” in one of the sirius trailers. Greer is not a hero, Greer is the most obvious enemy operative running arround. What everyone that knows at least a little bit about the alien agenda is able to instantly realize. Greer lies as soon as he opens his mouth, it’s beyond ridiculous it’s caricaturesque.

Steven Greer is a draconian reptilian and illuminati operative and everyone that is with Greer is with the illuminati, unknowingly or knowingly. But rather knowingly because Greer is SO obviously evil, that those that associate with the guy either have zero discernment (and therefore shouldn’t be trusted with anything anyway), or they are part of team evil.

In all fairness i  know Wilcocks material therefore i can’t judge him on that,i know just that he is new age mumbo jumbo i can not judge him he is souless demon i can only expose him on what he is really but i know who he’s hanging out with and that’s very bad news because he just CAN’T be that stupid to promote that guy knowing what Wilcock knows about the alien agenda. And if he, as you say, never mentions the reptilians then this is an absolute red warning sign. Because the illuminati reptilians don’t care about what you talk about aslong as you don’t violate the golden rule and that is to mention the reptilians. That topic is strictly forbidden.

That’s as much as i know and probably that’s enough.  I…just don’t take that guy serious. You shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, but in combination…i mean the guy looks like a with flesh color painted little grey alien with large head wearing a blond pleiadian wig …and walks arround with a draconian reptilian.He is his seed he the grey hybrid david is the son seed of draconian fallen archangel greer and mk ultra slave. And that’s the typical Archon-duo, Reptile and Grey hybrid, right,because that one got infused from one zeta raticulian dna so he would be more like that. It’s …comical how they speak tzhings are pure propaganda.



Rolf-Dieter Heuer is not human. He is a non-human entity which has typical Reptilienmerkmale- and physiology.
He is to be molded convert aware of the situation and to demonstrate these features. He is a cloned body animated by an interdimensional reptilian Body Snatchers (Body Snatcher)

Rolf-Dieter Heuer is involved in a criminal conspiracy, whose goal is to destroy / enslave mankind, and / or destroy the planet Earth.

He is not unaware regard to the function of the collider. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he he is completely out the main object of the CERN Hadron Collider aware.
The real purpose of the collider is to build a dimensional portal into a hostile universe / planets (among other hostile purposes) by forwarding to an invading army to destroy the earth and / or to destroy humanity / enslave.

He must be arrested immediately along with all other executives at CERN to work with most criminal intent to prevent any further operation immediately.



I do  must say that after 2012 it’s not a portal to an “outside” the universe no more as they are all here. As can be observed clearly at the core of research that seems to be more of an attempt to come in. Inner world …this is inner worlds of this planet or lower astral planes of this world!

Wherever leads the portal, the ancient Egyptians called it a “world of the dead” or “underworld” and those who came through there they called gods of destruction and death.


Yes. Unfortunately I do know how to call it in explanation,inner earth. This comes to our own inner world. The kingdom of the dead would own roots, not what appearance, but in an even alive recorded history, ancient knowledge and survival strategies in this case.
We are conditioned to go, as the internal motions. If you no longer get along with the psyche it is then even called disease.
We learn from our own history books and take part in identity motifs, such that the ancestors were club-wielding monkeys.
The methods of our inherent relationship should be replaced in creation by external model concepts.
Without rational roots are as a Bonsei is a miniature of himself. It makes voluntarily space for something else, then that can occupy this space precisely in the area of ​​intellectual energy.
The demonization of the underworld would be a way to remedy this place, so to speak, a self-generating hell realm.
Whatever. Thanks for your great learning,now spread all this to others!





I call for immediate interruption of all acitvities at the CERN hadron collider and citizen arrest of CERN director Rolf-Dieter Heuer as well as every other involved executives and scientists followed by medical examination of all of them in order to reveal their non-human nature in the name of Yahshua!

The CERN collider is a stargate, build for the very intention of opening up a portal to a hostile dimension/ lower version of this planet planet that is planing an invasion of this version of earth.

All decision makers know this. They are not human beings but draconians and insectoids. Rolf-Dieter Heuer is NOT a human being. I repeat: Rolf-Dieter Heuer is NOT a human being.

Spread this word wide and far and call the first thing in the name of Yahshua as i written!

If you won’t be phased out by Agenda21 and die of starvation, the bio-weapons or total global nuclear melt-down will get you. If you’re a collaborator with the system then human militias and military commandos will hunt you down.
If you escape that then the skynet terminator robots will get you, and if you manage to evade them then the aliens will hunt you down. If you made deals with the elite and the aliens you’re as good as dead, because there is no room for human elite in an alien society, you’re the first that will be terminated in order to prevent you to fight back with the gadgets you got from the aliens.
And even if you should manage to avoid all of that (you won’t), then the black spirit mist will get you.
If you’re on earth at a certain point, you’ll be doomed one way or the other, because the planet itself is under attack. That’s what evil is and what evil does. It doesn’t stop at some point saying “ok it’s enough now”. Evil is the anti-thesis to live itself. Live – eviL. Inversion.

Only Yahshua to be your messiah and to die resisting them and also if you want to escape without separating physical from spiritual boldies activate merkaba and come later back and mess them up!

And even if you should manage to get off-world to your secret mars colony or elysium space station – there is no running from planetary karma. It will follow you wherever you go. No matter if off-world or back in time or forward or to a parallel universe or another dimension, it will follow you, it will seek you, it will find you and it will deliever to you what a coward/traitor/maniac deserves.
There is no running, no hiding from, no fooling, no tricking, no hacking the infinite intelligence of the universe you fools.
Live extension and nano-probes and other cockroach elf gadgets won’t get you out of this, escaping into immortality.

And your reptilian overlords know that, because they’re smarter than you. Hence planetary karma warfare. Hence installing an indigenous EL-ite among the planet’s inhabitants a global Sonderkommando, to keep their claws clean and green.


You must be aware this is first,second,never to let guards down,you must be sneaky and strategic and always to spread awarness and do dself advancement,in order to do this,you must be with strong will and determined nature to do so!


It’s not an ‘analogy’, it’s REAL. They ARE aliens-archonic parasitic satanic beast fallen ones. ‘Buck Rogers’ is about the draconian reptilians that want to conquer earth.

What i give are explaining informations in that ways is that what we are dealing with right now are alien special forces teams, not the main army (that will arrive once their ground operatives have established a total lock down on the planet).All are evil ones here with good cop vs bad cop deception mind game here!

They moved their cloned bodysnatched operatives into positions of power. Installed a deluded human elite sonderkommando in order to enslave the rest of humanity promising them eternal live extension. They just like everyone else though will be terminated in the end aswell,this is soul sucking technology they promise really the mark of the beast soul damning and destroing technology there won’t be a get-away for the self-perceived Elite, they’re the first to be killed once the aliens take over.
The alien channeled technology into human society via their agents for the purpose of establishing a global technological control grid that in it’s final phase will turn into Syknet and swarm the planet with satelite controlled Terminator robots to exterminate the via chemicals in food, water and air brain-damaged and by Hollywood and The Young Turks dumbed down population. In combination with large scaled bio-weapon releases and regional nuclear war.
Once most humans are terminated, the aliens will wait a century for everything to rot and then colonize earth with their hybrids.

Also get this in mind that we have maximum 5+ years left to continue ignorantly as this with many warnings that will escelade into gigantic warzones and all that, which is likely overly optimistic given how extremely fast they accelerated their agenda lately and how humans are more deserving it. They have to, they know we’re waking up fast even another reason.

Humanity already is in the END GAME. People have been warned over and over and over again,and many remain ignorant. If people still won’t find it in them to stand up and fight back, then we will lose.
The religious people and new agers think everything will turn out okay in the end no matter what,which is another programming of the dark forces. That’s not the case. Humanity becoming enslaved / going extinct as a race is a real possibility. We are facing the Draconian/BORG assimilation invasion into their empire.

This is the last straw, this is the final phase, this is the end game, this is the alien’s final solution for humanity. Fight back or die and go to hell with them.




how are we supposed to fight aliens?

First step is to convince large numbers of people that it’s aliens/non-human entities we are dealing with that disguised themselves as humans.
Inform people that aliens are real deal enemies those calling themselves as that that we are not alone that there are good and bad beings out there and here and that evil ones also mask as good in order to take souls to survive and here and hostile and how to identify them among us. They can be identified with certain methods of analysis.

Once enough people are awake and say no to the alien agenda they are forced to rereat in order to avoid free-will violation and not suffer the karmic backlash of a violent planetary take-over.

If they could take over earth with force they indeed would have done so already. But for several reasons they can’t, one reason i explained above.

But once they gained enough ground, put the technological infrastructure in place and have enough people willingly comply with their agenda and have gained the metaphysical right to take over earth, they then can finalize the silent invasion with a forceful take-over and at this point really send in huge alien motherships with millions of clone troopers and robots and armed little cloned grey alien hybrids and there is no telling what else.

We are not at this point yet, but it’s getting close. Few years left max. Too many people are apathetic about it.

Well you heared truth now you are hold accountable for it,you will reap what you sown…what if people knew that it was aliens doing it? Would that make a diffference? Would you get active and start your own webiste, youtube channel, blog, forum account, etc.
Or would you continue watching sports and porn and play computer games and go party and what else?

NOW you know it’s aliens. There, officially admitted. They are not merely human psychopaths, they are aliens that disguise as humans. Above top secret.
There you go, now you know it. Now are you going to do something about it?

If you remain silent you are busted in near future by them when is too late to ask for info from me to spread and you will take evry word you said in vain laughing when this starts to happen to you and you will regret ever beeing born!

Until your organisation is infiltrated and taken over by the same aliens.  No groups = no group-think, just freedom fighting individuals.  The Eagle Always Flies Alone. So all people in cults,yolu are first in trouble to go when your souls are hijacked out of body and eaten by something else and shitted in hell and when you get to be there and in your body something else taking over cult to take over world by force more!

Until your organisation is infiltrated and taken over by the same aliens.  No groups = no group-think, just freedom fighting individuals.  The Eagle Always Flies Alone.

I repeat this,you are doomed religious and cult and sect people!

By educating them ther sheeple how to identify these aliens how to identify aliens. The most simple instruction is:

Humans don’t blink 100-200 times a minute but alien shapeshifter do!

Some say it would eventually be irrelevant if it’s humans doing it, or aliens or humans working with aliens. I however am convinced that telling people it’s aliens doing it is the most effective way.
It takes longer for people to accept this, but once they do it’s way easier for them to realize the great danger we are in and they are way more willing to take action against it because it is an outside threat.

It’s something else if you got issues with your own family members (humans) or with a bum (aliens) that climbed into your house and is beating up your children.

It’s also easier to accept that aliens are evil unlike fellow humans. “They would never do that” people always say. Yes they would, because “they” aren’t human beings.

There are also elements in the agenda that can’t be explained with human nature. Because no matter how psychopathic (lacking empathy) a human is, they wouldn’t intentionally radiate the planet with intentionally leaking power plants and blowing up power plants (fukushima). Humans wouldn’t do that because radiation is harmful to us.
But aliens WOULD do it. And it in fact is aliens doing it. They want higher radiation to live in, they are terraforming the planet.




Why people suffer because of beeing deceived by hagelian dialectic:


people create demand, it’s their fault

Yes, but why do people have that demand for mindless garbage? Because they get injected with consciousness suppressing viruses in vaccines and are fed poisoness food and drink flouride while they breath in everything that’s in the chemtrails. And they get taught dumbing down gargabe in school that prevents them from turning into autonomous thinkers. Music set to the A440 pitch standard. Additives in the food and GMO and Aspartame.
Unharmonious architecture and art. Cancer causing frequencies emitted from cell phones and cell towers.

It’s a whole industry of dumbing down humans from birth, to keep them small minded and easy to handle. If there were no illuminati reptilian draconian demiurgic archonic eugenic social engineers working behind the scenes to keep everyone dumb, human average IQ’s would be 200 and evrybody would activate light bodies the merkabas and there would be no disconnecting souls from physical bodies!



Emily Letts – Draconian/Vril Reptilians Want Humans To Abort Children [Pre&Post Birth]

Emily Letts – Draconian/Vril Reptilians Want Humans To Abort Children [Pre&Post Birth]

I repeat this is worship of molec the fallen celestial being the pagan god mentioned in the bible which is anothe rarchonic devilish satan´s army member enemy against humanity!

These are key words you must have in mind as this comes into your vision:

Emily Letts, Climax, Abortion, Cosmopolitan, Conspiracy, Military, Illuminati, Rotary Club, Freemasons, Cloning, Bodysnatchers, Shapeshifter, Reptilians, Draconians, 666, Number Of The Beast, Black Ops, Deep Underground Military Bases, D.U.M.B.S, Hoax, Fake, Artifical Reality Event, Psy Op, Crisis Actor, Experiment, Lies, Propaganda, Government

The name of it is connected with the tags i gave you!


It makes sense, in a demonically evil way. First, killing a human baby constitutes the Satanic sacrifice. Then, what to do with the aborted baby? Simple…… The reptilians eat human flesh, so outfits like Planned Parenthood have supplied over 50 million aborted babies since the year 1973, just in America.
It’s the same general concept as butchering calves to make Veal, the main difference being the calves are actually born and live a short time first.
Only a dedicated, joyful psychopath could happily promote such a thing instead of trying to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies. But, prevention would lead to even more children vanishing without a trace. Damned if you do, damned if you spill innocent blood and put a curse on yourself like that,thou shall not murder…….


exactly. HENCE – post birth abortion as they call





..  just read that article, and it made my blood boil!
I had to take a few minutes to regain my composure. I doubt I’ve ever before felt such a powerful rage well up in me, or have it well up so quickly.
I know that here in the USA, those Republicans who aren’t Reptilians are certainly subservient to them. But this makes it clear that all Democrats (or, as I prefer, Demon-Rats) ARE Reptilians. There is no other possible explanation for their insane agenda and destructive ideology.Those demons and devils are actually making the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao seem like humanitarians by comparison.
Tomorrow,because you are hold accountable you must be going to post this article on every social media site you can find, even though it will require opening accounts that I normally wouldn’t care for. This MUST get out there.
As soon as you post this comment, I’ll be signing off for the night astraly to watch you always. I’m going to have a few  hours of sleep to help me calm down before my head explodes because of spiritual warfare. Then, tomorrow, I get started again.

Everything corrupt, broken, unwholesome, perverted, disharmonious isn’t human. It’s all due to alien/interdimensional influence. Alien or alien influence one of the two it always is.



The bible does refer to them as the seedline of cain, respective the nephilim and the demons. The ancient christian gnostics however described them in more depth in the nag hammadi library texts.

We win by exposing them. Once critical mass is reached the knowledge about them will spread like flame. This happens once 10% of people are informed. Right now we are at about 7%. Once we reached critical mass…their system will come down in no time.

But time is running out, the illuminati are very close to win. 1-2 years max. So either people step up now and get active like never before or we’re going to lose.




Introducing military/intelligence terms like “psy op” that have become mainstream into the alien field is an idea with potential now that the public has become politically aware and educated it’s time to open up and transfer that awareness into the deep fringe. To path the way from the political to the exopolitical.