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  • Communism is an operation of the Synagogue of Satan. The philosophy of the Illuminati is always to own/control all sides in a conflict/war. They build up 2 opposing forces/system/social orders … and then bring them into conflict/war. Out of the ensuing chaos, Mega-Deaths, genocide, collapse, violence, racial wars … they will introduce their pre-planned solution. It is their Hegelian Dialectic in action based on their Satanic philosophy of Order Out of Chaos!

    Karl Marx: Hegelianism and early activism: 1836–1843 
    … Marx became interested in the recently deceased German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel, whose ideas were then widely debated among European philosophical circles.[43] During a convalescence in Stralau, he joined the Doctor’s Club (Doktorklub), a student group which discussed Hegelian ideas, and through them became involved with a group of radical thinkers known as the Young Hegelians in 1837; they gathered around Ludwig Feuerbach and

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