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  • Government agencies plant fake stories in media to brainwash public! 
    by  J. D. Heyes,
    The CIA and other covert U.S. spy agencies have, for years, planted phony “news” stories in a bid to propagandize debate over certain issues and skew public opinion.

    Recently, reports from Washington’s Blog and revisited this issue and noted that the propaganda continues to this day.

    First, a little history. In the mid-1970s, Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, who had become a key figure in U.S. foreign policy, formed what would later become known as the “Church Committee” and took on serial civil rights and constitutional abuses by the intelligence community.

    His committee (its formal name was “The U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities from 1975 through 1976”) conducted exhaustive hearings that examined illegal FBI and CIA intelligence-gathering activity and covert actions against domestic…

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