Every Demon and devil and jinn you serve is subject to The ALPHA and OMEGA Messiah Yahshua, know that you IGNORANTLY operate with fallen kings whose fates are BOUND to perish in a eternal realm of never ending fire for they have chosen the WAY of SEPARATION and DISOBEDIENCE, REPENT OR CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THE FATE OF THEM WHO ARE FALLEN AND SUBJECT TO ETERNAL CONDEMNATION BY THE LIVING GOD. YOU ARE UNDER SATAN’S RULE AND WITH HIM YOU WILL PERISH. REPENT REPENT REPENT. EVERY DEVIL IN EVERY REALM, EVERY DIMENSION WILL FALL AND SUFFER ETERNALLY BY THE MIGHTY HAND OF THE LIVING AND HOLY GOD, AND ANY HUMAN WHO CHOOSES TO FOLLOW THEM AND NOT CRETOR THE ONE WHO Created you and you and me! what will you do when the very foundation for you comfort and strength and capabilities is taken right from under you? where will you stand? who will you run to? what authority is higher than GOD? Who can stand against CRETOR?! NONE!

Can u explain Amos 5 we r to SEEK 7 STARS Pleiades and Orion? We are the sons n daughters in Acts 2 seventeen thru 21 and the 4 blood moon tetrads is happening NOW 2014 n 2015? This is the MYSTERY in our Bible now revealed REVELATION 1 twenty and JOHN 17 Orion and Pleiades are giants Genesis 6:

These forces you reffer to are not to be concerned with because this is the draco and reaper the grim reaper type of forces but above them are insectilians,insectilians are the rulling matriarchy force of demonic hiararchy,the pleiadians and andromedans and arcturians are the archons who are all infact insectilian but still forms of lightbeings and shortlsy can appear as what you see in new age cults,but thou thing is that draconians and orion and pleadies forces are under insectilians and this 2012 and beyond age is Lilith´s and Lamia´ s matriarchy age and fish age was age of patriarchy of Leviathan and Dagon….. the genesis 6 from bible forces are the children mixture between several first 200 pleiadian forces and then Metatron and samael were the rullers also of fish age now this aquarius age astaroth and lamia and nera,asket and electra are are pure matriarchy rulling forces just little les patriarchy forces work they work to make those by old paradaim stay that way in way with either beeing killed in process of transformation what they call and the other group the rady stady dose of desire for change and these are the ones who choose this alchemy,these hiararchies are organised i am not saying that Orion and Pleiades are not but their time in this moment role is changed in different ways…….

because it serves our masters to have entire control over us, thus they implemented, created and controlled all religions and all opposition since day one. Religions have served them as the ultimate control over the masses, it never fails them… they are in the process of creating another religion int he age we are in, they will use the old age konwledge, they are modernizing it to suit the “man of today” and we konw it as “the new age movement”

The bible doesn’t deal with religion. I agree religion is a strong hold, most religious people haven’t read the Holy Scriptures thoroughly. You have six senses, even though they only teach us about 5. One being intuition, which the bible teaches as discernment. If you discern, you can’t be deceived or controlled. The bible teaches free will:

1 Corinthians 10:23
23 All things are legitimate [permissible—and we are free to do anything we please], but not all things are helpful (expedient, profitable, and wholesome). All things are legitimate, but not all things are constructive [to character] and edifying [to spiritual life].

demons are nephilim spirits. demi-gods. and fallen angels from bible .genesis 6, book of enoch. yes evil. yes deception and they will take you over and persecute your mind when they decide to. you have no power over them but for Christ.

No….not a mental giant but having the Ruach HaKadosh working in you one can discern deceptions….So I pray every day for such gifts are the fruit of the spirit…and you shall know them by the fruit they bare. However, I am an old lady. You got that one right.


THE DEVIL RUNS THE WORLD!!!!And we are allowing it because we are unaware of whats going on. We use his name and number spoken about in revelations. The number 666 is well known to be associated with the Number of the Beast. The Bible puts it this way: Revelations 13:17, “the name of the beast or the number of it’s name.” There is no doubt the SSN is the Mark, because of the first part of 13:17, “so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark.” Now think about what that says and what it means. To “buy or sell” is just another way of saying “financial transaction” isn’t it. That certainly includes earning a living, ie getting a job. But it’s also every financial transaction you make. How are most of those transactions facilitated today? Via credit or debit card. Try to get either of these without an SSN and see how far you get. So where is the 666? It’s public information: Title 42 U.S.C. 666 LOOK IT UP.
And take a look at the back of your ssc it even tells you it belongs to them. Same thing with your birth certificate your name is written in all caps. LOOK FAR AND WIDE because it is not the way a proper noun is to be written. Look into the freeman on the land thing its not a joke.

The gates of hell await any and all fools such as these people of today who dares to test and provoke the Creator by engaging in and promoting of sorcery, witchcraft, and satanism. Like anton levey on their highway to hell,their suffering comes by beeing committed to glorifying lucifers kingdom on earth was wrong. The illuminati, all occult followers, satanist,astro theology of vatican´s new age ufo hippie ecumental one world religion movement, and all who refused the salvation of Yahshua shall endure the same fate as those before them today, tomorrow, and of the past who have pledged their lives to evil. The time is now short and Messiah’s return is soon, all shall be made right, the universe will be restored back to its proper place by the Father and Mother YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHSHUA MESSIAH, and EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH IS LORD!

-BEYOND 2012 -There are are two cycles. One is a cosmic cycle of waking up to truth or the other is to lies to salvation or damnation in the final run soo fast.

– KARMA SHEOL BORED (She’ol , translated as “grave”, “pit”, or “abode of the dead”, underworld, a place of darkness to which all the dead go, the unrighteous, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from God.[1])
March 2003 -after the onset of the INVASION of IRAQ.This and also printed SATANIC DEBT NOTES from theLIZARD QUEEN and DRACO POPE FRANCHISE. Dec 17 2003- the YORK CATHOLIC DICKstrict SHEOL BORED disconnected me fromSUPPLY DISPATCH for calcifying and inducing demons in the PINEAL GLAND and CASHLESS SOCIETY 666 beast program unleashed. .

-Born in Argentina, Pope Francis is the first Latin American to lead the Roman Catholic Church. He’s also the first Jesuit archmarshal rank of jesuits to hold the position. Nuns, priests and the general Catholic throng are happily exchanging greetings together about the papal news. It’s all ecclesiastical joy, huge hugs and big kisses.
Nevertheless, an unaddressed and extremely sinister darkness lurks beneath the surface of this present Vatican delight.
Many concerned parties are asking if the Pope will, do more to reveal the depth of depravity undertaken against innocent children by his clergy during cases of sex abuse vampiric rituals. Will he in fact be sympathetic and pro-active towards the millions who have experienced vile abuse by his fellow clergymen?
The Catholic Church has in the past gone to great lengths, under various leaders, to conceal the extent of its disgusting sex crimes against little children.
Moreover, the Jesuits are no strangers to indiscretion within their ranks.

– Sexual abuse scandal in the Society of Jesuits –

Adult who are vulnerable have also fallen prey to pervert priests. Two mentally disabled men who live and work at a Jesuit retreat were sexually abused by members of the clergy for at least five years, according to court records and interviews. In a case that achieved no public attention, one of the clergymen, Brother Charles Leonard Connor, was convicted of committing a lewd act on one victim. He was at liberty after just six months of home detention. Another Jesuit, Father Edward Thomas Burke, admitted to his superior two years ago that he engaged in sexual wrongdoing with the other injured party.

Cloak of Silence Covered Abuse at Jesuit Retreat-
Now, after years of careful study, the way that I look at it is this. This bogus demonic religious system is anti-sex in nature thus it creates serious sexual deviations in natural human behaviour. These sexual deviations are ‘not’ however restricted to the Catholic cult and run through all Christian denominations. This is a mega problem that will never go away, even though millions of trusting yet highly confused Christians sincerely wishes it would.
The basic predicament is the blundering teachings of the Church itself. It runs totally ‘against’ human nature and bases all of its bizarre scriptural doctrine on ancient lies that go against bible they print false edited bible that go against Most High and fraudulence concerning what one synthetic godman, i.e. satan´s son, was ‘supposed’ to have done or said. These nonsensical and principally discredited teachings, which unfortunately appeal to so many naïve types, are helping to screw up society 100% worse than it already is.Allegations of clergy abuse should ‘never’ have been left in the hands of biased religious leaders in the first place.
Recent history clearly tells us that these chiefs are predisposed towards their own religious brotherhood of nonsance nd satanic insanity against nature and Creator. Provably, they would rather ‘move on’ an abusive colleague then rang the police and risk opening up a whole can of worms in their own diocese. Leading child charities, police, social workers etc have roundly aided and abetted the child sex abuse cover ups, either directly or indirectly, due to the corrupt and unimpressive way the Establishment deals with this odious dilemma.

The Black Museum Of Priestly Abuse – Moreover, the religiously indoctrinated thought process that declares we must ‘trust’ the word of a clergyman (e.g. Satan’s alleged representative) is a hard one to bypass for many folk who conform to typical, Church-oriented, credo. My own private life-long revelations from God thrue dreams n visions and pryers thirst for truth is one that I would sincerely urge others to undertake for themselves. The alternative is joining the obedient ‘Flock’ and blindly accepting what you are commanded to think, how you are told to behave and how you are expected to act. The yoke of unquestioning of satan´s crap is indeed a heavy one, yet it can be broken with determination.
Please s give to evrybody this blog link, which highlights clergy abuse cases that you were never meant to know about: In a nutshell; our children have never been safe, are not safe today and will ‘never’ be safe in the hands of the Church; thanks to the currently pathetic impetus of society and the stigma of religious doctrine. No matter ‘who’ runs the Church the situation will not change because the unyielding dogma at the heart of the problem will not change! A radical overall of all this dangerous ecclesiastically-inspired nonsense is well overdue. This languid society needs to urgently wake up to the dangers posed by such fundamentalism towards innocent children.


Nazi Cult: The Vril Society = SAME SHIT different ARM of the SPIDER Steering Committee | Bilderberg Meetings
Thule Society |

BLACK SUN vs GOLDEN SUN 2 sides of the PLANet – The Black Sun… The source of Death.


This is all demonic vatican/ luciferian planned infiltration and takeover of america and the world…the rise of the anti christ….remember the ratline…after ww2 the vatican helped hide all the nazis…the nazis were the army of the vatican and jesuit order wich had taken over germany and led them to destruction while fullfilling bible prophecy…they have now taken america over and we are being led into ww3
-keep an EYE on the MOTHER of demons – LILITH is LOST VEGAS

STUPID SATANISTS and GREEDY WHISTLEBLOWERS CONSUME EACHOTHER in the END the thing is that all book sellers not including bill schnoebelen who uses money for usefull trips arround the world to minister deliverance and truth to people and not including michael rood,they are good they use money for travel to minister truth but the fakes who sell books for their prosperity will pay!These others are prosperity pimps!

DANGEROUS DEMONIC VAMPIRES!-YES- THE SATANIC THULE SOCIETY are taking down on youtube info,make blogs which they can not report folks and pray for their judement and all curses and magic that they send against you to be used against themselves.

END RESULT ACTION. TROY REGAS /hells angels on against ya along with jinn.



BRING your SWORD, cause there are going to be DRONES, VRILL and CLONES infiltrating the PARTY to try and STOP spiritual warfare after resisting in that way.



Stew Webb Exposed Dangerous COINTELPRO for the FBI & Patriot Movement Infiltrator by Pamela Schuffert and she is phrophet also read that document from her also!

Webb then justified this by trying to portray GUNDERSON as “the BAD guy” and Webb as “the GOOD guy” taking his files on behalf of the FBI ( or more realistically,for the CRIMINAL elements of the FBI who did not LIKE Gunderson’s exposing of their corruption in his reports!) In fact, Webb bragged to me on the phone, even as he was stealing GUNDERSON’S BOXES OUT OF HIS HOME AND MOVING THEM TO WEBB’S VEHICLE, what a GREAT HAUL THIS WAS!

Unfortunately, I had been previously brainwashed by WEBB’S misinformation and misportrayal of GUNDERSON, and said nothing to GUNDERSON after the theft by WEBB. It was not until several years later that I became INFORMED and caught on to COINTELPRO and WEBB’S ROLE IN IT. THEN I contacted GUNDERSON and told him all about Stew Webb’s infamous night of rampage and theft at his home in Law Vegas.

The list of WEBB’S criminal activities continue. WEBB has falsely accused many others at the behest of the FBI, he has even solicited for the murder of innocent people. Strangely, after he stayed with my friends the BRUNNERS in the Denver area, JACK BRUNNER turned up dead under strange circumstances. His wife Cyndra remains traumatized.

Many other writers have investigated and exposed WEBB, and there are several reports on the internet confirming my findings as well. I will continue to publish further findings regarding STEW WEBB and other COINTELPRO agents being paid to deceive the American public. The American people deserve to know the truth, and the innocent victims of corrupt COINTELPRO deserve to be fully vindicated. PAM S


Demons and devils and people:
Psession is when a demonic spirit of dead hybrid which is mixture of fallen celestial astral etherical being the alien mind so to speak who mixed the other organism with human,who resulted the birth of alien hybrid what is known when die to be really demon and devils the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the archons themselves,when they devil or demon the demonic spirits takes over command of the humans’s body, which means that when something does or says it does not make the human, but a demon. As the human mind is “tethered” to the human body, also on his/her body “tied” to the demon. And, as the demon´s stronger with body control “he said,” even though the man has a feeling that he himself managed. Psessed man is not aware that he is not the master of his words and body movements, but knows that “some sort of influence on him.” If someone else is constantly speaks for him and commanded by his actions, that he does not think of anything.

Because if someone speaks for him when he thought he would generally mean something, that tells exactly what he wanted to say. And if you speak the same thing, what would speak for him? The point, however, is that the other does not say exactly the same.

How demon achieved so much secrecy?

So what is acting in accordance with the man’s features. Given that at any moment he knows what a man thinks, wants and feels on the unknown changes behave similarly as they would have behaved and man, it’s free. When someone tried to explain that to a man, it would show that he does not want to hear “such nonsense” – because in his place the demon/devil-archon would react in that manner speaking such an idiotic response. When the demon would not be a master of man´s body, or could not speak ie. lie and to make various sundry or reaction. If a man had dominion over his body and if he could speak, he would know that ther´s an demon and that person could have “shall issue” and it does not happen ever would try to stop and thank person or react in slow way but posetivly sensing that something is wrong,that is spiritual person that can get saved and that is not dammned and aware of satan´s interfearence.

Given that posession applies only to the body, the human spirit is free. Man is a creature with free will, it seems essential part of his personality, because without it he would not be able to carry out its primary mission, which had given birth from God, and that is to be free to choose how to live.

„Genesis 4:7 If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall behis desire, and thou shalt rule over him.“

From this “Biblical quote to see that demon (sin) haunts the man after he deliberately sins, and that man’s will over demons. But man’s will is above the demon’s only in theory, because he does not inquire about the truth, do not use on their really good, which means that the abused, and then the demon free hand to him seems almost what he wants. When a man is not interested in truth, it means that your own life is not much interested, and so the demon is to be in that way allowed for legal universal right of its take life into their own hands Otherwise, demon a creature without free will. If not so, would not it be possible to deport a man posessed.

The fact that the demon has no free will, says that he has to do what´ s man’s will, but the will of one man’s very flexible concept can be expressed in a myriad of different ways, which means that the demon can always choose what will be in the concrete a position to do so. When the man could not do it the way I decide, it would mean that he does not have free will, and he has. The fact that the demon is achieving its goals cunning, not by force, saying that he can not seem what they want, ie. that depends on the human will. This means that if a man wanted to do something specific, demon could not seem contrary beings have done just that. It did, when a man firmly wanted to do only good demon would have to do only good. However, if you really so careful what he was doing, the man under the power of demons would never arrived. Thus, the demon can think and what man would not do (say), if it is within man’s will, and just because it is within his will, man is not responding.

Demon and can ‘test brain ” of man, that is. It seems that what man does not do that (say), it is the essence of demonic “work”, but if the man does not respond, then it’s the same as if it was his will.

Why demon behaves in accordance with man’s traits? So that a man believed to speak (it) himself, and that would not react to what do (or say) daemon. Because when a man has no doubt that these are his words, then he stands behind them or, at least, does not react to them often and when you see the word (procedures) are in place. Because, in order to defend “their own words and actions” ?! In fact, these words and actions “defend” demon possessed man because he can not talk! Ito also going until the man unresponsive. As one sees that he is a “blended in life” by not responding, he agrees with all that demon so on his behalf. Therefore, the posessed man the blame for all the evils committed by a demon.

As the demon knows every man’s thoughts who is in alpha state of mind not armed spiritualy eph.6:12, and using his ignorance – that someone in his government have his body – he is always cunningly prevents us from knowing or doing that which would lead in the direction of his salvation, which, in itself, speaks to man could only save one hundred thinkers, however, almost no one is doing enough. Thus the demon remains only with Man cleverly manipulate – to make it completely in own hands. Practicly, the demon is the lord then of man Absolutely. To a man says what makes him a demon, he is the team would not have agreed, that the demon would be in his name, like a lawyer arguing about it and that the conversation could not get anywhere. The only cure is the expulsion of demons. If the conversation may help a man to be free of that posessed state, free demonic manipulation, the expulsion of demons would not be there anymore and out of business.

How to manipulate a person,how that demon can? So as to what to do (say) a man, and some of its decided actions ,and that man with any chance they would not have opened my eyes, demon adds just a bit of his, say, 5% of what a man would do (say), but just that little man to fail. Thus man remains “main”, a demon “only” his “helper”.

Adding constantly at his little demon says the man to decide for what he (demon) wants. If one day you happen to exorcise some demons from a man who´s posessed, that there would have had nothing to say, because the demon spoke of, say, 80% of what a man should say, 15% of what he would not say whether he suited, and 5% of what the man did not understand what it means (and what leads). As the demon and man have a completely different “areas of interest”, the man does not even have any idea what a demon is achieved when all tells what man does not understand.

Now imagine a man who does not keep one hundred percent of what he says and what others are saying to him, and there was 99%, and you will realize that demon with him can do anything. And that means that a man posessed is not man, more demon because he step by step, what makes practicly what demon wants. Well not so, no war would be possible if the will of human was not that,it is ultimatly choosing of good and evil,ignorance of lack of caring is entry point for demons which is unresisted demonic temptation from outside induced in and not rejected and prolived for some periods of time makes demon get more close attach and possess the more person listens to demon the less there is of a human left.Helping him continually by little by little the demon man leads in the direction that suits him only (demon), although it looks like it fits the man. So people are coming to the point that the “choose your own” to become politicians, military officers, priests, doctors,scientists, etc., after which the demon used professionally completly.

Both have grown many great scientists, businessmen,; politicians, generals,religious leaders … ie. So the demons in your hands take a complete science, educational system, politics,religions. Economy and other areas of human life. Through science, schools, politics,tamples/curches etc, Demons then tempt people in all possible ways, ie. so God achieves the purpose for which it was due created this world. For a variety of scientific theories are tempted, ie. attempts at deception, not truth. The so-called democracy is a temptation, not the truth, call a liberation war represents temptation, not the truth. Well, who does not understand at the time, when he will realize from life remains only the memory of a life when they die and find themselves in hell when it is too late when demon moves on another person to do more dirty work!

That demons are the absolute masters of the people who are besieged saw

and fear that sometimes appear on faces of some of my friends and relatives i seen and i know God gave me spiritual discerment. In fact, I was very interested to exorcise demons and devils the jinn and archons, and in that knowledge I quickly advanced in with God blessed me and all honor and glory to God for that. So that fear was the fear of demons ie, not for these people, which clearly shows that they completely unhindered living a life of its people. I just had first nightmare in my life as i was little to know this is demonic what i seen in astral projection and lucid dreaming as kids are pure and undifieled and i seen demonic red eyed shadow figures i knew they are evil astral beings i seen them as i knew just i was asleep but in astral but i knew not to describe but i knew my position and that they were evil but i had no explanation nor names nor anyhing for that as that was my first time.That is why people are posessed with practical and notpeople for no reason,i had no ignorance i keept in mind as first times parents made me do things against my own good and i was not dooing and i seen just my pineal gland was shortly good as of all kids who are when little i saw the same dark figure get into my biological father,him in that moment possessed,what appears to be i seen shadow figure with ugly eyes almost same figure i seen his eyes not his changed and face totaly different,not himsef basicly and i felt not good and wanted to go outside and it was spring and hot sunny day and i was inside and it was not cold he told get these on,the clompa type of sandals which are of fat stone like wood that are hurting my legs i needed that crap not it is not let me get you strain demons will attack you with this if demons commands thrue parents or archon against your own good you are not braking commandment to dissobey „parent“ then not braking of 5th commandment,they would use that to make you throw away your soul they would use your lack of knowlage say possess parentswho say blasohime God and then say 5th commandment and make you forget who gave and make you dammned forever and the thing is that let me finish story the parent was not my parent but some unknown inteligence and energy what i said was right that negative energy wanted me to torment myself to walk in some peace of crap and junk and filth and trash to fall and brake down even just to obey as an diety i said no several times till that being got something to beat the crap out of me i with crying screams with pure hatred toward me i seen that being had and it remained connected to even criticise me till this day to speak pure crap and justify their sin and blasphemy to my resistance and to speak how „resistance is bad business“ which is resistance to God is but they mean for themselves that is their main primary „resistance is futile“ saying and their doctrine of hell as like resistance against satan,what they really mean,even when repobrate people have no idea predestined is true demonic possession with no right of demons to be cast out of people can also be because as it was war in haven souls choosen before physical incarnation called birth the side of either God or Satan,and the thing is that they are demonicly suiting their purpose they would use their hosts to speak crap,anyways what people choosen they will here,who choosen haven will be aware of demons and devils and evil and what it is from beginning of first encounter of life as they gather self awarness and of their sorroundings they would know and they would then use this as interest in them that would reawaken and turn into the spiritual war for betterment of own self and others for goodnes sake and would never completly at all denny it when even preasured keeping this in themselves to make the evil spirits calm.Because family and friends beleaguered people in them usually have confidence, ie. If they do not have one of them in the second, the demons managed to miss the life specify almost all the people of the world. People on these demonic activities do not know almost nothing, that is, to know what is nothing. Because people are posessed biggest danger for the people they represent the death of this world, they are the ones that are killers of other people, and there, totally unnoticed at least 50% of homes around the world know not why even and that it is because of demons.

Why YAHSHUA, two thousand years ago, cast out demons and devils out of people? Do so in order to save these people? No, but to show people where their real enemy is hiding. Because when they see that the demon cast out of a man, do not they should ask themselves: Who is the one who came out, where did he in man, what is in it “worked” and why is hiding its presence?

Why did God allow demons to possess such a large percentage of the people? Because this world was created for the purpose of testing people, and not for the enjoyment of life. How else could the demons that tempt people if, hidden, would not be able to live among them! That’s what people do not know about anything, it’s just their thing, because they could know.

On examining the occurrence of posession I learned that demon when it comes to the couple, can only be In one of the spouses. This is because the demons are only allowed to tempt people (a double life is an ideal opportunity to do so), not necessarily ruin them. Therefore, it is free to the spouse left the possibility that your spouse rid of demons. In fact, every person who has strong faith, may expel demons from another man. Free spouse is allowed and “opportunity” to fall in love with a demon, and accepting what the natural ruin on themselves and their children may then occure.Accepting demon’s “opinion”, because of lack of knowlage or ignorance or what ever other reason that allows demon to operate,hammed posessed and do not realize that often accept insidious, planned disinformation.Because if the demon would not have it at all possible ways to tempt their neighbors, what would he even asked people in society?

It should also be understood that such a combination of two people does not happen by accident, or that the demon of “their” spouse necessarily choosing a person who is not posessed,they life defielement. This means that within a family occur far more serious things from family, and that those who are not posessed with the need to be very careful about their own spouses they make choice who will be,they must test completly.

Does that mean you should not have a family, or that you should not love your family members? No, on the contrary,you should love and do. Good to them ofcourse Their life span can be shortened and purpose destroyed more by demons if you do not. And that’s a good night of their deliverance from demons? But what our neighbors do and say, and be careful, especially if you are against it, our conscience.The clear conscience that can recognise intruders is Gdd´s spiritual gift of spiritual discerment.

Do the spouses know they are not required to say or do that or this they know first not, is not supposed to care about each other and about their children,and go out and cheat and do drugs and pull you away from truth and way and life of Messiah and abuse is one of the signs that they have demons which means that most need to worry about their lives?Yes you must try your best,if they want no leliverance and are not sorry and try to justify let them with their demons anyways,no salvation for them but never stop trying,once you maybe succed..
But if you mention to someone that needs to be given puzzle of a truth in start of begginning of a better life with information that there is in his spouse or child a demon, you would see that he sought all possible excuses to avoid CAN´T talk about it,or even aggression or threats or anything violent or negative or ofended,and all sorts of o thanx how to thank you what to do,anything which is not this posetive is demonic reaction of the same or another demon that has gained control and fullfilled insidious purpose of the own satanic agenda to control another person.

“I can not know if in my husband (wife, brother, child, etc.) Has a demon, no one can help – it would be. Almost certainly the answer, in all cases when I see some of his/her friends said he/she was posessed by a demon and that should help him/her, no one did not want to talk about it, let alone to help him/her not this is also another sign of demons helping another demons.

When a man who is not posessed with “back film” and recalled how they looked his first days with the person with whom he later married, you’d realize that the other person had the initiative during their meeting and bonding. What, then, are the intentions of the person, that man calls his wife (woman or her husband)? The man managed demon certainly liked the woman he then married, or demon, who is “most responsible” for the conclusion of their marriage, with this woman has a completely different plan.

In the Bible, such influence of demons called “hive mind connecting,as it is said also in the bible satan is the prince of the power of the air the spirit that works in dissobedient children,the rebbelion itself” but in practice it is an attempt to murder, or murder masses, for which, however, is most to blame I killed. Posessed man who is virtually certain passenger towards hell, in his wife usually seen only person he loves. Demon, however, in that same woman sees only person who has a chance to save herself from hell, but that her husband could help, that can also be saved. Why would he, therefore, allowed, if God had already allowed that in many ways they try to “persuade” the failure of life? Especially because they are God´s “special” gladly accepted!They will get a chance if it is meant,that is why,so nothing is impossible for God,and even uses that to show that to others as testimony who also have a chance.

But it is not only in marriage. Demons always seek the association of pure people that would could to try them out. So they choose their friends, and so it is all over and enterprises. Safes and directors possessed by demons often employ those who are not demon infested, while the “free” directors fail to employ clean people and then employ those who have demons! Many rulers Force on when they suddenly released their “most loyal associates”! You may think that this is impossible, but it happens invisibly around the world. Clean man does not know is that A second possession, and, on the other hand, posessed man knows that he is not the one who chose who will make a friendship or business relationship. Of course, it’s demons that are let by God, which simultaneously protects and helps every man who lives correctly.

Then I learned that if i man posessed by demons has possessed line in family and its child then also, and only that which by its nature resembles posessed parents. It’s a demon allowed because it would wrongly raised child with no curses of sins the generational curses destroyed and spiritualy trained holy parents. So, in a few cases video that demon manages the oldest member of the family, his child, and finally, his grandchildren.

Well, you might say, the man was my fault as it was captured by a demon, but what are the fault of his children, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, that same demon “adoptive” of their birth? Why did God allow these children to be trapped in your whole life? And the answer would be: is it God’s fault for this? Is not that a consequence of what has been done with a man who was demon “made a deal”? Does God through own second commandment said not and warned people,humanity is warned,yup warned: it is punishment and fourth generation of those who hate God? _Is Man is not supposed to, but when does something bad, before that, check out what all the consequences it can have on them,on people. Had he done anything that would harm his posterity, would be God was to be blamed for the consequences of that later befell his children?No not at all,but demons would even use that to get you away from God and insert demonic emotionalism to make you curse God, is not the one who is with posessed parents can not release your then of you who have possessed parents then your child have a demon? It can, but for the sake of your child, obviously you are maybe not interested enough so that you do not even know that one day their grandchild badly abusedin life if nothing else by not beeing wicked as your parents but just abused by somebody and then might get saved if not,worse things passing then on ohter generations.What good is everything that man does for your child, if then give his life in the hands of the devil? /

Proverbs 24:11–12
11 jRescue those who are being taken away to death;
hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
12 If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,”
kdoes not he who lweighs the heart perceive it?
Does not he who mkeeps watch over your soul know it,
and will he not repay man naccording to his work?

As the demon in a home under his command keeps usually two or three people, he can through one of them _one day, say, yells at anoither, that is insulting and provoking, and then, in an instant, then yarn in this another person that from first to that second yelled jump on the yelled person, and that through her “answers” the first in the same way. So it happens cases known from the daily press: “My father killed my son,” or; “Son killed father,” and such. This demonic “machinations” has long been predicted as one “of the signs of the last time.Even the same demons”explain “such occurrences time that people are” crazy. “A people that” explanations “are accepted.

To make it clearer who are creatures that are represented as, say, our brother (or mother, friend …), you should also remember that these same creatures(demons and devils/archons-jinn,ect) but ‘centuries appear in the form of vampires, werewolves, dinosaurs, dragons, “aliens” viruses (!), etc., and that each of them has the soul of thousands of human lives in the first appearance they physicly appeared then before. For the demon and devil is not just someone who lies, cheats or steals he/she/it primarily is the human killer, all the most terrible accidents that have occurred to people that are happening, and will happen until the end of the world, are part of these same creatures, now starring our parents , brothers,sisters, friends, and so on and so forth. From about a hundred families in Belgrade, which i personaly know, and in other towns in my own town also, I do not know anybody without no demons of lets say relatives at least to not just be opressed or attacked,tempted,ect,but as i must say relatives possessed by demons and used and controlled.——————————- ——

Posessed people do not have by no means be wicked as it is expected nd purpatreted by demons themselves thrue exorcist movies and such and by explanations of chatolic prists,ect and mediums and psychics and so on and so forth,they as measured by human standards not just,but also because what demon achieved does not depend much on the type of character of posessed man.Personally I am convinced that demons dwell also in a very so called „benevolent“ people also even more so.I experienced that I do some of these people, like my friends, are various, larger or smaller services,but also so that i see bared beast on examination of their faces when I had exposed them.

It was only when I was able to challenge some of them, and when I see long and silent people become something else i see how furious and roaring like wild animals can became, I realized that I did not before I had to deal with these people,and no analising i need to do at all but to automaticly addmit that there are in them demons who faithfully played and masked the whole thing craftly.

I was a little surprised when I found that I was thinking that contact with some of my relatives and friends, so to speak, my whole life had dealings with demons or were attacked or possessed/tampted/controlled by them and so on and so forth.Although I have tried everything, even in one case and not in any way I could get to a man posessed to addmit, always fit only demon there to interupt first to defend the person not nesseserly violently but to just denny the case or to justify the dirt in dirt kind of talking way with pure gibberish and nonsance and satanic beffunery stuff without that person realising,with realising or not even if the deep depts of deepest depts are explained.So I realized that posessed man can not speak, nor can it for yourself do anything really well.

Because someone will probably ask how can I be sure that the people in these people are demons will answer simply: all people in whom I recognized the demons, they admitted that without a shred of resistance as soon as I started to get out in a matter of clearing if not directly then indirectly and by my spiritual discerment given by God with responce they said that would as i would expect demons to sell even their junk or even addmiting shortly the plain sight truth or irinicly even addmiting or in what ever way that is recognisable if you have knowlage and experience and if you are not ignorant and not in that way having demons to recognise that you have demons in these people and that that is automaticly the case.Respectively, these are acknowledged demons. In the beginning, I was completely surprised by their confession, but later, after the awards of my not giving up,as these rewords took place regularly,in my rewords I realized that they did so under God´s command or preasure and or act in some way. Also, that God made me do the thing that I have come to know it. By being a recognising machine for a demon forced to reveal their presence, God is interested in a person who made effort for a true and real change,and that made a man made possible the next step: also with driving demons from besieged. God helps us always on,when we are trying to live correctly, something can not be done alone. Every person who truly is faitful and obeys God can make demon_confess their presance; and it can and throw them out of the besieged humans, of course, with some effort if not just by confession.

Run before your courts of any man posessed with demons and let the first spiritualy strong and holy person who comes obeying the torah Commandments command the spirit; he will dispose with complete pousibility admit that the demon is there if there is a demon, as is sometimes falsely represented the deity even,the archon the devil or serving demon soilder of it will addmit also. And if you do not obey devils,a holy life,may also save others..

What is the main “business”of demons today? Primarily, that people on all possible ways to maintain ignorance that is the end of the world and that is about to begin a major war – that they would be well prepared! Same to you to provoke and disturb them, that they would, so “prepared”, easier to give up on your life when you will soon be resourceful trouble that will bring this war. The demons know why and how insanitly to create hatred, discord and enmity, people do not even dream of seducing someone at a precise plan, let alone why.

In order to create nervousness, hostility and enmity, demons that are in people harass their family members, neighbors and people you meet on the streets, in shops, public transport, etc., often infusing them to them confusion and chaos adna all that and insulting them without any real reason. Those people planning miserable life because they know that nervous, angry or apathetic people are more likely to get killed in the war.So you can better understand what danger threatens man of his closest, if they are possessed by demons. Since the posessed man already scrapped, meta demons were members of his family, his friends and others with whom_on comes in contact, who´s unaware of anyone actually have a job. Often we accept what we are insisting demons without any questioning of our self awarness,and that is respecting the another will of another demon without questioning of demons will merging it with ours in ways allowing the demon of ignorance block our will never to think freely to think about self awarnesa and question,toughts,and words stated and our actions.For example, if it comes to that kind of accident stalking demon will categorically assert that nothing bad will happen, you should have a “positive thoughts” and not speak of bad things,is deceptive sly whisper demonic talking right then and there and so in the suffering and death and take-posessed man, and his household. Or would argue that if something like that happens, it will not be able to save anyone, that is will always be demons thrue people responded in that way, not to take any action to forestall an accident! When the demon wants something nagative to happen like by members of “their” family, and they oppose it,demon performs or aggressive, or persistent, so they usually give in and accept that upon which demon insists.

* I do not came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I came to set a man from his father, and a daughter of niezine cat and a daughter-in-law of her, and the man’s enemies are his homework. (Mattew 10.34 to 36)

What is said here? To those who do good should be separated from those who persistently serve the devil; that the family is not what we believe is more a good opportunity for the demons that tempt people, ie. that families, like everything else in the country, serves to separate the “wheat from the chaff” and not for a peaceful and happy life. For how could a man live happily and peacefully – where demons live ?! Objectively, man’s homework, if you are posessed with, most are his enemies, as he has in them the greatest confidence.

* Truly I tell you that there is not one who is doing the kingdom of God has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, but that does not receive much more in this time, and eternal life in the world who are going to develop signs. (Luke 18.29,30) Of course, this does not mean that a man should leave his wife or children,nesseserly evrybody who they think there are demons,only if it is really needed like if the cituations are extreme and people repobrate dammned calcified who have no chance and bring extreme misery,and prevent even salvation,and this means that no one is worthy of his/her own eternal life. Because what really makes a man/woman say: “I have my husband/wife and children and most of them will not be separated, even killed!” – When you know that a clean person, for the purpose of testing, as a spouse, almost obligatory “planted” in which the person is a demon, who, then, in all possible ways of trying to ruin the whole family?

What awaits him who his spouse (child, parent) trust and obey more than God,and even puts before God which is wicked, it can be easy to understand when one knows that that person has a demon, with regard to the most important, always lying, his first man. And if you lie and pushed to ruin it, what will they do to his wife and children? Time you accept something just because someone insists on making their people unconsciously become not only suicide, but also complicit in the murder of his household dwellers, first of their children.

Finally, the work of demons and kill people, because who else killed them? People are not crazy enough to do so. No demons do thrue them as they see fit and humans by free will resist not temptation,people would need to kill then themselves long time,it would be all killed each other slowly then, it takes maybe a million years even, and now it will be done in just three months!

Since demons will soon try their neighbors in all possible ways, and therefore force, to prevent lives welcome the end of the world, God is now allowed something you never have allowed before:

* Serious is the time boys and girls. Take what no one before you has carried. I said, ‘Do not murder, and I know why I said. And now I say, if I kill and who stops. I’m talking to you in the trouble day of man, not a murderer because what is pleasing to the killing. Are you a broom harder than steel when you can not clean up and clean and not clean. Enough, then, is the story of Satan, let alone the work of this temporary prince. Jeered and mocked him, now is the time of seriousness. I said, serious, and adds: too serious a time: no noise, not even silence, but act. Do not move the Universe to please hypocrites, as you said.

The same is said kill what God wants us yes is not unprovoked to kill,but to defend ourselves,that is difference there, if and when stopped – is good,no it is same suicide?Yes it is suicide to allow somebody kill you when you have means to kill them to stop them,then it is suicide.What are, therefore, understand, and how much? Do not smite the nations and empires Reynard, who stopped me, me who am the truth? Anyone said, and kill, if and when it stop? Do you hypocrite, you may not even that does not say, let alone what getting bigger and behold, he kills, it is not stopped, but to stop. Why do you wage wars, but because: you stay where you are, you can not move.And why are you killing unfaitful you who think you are believers and faitful? Is it because you were stopped in faith or what you are challenged to think, and it does not desirous? But how when it comes to the key of knowledge, so he took him and squeezed, and I can not enter or leave the other. What is this, if not hypocrisy?

So those who go to war against hypocrisy, the first who will carry the burden of understanding, which are raised on reminded and lie, if only ignorance the ignoramuses practice their craft of ignorance, new ignorance more will be with bad ends meet – they said, and again I say, I say, and affirm: i kill if and when stopped. For close to a deadline, time flies. Who is waiting, waiting for what will never be. For that wanted waiting, I went out into the world, nor the world walked towards me.

Since these are the last days of this world and of the last cleaning, preventing the one who wants to be. Save that dog, an attempt of murder! So killing those who do want to stop us,that is good and does not seem to represent a crime, but self-defense. For if a man would not kill that which prevents him might be saved, it would have killed him, but not a gun, shotgun or any other weapon. A man who wants to be saved, in fact does not stop another man but a demon in him, which means it is certainly an attempted murder. So today is not a sin to kill such.

Earlier, killing a man would be a sin, since it is in this way man stripped of time given to him to “earn” eternal life. Now, however, premature death can anyone take your time, because time is no more, and that’s why God permits the killing of one another, which prevents to save lives who were in demons plans to be killed that would attain salvation no to attain it in the first place their purpose.

How to recognize a man posessed by a demon? This takes experience, but when someone “talking nonsense” not talking “but seprepire when it unnecessarily aggressive, it could be a” means of identification “demons.Een more something: no normal man would mock that goes inside his own good life and salvation, and posessed to make almost mandatory. Those in which there are demons, can be identified, says also my spirit guide the elf guardian Olein,she says that now more so they are easily recognised and how they like to command their pagan crap and such,and expected lifestayl and tradition and having an idol in life among the youngsters and teens is obvious to spot one, (because it is the way in which man can se another in also plain defence of the sin)

Today we often hear the phrase: “Shall we mention,we want the change,,we must have it, no matter what you sit down and do with us. It’s better that all we even die, but to continue to live like this.” Of course, this can not talk normal man. It is raging demons,in these polititians or those who are their fanatical fallowers.because they know that time is running out,then demons cleaning their household first, and then other people, to condemn themselves to death.More so these people without thinking much, accepting and repeating this demonic slogan, which is thousands of times already managed to cause human blood streams and rivers arround and vast destruction of property. Because if it is better that all die, people should know that their “desire” soon almost fully realized, and then the few survivors to see whether it was indeed better. The demons know that for any nonsense to the people agree not required only that they propagate long enough to accept it.
Here are examples of sayings of Hitler who was perfect walk in walking demon slaughter house who hosted many legions upon legions of demons and devils-archons-jinn who said who revealed even the truth here:
„All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.“-
Adolf Hitler

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. Adolf Hitler
By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.
Adolf Hitler
Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.
Adolf Hitler
(my commentary analises of this( now hitler was knowing what he said :he spoke about the spiritual warfare,he made legal rights for demons to influence people who would even not at all suspect that he himself seduced them to give them demons in life like the lies in school accepted just to make demons later manipulate you to accept lies that he Hitler himself did suicide while that was his doll oversided almost acreatched not even looked human say like that was him while he was in spaceship with satan up in the galaxy and later before beeing killed by same archons returned to earth in 1980´s and who says that truth to you you say that these people lie or whatever when you hear that hitler was not killed and that then when you listen still demons and lie like that not knowing or knowing not important this makes you loose in spiritual warfare and more legal right to demons and more demons to come into your life he was big and global that is my point his humanity way all peoplke with him knowing that or not he was truck load for tons upon millions of tons of demons)he spoke about spiritual warfare,i mean his demons)
Great liars are also great magicians.
Adolf Hitler
My another commentary to one up is that he revealed that he is liar and magican!!
What to say more,there is nothing to be said,ignorant remain ignorant and this is by God forced demons to tell thrue hitler what people needed to know then!
Here we continue with quotations:
How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
Adolf Hitler
He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.
Adolf Hitler
I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.
Adolf Hitler (this reveals who he is that he is occultist again-my commentary)

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

Adolf Hitler
Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace.
Adolf Hitler
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.
Adolf Hitler

When people want to believe in something, demons sometimes act aggressively and sometimes not, but always try to look as if in what they are saying. They convincingly yelling: “i do not think this is it”. Or: “why this is then like that if this is true?”
They question truth and may even offer truths and then give more lies and even use bit of truth and lies to merge together to make it look soo true!

In the main chooice of high level demons and more so archdemons which are mixture of not fallen celestial beings and humans but the mixture of 2 archons now these higher demons these children,and archons themselves the fallen celestial beings more that choose,so demons and devils-jinn/archons, prefer more professionals (engineers, doctors, priests,scientists, etc. And so on and so forth), But ordinary people, because the experts can more easily and more to do evil are open to their influence because these higher individuals have highlights. For men, it is professional stuff is concerned, far easier to donate their trust someone who has a degree, but one who has not, even if the latter knew ten times more than the first one.This is also supported lie that these with degree and highlights and popularity and acceptance are value to be listened then somebody who is not on their place because the demonic beings are the ones who are there to convince also to lie so they would accept these in higher authority positions of something who are then making more others indoctrinated to accept on and bee lead astray more eazy by by the same indoctrination that such individuals must be fallowed.

The possession is not soo dangerous in the world like of politics, because politicians are posessed with the main challengers, more so completly by high level legions upon legions of demons and more so archons themselves the fallen ones many times or all the time at first, strained relations between the state and, then, and wars. Today the world has, obviously, much more posessed statesmen, diplomats and generals, then “clean”. What does it mean when more than 90% of politicians and commanding military personnel in_ one country posessed by demons (and so in each country), it is not a pleasant thought, but it’s good to know. Looking from this, the true angle deserter is primarily a clever man. Because, we should recall that it was the devil divided the people of the nations, so it would be able to pit one on Ruge. Is man not to listen to spiritual discerment adn intuitionshould,you must listen to conscience, more than any politician or general?Yes you must! For over conscience tells God, through generals who knows who,what kind of devil or demon.

For permanent “success” demonic world of utmost importance to the confidentiality of their actions, that is. human ignorance. Because demons are creators of all science, all religions, they all challengers of true reason,and makers and barers of disease, they cause the engine and all the wars in history and are now all more so_and you must notice that almost all mankind perished in the largest same fields they listen to and live by but it does not still ring a bell to many. Those who are not with knowlage almost nothing about demons are most likley to get demons or already have them or the demonic spirits try to attack and tempt or opress and possess them already and so on and so forth; those who are posessed with,can not speak as they should.

Since the basis of various indicators can indicate that about 15-20% of people in the world even more so possessed by high levels of demons and even archdemons and fallen celestial beings the archons themselves may know but hide and use as advantage, but also that the highest percentage of them in important positions in society who can very well be these people,then it is quite understandable that they come from the so-called. science division among people-really psudo science the religion,so on and so forth and the like (ethnic, political, religious, etc.), wars and other evils. Today, when we look at television and listen: Madeleine Albright, George W. Bush, Putin, Blair, Robin Cook, Louise Arbour, Carla del Ponte, Črnomirdina, Knut Vollebaek, Matthias Ahtisaari, Walker, Holbrooke, Javier Solana, Westendorp, Wesley Clark, Schroeder , Chirac, Jackson, Kouchner, Draskovic, Kostunica, Djindjic, Pešicevu, Čanak, Goran Svilanovic, Abdullah Ahmad,Barack Obama, and others, it seems to us that these people are obviously by normal people not seen entierly as human but with gigantic mare demonic delusion with human mask just. But they are not human at all sometimes, they are cursed dammned insidious wicked creatures from hell who possessed the bodies of these men or these creatures themselves who are materialised who morphed/shapeshifted into humn form. The sum of these politicians do not speak to my norm as normal,you must listen to that intuition,this has to do anything for them to make the demons and devils, who themselves call their names made up or the names of magican polititioan puppets who conjured them up in themselves. These “politicians” are certainly wrong as demons and devils-archons-jinn took over command of them, but for us it is not our fault ignorance is the same spell and work of same demons of the same devils who are in polititians who are in them or who are these devils materialised playing show of clowns deceiving humans that they are something they are not, but the fact that those who speak through them just preparing to killk billions of people! By their behavior can be seen that they do not even hide that many people are not people or that they are controlled by some other foce.

Why? Because they know that they will be able to provoke a nuclear war and an unprecedented ecological cataclysm, people do not know.

Although every demon personality for themselves and have their own experiences with the man they possessed,these demons and devils were “telepathically” associated with “base” who are high levels of them who are hive mind connected to Satan who gave ordeers who´s giving commands,whose orders were executed within the hiararchy,and the other demons with which constitutes a “body”. People are divided among themselves, because everyone has their own plan and purpose, not knowing God. If all men knew God, they would be united as they have a common enemy. And will have no discretion,and this is like this,so dark forces are in lead and are perfectly united in their actions against the human world; among them there is no disagreement in this respect,and the only thing they can do is to kill and steal and destroy as they are dooing already. People are by no means unanimous, because they just lead by demons,and then mislead each other and share crap and stuff.

Demons know how to keep theirr man for themselves.
Nevertheless, there are cases of exorcism, exorcism the driving of demons out of people. But it’s mostly not dangerous cases, but those in which possession is obvious and appears like a circus show: a man, like, screaming, angry, levitate, spits some green liquid from the mouth, and the like. These are the cases that there ought to deceive us, to believe that the posession with looks just like that are and no ohter case possible! I really dangerous posession cases are really far worse then that,they are also not safe,but there are far worse,the ones who are in politics and such places of power,are worse,there are those in which there was no noticeable nothing unusual, as is the case with hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world also must be in your mind. Something dangerous cases are when a man posessed with, say, a doctor professor, engineer, politician, scientist,an prist … and even more dangerous if the president of a state, because each of the beleaguered state lidern when fading war, that charge in death scare first it is! And if you say that freedom must be defended, then the answer: Whose freedom will now killed six billion people ?!

Almost no one has ever proposed to expel the demon from some of these people, even though they are the biggest threat to humanity. Or anywhere in the world,is there an institution that is organized, decisively and effectively fight for determining posession with people and expelling demons from them? Not seriously as they should! Because all the institutions in the hands of demons.

brief comment must add for you to know

Unfortunately in the Cosmos there are two main types of different civilizations, which are in constant conflict over thousands of years. One is a humanoid civilization with bipolar beings at different stages of spiritual and technological development, originating from the constellation Lyra,these are elves that i mentioned a lot who are now also more at war,while others are draconian gargoyl dragons the reptilian civilization with their hybrid beings also at different stages of development technologicly, originating from the constellation Draconis. Both types of civilization have diametrically criteria in terms of moral ethical values, so that a compromise is possible. Reptiles inhabit the physical plane and the lower astral, while humanoids inhabit the physical plan, Lower and higher astral, so that the knowledge and technology superior to Reptiles. However Humanoids from the Higher Astral often kept aside and engage in the activities of a higher order, so that the fate of survival parts of fallen Humanoids of before that were seduced by reptoid humanoids and Reptiles of the lower dimension of existence,their under their command demons are more in power then any of ohter,who come under of these demons command which also makes duality more and conflict thrue humans ie. Wars and such and disasters in nature and so on and so forth that happens in change of 2012 and beyond now.

We Sapiens with our planet, geography, we have created relatively recently inhabited this planet after the great conflict between the previous and reptilian humanoid civilization that had first wars before we were created with first 1/3 of satan´s civilisations of first rebels and then the others who are another line of annunaki and then 500 years later dracos who we know as and then greys and later in times of Jared and Enoch and Noah the Grigori the Igigi who were mentioned as watchers who have hybrid children between us the nephilim their killed by global Noahic flood of Atlantis and Lemuria are also spirits of demons who also tempt and opress andf possess and infuence people today and who do destructionand trouble and kill ,steal and destroy and work destruction.They won Humanoids and Reptiles retreated into underground bases,the humanoids of Lyra there are several who are holy still and several who are fallen as even from same Lyra Olein one elf explained that she and her order and several races remained or go to other planets and here sometimes they come to intervine. Demons in question actually these children of these draconians,the spirits of their dead hybrids more are controlling and worked against world and more controlled in age of patriarchy before 2012 before 2012 reptiles from the Lower Astral,and now the fallen elven´s spirits of dead hybrids the demons and of insectoids and of these others who are matriarchy oriented who are for this age who engage in initiating war against patriarchy forces they command their own demons under command to war against demons in other people who are of patriarchy system still,thus this is one of the reasons of hightening the global trouble the trouble here thgat is called world war 3,ect,which can occupy bodies of humanoids in the physical plane, and use them as generators of Astral energy or food – blood, lymph glands and. By the will of humanoids from the Higher Astaro they are not allowed to physically threaten the survival sapiens who are right and on God´s side, but only through the influence of thought and behavior that stems from it, which they use for themselves. The fight for the survival of our people’s struggle to create positive thoughts, from which pimples Harmony and Love.
History of the galaxy – a comparative overview of extraterrestrial civilizations:

All the historical and scientific books were corrected in wrong way and re-written to fulfill the work program of the controller of this planet the demiurge the baron prince temporary ruller of this grid,Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel who is the one who controls this world as bible told for short time and the spirit that worked in children of dissobedience and the prince of the power of the air. To understand how the Illuminati came to power or even to understand what they are, it is important to understand the beginning of life in this world and its progress. All religions, no matter who and what they are, are a form of group control brain created to control and manipulation of the masses of people that they stopped to think for themselves,these religions the religion in general is created by the evil beings called archons and jinn as they are called the fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the same races who are in religions served as gods and their children demons they are devils parents of demosn there is difference,and anyways there are good celestial beings loyal to God,hoewer the thing is all both good and bad are created by God and some later became evil they were not always like this by their own will they did and God has not yet cast them all to hell,and uses them to test humanity and bring balance and the duality game these beings play fight to divide and concer and are the ones who are the hate and just who is going to be on top the demonic realm hiararchy is extremly organised beyond your mind but they are in hate and duality and they just care who is going to be on top and even sometimes of hate war amoonghts themselves. There is a Creator the Most High and God has high intelligence which we can not comprehend nor understand at all nor describe with words but there is no religion in God´s rule nor does have one all the ones claiming to have God of them serve demigod the demiurge the archon king Lucofrage Rofacale Sataniel.Yes Creator is Holy Trinity,but it is both male and female and it is not just one gender male or just female as patriarchy religions of christianity,islam and judism and matriarchy religions of wicca,neo gnosticism and vatican the 2nd council´s new age ecumental ufo hippie movement,but thou it is why it is written „Let us make humans in our image“ and that means male and female parents and children that is family and that represents trinity and that is why satan hates family and wants to destroy the family structire and the thing is that homosexuality like gays and lesbians with marching pride really shame movements come and stuff like that and then haarp and those with atmokinesis who when satan tells them if God allows as part of judement destroy with natural disaster like tornado or something like that these meetings as demonstration of fear later in controlled opposition movements where they even expose spiritual summoning of beings in witchcraft who are used to bring storms and stuff and also haarp and stuff and then they more expose agenda 21 chemtrails,gmos monsanto and fast food and all forms of junk hybrid amomanation foods and flouridated water calcification of dna and then put more controlled opposition cults like activist marching violence false solution cults like anonnymus and stuff like that to harness energy of more suffering and domesticism,which is wrong way to do it getting people distracted instead leading them into spiritual warfare which is only solutiuon,spirituality is quenched and souls by these another new age cults which is also religion even exposing fraud of what religion is all even many forms of anti religious movements is all religious all anti religious titles and religious are religious and political whatever they are parts of movements and archons can feed of people who give themselves these titles they know not most high and they are domestic terrorist and property to be killed not considered person by 14th amenmend which is not just american this is worldly when nazidoom like we are best country greeks and serbians do that i know i live in serbia believe nazidoom is not german thing just that is in america in many movies promoted they act world police and saviours both the movie „true lies“ tells this when terrorist azis told that they bomb their lands and crimson jihad you dare to call us terrorists,which makes sence,this is true because the thing is that they use these things as set up also these same beings the archons they use CIA to create alkaida and isis and they create fake enemy that is cia mossad askenazi khazar zionist created factions who are controlled opposition un unated nations nato and other factions like fbi always got them later bin laden is not dead his clone is he is underground like gadafi and the thing is they have clones the thing is that these all had from galactic federation factions like galactic federation,galactic federation of planets,galactic federration of light ashtar command,these federations are more and less one and also faction within the faction good cop and bad cop mind games what disclousure they will bring be aware and be warned and warn others that this global news and disclousure is the demonic illuminati globalist cabal giza inteligence controlled disclousure and all lies later they will expose more they will have then more factions thatr will expose many fake good cop within 4 times they will have 4 different savior leader figures and the thing is that this will be 4 horeseman ciunterfiting and these true ones when realised these are 4 angels bound in river euphrates theye will wrack havoc upon planet later when Most High allows saatan to realise them.The controllers make a mold incoming doing so with the intent to disorienting and disbalancing weight or controllers know the destination and the order of life,but distorsions they make to make chaos for problem solution reaction-order out of chaos or-hagelian dfialect-thesis*antithesis-and synthesis,which is the work of liek they create hell and and the same opressors make people scream for help and they the opressor themselves make themselves the saviors and solution,and bring order of their own that humans must listen and obey if they want to be saved theology and story and mind deception game happens here.The war is on global cosmic multiverse level and for minds and souls and it is far more and wider then world war 3 or whatever the wrong case in the mainstream and even in alternative controlled oppsosition they try to tell ya.The masses are guided to believe that random events shape in the middle of the chaos in their existence. In true reality there is no such thing as a mess. Chaos is a model that is not yet understood or OSEC. Remember the ant walking across the floor made of roofing tiles. Ant may seem confused or disoriented not knowing which direction to go, but man watching an ant with a more clear perspective and clearly sees the floor and knows in which direction ant can go to get to their destinations. Just ant can understand chaos. For men, there is a certain model. To control the people as ants. The controllers are interested in directing people in such a way that they do not know that they are directed. The controllers work slowly and methodically with a global perspective in order to complete their goal.The thing is that dark forces not just thrue controlled opposotion,but thrue their own agents and servants give warnings if you are knowlagable and mature and discerning bold enough thrue Hitler,Theosophical Madame Helena Patrovna Balvatsky,Stalin,Margret Senger,Joseb Broz Tito,and many like Scientology John Hubbard,Jack Parsons,Albert Pike,and many more they reveal the plans,even satanist freemasonic zionist jesuit who is ipsimus in occultism who had contact with witch who is the one as familliar spirit helped him the one who is known as Carl Marx,yup he was an illuminati,jesuit,zionist,fremason,chatolic spy,and social darwinist,and hippie,and eugenics supporter and founder of many more underground movements,i will get into it more later,that one was controlled by alpha drconians as they are known by that faction,he was pro abortionist and pagan,and he was extremist zionist,he helped bring confusion into this world no pagan holidays like xmas and easter but anyways he celebrated them because they represented the religion that is separate to communistic religion which is state and leader are male and female dieties the main foundation of religiona nd politics system with little bit secularist and even some several biblical principles like equality but it was not respected like it was mixture religion and politics system,and the thing is as i tell more about this all more there is yet why confusion he brought and i come back to that as first i continue about fallen ones. You also can find a way out of the chaos that is to figure out the order. Become aware of the decisions and take control of your life and destiny.But dark forces want to make you free range slave and later tottal slave and the thing is they want to look as they care but they not,they want transhumansm and brain in computer robot and drug rave and music cube pandora´s saturnian harvester box to put people and the thing is that they use this shamanism trance goa sorcery and stuff like that the drugs and music trance is alpha state of mind,the dancing and ultimate that and the sex drug hippie astaroth worship revolutions of hitler and crowley and abortion worship of molec and comunist worship is the same is worship of molec also thrue masterbution and such of Lilith the prostitution and harlotry is sex out of lust and not love and many stuff,all designed and restored systems repacked of worship of ancient dieties who are fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the archons the jinn religion means relaying on a jinn,that is why it is not worship of divine at all,because it limits divine,you put what you say is divine in Box and LIMIT IT,YOU THINK,GOD IS BEHIND SOME RELIGION,NO THAT IS A GOD DAMN JINN,THE DEMIURGES THE PAGAN DIETIES WHO IMMITATE DIVINE THEY ARE JELOUS OF UNHOLY JELOUSY WHO BLASPHIME AND MOCK TRUE THEIR OWN AND OUR AND OF WEHOLE CREATION UNIVERSE BY NEW AGE UFO HIPIE MOVEMENT CHANNELINGS SAYING JELOUSY AND STUFF DIETIES THEY MEAN NOT ABOUT THEMSLVES BUT REVEAL WHO THEY ARE BUT AS BAD THING LIKE THAT MEAN MORE ABOUT TRUE CREATOR WHO HAS RIGHT FOR THAT BECAUSE THESE CREATURES STEAL GLORY THEY ARE IDOLS AND IDOL WORSHIP IS FOR A REASON FORBIDEN THESE ARE TRICKNOLOGY HUSTLER TRICKSTER BEASTS!

part I

In the beginning. . . . . In the beginning, God was there as the brain and nothing more SO TO SPEAK,DOES NOT HAVE BEGINNIG AND NO END,ETERNAL,NOT CREATED,ETERNAL,BEYOND UNDERSTANDING SO TO SPEAK.Contrary to popular belief,he/she does judge, does interfere with, and does change anything that has already been created,but never changes rules like torah/tanak,the commandments stand and the popular dispensationalis who mock Mother Shekhinah are basterd seed of satan,who think and say and react with unbiblical nonsance baffunery stuff from hell grace as perversions that when you accept messiah you do not have to repent saved by grace you can live as devil and hell itself all it is nailed to the cross and even paganism,this is not true and the case here,by grace saved are those wholy who are really saved by grace that enablers them the diliverance and stronger will to overcome by the power and the spirit and the annointing of the Most High to overcome it and live holy obedient life which is if you love me keep my commendments nd i came not to brake law of the phrophets nor abolish but to fullfill is destroying of old blood covinent which means no old forms of animal killing in tamples to be redeemed but accepting Yahshua his blood erases sin and is even spiritual wepon against demonic realm,and the thing is that is the enabling to keep the commandments and the thing is that this is the case and that is grace for real,this is not works,but they forget not these verses if ye love me keep my commandments and i came to fullfill but not to abolish law,only old blood covinent sacraficial ritual law,not torah law,there are 2 laws one still stand which is eternal the torah law with sub commandments the 613 which is eazy to be keept,do not be deceived,mormonism have necromancy,the thing is that it is morman who is fallen angel moronai the spirit of necromantic magic and god of guals and zombie ressurection magic,this is necrobatic sirius b lizard elite of necrobatic necromantic wizards who do the dirty work thrue peoeple who command familliars to immitate human souls who are not interacting for real who are in lower or higher hellish or havenly realms from the moment of departure from physical body.Creator allows free choice and free will of all of creation. In this way, all possibilities are open. Nothing is never deprived of existence. People judge the events or other beings as positive or negative, good or bad, but for God’s sake, they are simply parts of it. The limited human mind can not comprehend nor understand the levels of creation. This is a state of being that is pure energy, independent of time and space. There is a current transmission of thoughts and perceptions. The method of communication is through color, ie tons. Sound and symbols. This is the foundation and base of all creations. How did God become all knowing was eternaly already, all other forms or levels began to exist simultaneously. All levels of awareness created levels below them.
Here is hiararchy from Creator and creation:

Most High Creator Father Yahweh and
Mother ShekhinYah and Lord Yahshua the messiah! / -universal intelligence-which guides and protects and watcher over all creation and is source of all creation,not ofcourse including hybrid which is satan´s and of all other rebel fallen factions..,then


Holy and fallen celestial astral etherical lightbeings the angelic hierarchy,and many more like.. These celestial creatures have been variously identified with:
• Dragons
• Elves
• Fairies
• Gnomes
• Leprechauns
• Sprites
• Nymphs
• Pixies
• Angels
• Trolls
• Devils
• Witches
• Giants
• Vampires
• Werewolves
• Goblin elemental Fay
• Faery
• Daevas
• Asuras
• Oadriax
• Elementals


Hybrids of rebel factions the fallen ones and dead spirits of hybrids the demons/nephilim/alien hybrids


human –homo sapians

animal / insect /ameba






subatomic particles that turns into pure energy.

This was discovered when the old Hebrew language is entered directly into the computer and Biblical sequences are decoded. Those who control the world allow us to get rid of just odds and ends of this information. Old Kabbalists and members of secret societies from ancient Egypt and Antlantide know this for millennia.
Dark forces as i said will counterfit many thigns like armageddon and messiah´s return and judement and millenium of peace,new agers talk about it like 5D new haven and earth,ect…..

revelation 21:7 A New Heaven and a New Earth
…7″He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son. 8″But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Corinthians 6:9
Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men

“And I saw heaven opened.” What a dramatic moment in history! The heavens are opened to allow this procession to take place. This may refer to the thick darkness and the cloud cover which will be characteristic of the Tribulation (Zeph. 1:15; Joel 2:2). The Savior will be there on a white horse followed by His armies (believers and angels) (2 Thess. 1:7, 10; and Rev.19:14). The armies of the world will be gathered in battle array on the hill of Megiddo and the mountains of Palestine. The oriental bloc will be set against the western confederacy under the authority of the beast, but when this event transpires, they join forces against the Lord Yahshua (vs. 19).

This is where God’s kingdom comes to be on earth as it is in heaven. Here God’s program is climaxed; God exalts His Son and puts all creation under His feet, a symbol of His victory and control (Psalm 2; Eph. 1:22; Heb. 1:13; Psalm 110:1).

With the words, “And in righteousness He judges and wages war” we see the Savior’s aim. “In righteousness” means “in the sphere of” or “by means of.” Either way it emphasizes that what follows is a product of the perfect righteousness of Yahshua messiah. All evil and the enemies of God are about to be executed and removed.

“Judges” and “wages war!” are both in the present tense to describe the process. Once it starts, it will not stop until every enemy that has stood in rebellion against God is judged and removed.

Note this contrast: In the gospels, which deal primarily with Christ’s first advent, He is seen in His humiliation, rejection, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension. But here His return is one of triumph, glory, power, sovereignty and dominion. Here is the high point in history for here is the manifestation of the Son of God in glory and the end of all demonic and human rebellion. After the 1,000 year reign another brief rebellion will occur, but it is short-lived because Christ is present as King of kings.
I know the goodness of diversity. And future. And changes.

I know what is in tomorrow of post-humanity – shining islands between the world of meat and the world of virtual avatars aka the satan´s fallen elite tropps.

I know what horrors are in the flying cities of starships and cybernetic hermaphrodites connected by minds in one Metaman/madman-devil worshiping leader who is connected to satan himself who is hybrid who is not man but i label him,another elite yahyel hybrid bloodline with one hybrid particilarly.

I know what is in the dignity of personality and the idea that so-called “perverts” are creatures inside triumph of mutation – to monsters far grater then dooing..
I’m saying YES to forbidden ideas like exposing evil as i do now,even if few like,nobody can change truth by not accepting it,they may turn just back to it.

I’m saying YES to bring help to those braves ones who are not scsred to help them who are not scared to look into the helping hand cituation when fighting against “dark sides”, into the eyes of “dangerous beasts”, into lands where Dragons can be found.

And YES – I think we can be together only because of our differences-skin colour,land,because racism is barbaric,if 2 young people love eachother they should be together no matter years,and ariasocracy or not both parents of them are and it is important what is in their heart and soul,and the thing is that what is important is that they must know that they must get the love from eachother they need and not to be stopped by archonic enslaved archon worshiping parents,who are zombies the old people who destroyed the world.

This is a fight of Marduk against Ophiuchus´s age when Ophiuchus steps on the scene back and fights, riot of cyber-heart in the name of those who want to imitate life and edit it and make it crap here and there,not to be free but slaves under strings of puppet masters. This is a fight of the progressive dreamers against the regressive agents – plastic bots full of emptiness, government’s archons/ religious hypocrites= priests of sanctimony/worms of conservatism- thiefs of stars=when you minus these things-freedom comes,but freedom wake up they will immitate by and thru new age movement and one world order movement and starseed movement and illuminatiam movement and as with these movements they will immitate millenium of peace they will fool you with this vatican corporation come out of her my people.

I must give information that information is born to be free and it must be free for everyone as the full packed bomb of tons of knowledge for those who have eyes and ears to see and hear let others remain blind and deaf and warn once,as they remain ignorant,leave them on their destruction,and then when you have .As you gain truth you become free as you are meant to be!

I support evry truth and know that there is in goodness of experience and that experience is the basis of enlightenment also,and support these standsrds also as i have experience,i encourage you to look at them.

I don’t support mainstream zombies nor write for them at all,only for those who really seek truth who are not even alternative mainstream zombies the second level of movements like religion,anti religious religion movement protesting cult,and activist cult,new age cults,psudo spirituality cults and truth movement,prepers movement,and patriot movement,these are all frauds people from any movement they are not for the truth and are against it at all cost,i am against all lies and liars as mainstreamers such as these,if you are religious phoney to challange me with bible even and have no knowlage of it don´t but do not lead others astray saying i am hindu or new ager nor pagan nor any other lie your cult indoctrinated you into limiting of mind and primitivism and conservativism aka barbarism stigmata yuppi nor any other fool,fools stop i tell you to shut the hell up 3 fools came even controlled opposition bodini,who i will deletle his cover up his ass cia shill comment,who tells me that i know not who illuminati is to somebody exposing their controlled oppsition agents such as he is making me doubt,this is spiritual warfare,from God i have that he is shill and he as fat occult giant working for info wars the psyops psychic base gate keeping for vatican protocols of elders of zion puppet tells me something all comments i will give you here and deletle from original i will first give his nonsance here with false name of messiah 2 times he wrote:
Here it is:


I tell you tat you can not both Source Creator blame for that not phantheism fell good new age magic put there in the Universe as there is balance and duality your meditation is not powerfull enough to end evil and duality,your yoga is sex magic you do false meditations there is nothing wrong with meditation,but with yoga and pagan ones there is,the demiurge has deceived you and you can not blame him nor Creator who allows him to be loosed nor anybody else but your own self you are responcible for your own actions.

I find degradatingly demonic primitively humanizing idea of new age mumbo jambo Universe and whatuniversalist phanteistic ufo hippie worshiping sex maniacs describe it like corporation of so-called Gods these are devils demigods the demiurges they serve not addmiting but dooing as the ideas derive from them and this old ancient worship repacked into new masterbation and evrything like that is the old worship of such creatures which are idols which ye shall nothing to do with. There is no reason to fight against icons because there is nothing behind them powerfull as creator,ye shall burn them,it is braking of second commandment and it is demonic.

I know what agenda is behind in techno-magic and digital spirituality of contemporary humanoid channeling and worship which is satanic demonism. I know what is in about starships full orgy ofthe fallen stars, dance of planets, cities on Venus and laughter of laser mantis – citizens of the Sun,these are barbaric monsters who are rebels against own creator who are monsters who play love and light and entice your flash with psychic manipulation acting they love you with repeating over and over love and light and words like beloved ones,nothing prooves that these demonic satanic basterds are not by mentioning love just,without any true proof to proove like preaching the gospel to 4 corners of thge earth,but restoring ancient paganism to burn your sould later as they hypnotise you with mask of love and light sharade.

I’m saying YES to the hardcore marginalization of pornography and radical art-practices;
of prostitution, euthanasia, abortion, LGBT-rights and all magic matters.

Churches nowdays transformed into computer clubs – halls of people perishing for lack of knowledge porn slaughter house house of thefs and robbers which tables need once again to be overturned and torn asunder apart by Yahshua as he did but this needs once more to happen and the thing is that they need to be brought to justice and destruction and judement and wrath of Almighty and fire from haven that theyir curceses and corpses of perishing sexuzal diviants and perversion merchants of grace perversiona and babylonian sun god worshipers of nimrod and ishtar.

Idols must fall – saint cows are a mirage.

Nothing is restricted – everything is possible with Almighty when obedience is at right place.And torah written in your heart,that is perfect love evrything else is demonic lust,counterfit of original and emotional alchemy!

This is the thing here about 911 and egregores i will reveal how this is linked and true purposes about why and true purpose only why 911 and lies they purposly push in even controlled opposition,and this is only biggest religious satanic ritual ever did:
Here are last parts of my blog cult of saturn part 3:

Nature of the Egregore in Ritual Magick
In a recent previous article I mentioned the term “egregore”, which I defined as a group-mind or group spirit of an assembly of individuals. Specifically, the egregore is properly defined as “an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people,this is artificial astral being or astral robot that gives power to dark forces to take control of.” The word is derived from the Greek “egregoroi,” which means “watchers.” Scientific aspects of this phenomenon are found in the psychological studies of “group think” and the phenomenon of “risky shift”, where a group of people aremore prone to take risks when addressing them collectively than they would individually. From the perspective of scientific psychology, a group appears to influence the functioning of individuals who are a part of it, even if they are unaware of that influence. So there appears to be a scientific basis to the concept of the egregore.The term egregore is in general usage amongst occultists to describe the essential nature of groups or organizations, but has a very specific application in the practices of ritual magick. An egregore is related to a thought form, since they are basically derived from the same psychic material that forms the foundation of conscious sentience.This is one of the reasons why curches are used,the ocultists of devotion rituals this ocult energy gathering use this psychic power for further ritualistic ceremonial manipulations and building of astral realities in 4D to later from there with these astral bodies and realities manipulate here reality to have more pwoer and enjoy! Egregores differ from thought forms because they are generated from the dynamic and intense interactions of groups of people, and they are usually not deliberately created. Magicians sometimes confuse the two, thinking that one can conjure up an egregore in a similar manner that a thought form can be generated. Making contact with an egregore is a tricky and difficult task, especially if one is outside or not a member of the group. Yet there are tall tales of certain magicians conjuring corporate egregores and attempting to contact and manipulate them in order to manipulate the corporation itself in an indirect manner.
Whether one can actually manipulate a corporate egregore indirectly and from the outside is subject to debate. I am of the mind that while one may be able to contact such an entity, attempting to manipulate it without directly engaging the principle decision makers may accomplish nothing. From my perspective, one would be better served performing a spell against the CEO of some company rather attempting to control it through it’s egregore. Of course, putting a spell on the head of a corporation, especially if that person is a complete stranger, is probably futile as well as absurd.
Still, a corporate egregore would be identified by the corporate logo, motto, advertising slogans and other identifying qualities. Certainly, if one were going to attempt to psychically access a corporate egregore, all of the materials needed would be easily available, since corporate branding does unwittingly establish a kind of collective identity that a magician may access. Establishing magickal access to a corporate egregore would probably produce information of a questionable value and usefulness. I will leave the question of how useful such information would be to others. Though I can well imagine that secret manipulations, acquiring confidential information and determining future stock prices might be something that an enterprising magician with a business knack might consider doing once access to the egregore was established. However, I am deeply the o0ne who was iinvolved with this work before with egregores that anyone could obtain accurate and useful information by performing this kind of magick unless they were one of the principle decision makers already inside the company. Perhaps if this ever becomes a viable magickal methodology, there may yet be born a kind of corporate sorcery.
As absurd as the notion of accessing the corporate egregore seems to be, the idea itself is quite sound when used on occult organizations and groups practicing magick. One would assume that an occult organization, which collectively performs ceremonies and engages in meditation or magickal practices, would produce a powerful egregore that one could tap into and engage in a manner similar to performing an invocation. Whether this methodology could be used to steal the secret teachings and knowledge of an organization or manipulate that organization is debatable, probably for the same reasons sited above about corporate egregores.
However, it’s quite possible to obtain and acquire useful personal information or even full immersion by connecting to the egregore of an occult organization or group. This can be accomplished even if the group or organization is no longer active or functioning, and even if the one performing the magick is neither initiated nor affiliated with that group. Of course, the knowledge gained is very subjective and personal, which means that its over-all usefulness is determined by the effectiveness, intuition and insightfulness of the practitioner. It also helps if one extensively researches the target occult organization, building up a foundation of historical and practical information about that group.
As stated previously, a practitioner must possess a body of information to work with, such as the logo, motto, doctrines, beliefs, teachings, principle members and whatever else one might be able to find. Of course, the more knowledge that one has about a given group, the greater the clarity and accuracy of the derived egregore, once it’s invoked. Having less knowledge and information about a group will produce a very nebulous and insubstantial access to the egregore, so it’s important to do as much research and information gathering as possible before attempting to contact an egregore. This is perhaps why it would be quite difficult to obtain a substantive egregore access to an ancient organization, particularly if there is little information about that group and all practicing members are long dead. The Templars come to mind, as well as many of the mystery cults of antiquity, like Orphism, Pythagorianism, Rites of Eleusis or Mithraicism.
It’s also possible to reverse the process and generate an egregore of an only astral organization. What is required is for the magician to produce the lore and other materials necessary, which would done exactly as if what was being researched was a physical in plan organization. With all of this fake lore being instilled with a serious “As If” approach by the magician, the fictional group would become “real” when he or she summoned and invoked the egregore of that group. In such a magickal process, reality becomes something that the magician subjectively experiences, even if the masters and secret chiefs are fictional (and they usually are).
A magician needs to use discretion and a certain amount of objectivity to retain a balanced perspective when performing any kind of egregore invocation, whether the organization is possible physicly to me summoned if have enough energy, legendary or completely made up they are in astral realm,because magicans have put them there and they made reality in 4D of such things,for example Gothic castles,Vlad Impaler Dracula made up his castle in spiritual realm in astral before manifesting into hill he had as his own then. This is because it is all too easy to become obsessed and paranoid with the notion of secret societies plotting against the world and oneself.
How does one contact an egregore? The mechanism that I use is the same one used to perform a simple invocation exercise. The key components consist of the following list.
Determining the symbolic logo,
Find a possible spirit name,
Draw a sigil and consecrate it,
Build up a descriptive imago,
Perform a simple invocation ritual with the above elements.
The simple invocation rite consists of the following steps:
1. Determine the quality of the base (an element, planet, zodiacal sign, sephirah, etc.) – set this to the four watchtowers. Derive a four letter formula that describes the base. Use this formula to qualify the four watchtowers. A description of that formula part may also be developed and used.
2. Draw the four watchtowers together into the center of the circle. Generate a vortex with a widdershins circuit of the circle – three times. Standing in the center of the circle, define the base formula as a word of power, and summon and invoke the egregore for the first time.
3. Establish a Western oriented gateway. Use Tarot trumps to qualify the three gate nodes. Charge the gate nodes with a trapezoidal cross and invoking spiral. Draw the three nodes together through the ultra-point, forming a tetrahedral gate structure. Perform the opening portal gesture facing the West and then intone the invocation of the egregore and summon it a second time.
4. Draw an internal circle and step into it, expanding it to the periphery of the magick circle. Place a charged sigil of the egregore in the center of the circle, draw an invoking spiral around it. Sit before the sigil and light an offering of incense. (An offering of consecrated bread and wine can also be given.) Intone the descriptive imago of the egregore, and then intone the third and final invocation. Call and summon the egregore to you again and again, then meditate deeply, assume a trance state and contact the egregore, note everything that is seen and heard.
5. Once the working is ended, perform the closing portal gesture to the West, and then a sealing spiral to the three gate nodes and the four watchtowers – the rite is ended.
If a magician uses the above simple rite of summoning to contact an egregore, and all of the required components are thoroughly developed, then I am certain that some kind of contact will be made. However, this is not a single action that is done just once (perhaps to test the hypothesis), it is done repeatedly over time, so that the contact is built up and matured until it is a tangible and reliable source of occult teachings and extended lore. Remember, the more information that one possesses about a given organization, the more detailed and defined the contact with the egregore will be. This is a critical point that the magician must carefully understand.
The kinds of occult organizations or egregores that the magician may tap is endless, yet I would be remiss if I didn’t identify a few for the sake of making some recommendations.
Possible Occult Egregores to Access:
The Secret and Invisible Rosicrucian Order of High Adepts
The Original Golden Dawn, circa 1890’s builded many.
Inner Esoteric Order of the Theosophical Society (including the Mahatmas), circa 1880’s builded luciferian utopia!
Pre-Crowley German Ordo Templi Orientis-builded theri astral civilisations!
Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, circa 1870’s also
Grand Lodge of Egyptian Masonry, circa 1780’s also
Bavarian Brotherhood of Illuminati builded image and civilisations of fema homeland security rockefeller factions builded by 911 more of that energy summoning for it!
Knights of the Holy Grail (Modern Adaption of the Templars)-builded all christian factions from vatican and made all islam factions also with judaism and messianic judaism all patriarchy religions!
Sacred High Order of Druid Masters
Elders of the Secret Society of Stregheria
Ascended Masters of the Western Mystery Tradition
Guild Masters of Goetic Magick
The list is only as infinite as the imagination.

Imagine inter magic or inner picture image is inner picture meaning imagening so magicans made many civlilisations these methods are not mind but universal mind connected also,as the thing is there is counterfit method,they can access to unverrsal level put from mind,and all comes from mind first inter magic image or inter magic and nation always internal magic image is making nation and can be notion,the thing which gives insight into info above which is your head to manifest into physical below ,as i did while i was in occult i knew this is also important this and for anything,not just occult,and also now as i receive phrophetic insight and the thing is now i see them by lucid dreams and astral projection Elf Olein as i then in these states ask her gives me trip and protection and info about these places and i had and i saw demonic stuff and many things that i predicted and told also in my blogs before that you red from them!I seen egregores that magicans use astraly and i see them that they use them for false flag rituals like riots,of black friday,viruses like bird and swine and ebola and terrorist cia and mossad created alkaida nad isis,ect this is all false flag rituals and like 911!

Now here you go:
The Twin Towers and the Gates of Hell
The Twin Towers and the Gates of Hell
The gates of hell are open and ready for business! The seismic earthquakes cracking western civilization since 9-11 have caused many to wonder, what has happened? Without question, many things are no longer as they once were, and many other things are not as they seem. Governments have gone berserk. Politicians seem mad more then ever. Freedoms are systematically obliterated. Morality has flown the coop. Religious people seem more hypocritical than ever. But a new answer is now being uncovered. Recent discoveries have shed light on older suspicions long known to be associated with the cascading freefall of the Twin Towers. For instance, we can now make sense of all those demonic faces that stared back at us when the Pillars were set on fire.I will after explanation give you pictures of these faces as i finish,this was all about „the grate old ones/undead gods,elder gods, TETIONIC TYPE ARCHAINE ARCHONIC ENERGY TYPE OF Transyuggothian Necronomicon transdemonic archdevilish phantom raptor cosmocratos Annunaki Dragon race of beings“!Few 11 of them were realised then with 11 legions each under their command number 9 is nine pondemoniums of abyssal realms and 11 as death also must first bring chaos coronzon is summoned and by that to coordinate of the legions´s business and then Dagon and Molec who took shapes of planes and hit buildings,and the thing is mainstream crap is false there were no planes and dracos were in news who assumed human form,and not inside job,bombs can not tare down buildings it was these beings the one in water have history of human sacrafice and killing whales and eating them and they polluted before with oil so they die and many fish they can sence death the fallen ones who are marine spirits in water who reported to dagon their commander,and they got them right away and Molec who children were sacraficed today comercionaly more 18 million babies by teen sluts a year,so as legalised abortion goes,so these were already to them sacrafices done,they just by prayer to satan mossad and cia did rituals also offered promises to satan to be active as satan will be by directing coronzon to make them help in hagelian dialect agenda,the thing is that they then summoned in circles by sigl magic and commanded them in the name of satan buildings in timing what one to do as satan gave in coorespondance to position of stars at night and moon and then also at day sunlight of buildings and till ground the horison as the name of spirit of chaos was coronzon as sign for him as what angle at what time how much was then at what time they hit on clock all these numbers calculated that many legions can coronzon control as he alone,and the thing is that those who controls to be aligned with number meaning exact task..
The thing is that askenazi khazar zionist mossad did these rituals very well..anyways all news are stage managed and with crisis actors like the so called crying victims are programmed mk ultra and others were reptilian hybrids the children of draconians and the thing is that there were no lists of no died humans on planes there were no such planes nor flights and there were no numbers on nor pilots this is all made up by satan himself and the thing is all the news dracos have and this is official story lie and another is that inside bomb can take it down,even more silly and the thing is that what happened then was these 2 cherubim took plane shapes and immitated even sound well and were dark extremly when were near buildings before flying into them like in water that is sign that was no real plane one and second was that there were no parts and third they were extremly small for travelling plane models they gave in news,so it was extremly mad to accept official mainstream peace of wreckless garbage and second even more with that one bomb which is in one and another as dmt can destroy,these were alternative controlled opposition craps,and faces of these beings is answer how they got down!
For millennia, the illuminati elite, those who worship Lucifer—son of Dawn, who masquerades as an angel of light—have understood key symbolism that connects earth to heaven.Among these are the arrangement of the stars, silent as watchers, as they sit in procession over the various nations of the earth. These people believe strongly that earth is a mirror of heaven. The Twin Towers were deliberately built with this understanding in mind, and it appears that the place and design of the towers was a symbolic way to cover the very pit of hell, with every intent on opening it.
With profound arrogance and cultish repetition, they have put their sacraments in plain sight for centuries, knowing that most will not know, understand,or even care. They sanctify their evil in demon-seed liturgy called theurgy (“god” + “working”), the practice of magical rituals performed with the intent of invoking the presence the gods. The dismantling of the towers was perhaps the apex of their thurgic superciliousness.
The architect of the Twin Towers, Minoru Yamasaki (1912 – 1986), drew his inspiration from the 1,000 year old Two Towers in Bologna, Italy (below left). It has been discovered that the coordinates of both the Bologna towers and the Twin Towers in New York City have the astounding connection of 33 degrees difference between their longitude and latitude (44° N – 11° E in Bologna; 74° W – 40.7° N in NYC). “33” is the level a Freemason can reach in his status of beeing allowed to be revealed to do works for many things and access more lodges and knows more secrets and signs blood oath with lucifer and that will rule the world and such things also are revealed,and it is a profoundly important number among the illuminated fraternities.
This number “33” cannot exist in either location unless the Prime Meridian is located in Greenwich, England. For the longitudes of both places are different if the meridian is located anywhere else on earth. Related to this, the Prime Meridian runs straight over the Atlas Mountains in Africa.
Atlas was, according to Homer’s Odyssey, “Atlas of baneful mind, who knows the depths of every sea, and himself holds the tall pillars which keep earth and heaven apart” (Odyssey, 1.51). He held the sky up with two pillars.
Both ancient Greece and Rome employed the pillars in many of their religious buildings to represent the separation of heaven and earth. The same was true in the underworld where you have tartarus, the hellish prison into which the fallen demonic spirits i told were thrown and bound, which on the outside is a gate held up by columns of solid adamantine, a substance so hard that nothing will cut through it,and plus astrometaphysical walls and matephasical energy strings that can hold them when dematerialised not to pass thrue.
Thus, the Twin Towers represented the space between heaven and earth as well as the gates of hell. When the towers were irreverently cast down, many commented not only on the many appearances of demonic faces in the smoke, but on the huge hole in the ground that burned molten for months. The reason is now clear. The illuminati were committing their highest sacrilege, their greatest sacrifice of all, and through a powerful thurgic magic, were signifying that heaven had been thrown down and that the gates of hell were being unlocked, thereby unleashing the hordes of demonic beast bound for ages, now sent to wreak havoc on mankind.
The erection of One World Trade Center, with its eight-sided pyramid shape over the very pit of hell, is a kind of spiritual phallus, a modern day rebuilding of the Tower of Babel, the ultimate sign of hubris that mankind, now unified in the Melting Pot of the world at the cradle of the United Nations, stands erect and ready to defy heaven itself.

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Also this year that have came from inner depts of abyssal pondemonium hyperdimensional gates of amneti hells from halloween pagan satanic ritual entiteled “opening the well project 2014”
Many of them are the ones who are also main not all were realised by again 11,and the thing is that these are all the ones who are revelation 9 forces and not the ones who will torment humanity but the ones who will command those who will torment more and later these will,but not much as the ones who will yet to be realised in the near future again there will be 5 more abyssal openings,as i said all major without these fallen celestial beings all in general except necronomicons,now again and before that on 2001 were then..
911 is ultimate abyss as 9 underworlds the pondemonium and number 11 is death in occultism so 911 is hardcore occult number and that was extremly false flag ritual right there blood raw so to speak..

Sandy Hook – Satanic Media Stage Management
The latest American School shooting drama has been exposed as an elaborate stage managed event.
I will now expose it further as an elaborate PAGAN stage managed event in honour of their “god” Apollyon.
I will limit my personal input in this article to the secret sign language used by Pagans in their worship of their Pagan “god” Apollyon.
Victim Emillie Parker was cought on photo with President Obama 2 days after she was allegedly killed,Hitler was also seen in 1981 in France,South Est Africa and Brasil,preaching esoteric teachings,thus this tells how goyim is lied evry day!
Apollyon, Obama and Albert Pike Same Hand Signal
This photo of Obama was taken from his Sandy Hook TV appearances
Obama is making the Masonic Pagan hand sign of Apollyon
Luciferian and Satanic Illuminati structure:
Portal of Enchantment into the Twilight Realm of the Shining Ones, for theirs is the enlightened Realm of the Ring Lords.

Three Rings for the Elven Kings under the sky.
Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone.
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die.
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all.
One Ring to find them.
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
This is saturnian cult lead by Garter Dragons Saturnis Satanis Draconis and Lilith´s marching maiden soilder Elven sisterhoods.These are the Royal main cheaf commanding beings who are above the order who command them.
Illuminati pyramid rule:
1. Base are children of darkness and the left hand path
2.Black Brothers and sisters of the right hand path
3.Ancient magi of Solomon
5.Rosy cross order
6.Adeptai Satane
7.Satanic brotherhood gnostic satanic and luciferian chatolic
8.Brotherhood of darkness and shadows
9.Order of Dragon draconian druid order-Royal Order of the craft-serpentis illuminatis
11.Sisters of illuminati
12.mothers of darkness
13.Monarc Covent-Moriah

Below ring rullers who are Transyuggothian necronomicon race councils or orion council one and 2 rigel with tall greys and dracos, after them are wing makers annunaki councils these both are barons the first necronomicon and wing maker,first is cult of saturn leaders,and cheafs and served as gods both of factions are in all rleigions literally repacked maskes even as saints,ect,then in religions on planet these main ones who are considered as gods have under them in hiararchy below them are as these are rebelious lyran factions like pleiadians and arcturians these are prists of theirs or commanders set in charge,then go sirius a hydra draconians who are technology developers,sirius b are bigfoot like forces and are mystical tradition separate leaders for that and ecumentism also prists and technology developers also,sirius c nagas and some elves and angelic fae are the ones who are judges and balancers,these are magy jinn priors or anks,and then go like here kings and queens and princes,these are jinn magicans,these are principalities and powers like from goetian magic cabalistic,these are orion warriors,and then go insectilian andromedan scientists,below them go draconian warriors alpha dracos and below them go greys zeta raticuli one and 2 the worker class and hybridisation agenda factions and helpers of other incubi and sucubi and prists and vampires,then these have hybrid representatives of all these races and there are 24 hybrids as who represent of thsi hiararchy 24 races between the necronomicon elite and lower to bottom,between them and humans mixture who some appear as human no difference noticed as news anchors,actors,entertainers of all sorts and polititians,ect,and this necronomicon council mardukite and tiamite lead wing makers who have council of 24,these are who are leading 24 basicly also on earth illuminati factions who are under children of darkness the base level viorious occult factions that control evrything and there are 13 levels these are draco and insectoid elites as leaders of them in illuminati pyramid structure on earth, draco for satanic first who work for luciferian who are last and from 11th to 13th factions who are luciferian who are female and draco male and insectoid female,well mostly,but who are these factions satanic draco male and insectoid luciferian female,first left these male and right then female who are in charge!
For example from council of 24 the deros..Do the Deros eat negative energy and transmute it?
yup they are elemental race of gnomes,these are celestial inner ultra crypto terrestrial etherical lightbeings who can materialise and dematerialise these 24 races he mentioned with mentioning several who he talked about who also fight for control are all that they are just that-celestial inner ultra crypto terrestrial etherical lightbeings-elemental in nature and also known as fairies and angels and devas and asuras and elves,there are many races these are their titles but there are basicly 10 main titles for them and most powerfull ones are dragons and phenixes these are also known as cherubim and seraphim or annunaki,,under them are nagas and then elves and then angelic fae,then goblins,jinn,Leprechauns,and then go the powers or rehtors these are flying heads with wings good are lights just balls of lights and bad are squid head like kutulu and these are like principalities and powers principality is like from movie “alien” the scorpion,centauric scorpion from mummy returns and first one,so these are necronomicons and such,anyways these are talked in the bible and sumerian texts and all ancient scripts and yes they can do with energy all of basicly these 10 races with tons of subraces with titles of these main 10 with energy what you can not even describe not just to transmute it,deros can from negative to posetive and other way arround and can expand it,since energx can not be destroyed it can be changed,but also can be expanded or lowered,ect,and anyways these 10 have by other titles main from many stories names like this:
Banshees, Centaurs, Cyclopses, Griffins, Dragons, Bigfoot, Nessie, Basilisks, Chimereas, Djinns, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires, Gargoyles, Elves, Leprechauns, Harpies, Hydras, Nagas, Pixies, Faries,Phantom Grim Reapers, Wraiths, Unicorns, Nighthog,Tornado jinn,Dinosaurids,Cat people,Dog people,mibs,gorstacs,ect…
As i said there are both good and bad celestial beings main titles for types of them are 10 but there are sub ones as there are many races and forms as i said..The bad ones have own as good have hiararchy and there are evil ones who play good vs bad cup who really work together and pretend they are in bigger war then they are,but all war of between themselves who will control humans is about..
SHAMBALLAH as united nations the council AND AGHAARTA goverement..

They are harnessing people’s energy through this through ritual abuse/ torture of certain individuals/using their energy/vamping the negative energy harnessed from the abuse of influencing your mind/controlling your dreams in which they make you forget as well because of the technology. The archons and jinn and fallen angels which is the demonic realm/reptilian/vampires & overtake otehrs that are not conscious to harass you as well as their soldiers who monitor you.Your soul is more powerful than them.
all technology is low vibration shit if you a high vibrating being it wont work on you….its simple…your just a handler thats too caught up in this matrix!

Chemtrails is evil,evil, crap created to keep you weak, robotic,hypnotized, and under control.It is fallen angel technology so that they can keep you weak and in a lower state to feed off of you and keep you from your higher self integrating fully in your body.The higher dimensions are being blocked as well where you really can’t see the sky they way it is/your pineal gland from accessing higher dimensions and Creator.There are many things with chemtrails, nanos, ashes, but all of this can be overcome.

Free as a bird in the sky..soaring high on the Spiritual energy..hey peopele if you spread these blogs you are really setting off the shift with lots of knowledge for those of us who want to continue thought outside of the box called Matrix..Peace & Love..

Lmao. Now for some cognitive dissonance. Chemtrails are part of weather modification. Now for the tip of the iceberg….. The atmosphere is being heated in an attempt at preventing an ice age. That’s right, glacial formation is being halted. For now. You should look into ergot, folks.

You are right, it’s a very messed up and complicated situation,but basically they are making everyone robots and controlled zombies with no soul connections to higher self connection which connects you to Creator. Reporgramming dna and keeping everyone at a low level, but enough to feed on for their survival. These are fallen angels/vamps and fire archon jinns that don’t want their food source to vibrate at a higher level than them. If you think of it as black magic tech, the key is to work of connecting to your higher self, thymus gland(heart chackra)

These are some EVIL SouLess Genius’s behind this…Draco Reptilians.. and insectoids the other Dark Entities…. this is another ” slow kill” method.. moore and moore people get unknown dis Eases and bone mal function problems…try to have a humidifier in your house to Cleanse the AIR or one in EACH Room of your HOME

I agree about the movie deal God told me that ordered to satan to warn thrue hollywood- many ppl get lost i it & think of them as JUST entertainment. Wrong. The same goes for songs & even video games- they ALL have a message of some sort. As for the chemtrial issue, this sounds like the X-Files… even the Twilight Zone! I must ask [anyone]: are these chemtrails causing these illnesses & memory issues, due to these nanofibers & the like forming in the body, possibly attacking it? Also, why come out w/ Verichip (RFID) id chemtrails are out?

They implant many at birth for their programs to use them as psychic soldiers,sex slaves,assassins for the fallen angels and totally under their control.These beings want total mind control of humans/slaves.It’s abuse they feed off of & you have to realize your are part of the creator and have a soul and love yourself so they can’t control you.Everyone has this in them making them zombie-like,it doesn’t have to be ACTIVATED,but the stronger ones get targeted because their soul/dna is a threat.

Nanofibers have anything to do with nanotechnology

Chemtrails is getting worse and worse each day…i live near a airport (jersey) …so i tend to get doused in my city alittle bit moore…why? I think so we can not see the stars and whats happening in the dark matter or melanin or universe…they know we heading into the next dimension.. anything from keeping us from reconnecting or light codes and DNA

They target people with certain dna that is stronger or have certain bloodlines that can access mind over matter more that can be resistant to their technology,so those people get the technology get hit harder because if they can begin to access their abilities and connect with their soul, they can overcome the stalking, chemical poisoning, radiation, /effect othters dna to overcome this like 100th monkey effect.Your soul’s energy can overcome this and programming if you learn to access soul.

and purify your blood,allowing your cells to spin at a higher frequency connecting to your higher self/soul and to Creator,allowing higher vibratory dna to activate within you which will kill these things out of your system and make you more immune to the technology and black magic.You can then create your own reality and not have to depend of their systems/food(because you won’t need much at all you’ll find at a higher frequency) & broadcast this frequency that resides within you that will free others.

i knew it already… but the “:fanatics” will they ever see things outside the box? they are……kind of….brainwashed!! and i know,and feel that there are a faction of beings elsewhere..trying to form,create a wedge between the fool terrans.of this planet,and the politicians… I have been attacked by archons many times..several times extremly…..mostly a race of dark chaotic energy type of beings and black hair.sometimes bald head ones.they look like orientals. today i had another brief vision of one.coming to me.and taking me away.

For the last two years, a certain number pops up all time (333) and (33). On clocks, receipts, license plates, athletic jerseys on TV. If it wasn’t 3:33am read 333cc fluid given.This is spirit of chaos be aware of this!