Here The virtue Olein the elf/fairy is now rady to dictate me stuff important for refreshment basic stuff!

Here it comes:

Hi i am Olein here to bring you messages about this season,demonic spirits are let loose on all sides!

Halloween is the time as when all worlds are connected underworld 2D AND 3 AND 4D are as one,so several of the worst transdemonic archdevilish locus necronomicon races of revelation 9 the scorpion beings like from movie alien,and the thing is these beings in many abenden hospitals and hounted houses wrack havoc there is blood,all spok is not fun warn foolish people this is message for wise ones who know foolish ones!

Anyways  yet worse ones will come but this is not scare but prepare message for you to do more prayers,relaxing,meditations,spiritual warfare and staying at home you can to to friends house and stuff but and they to your but but do not play with occult the message for fools,occult is not a game oulja boards and stuff is really nothing to be played with!

Automatic writing and praying to dead or contacting is demonic you know not that if people who you know are as you call dead their soul is either on higher realms and can not be invoked too far away and if in lower hellish astral realms then it is chained and suffering,the thing is what is contcting you is something sinister and insidious playing with ya games or it could not be just dangerous but fallen nature spirits so called which is still demonic spirits but not dangerous but this is game to them bigger then to you these re fallen celestil beings also as all sinister ones who immitate impersonate souls of humans and feed on your emotions and rush for those who heard stories who lived in houses by channeling or by oulja board they will give you real stories born and dies years and all info about lives of people lived in houses,but it is them who are rady to dewour and tare you apart and blood and all that stuff worse then in horrors,some are just silent and just deceptive and some are all that and dangerous some are frendly in sence they are deceptive just information givers,but you supposed not to do interaction with them,the thing is that they suck your energy,they all are psychic vampires!!

Many shall see deception,some will stay trapped,some will have thing attacking them or asking them to do stuff like to pull people of like several souls because they are sacraficed children generationaly their ancestors sold soul to in contract get what they want!

Fortune telling does not come from Creator!

The thing is many will go to these people and many gurus and psyhics and advisors and councelors and stuff like that and the thing is that they will try to get the demonic basterds in power by empowering dark forces who are with them,the thing is that they are there to make them more enticing to fool you!


The thing is that this journey for you is escalating. You are ready more than you will ever know. Do not be fearful, for your Mission will help save much of mankind. Your role has been prophesied and is being orchestrated in Heaven. You are an instrument. I Am your YAHUSHUA THE MESSIAH your Master´s messenger.

You will succeed in this most holy task, for it cannot and will not fail. You may feel at times, very disheartened, lonely and lacking in courage. Accept this. Your suffering is delivering precious souls to more revelations and innerstanding and better knowing at the moment of their jurney here. These souls now pray for you who you helped,when you help you help yourself,you give you have more really,the things you give belond to you,you lose nothing by giving. Rejoice, for if you saw the love they exude for you, you would jump up and down all arround with joy.

Many of us selestial astral etherical lightbeings come from Heaven sent to guide and protect you from the evil one and you are, therefore, granted many reprieves, which surprise and delight you. Never hesitate in this Work. This is one of the greatest Missions of My Work on Earth not just to guide one i dictate this,but many others with many others who heard these messages spiritualy when they read them in astral projection saving them in dreams in spiritual realm. Be strong, brave and confident, but retain humility at all costs. The stage is set now. The events I spoke of will now unfold.These events are killings in november this year like never before annonymus controlled opposition cia ops activist protesting cult with jesuit masks will lead their sheelpe the demonic spirit big face nammed demos,this is the demonic spirit that will turn the protesting places living chaos by wrecking havoc while something bigger happens the time for getting energy and DNA strains the spiritual war and all this is distraction for you to be blinded for bigger site on what really happens! As they do, so too will your confidence return. For you will have all the proof you need. Yes, Satan has intercepted this Work on a few occasions. I have allowed this because it ensures that you remain humble at all times,i have allowed this with some fallen elves to lead many of you who read even these blogs because you are in need of indipendence you are still wanting slavery of a group,all groups of movements and rituals in matrix conducted are feeding grounds of energy of archons,and you are not really getting away,several of gothic elves got you gothic spiritual girls,it is not your stayl i diss or feature,but your annonymus involvment with your boyfriends who are into this stuff and who are into turning you over this crap.

Do not publish dates. Do not ask how the future will turn out for people who make demands of you. Fortune telling does not come from Most High Creator ABBA YAHUVEH,MOMMA IMMAYAH,LORD YAHUSHUA,THE TRUTH IS TOLD.Those who are not happy how much Creator allows us to give to phrophets messages and seek after tarots and people like that these are greedy,and greed is satan´s playground! The only future I reveal is connected with the spiritual welfare of holy and healthy spiritual children of good and not of children of doom and gloom that awaits them who are children of rebellion here and then they are warned,but the more you know the more you are in danger or hold accountalbe,so this is why Creator allows us not to give soo much info to phrophets we guide and instruct,because it can cripple you,you must also know some are not rady for stronger spiritual food so to speak. Be thankful that you have been given this most special Gift. While you never wished for it willingly, you were moulded for this Work from your very first breath and you will fulfil Most Holy Word to your dying breath if you are by Most High asked to,you will know in your heart,do not explore too much pineal gland but heart chackra do not go outside go inside ourself there is answer for your body is tample of Creator and there are the answers,pray and later meditate and you will see answer do not go to mediums the ones who channel the channelers they will deceive you evrything outside of yourself the beings they tell you who ever they say they are holy beings,nope they are demonic all because only parasitic beings seek body to host to speak they drain energy of that person to feel more alive this is dangerous their connection is still when they leave with pineal gland and in their spiritual eyes and ears system comes always false toughts and information to lead that person and others astray!

Go forth and help spiritual warriors to  save the souls of many, with love and joy in your heart.

There will be more signs and wonders but this all must come to happen for it is all forseen and foretold!

Now rituals are done for new levels of new world order!

There are lies you are told …

These are for example the thing is that they told illuminati is created in 1776 no that so called organisation of illuminati is old 6890 years and new world order started in 1776 on 1st may and now will come new levels of it 2012 is second and 2017 is third and 4th last one is on 2020 when all 4 angels bound the fallen angels bound in river Euphraties will be wracking havoc upon earth after that!

Global Power, The Anti-Christ and Mark of the Beast you may say,yup that is like one of a hell and the 4th level of this new world order!

You are now realizing the Truth and accepting the Message, for what it is. Write this,the day when you seen the hour and then calculate numbers and if it is all posetive numbers do nothing special,negative like week and day and hour and minutes,if it is negative also if it is combination comment,and wait for further instructions first to one i dictate i give away what to tell you. The speed at which the prophesies are unfolding is becoming evident for all to see. Watch the changes that will become apparent  as one of the first signs,they will not speak about riots but you must not be distracted by tv anyway get that beast´s device out of your house and look within yourself and in lucid dreams you will see more. This is when the deceiver will lead Many  astray.By rioting,fema camps are rady and full of rebelious folks,this is not right way,if you are right with God ye shall know war is spiritual and be not a fool to go against wepons and tenks,this is what you deserve your soul in hell and physical body first destryed!

The second sign will be seen in the way many of you will no longer be in control of your own country. This includes all material control and the military, their leaders and all those with responsibility for caring for their people, will lose all control. They will be like a boat with no rudder. This boat they steer will be aimless and they will be lost.

Also you must pray hard now to loosen the grip these evil groups of people will exert over you. They are not of God’s Kingdom, and through the cunning deceit of their exterior, you will not realise that this is a powerful force that is careful not to reveal itself.

You, will be none the wiser. You will think that you are living in tough times, but this façade is designed to make you think this. Rise up,children, now.

Mark of the beast
Do not accept the mark. If more of you do not accept, then you are stronger in numbers. This mark – the mark of the beast will be your downfall. It is not what it seems. By agreeing, you will be removed further and further away.

Beware of the plan, driven by the deceiver, to remove all signs of My Eternal and yours Eternal Creator Father and Mother YAHUVEH,IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHSHUA MESSIAH and the Teaching of Scriptures from your life. You will see this in schools, colleges, hospitals, and in the constitution of your countries in america and worldwide. The biggest abomination, which causes Creator deep pain, is the abolition of the Teachings of Scripture from those who practice their Adoration of this, their Divine Saviour YAHUSHUA who they reject shall taste his wrath and judement for making pact with demonic beings like zeta raticulians,andromedan insectilians and pliaeadian draconian and other like arcturians and many like them pact while they all give technology and help from problems they created to present themselves as saviors . Very soon you will see that Holy Word, and the teaching of the Truth, will be abolished and punishable.

You,  dearly beloved children, will suffer greatly in YAHUSHUA´S Name. These evil forces are responsible for this. They are led by Satan. You will find them everywhere and especially in those leaders in authority whom you depend upon to survive. Children, do not be frightened for yourselves, rather be frightened for those poor misguided souls. So infested are they with the deceiver, that they find it difficult to pull away, such is the grip he holds. These people are not to be trusted. Be careful how you communicate with them. They will hold you in such a vice-grip because they will control everything. You will find it difficult to fight them, as they will control even your bank, your property, your taxes and the food you need to survive more worse,they already do this from beginning,but now they will go crazy.

But, this will not last long, for their days are numbered. Should they abide by their slavery to evil, they will plunge into an abyss of such terror, that to describe their fate would be too terrifying and so frightening that man would drop like a stone – dead – were he or she to glimpse just one minute of the torment they will endure.

The battle is about to begin and unfold, as the Hands of judement  of My Eternal Father and Mother YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHUSHUA will fall swiftly in punishment for their sins, which is about to be witnessed on this Earth, the sins which YAHUSHUA died for. No man is a child of God who bears witness to, or colludes in this sinister, but orderly, army of destruction. This evil army, filled with the demons and devils from the pits of Hell, performs acts of such evil magnitude that innocent people could not possibly fathom.

I have no wish to frighten you children, but the truth will be exposed for what it is, in time. Rise up now,  children. Fight the forces of evil before they destroy you. Be wary of global rule in any shape, size, form or code. Look at your leaders carefully and those who control your daily access to money, which will feed you and keep you alive. You need to stock pile packs of food now.

You have not received this Message in a way that reflects peace but hear this now. These prophecies have been foretold, must listen carefully. The spirit of darkness is growing and you, must stay strong. Keep your spirituality through prayer,truth,meditation,spiritual warfare and love and courage.

Also like any other message  please do not let My Message frighten you.

I come with a Message of Pure Love. Do you not realise that you will experience Paradise when Heaven and Earth join as one? There is nothing to fear, for you, will be lifted body, soul and mind into the realms of the Divine Hierarchy. You will see your loved ones. Those loved ones who have found favour with My Eternal Father and Mother YAHUVEH AND IMMAYAH AND LORD YAHUSHUA and you will see many of saints and warriors wealthy in spirit people.

Do as I say. Pray,meditate,relax,think slowly and deeply, In return I will give you more messages going will be shortly to see from 7TH dimension future bit to reveal more in educational purposes and warnings and not as fun. Pray for protection through the day and night. This prayer must be said to help protect you from the evil one, on the one hand. On the other hand, you must ask for protection for those people with whom you come into contact, so that they cannot contaminate you or diffuse the faith you hold in your heart for truth and justice and divine laws and order from Most High.

Pray for My friends who are humans also who i dictate liek to this one the visionaries and prophets who bring messages on internet and on streets who God gave wisdom, so that they are protected.pray that you do not fall vactim to evil,nor suffer torment by the evil one. He will never stop trying to blind you from the Truth and will use every devious tactic to convince you that yourpath is false. Hear Me. He, the deceiver, will use logic and reasoning,but twisted in twisted way that will seem good lies and truth mixed all together couched in a soft gentle manner, to convince you he brings hope into your lives. He will, through the antichrist, strive to make you believe he is the chosen one.

The antichrist
Many of majority of people will fall prey to this despicable deceit. Be on your guard. He will be seen as the messenger of love, peace and harmony in the world. People will fall to their knees and adore him. He will show you his power and you will believe it is of a Divine source. But it’s not. He will instruct you in a manner that will seem odd at times. True believers will know he is not of the Light. His boastful, pompous demeanour will be hidden behind pure evil. He will strut and show what will appear to be true compassion and love for all. Behind this façade he is full of hatred for you, My beloved children. He laughs behind closed doors.

My children, he will confuse you terribly. He will appear powerful, confident, humorous, caring, loving and will be seen as a saviour. His handsome face will appeal to all, but he will soon change. He will wreak havoc in the world and will murder many. His acts of terror will be clear for all to see. He will destroy your independence and he will be instrumental in bringing about the mark – the mark of the beast. You, beloved children, will have to be strong. Do not accept the mark because if you do you will come under his evil hypnotic influence.

Many will die for their testimony and truth they bare. No, do not fear, because if you suffer for truth´s sake, you are chosen,ye shall escape and your soul will escape this realm,and after suffering will see the flow of joy. Pray, pray not to submit to his reign of terror. Stand up, fight for truth.

Do not let the antichrist, for all his convincing charm, win over your souls.Go now and pray that you are protected by Divine Mercy of Creator and prepare for the final battle.

YAHUSHUA, King of kings
Saviour and Just Judge shall return soon and wrack havoc upon satan´s junk,and end evil rule of terror!


Remember antichrist is just title,here is not religion promoted christianity is of anti christ anti means against the thing is that christianity and islam and judaism patriarchy religions and matriarchy of neo gnosticism,wicca and new age movement is ecumental block of satan´s hood as one world religion all united and religion as this person i dictate these things explained many times a lot religion means relaying on a jinn and that that is system of spiritual enslavement,the thing is Creator have none of them,they are all by Satan reated and lead and infultrated!

Al contain peaces to the puzzle,but the thing is if you study too much of them you gonna get confused,the truth is brother then any system that try to close you into a box!


Another son of Lilith is Loki and he got his name because she had as fallen female seraphim lust towards Loki the warior archange but he is holy and did not wanted to choose to fall and join satanic elites of celestial beings that fallowed rebellion and the thing is that Lokiel is full name of holy archangel but the short is for this archdemon child between samael fallen cherubim one of satan´s closest minions worshiped as mars god of war and the thing is that this samael is the one who appeared as Lam his esoteric luciferian gnostic religion´s name that is he has many versions but the point is that when satan took form making his new name thor which made german teutonic religon and sweeden one that is when this loki son of Lilith got against satan with technology to fight and that is why and how this is in plan certin energy calling upon him called by intention archangel Lokiel who made mind to that archdemon to use evrything against satan and he was killed by satan just as osiris who is the one who made jelousy to satan having with isis-Lilith sex her own child who made all manner of poses and nastier then any porn where all spermbaths the sodomisation also comes and that Lilith uses for degradation of girls who are teenage kidnapped first now these days to summon birth of demons summoning incubuses and succubusses and the thing is that Semyaza is the one who one time possessed archdemon loki who was ordered also to by Lokiel archangel who dictated this person as i do now he told you folks he is Loki but he is not God´s archangel for real Lokiel,there is difference el is added,so the thing is all time was Semyaza almost immitated Enki and Enlil scenario and Satan and Semyaza fights,and Marduk and Tiamat just as Satan and Lilith did as Seth and Isis who are them really satan and lilith the point is all stories also lead to counterfiting of YAHUSHUA´S killing and then ressurection and ascention,so the thing is that what this global order and mark of the beast are are just big as this person was explaining counterfiting of millenium of peace or the millenium rule that was talked about also by illuminati that they want to achive,it is satan´s strong delusion spken in the bible and it is connected to many other things as well!