As We Increase Our Awareness We Become A Target Our Vitality Is Drained This Is Especially True For Many Healers High IQ’s Souls Of A High Caliber Of Caring And Integrity Empaths And Intuitive Types, Anybody With Advanced Psi Abilities And Multi Verse Knowledge, Women, Children, Young Adults, Truthers Etc But Now Everybody Is A Target. On Plant Earth And Most Other Planets In All Multi Versus There Is Something Called Subtle Energy Population Management Control 50% Is Automated And 50% Is The Concept Of Military- Law Enforcement Control BY SATANIC EVIL ANNUNAKI FACTIONS,THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD ANNUNAKI,THE POINGT IS THEY ARE NOW IN BIG WAR THE SATANIC FACTION THEMSELVES AMONGST THEMSELVES AND AGAINST LOWER THEN THEM LIFE FORCE,they use: Disembodied alien demon hybrid Spirits, Parasites of all forms, Hundreds Of Various Astral, Mind, Sex And Body Implants,egregore negative Floating Thought Forms, Emotional Mental Attachments, Fake Spiritual Missions Given By Fake Ascended Masters And The False Light the fallen lightbeings aka dark forces, Spiritual Blackmail, Television Radio Media Corporation energy bombardment, Religion And Cult Group magic attacks by seremonial ritualism, Governmental Restrictions And Agendas and blackmail and energy beaming weponary attacks and witchcrafts, Egotistical Psychopaths, Unbalanced Energy,ect,lot more,ect,ect. We As Individuals knowingly or not Invite Various Forms Of Indoctrination Which Slowly Over Time Erode Our Subtle Innate Abilities, Loss Of A Sound Mind, Dumb Downing, Inviting Both Debilitating Health And Suffering And Psychological Well being. We Graciously Set Ourselves Up For The Big Fall True Spirituality Is Not Based On Any System.Systems may hold peaces to puzzle,but it is not a system,system is a slavery,the thing is we if get into a system we are in box and bondage,we need to step out of it…..

While there are many who will have you believe that you are the sole creator of all the negative circumstances in your life, this is not always the case,you are halfly,but not alone,you may just allow outside forces to menipulate and hurt you only,but you are not completly all responcible,but yet you are. While it is true that you are the center of your reality with full authority on what you will allow into your space; you are part of the human race Everything is energy! So Therefore Investigate Everything Be Careful With Knowledge Over Load Let There Be Brief Intervals Between Absorbing New Material.

(meditate,put yourself in relaxed state you do not have to be in special positio record what you are saying and play while you meditate closing eyes and what you say repeat in yourself and then also in same time visualise it while repeating silently in yourself(touguts)the commands you recorded)


13 truth to reality that i invoke and will it into existane:

I Surround myrself With

A Pure White And Golden Light

Shield Of Protection

I Radiate Faith Confidence Strength And Power  and Hope and grate mind power and strong aura

I Fear No Person Place Or Thing

My Pure White And Golden Light Shield Is A Fortress

Subtle Senses Sensitivities Inner Perceptions And Abilities are getting protected and heeled and more powerfull

Are Intact Functioning At Full Spectrum

May I Be Surrounded With Protection Against

Any 3D demonic Being and Energy That I’m Not Resonating With which is against me

I Close Off My Aura And Body from demonic artificial fake ullusory reality matrix

To All But My Own Self And Consciousness

Highest Will And Good protected and more powerful become

All Artificial Superficial Super Imposed Implants

Above And Below

Begin To Dissolve One By One

Easily Naturally And Effortlessly

Protected From All Thought Forms

That Do Not Resonate With My Highest Good

MY Strengthen and Ability To Eliminate And Withstand gain more power

Ambient Polarity From my  Personal Atmosphere gets stronger

I Center Yourself

I Ground Yourself

I Find Fulfillment In Your Life

I Live From  Truth and reality and not this artificial fake illusory reality matrix,i get more dna strains and in right time i ascend from here and transcend matrix of illusion completly

I Stop Blaming Others and self and get more

Powered With Nature’s Essence

My Aura Is Energized And Cleansed Of Astral Debris and Astral parasites and psychic vampires

Creating A Sacred Space In And Around me

I Strengthen my Energetic Field

I Release And Dissolve All

Negative Patterns By Me And All Others